A young woman went to the park on one sunny day. She was setting up a picnic for one. Just her, a large basket, and her picnic basket in a park full of people, pets, and kids. She set up the plates, the food, and dining ware on the red and white checkered blanket.

Then, a tall, handsome guy cut through the park going on his way home when the young, sexy, full-figured, 225-lb. girl all alone. As he got near, he noticed that she was eating all by herself. He stopped by her blanket.

He looked and asked, “Excuse me. Why are all you alone and eating by yourself?”

She said, “Oh, I’m just here having a picnic by myself especially since my boyfriend had broken up with me last week.” Amy looked got a look at his boyish face.

He replied, “Damn girl, I’m sorry. Can I keep you company?”

She smiled and said, “That would be nice. Thanks.”

He looked at her and said, “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be alone. What’s your name?”

She said, “I’m Amy. And you are?”

He smiled and said, “I’m Gabriel. Nice to meet you. You have a great smile by the way, you just light up.”

“Thanks. Please sit by me.” She said to him.

“Awwww, did I make you blush?” He said, moving over to her sitting, next to her.

“So what are we eating?” He added.

She said, “We have some fried chicken and a tomato mozzarella salad. Both which I made myself. We also have chips and salsa and chocolate covered strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.”

He looked and said, “I don’t know about you but I’m craving for some of those delicious strawberries. Can I feed you?”

She said, “Sure.”

Gabriel moved in front of Amy. He took a strawberry and dipped it in chocolate. He said, “Open wide.”

Amy opened her mouth and tasted the sweet strawberry and the delicious chocolate. She looked at him. He had dark blonde hair that shined in the sun and bright blue eyes that were like little pools that she could drown in. He then took the whipped cream and put it on her lips. Amy in turn fed him a chocolate covered strawberry then covered his lips with the whipped cream and kissed him back.

Gabriel asked, “Can I taste how sweet your lips are, Amy?”

She nodded yes as he moved in close, looking into her brown eyes as he licked her lips.

“Mmmm you taste good Amy.” He said.

Amy then said to him, “Why don’t we continue this at my place?”

They gathered everything, left the park, and went to her loft apartment in the city.

Once they were inside her apartment, Gabriel said, “Damn girl. Nice place. Want to show me around?”

Amy gave Gabriel a tour of her spacious, well-decorated escort eryaman crib. As she was giving the tour, Gabriel was holding her hand. Her place looked like something out of House Beautiful magazine.

After the tour, Gabriel and Amy continued their picnic in the living room.

Gabriel asked, “So what are you hungry for now, sweetie?”

After she had licked the cream from her lips, Amy said, “Right now, I’m hungry for you.” as she smiled at him.

“Do you believe in love at first sight?” He asked.

“Yes” she said.

Gabriel moved in close, looking deep into her eyes. He kissed her as he said, “I think I love you.”

Amy replied, “I think I love you too.”

Gabriel laid himself on top of her, kissing her long and slow. His hands were all over her body letting her know that he wanted all of her.

He said, “You’re so sexy, Amy. I want all of your body, baby.”

“Mmmmmm” moaned Amy.

“You’re hungry. Aren’t you, Amy?” Gabriel asked.

“I’m very hungry.” Amy replied with a grin.

Gabriel took some of the fried chicken and fed a piece to her as he kissed her at the same time. As she ate, she too fed him a piece of fried chicken. He loved the food she was feeding him.

“Yum.” she said.

“Want more?” He asked.

“Oh yes.” She said.

Gabriel took another piece of chicken but put it in his mouth. As he laid back on the couch, Amy leaned in close and took the piece. After eating the piece, she kissed his lips. He placed his hands under her red tank top and he grabbed her large tits as he kissed her back. She let out a moan.

He said to her, “Mmmm Amy, you have the biggest, softest tits I know of.”

Amy looked at him and said, “I’m flattered. Plus they’re real.”

He kissed her then gently nibbled on her bottom lip. He lifted her tank top off of her, asking Amy to return the favor. She kissed him as he unbuttoned Gabriel’s dark green button down shirt, giving her a glimpse of lean, muscular, ripped body. Gabriel stared at her tits.

He said, “No bra…I like because your tits are amazing.”

Amy replied, “Mmmmm. I’m glad you did.”

Gabriel took some of the chocolate and put them on her nipples. As he licked each one, he pulled on them with his teeth.

He looked up at her and asked, “What are you in the mood to eat now, Amy?”

She said, “Some of this tomato and mozzarella salad I made and those chips and salsa.”

Gabriel grabbed a fork and fed her some of the salad, kissing her after each bite she took. Amy then dipped a tortilla chip into the fresh, chunky salsa and fed it to him.

He then said, “Want more, ankara escort baby?”

She responded, “Oh yeah.”

He got some for some for her and fed her bite after bite till it was all gone. He then gave Amy a deep, wet, sweet kiss to finish it off.

He asked, “Still hungry, hun?”

Amy said, “As good as the picnic was, I’m full.”

He gave her a kiss and started massaging his tongue with hers. Then, he sucked on her tongue, tasting how sweet she was. His hands were all over her body, wanting every inch of her. Amy touched his body.

He whispered to her, “You can have all of me, baby.”

Amy started kissing his neck. He moaned very lightly as his hands were going all over her back and sides. She lightly nibbled his ear which was his sweet spot.

“I want you, Amy” Gabriel said.

“I want you too, Gabriel.” Amy whispered.

He kissed her again sucking her on lower lip as he moved on top of her. He grabbed the top of her red stretch jeans, undoing the buttons as he slowly slid her jeans off of her, looking at all her gorgeous curves. He kissed her ankle to her calf and up to her panties. He moved to her side and gently massaged her breasts and then licked each of her hard nipples as his hands slowly moved down her stomach to her waistband of her purple lace panties.

Gabriel moved his hand underneath her panties, going further down to her throbbing clit as he rubbed it gently in a circle. He then went down feeling her plump pussy lips, nice and warm, as he moved to her love canal feeling how tight, wet, and warm she was.

He slowly eased his middle finger into as he kissed her neck, telling Amy how good she felt.

He said, “Mmmmm, I’m going to show you some things.” as he kissed and licked her lips as he licked down her neck, kissing down her to each nipple down to her stomach. He reached down to her panties and grabbed them with his teeth and pulled them down to her legs.

He added, “Mm, you have so many sexy curves. Mmm, I want yourr treat. Can I taste?”

Amy whispered, “Please do.”

Gabriel leaned down kissing up her legs as his hands went up her thighs. She moaned over and over. His tongue gently licked from the bottom of her pussy to her clit. Amy tasted so good to him. He spreaded her legs apart. “Wow, you’re huge.” Amy said to him.

He said, “Wow, you have a sexy fat pussy.”

He looked up at her and said, “Mmm. Amy, I’m going to make you feel incredible.”

He licked and sucked on her clit as his finger curls inside her pussy to rub her g-spot, milking motion inside her pussy as he licked faster and faster on her clit. elvakent escort Her moans got louder and louder.

Gabriel looked and asked, “Are you sure you’re not hungry, baby?”

Amy responded, “Oh, I’m sure. I’m so overcomed by you and the food. I don’t know if I am hungry.”

He licked her clit once more. He then said, “Well, I have a special treat for you hiding in my pants. Want to see what it is?”

She got up and said, “Sure.”

Gabriel then sat on the couch, smiled at her, and said, “Come crawl over to me, Amy.”

She crawled over to Gabriel and unbuckled and unzipped his pants. Undeneath his pants were black boxer shorts.

He looked at her and said, “Mmm, reach in and pull out your treat.”

She pulled out his cock and softly touched it with his fingers. She smiled at him as she gave it one soft lick.

He moaned, “Lick all of it, Amy.”

Amy licked him some more, licking every inch of him.

“Mmmm, yes now take me in your mouth.” He moaned.

As she sucked him, she licked him again. “Mmm, lick my balls too.” He loudly groaned. She licked his balls before sucking him bobbing her head up and down slowly. Gabriel stroked her head with his hands. His fingers were gliding through medium brown hair. With one hand, he lightly caressed the back of her neck and her shoulders.

“Mmmm Amy, I want to make love to you.” He moaned.

Amy took him out of her mouth and said “You want to make love to me?”

He said, “Yes baby. Come here to papi.”

She got up and saw down with him on the sofa. Gabriel took her hand and kissed it. He then said, “Take me to your room.”

She took his hand and led him to her room. He laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her. He spread her legs as his cock was up against her warm pussy feeling how warm she is as he leaned in to kiss her. He grabbed his cock and slid it up and down her pussy, getting it wet from her juices as he slowly slid into her. His cock spread her pussy walls open after every inch of him went inside her.

Amy loudly moaned and groaned once he was in. His cock throbbed from how tight she was hugging it. He left his cock in her as he kissed her neck and caressed her tits. She kept moaning and groaning. He then went slower and moved his cock out and in so she could feel every inch of him inside her. They sat up on the bed as he grinded her pussy.

“Ohhhh Amy, your pussy is so wet and hot. Mmmm, I can’t wait to come with you.” He moaned, looking at her as they laid back down. He moved a little faster. Their moans and groans increased in sound as they climazed. They moaned each other’s names. Once they reached orgasm, Amy gave out one last passion-filled yell. He wrapped his muscular arms around her shoulders and deeply kissed her lips for a long time. Their picnic was fun, but they had more enjoying and pleasuring each other.




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