All I can say, is “Wow!” This last turn of events, even as decadent as I am, I would never have imagined happening! It started just this past Memorial Day weekend, when my wife’s parents were down visiting us. I was a little miffed about them being here, because it was kind of a last minute thing, and my wife and I had already planned what we wanted to do.

They arrived on Friday night, and Karen (my mother-in-law) was in a great mood, very playful, and just having a great time. At age 52, she’s very attractive, shoulder length blonde hair, about 5-6, just slightly pudgy, but a nice chest and excellent legs. She had on shorts and a sleeveless top that night.

Anyway, when we were all ready to hit the sack, she picked up her overnight case to carry it up to the guest room, and as she did, she pulled something in her back. She let out a yell, and the bag hit the floor, and she made her way to the couch to sit down.

After a few minutes, it became obvious that something in her back just wasn’t right, as the pain wasn’t subsiding. My wife offered her my services for a back rub with our electric massager, and after declining, and my wife insisting, she finally agreed. I got the massager, and she laid down on the couch, on her stomach.

As I started, I could feel the tightness in her back, and at first, it was painful to her, but as I continued, the pain started to subside. I started working my way over a larger part of her body, and once in a while, used my hands to rub the afflicted area. She seemed to really enjoy my touch, and moaned and groaned as I worked on her.

While I felt she was very attractive, I was so busy working on her daughter(s), that I never really considered her a potential sexual conquest. But as I rubbed her back, feeling her soft skin, I started to get a hard on! When I was sure no one was watching, I let my hands wander down her back to the top of her ass cheeks, and all I got from her was another soft moan.

It progressed to where I wasn’t even using the massager anymore, relying on my hands to work on her. As I rubbed, I also let my hands wander to the sides of her back, near the start of her breasts, again with no negative reaction from her.

I finally stopped, and she said she felt much better, saying that I had the best hands in the world, to which my wife responded “I told you he was good!” We all finally made it to bed, with me hiding a hard dick, and as turned on as I was, I jumped my wife as soon as we got the bedroom door closed. The sex was hot and quick, and I thought of my mother-in-law as I came inside my wife’s pussy.

Saturday was uneventful, although I found myself looking at Karen with a whole new perspective. She was still complaining of back pain, but turned me down when I offered her another massage. We went out to dinner than night, and the women dressed up. My wife knew what it took to please me, and wore a sleek, short dress that showed lots of cleavage and sexy, nylon clad leg and thigh.

Karen was also in a dress, opting for something a little more conservative. It was a full skirted, pleated number that showed her legs to just above her knees. She too, had sheer nylons on with stiletto heels, but the question I had was, “stockings or pantyhose?”

The question escort kartal was answered as soon as they got in the car, as just the hint of a stocking top peeked out from under her dress as she climbed into my SUV.

At dinner, I was preoccupied with Karen, thinking about her stocking clad legs under the table. Our legs bumped several times, and once or twice, she seemed to leave her leg against mine for an extended period of time. I wondered….

I had to find out. Once, to emphasise a point I was making in our conversation, I reached over and patted Karen’s knee. Very, VERY(!) sheer nylon, and she didn’t pull away from me! I left my hand on her knee a few seconds before pulling back, and I left my hand on my leg under the table, so I could repeat the process if the opportunity arose again. Which it did.

The next time, I squeezed her knee, and caressed it for a few seconds, loving the sexiness of her sheer nylon stocking. Again, she didn’t pull back or move her leg, which she very easily could have. Finally, just before we got up to leave, I chanced another feel, and this time, I slid my hand up under her skirt an inch or so, and then two, three, four, six inches. She stood her ground with no noticeable change in expression or demeanor. I stroked, felt, and caressed her thigh to the top of her stocking, and she let me!

As she got in the car, I again held the door for her, and this time, I got to see her entire stockinged leg, including the clip on her garter belt! And, she knew I was looking! Our eyes met and smiles eclipsed our faces for just a second or two.

I pole vaulted around to the other side of the car to drove us home, and Karen was the life of the party on the twenty minute trip. Once at home, we played board games for awhile, and the under-the-table games I played with Karen made it hard for me to concentrate on anything going on on top of the table!

Now, she had her high heels off, and her nyloned foot really went to work on me, rubbing against my leg under my pants leg. It ended all too soon, and again, we all headed for bed. This time, I fucked my wife in her crotchless pantyhose, banging her so hard it’s a wonder her parents didn’t call the police with the noise we made! All I could think of, was her mother’s fine legs, and getting my dick between them!

Sunday morning, the trip to church was uneventful, except for my wife and her mother’s fine, nylon encased legs, which kept my mind occupied. Back at home, my wife and her Dad prepared for the golf outing they’d been looking forward to all weekend. Usually, Karen went with them just to watch, but this time her aching back was preventing her from going.

Once they left, it was just Karen and myself, with at least 3 hours to kill. I asked her if she felt like another back massage, and she coyly looked at me, nodding her head. This time, I got a workout matt and put it in the middle of the living room floor, telling her to lay down on it. I got the massager out, but she said she liked my hands better, so I laid it aside.

Fully clothed after church, she laid down on the matt. I knelt beside her, and started working her shoulders. After a few minutes, I straddled her, saying I needed to get batter leverage. She moaned lightly maltepe escort as I stroked and rubbed her, and I knew it was effecting her.

I slid down until I was lightly resting on her lower legs, and continued working my way down her back, kneading all of the muscles well. When I slid back up to do her shoulders again, her dress came with me, exposing the back of her thighs to the tops of her stockings.

Then, I got off of her again, and worked from the side, since there was no way I could get to her legs while I was sitting on them! Slowly, I worked my way down to the top of her ass. Then, a half-inch at a time, I continued lower…. kneading the globes of her ass, and her not stopping me. When I had one ass-cheek in each hand, she whispered, “Oh, that feels so good, Rick!” I was pretty sure at that time, that I could have her, but we had plenty of time, so…

I told her to stay put, and went quickly to the bedroom, where I slid out of my pants and briefs, putting on a loose pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my ever-ready camcorder, turned it on, and sat it on the table as I went back in the living room. I could only hope the view was good! Karen hadn’t moved, even to cover up her legs!

This time, I knelt down and started at her feet. I unbuckled the ankle strap on her right shoe, and slid it off. I stroked her nyloned foot for several minutes, loving the way it felt. Then, I put the shoe back on and took the other one off, repeating the process with her other foot.

High heels back in place, I moved up to her calves, kneading lightly, continuing my trek upward. The backs of her knees were very sensitive, and I spent considerable time there. On up, her thighs quivered slightly as I caressed them – you couldn’t really call it a massage anymore – my touch was too light, but Karen wasn’t complaining.

Okay – what next? I was at the tops of her stockings, and I knew that this was crunch time. I was pretty sure of myself, but I didn’t want to screw it up, either. If I kept going, the decision would be hers – stop on not. I decided to play it out for a little while longer, just to make sure!

I removed my hands from her legs, and thought I heard a sigh of disappointment. I went back to her shoulders, and started again. This time, I worked to the sides of her back, kneading the fleshy sides of her breasts. No complaints. Then, I got a great idea.

“Turn over!” I commanded, and without any argument, she did. Now, she lay on her back, eyes closed, skirt up near her waist, arms at her sides. “This is just too easy!” I thought to my self. I moved above her head, and stroked her brow, the sides of her head, her neck, but actually I was pressing my iron-hard dick into the side of her face as I straddled her from above. She didn’t pull back.

My hands worked their way down her arms, back up to her shoulders, to her sides, and then onto her sweet breasts… caressing them, stroking them, causing her nipples to visibly harden. Her eyes remained closed, lest the spell be broken.

I quickly moved back down to her side, and started with her ankle again. I quickly slid it up though, not spending too much time at any one place. The top of her stocking was tough to leave, as the silky feel of pendik escort bayan it was almost enough to make me cum all by itself!

But, I finally did, following the direction of the straps on her garter belt. Her legs moved almost imperceptivity apart, and I caressed the insides of the tops of her thighs. Again, her legs spread, until they were about eight inches apart. I now had access to her panty covered pussy.

I lightly stroked it, feeling the lips spread. I went to the leg opening and pulled the crotch to the side, baring her pussy entirely. She was quivering. Her eyes were tightly shut. My fingers cleaved her lips… they opened. One, two, then three fingers probed her. Acting quickly, I slid her panties down and off of her feet. her pussy was now naked to my touch.

My other hand went to the top of her dress, opening the buttons that went down the front. Now, her bra was visible – front clasp. Open, the mounds of her chest heaved into the open air. Her nipples were hard and pointed.

Finally, her eyes opened, but averted mine. They went instead, to my crotch, which was very near her head. Her hand came up to where my hard cock was very visible in my shorts. She seemed to hesitate, just a couple of inches from making contact. I helped her. I opened the snap and let it flop out. She just stared at it’s monster head. I nudged her hand, and then took it and placed it on the shaft of my cock.

Slowly, she stroked it as I again worked on her inflamed pussy. A bead of pre-cup developed on the tip, and her thumb came up to wipe at it. I scooted closer to her head, and the dam inside her broke. She leaned in and opened her mouth wide. She locked her lips around the head of it, sucking, stroking, making love to my cock. It was obvious where her daughters got their talent – cocksucking seemed to be a family tradition!

Before I let her make me cum in her mouth, I pulled back, she seemed disappointed. “Later!” I told her, as I moved between her nyloned thighs. I lifted her legs up and slid my dick into her steamy pussy, causing her to moan loudly. “Oh, God Rick….fuck me!” So…. I did. Long and hard, her nylon encased legs and stiletto heels pointing toward the ceiling.

We fucked for about forty-five minutes that first time, with her cumming at least five or six times. I did her with me on top, her on top, and from behind her all that first time. It was fantastic! As I approached my own orgasm, she felt it and stopped me. “I want to take it in my mouth!” she said, and I couldn’t argue.

I laid back and let her move over me, making sure she was lined up with the camcorder. She took hold of my now slippery cock and her mouth engulfed it, her tongue teasing it, working on the slit. Then, just the way I like it, she backed off until just the head was in her mouth, and started stroking it. She sucked me for several minutes, and then I felt her slippery finger at the entrance to my ass. Her eyes were locked on mine, my dick in her mouth, and suddenly she shoved her finger all the way up my ass!

I came like a hydrant, pumping stream after stream of hot jism into her mouth. She swallowed several times, not losing a single drop!

Afterwards, it was a little awkward, but I held her with a blanket over us, while I stroked her nylon clad legs. She knew exactly what she needed to do if she EVER wanted anything from me again!

Yes, it was very unexpected…. but some of the best things are. And the video turned out fantastic! I couldn’t wait to share it with Debbie!



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