Pick-up truck abduction scenarioHe led me out the back door where his pickup was parked behind the house, surrounded by tree cover with no other houses in view. It was a big truck, two door but very high off the ground and with a particularly long and high bed. “Get in” he said. I headed toward the passenger door. He stopped me halfway.”No, no darling. in the back. Get on in there, now.”I walked back and looked in the open tail gate at the seven foot-long bed, which was literally what it was now, a bed. A mattress with a clean white sheet lay across the bottom. The truck was kinda jacked up so it sat very high in the air and the sides of the bed were very high as well. At 6’2″ and in 6-inch heels, I could just about put my nose on the top edge of it. I crawled in and lay on my back where he placed my ankles into cuffs installed at the foot of the bed and my wrists into cuffs just above my head. It was pretty comfortable. At least at this point.I noticed that he was wearing a phone headset in one ear and at that very moment he reached out and placed headphone buds into both my ears so I could hear almost nothing except the sound of his breathing as he was prepping me. His headset was linked to my headphones. Although he spoke almost under his breath I was able to hear him quite clearly.”Are you alright there, Valerie?” he asked.I nodded. I was pretty nervous. “Good. We’ve got a little bahis siteleri drive ahead of us and I want to make sure you’re in excellent condition when we arrive. There are so many interesting experiences ahead of you this evening. Our route will take us out onto the interstate for a good portion of the drive so I would ask that you behave yourself because you never know who might be watching you.”As I looked down at my predicament I spotted the black lens of a small, round security camera mounted inside the bed pointed at me from below. I assumed this was what he was talking about.He then hiked my skirt up to my hips, exposing my gartered, black stockings tops and my sheer, nylon panty-covered cock. “Oh yes and one more little added attraction” he said and quickly inserted a greasy butt plug firmly into my tight ass which I noticed had a black cord that ran from it’s base back behind me and through the window of the cab. He jumped out shutting the tail gate behind him.After a minute the engine revved on and within a few minutes I could sense we were out on the open highway. I heard cars passing, felt the truck speed up and slow down but could’t see much. Above the black rectangle of the top of the pick-up bed, only cloudy late afternoon sky.Then I heard the low rumble of a big rig approaching. “Oh no. no, no, no. He is not going to do this to me.” I thought. And at canlı bahis that moment I heard his voice calmly in my ears. “Now straighten up young lady, you’re going to have a visitor.”As we came up on the truck from behind I watched as the upper portion of the trailer slid by. I turned my head to the left as the pickup slowed to match the speed of the truck, at which point the driver’s big, bearded face came fully into view. All he had to do was turn his eyes off the road for a split second to look down into the bed of the pick-up passing just to his right. Which took three seconds to happen. He visibly flinched, a full double-take. I twisted my hips slightly and tried to look away. I was totally exposed.We stayed right there matching his speed for what seemed to me to be a very long time. The trucker smiled at first. It seemed friendly in a way but after a minute or two his smile took on a slightly different character. It was pretty clear that he had taken his cock out and was madly pulling on it. There were a few moments I thought he might run off the road. His eyes glazed over as he quickly reached full hardness.”How’s our new friend enjoying your company, Valerie?” he asked wickedly.”Fine.” I squeaked. My cock was totally soft from humiliation.”I’ll bet. And I’ll also bet that you’re feeling a bit frustrated at not being able to wank your stiff little cock in his face which güvenilir bahis I know you’d love to do, you filthy slut. But no worries. I’m going to make sure he knows exactly how happy you are to see him.”And with that, the dildo in my ass pulsed to life, humming and growing slightly larger. It felt incredible, horrible, wonderful, uncomfortable. and my cock began to get hard. After twenty or thirty seconds of this divine torture it popped straight up out of my panties and wagged stiffly in the air above my stomach. Humiliating is not the word. And the driver went mad at that point- eyes wild as he tugged his cock while driving his rig down the highway at 70 miles and hour.”Ha ha. That is excellent” he chortled softly into my ears. “You are gonna get it tonight you little fucking bitch. How dare you show your cock to random strangers on the highway. What kind of disgusting porno trash are you anyway? I’m going to have to teach you a lesson about decorum, my dear. You’ll be sucking my cock like money is gonna shoot out of it. Ha.” I writhed in the back, huge hard-on, tied in the bed of a pick up truck while the driver watching me stroked himself closer and closer to orgasm.”Hmm. Maybe I should pull over at the next exit and strike a little deal with our new friend there. I’ll bet he’d love to meet you in person. Let him drive around with you for an hour or two. I’ll bet I could get two or three hundred bucks for your skinny, white ass. Hey and maybe he’ll radio some of his huge, disgusting, perverted friends and they could all have a date with you at the next travel plaza.”My hard-on would not go down.



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