The neighbors upstairs had asked if I would take care of their cat, while they were away. We arranged for me to come by and pick up the key the following day. When I stopped by, it took no time for me to assess that I was going to get more than keys.

Julie answered the door wearing only shear running shorts, cut high and revealing a lot of ass and thighs. Her erect nipples poked through the work-out halter top she wore; my cock thickened at the sight. As she invited me in she focused on the bulge in my crotch and smiled. She was home alone. How nice!

As we sat on the sofa, making idle talk, her cat jumped on my lap and as I petted its back Julie commented about how well I stroked her pussy. We laughed at the play on words, but its meaning was clear. As the laughing ended, I placed eryamanda yeni escortlar my arm around her and kissed her. That was all it took!

Julie leaned back into the sofa and clung to me tightly as she sucked my tongue into her mouth. I grabbed at her tits and pinched her nipples; making her moan at the touch. She sucked my tongue harder.

As I started to touch the inside of her thighs, I felt the wetness that dripped from her pussy. I lowered her pants and began to massage her clit. She arched her back as I sucked her nipples and stroked her clit simultaneously.

I then plunged my middle finger deep inside her. My fist rubbing hard against her pussy lips as I pushed deeply; her pussy drenched. I took the liberty of dipping my finger now into her ass hole, as I rubbed sincan escort bayan her clit with my thumb. Julie started to buck wildly, as she came.

Now it was my turn. I turned her over on the sofa, so that she was in a kneeling position in front of me, her ass facing me. I quickly took my throbbing cock out of my pants. As I rubbed the head all over her ass cheeks and crack, Julie moaned with excitement. She rubbed her clit was I did this. And again she came.

At first I slowly pushed my cock in, but the warmth and smoothness of her pussy was too much for me to bear. I began to ram my cock in, harder and harder. My balls slamming against her, making that beautiful slapping sound that accompanies and signifies a good fucking is taking place. I wrapped her ankara escort red hair around my hand, and used it as a bridle to pull her. Julie pushed back with every deep stroke thrust inside her pussy. We both moaned and groaned loudly.

Sensing I was about to cum, I pulled my cock out. Julie quickly turned around and placed her mouth on my cock as it spurted cum. She sucked it hard, cum dripping along side her mouth. She squeezed my balls, draining the cum out of me. It was an awesome sight, indeed.

At that moment, her husband came out of the bedroom; he had been watching all along. Although surprised, my orgasm was too powerful for me to stop and break away. I just kept cumming all over her mouth. He silently sat at the edge of the sofa and watched intently as his wife sucked my cock and swallowed my thick wad of cum. She put on show for him (and me as well), licking the sides of my shaft up and down the sides before burrowing her head into my crotch.

Now I take care of their pussy (cat) at least twice a week. Oh, what a way to make a living…



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