I heard her come in but stayed in my room, quiet, as I didn’t think I would be able to look her in the face without giving something away. While I was lying there I started to work out how much I could blackmail Suzie, and now even Claire for, in my quest to gain money for finding a girlfriend. I figured it had to be worth at least twenty-five pounds a week, each, that would get me two decent nights out. I might even be able to push it for longer than I needed to as I knew they would hate me to say something, especially Claire after what I had caught her doing.

I listened to see if I could tell where people were in the house. I needed to get the twins alone, one at a time, so I could inform them of my proposition. I knew they wouldn’t be happy, and would probably try to make my life hell, but for the hush money I was going to ask for it might be worth it. Besides if they really did make me suffer I could either up the price or just blurt everything out, knowing that it would probably destroy the whole family. Claire would be the hardest to deal with, as she would probably tell me to prove it, so I decided to see how I got on with Suzie first.

Opening the door to my room I peered out, to see if I could see anyone, before venturing out. I strode across towards Suzie’s room, and was about to knock, when she came charging out.

“Hi Michael sorry not got time for you at the minute I’m off out.” She said as she rushed past me.

Before I could reply she had reached the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m going out everyone don’t know when I’ll be back.” She called as she opened the front door.

“Just let us know if you’re not coming back.” My step-mum called back to her just as the front door slammed shut.

I stood at the top of the stairs wondering what to do next when I felt someone poke me in the ribs.

“Alright Mikey what are you doing just standing there?” It was Claire.

“Nothing much just trying to decide what I’m going to do.” I replied.

“That shouldn’t take long it’s not as if you have a date is it?” Claire laughed.

“I wish you would pack in taking the piss Claire I’m sick of it.” I retorted.

“Don’t worry Mikey you will be okay in your room wanking as usual.” Claire laughed even harder.

“I can promise you won’t be laughing at me much longer.” I said before turning back to my room.

“Why has Mikey got a plan to stop me?”

Instead of answering her I just went in my room and slammed the door behind me. It was a good job she couldn’t read minds otherwise she would have known that she wasn’t that far away from the truth. Apart from the obvious perks of this new family I was beginning to wish that dad had never married her. I couldn’t even see why he had when he was carrying on having an affair with Claire anyway. As much as I sometimes wished Belinda and her daughters had never come into our lives, I knew dad deserved to be happy. It wasn’t as if Belinda was a bad step-mum, it was just that she wasn’t mum. One thing was for sure though I had seen my dad in a different light earlier and knew that Belinda hadn’t done anything for him to behave the way he was.

She was a good looking woman with a kind heart who had been through a lot of trauma with the twin’s dad, and it looked like history was going to repeat itself for her. For years she had put up with her husband’s drinking, gambling escort kartal and womanising and stood by him. It was only when she caught him in their marital bed with another couple did she find the strength to walk away. I couldn’t understand why any man would cheat on her as it was obvious which of the family genes Suzie had inherited. Belinda had the same golden hair and her figure, although she had the twins, was still as close to perfect as any man could want. Her tits were probably the largest of the three women, her ass looked smaller than Suzie’s and she was always dressed in a way that showed sexiness without showing flesh.

I don’t know how long I stayed in my room but when I came out everywhere seemed to be quiet. After going to the toilet I wandered downstairs, expecting the house to be empty. I knew Suzie had definitely gone out, Claire normally did and the silence led me to believe that dad and Belinda had gone out as well. I began to look forward to finding a film on the TV, and hearing it for once, when I heard a sound. At first I couldn’t make out what the sound was, yet it soon became clear that someone, I wasn’t sure who though, was sobbing gently in the front room.

Expecting it to be one of the twins, their night having gone completely wrong, I walked in to confront them and put my plan into action. What I did find though surprised me completely. There on the sofa, her feet curled up under her, wearing what looked to be a very expensive set of nightwear, was Belinda. I faked a cough as I entered, which caused Belinda to jump, before sitting in one of the leather armchairs.

When Belinda finally lifted her head I could tell she had done more than sob, it looked like she had been crying her eyes out for a long time.

“What’s wrong Belinda?” I asked.

“It’s okay don’t worry about it Michael you can’t do anything.” She replied.

“I might not be able to do anything but talking might help.”

“I doubt it not what I am thinking it won’t.” She sobbed.

“Well where is dad he is who you need?”

As soon as I mentioned my dad the sobs turned into full crying again.

“These tears are because of him.”

“Why what has he done he hasn’t hit you has he?” I asked my temper rising.

“No nothing like that he never would.”

“So what is it then?”

“I get all showered and dressed like this for him and he tells me he has to go out for work.” Belinda said her sobs getting less. “And both the girls went out as well I thought I was alone.”

Suddenly I remembered what I had heard this afternoon, while watching my dad fuck Claire on the breakfast bar, and just knew that the work excuse was bullshit. He was off fucking Claire again somewhere while his wife sat at home alone, crying. Surprising even myself I got up from the armchair and went over to Belinda and put my arms around her.

“It’s okay mum I’m sure he won’t be long.” I said calling Belinda mum for the first time ever.

“You are a good lad Michael.” She replied. “How come you are the only one that hasn’t gone out?”

For the next hour I sat telling her how I would love to be able to go out, and find a girlfriend, but without a job it was impossible. I left out the bit about Claire and Suzie making my life terrible with their constant piss taking, she didn’t need to know about that the way she was feeling.

“Don’t maltepe escort you worry Michael everything will come good for you because you are a good person.”

All of a sudden she had her arms around me and I didn’t know how to react. With what she was wearing, a gold silk kimono and chemise set, and the sweet smell of her perfume permeating the room I felt my cock starting to stiffen in my trousers. I tried to pull away but Belinda held me tight.

“I wish your dad was as nice as you Michael.” She said pulling me closer.

“Why do you say that he treats you well doesn’t he?” I asked.

“Yes with material things but I’m a woman and need other things as well.”

I was starting to feel uncomfortable, both with the situation and with the fact that my cock seemed harder than it had ever been.

“What do you mean other things?” I asked trying to think of a way to get out of the situation I seemed to be getting further into.

“Come on Michael you know what I mean we are both adults.”

“Yes but you’re married to my dad.” I told her.

“True but if he can fuck around so can I.” She said firmly.

“He isn’t though is he you don’t know for sure do you?”

“I haven’t got any proof if that’s what you mean but I’m not stupid either.”

“I know you’re not stupid but why would he?”

“Well he hasn’t made love to me for weeks and I still look good don’t I?”

“Of course you still look good.” I said hoping that would suffice before adding. “Why don’t you take the lead in bed and start on him?”

“Don’t you think I’ve tried that I have tried everything.” She almost screamed before letting her hand fall dangerously close to my erect cock.

I again tried to move away but, this time, when Belinda held tight she suddenly planted a kiss firmly on my lips.

“We can’t think about what you are doing.” I said when she pulled her lips off me.

“I am thinking and I know exactly what I want.” She said before kissing me again.

This time, instead of just kissing me against the lips, she pushed her tongue past my closed lips into my mouth. It had been so long since a female had kissed me like this and I reacted, pushing my tongue into her mouth as well. Our tongues entwined, searching every inch of each other’s mouths, and I felt her hand grip my cock through my trousers.

“Belinda we can’t what if someone comes in?” I asked my breaths coming quickly.

“No-one will come in I got so angry I deadlocked all the doors.”

Belinda massaged my cock roughly before undoing my trousers and releasing me. Before I could react she had her hand wrapped around the shaft and began to wank me slowly. I knew I should stop her but it felt so good I couldn’t. I watched as her hand moved up and down the full length of my cock and slid her kimono off her shoulders as she sat there. Her tits pressed against the thin silky material of her chemise, her nipples standing fully erect, and I cupped them gently. I rubbed my thumb over each nipple in turn, causing her to gasp, and her hand began to move faster.

“Not too fast Belinda you will make me cum.” I gasped.

She looked up into my eyes, smiled and then lowered her head. Licking her lips she lowered her head, flicked at the end of my cock, and took me to the back of her throat.

“Oh Belinda suck me hard.” I said pendik escort bayan pushing my cock as deep into her mouth as it would go.

As she sucked and licked Belinda ran her hand down over her body and under her chemise. Pulling her panties to one side she began to rub at her pussy. Lifting my head slightly I saw that she had more hair than Suzie, but it was neatly trimmed, and then watched as she slid one finger into her willing pussy. Her hand worked furiously as she continued to suck my cock, nearly making me cum more than once. Suddenly she stopped sucking my cock and let out a massive sigh as her first orgasm flowed through her body causing her to twitch as violently as if she had been electrocuted.

“Lick my pussy Michael taste my fucking juices.” She screamed at me grabbing wildly for my head and pulling me down.

I could smell her sweet juices as I got closer and, with a final pull, Belinda buried my head into her pussy. Eagerly I pushed my tongue into her, desperate to taste the sweet nectar she had secreted, wanting her to cum again and again. As I licked at her I held her lips open with one hand and began to rub her clit with my other.

Belinda bucked wildly as she came time after time, her juices trickling out of her and down my chin onto the sofa.

“Michael stop please and fuck me fill my pussy with your cock.” She begged.

Reluctantly I lifted my head from her pussy, her juices covering my chin, and eased myself on top of her. I paused as I looked down at her and for a minute thought about the consequences of what I was about to do. I dreaded to think what would happen if my dad ever found out. He had never laid a finger on me in temper before and I don’t know if he ever would but there was always the slim possibility that he could do, even though he was fucking Claire instead of his own wife.

I was snapped back to reality by Belinda wrapping her legs around my back and pulling me forward.

“What’s wrong Michael don’t you want to fuck your step-mum?” She said.

“Yes but what happens after this?” I asked her.

“We shall talk about that next time we are alone but I know what I am thinking.” She replied.

“Tell me Belinda please.” I asked.

“I’m thinking that you better get that cock and bury it deep into my pussy right now.”

I looked down at her once more and, instead of seeing my step-mum, all I could see was a gorgeous older woman that wanted me for something other than money and lowered myself. My cock slid easily into her dripping pussy and I began to thrust slowly, but hard, into her as she gasped loudly. Belinda lifted her hips every time I thrust into her and I quickened my pace, the feeling of my imminent ejaculation building rapidly. Belinda dragged her fingernails down my back and that was all it took. I could hold back no longer and with a final thrust felt my cock twitch and the first jets of cum erupted from my cock.

“Fucking hell yes Michael fuck me give it all to me.” She screamed gripping me tighter with her legs.

I was sweating profusely as I slowed down, my cock twitching for the last time, before collapsing on top of her.

“Thank you Michael I was desperate for that.” She said panting. “I have never cum so much in one night.”

I wanted to answer her but at that precise moment no words could convey the feeling of elation and guilt that was running through my mind, so I just held her. As we lay together, my cock softening inside her pussy, I knew that my family life had changed forever and who knew what was going to happen if we stayed together as a family. I guess I would find out soon enough



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