“Seriously, Imogen, it’s like I am on fire! My nipples are hard, I’m walking around with a risk of chafing at how wet I am, and all I can think of is how much I need sex! I burst out laughing in Italian for goodness sakes!” I whined on our walk to the bus.

“You disrupting our Italian class laughing, what else is new?” She laughed at me, brushing her curly hair out of her face.

“Daniela was discussing how to make the ‘c’ sound hard and kept repeating ‘to get it hard’ and I couldn’t help it!” I laughed hard at the memory. Imogen pulled me out of the way as I threw my head back while laughing and nearly head-butted the old man behind us. He stalked past us, muttering something about ‘silly kids’ and sent us into convulsions again.

“You need help with something, Annabelle?” Tommy pushed himself away from the wall where he was leaning, smirking at me as he obviously slid his eyes down my body, halting on all my curves. I was proud of my figure – standing tall at almost 6 feet, my top-heavy figure exentuated by my long legs and 34E breasts that caught everyone’s attention; but the way he stared seemed different to most other guys. I groaned at the use of my full name, rolled my eyes at Imogen and turned to face him.

“And why would you care, Thomas? You’ve made it pretty clear that we’re ‘just study partners’, and that you don’t exactly like me. Why should you care that I haven’t had sex in a month and that I’m so horny that I’m willing to have sex with the first attractive man who crawls his way into my bed?”

I burst out laughing at the shocked look on his face, before turning away from him to board the bus. He looked dazed as he found the first available seat and pulled out his phone, staring blankly at the feet of the man across the aisle. Imogen and I sat further up and discussed our English assignment until we reached her stop.

“You could do worse, Belle. I mean, have you looked at him lately? He’s seriously hot,” Imogen whispered to me before she stepped off the bus.

I laughed at her words, ignoring her completely. This was Tommy, I mean the guy had been chubby since he moved next door to me, then went over-board in the weight department when he hit lower school. He’d lost weight since then, but he wasn’t exactly ‘my type’ – the hot, ripped surfer types that you see on magazine covers.

I moved down to rejoin Tommy after she left, and sat in silence. We were English partners for our next assignment, and I felt guilty about before. Plus, I needed him to explain what to do, I hated English assignents.

“You really think I don’t like you?” He asked his feet.

“If that’s to me, Tommy, yeah, I think so.”

He looked up, eyes bright and cheeks flushed. “I’ve known you since we were 5 and you climbed up your tree and looked over the fence at me. You yelled at me for barking back at your dog and you’ve never forgiven pendik escort me since, over the dumbest reason. Why the fuck do you think I would like you, you can’t even say something nice to me.”

I sat there, stunned. I hadn’t seen it that way, simply choosing to ignore him all through school and until we got into university together. We were so competitive that we never seemed to get along well together, always arguing and fighting. We were good at the same things and were always top of our classes together, but it was an uneasy ignorance that I held towards him, trying to prolong our inevitable slide into complete hatred. I didn’t want to hate anybody. But I hadn’t asked him to like me anyway.

“Anyway, are we studying for this assignment tonight? You said tonight would be when you’re free.” He snapped at me, eyes focusing somewhere to the right of my head.

“Yep, sure. Just come around 7 and knock on the door.” I grabbed my bag and rang the bell for the stop. Jumping down off the bus step, I swung my bag onto my shoulder and marched to my door, stopping to watch him enter his house before slamming the door shut behind me, loud enough that I knew he would hear it.

How dare he have a go at me! I’ve never done anything to him! He’s the one who can’t keep his eyes to himself, can’t work in a team, can’t play nice. And he thinks I’m the one who is to blame!



Seven o’clock came and went. 7:30 passed too. I sat at my desk in my room, fuming and checking the time, my books out in front of me but I couldn’t concentrate. Fidgeting with my top button that held my favourite boyfriend-style oversized shirt closed, I crossed and uncrossed my legs impatiently, smoothing out the wrinkles in my jeans. I sent him another (thirteenth) text about how when someone organizes a time to study, generally that time is the time the other person is expected.

Finally, it was 8:00 and I heard a knock.

Getting up, I walked to my bedroom door and opened it, about to walk to the front door, when I heard it again.

Frowning, I spun around and swept open my curtains to my French doors that opened to the backyard. Standing there in the clothes he had worn all day, books and a half-squashed daisy in his arms, was Tommy.

I opened my doors with the intention of berating him about his obvious lack of time management skills, and he pushed his way past me without a word.

Throwing his books onto my desk, he placed the daisy on top of my laptop and pushed me onto my bed. I hit the mattress and tried to bounce up, but he held me down and stared into my eyes as I gazed up at him, shocked.

“What the fuck do you think you-” I got out before he kissed me.

It wasn’t just a good kiss, like when I kissed Mike on summer camp when we were volunteering for disadvantaged youth and he introduced me to kağıthane escort French kissing. It wasn’t a bad kiss either, like the nameless guy at a club when both of us were too drunk to really be any good, and he had a severe case of ‘washing-machine tongue’.

No, this kiss gave me chills to the base of my spine, curled my toes and made my arms reach around his shoulders to pull him closer to me. This kiss – this was a game-changer. I moaned into his mouth as his lips moved over mine, tongue flicking lightly along my top lip and sweeping across my bottom lip.

He pushed my arms off him and stared down at me, panting slightly. I made a strangled sound and tried to move out from under him, but he trapped me with a push-up style cage. I pushed up at his chest, noting that he was a whole lot more muscular than I remembered. Curious, I slid up his t-shirt and checked him out as best I could, being pinned to the bed by his body.

He had kept the layer of fat that could be called ‘baby fat’ except for the fact that we were 19 and that should have left by now. But everything else – the boy was solid! His chest muscles were tense from holding himself up in that position and I grazed my nails over his pecs, before sliding one hand down his arms and feeling the muscles there. I inhaled when I felt his arms, strong and firm. I loved the hidden secret – the fact that, on a second glance, it showed that he’s so much stronger than he looked.

Returning to his chest, I raked my nails over his skin once more, watching as his eyes glazed over further. Gently rubbing then pinching one of his nipples, I watched as he stared at me with pure lust.

Dropping his hips onto mine, he pressed me into the mattress and pressed himself into the perfect hollow between my legs. I hissed between my teeth when I felt how hard he was, and knew that neither of us could hold on if this truly went further.

He pushed my shirt up, ignoring the buttons, until it framed the crest of my cleavage, pushing my full breasts into the black lace of my favorite bra. It was almost a size too small and could barely hold me as it was, and he discovered this for himself when my nipples burst forth into sight. Bending down, he sucked one into his mouth, rolling his tongue around it then pulling on it with his teeth. It felt like white-hot fire was burning a line from my sensitive nipples to that place he was resting against, making me writhe against him.

He simply chuckled and blew cold air on my nipple before moving to the next one.

I decided he was taking too long. With a quick shimmy, I shucked my skirt and underwear and was unbuckling his belt before he let go of my other, turgid nipple to help me out.

Suddenly, it was a flurry of clothing, hands, sighs and caresses, a condom was found and I was invaded. maltepe escort It was breathtaking, exactly what I needed. I couldn’t hold back but lifted my hips straight back up to meet him as he pounded his way into me. He wasn’t the biggest, more average, but the thickness was impressive. It was like he fillled all spaces within me, there was no room to breathe around him! And somehow he squeezed himself inside me, I could feel my pussy pulsing around his cock. I rapidly became slippery, my own juices allowing him to move in and out better, harder, more!

Our mouths met and it was a rough, animalistic meeting, teeth and tongue and lips and teeth again as we battled it out. I couldn’t help it, I groaned loudly and he pulled back enough to make me groan again.

“We have to be quiet, Belle. Your parents are only down the hall,” he moaned to me as he lowered himself back down, back to press himself onto my body, into my body.

I nodded my agreement and tried my best, I really did. But then he moved positions and I completely fell apart. Thinking quickly, Tommy shoved his hand on my throat, cutting off all air and all sound. I wasn’t ready for it, and struggled to breathe, feeling light-headed. I could feel Tommy was close, his rhythm more erratic and breath labored, and then he thrust once more and I peaked again in time with him. Releasing me from his unintentional choking, I panted for my breath, amazed at how it had amplified my orgasm. I had never cum that hard before, and I was instantly addicted to the feeling.

Panting, we both stayed in the same place as we landed, my breasts crushed under his body as he lay on top of me. He feathered kisses along my shoulder and up my neck to my ear, sucking on my earlobe and chuckling evilly as I shivered at the feeling.

“I’m crushing you,” he murmured to me, and rolled off me before I could assure him I liked it, withdrawing from me and sending shocks through my breasts as his chest rubbed my sensitive nipples. I had an ‘after-ogasm’, my body half protesting, half loving the sensation of stimulation after such an amazing end to my drought.

He cleaned himself up and I ran to the bathroom quickly to brush my teeth, paranoid of bad breath. I ran back, not caring that he saw my chest bouncing with my strides, half scared that he would have left already. I smiled, ecstatic when I found him still in my bed, simply under the covers this time.

“So this is what we were fighting.” I whispered after, my head on his chest, listening to his steady breathing.

“This is what we were so scared of.” He murmured back, the bass of his voice reverberating through my ear.

“I like the flower, by the way,” I smiled at the mostly-dead white blossom on my desk. He didn’t answer, but I could feel him relax further and knew that I’d said the right thing.

“Are we continuing this?” I looked up at him, and he dropped his gaze to meet mine.

“Damn straight.”


I’m back! I wanted to explore a relationship that doesn’t start out with attraction. It’s a little different to my usual! Thanks to Kevin for the editing (: As always, I love and appreciate your comments – let me hear your thoughts!



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