This story contains massive breasts, lactation, bondage and very slight reluctance.

Another Pauline story about her being drained for milk, enjoy!


Pauline sat on top of her little farm house, back against the titled, unlit rooftop. Her blond hair spread flat across roof tiles, eyes up to the starry night. She wasn’t upset necessarily, but something felt odd inside, some longing. Another adventure was due? Maybe, but maybe she just wanted something small. Something scandalous without putting herself in danger, something to get her adrenaline pumping for a short time. She’d want more control than her previous adventures, but didn’t know exactly how to get her way.

She heard a noise to her left. Her vision was obstructed by her breast resting to her side. A few footsteps accompanied Conor’s outline walking over.

“How you doing?” he asked.

“Feelin funny.” Pauline replied.

Few words to say it seemed. Conor laid next to her, giving eachother space for her chest. Conor looked up to the stars as well, trying to get into whatever mindset Pauline had put herself into. He didn’t feel the same though, the stars appearing much less interesting than he’d hoped. Looking over at Pauline, she looked gorgeous as usual, even in the dark. Maybe offering something sexual would get her out of this funk, or piss her off, either one would at least get her mind off whatever she was concentrated on.

“I was just curious what you were up to tonight. I know what I’d like to get up to.”

Pauline gave him a lifeless chuckle, “Oh I bet I know too. I’ll come down in a bit.”

That made Conor unhappy. It wasn’t a big deal, they could have sex whenever, but she seemed out of it for sure. He tried a more direct approach.

“You seem down, why’s that?”

It took Pauline a minute to find the right words. She turned to look at him, “I know that it’s down right despicable to enjoy the accidental adventures I get myself into, or more the strange circumstances these things” Pauline pat her massive chest “get me into. But it’s interesting, fun even. As long as I have some control, feel some comfort somehow, it’s not the worst, and I really do enjoy our life now but I want some more adventure.”

“More sexual adventure?”

“I mean, it doesn’t have to be sexual, but that’d definitely be a more complete experience. Not like, I’d want to break ol’ Gittergut outta jail and let him tie me up or some nonsense, but maybe… I dunno.”

“You don’t want to be sexually assaulted, but you want to be put in a situation that’s sexual without your control?”

“I-” Pauline gave a genuine chuckle, “I guess when you say it like that, I don’t know what the hell I want.”

“I mean, if you want something more interesting than us just fuckin, I could subject you to somethin fun?” Conor’s statement was more of an offer.

“…that sounds pretty fun.” Pauline sat up. She leaned on her breast, looking down at Conor.

“Well sure thing, what’re you interested in?” he sat up as well.

“Mmm… we’ve lived together a while now, you should be able to surprise me well enough I reckon.” she gave him a smile in the dark, one he could barely make out.

“Alright. Not tonight, but let me think somethin up for the future.”

The two slid off the roof, Pauline stumbling from the momentum of her chest twice. It put Pauline in the mood to cuddle to some movies. This might have been a coincidence, but Conor was happy with that outcome; it led to Pauline forgetting to drain her breasts before bed, and the more milk he had to work with tomorrow the merrier.

While the two laid in bed, Conor thought about what to do to wake her up. This was the perfect opportunity, he thought staring at Pauline’s engorged breasts under the blankets. What could he even do? It took a quick internet search to reach an interesting answer, one that’d initially cost money. “That’s fine,” he thought to himself, “I know how to make the money back.”


Pauline groaned. She’d just woken up and already felt in pain, a less than pleasant occasion. Each boob felt extra heavy now, both similar to when she had growth spurts. She cursed herself for forgetting to drain them the night before, certain it was the cause. Pauline wanted to massage her own chest, just to see what was up.

When she tried moving her arms, however, they only moved a short distance before her wrists started hurting. This woke Pauline up, pressing her to look around and understand what was going on. She was sitting up, back against some wall. Looking around, she realized she was surrounded by tiny walls, all boxing her in. Light escaped through cracks in the walls, revealing her container to be wooden.

She tried moving away from the wall she was backed against, but found herself trapped into it. Moving her hands, she realized her wrists had been handcuffed behind her. The handcuffs were comfy enough, soft cow print cuffs she didn’t mind. Her legs were mostly bare, stemming from the bottom of escort ataşehir a cow print bikini bottom. Conor had gotten her these items as a late Christmas present, which made her think Conor had something to do with whatever was going on.

“Hello?” Pauline called out. No response came, but in her tiny space she could barely hear anything besides a gentle humming. It sounded familiar, almost like an engine at low power.

Her tiny environment was pretty bland. It wasn’t until she felt another ping in her breasts that she fully woke up, realizing a very important fact; the space in front of her wasn’t all boob, a strange and important fact indeed. She moved her arms again to try and feel around for what was happening, and between her torso and arms she felt each breast between. Each boob had been pulled around back, and a bit more wiggling revealed that they’d been locked into the wall behind her. Each breast laid on a fairly cold metal plate. They were both bare, feeling over swollen to a painful extent.

“Conor?!” She called out again, “Is this you? What the fuck’s going on?!” A bit more wriggling did nothing to solve her problem.

Pauline stopped fighting for a second. This was too coincidental to not be Conor’s doing. They’d talked the night before about him giving her a surprise. This was a pretty big surprise, for sure, and one she didn’t hate. Whatever was going on, her heavy breasts were about to get mercilessly drained.

All of a sudden her entire container jolted. The box was being moved in some way, and the humming from earlier rose to the unmistakable roar of a powerful car engine. Her breasts vibrated on the metal they rested on, an interesting feeling with how stiff they were with milk. As what she assumed to be a truck moved, the sounds of tree branches brushing past and indistinct voices came from all directions. Her ride stopped in an area with much more sunshine, a clearing she would’ve guessed. Voices came closer to her location, many holding conversations about drugs or boobs. It was an odd combination of conversations, and not one she’d thought she’d hear in her hometown. The voices even had different accents than she was used to.

A car door sounded from her front. Somebody had jumped up next to her, making her believe her box was in the bed of a truck. That person rested their weight on the left side of her box, blocking some light from coming in.

Then, she heard a very familiar voice call out.

“Howdy y’all!” Conor’s voice came from above.


Texas had a few music festivals here and there, the weather almost always being warm enough. This year, a particular Blissful Nights Festival had been set up half an hour from Pauline’s house. One particular guest had both bought a ticket and rented a space for a truck on sight.

Word spread around that there would be a strange concession stand for some morning dairy if any were interested. At first only a few crowds had come to see whether the rumors were true or not, but out from a short distance into the woods came the truck. It had surprised many festival attendees, especially with the contents in the back.

As the truck backed out, the small audience had a spectacular view; a box with absolutely monstrously massive breasts sticking out, resting on the truck bed and overhanging it’s back by a few inches. Each breast, in addition to being massive, was covered in very prominent veins that surfed between Pauline freckles across their very firm gourd-like shapes. Milk trickled out hyper distended nipples, offering creamy goodness to all present. Behind it were a few stacks of cups and a strange object that looked like a washing machine with hoses. Needless to say it grabbed the attention of many festival attendees.

Out the front of the truck came Conor. He wore a pretty generic set of clothes, nothing special say for the wide-brimmed farmer’s hat. The strange farmer man leapt into the truck bed and sat on the box, one leg crossed over it.

“Howdy y’all!” Conor yelled, “anybody thirsty?”

The crowd cheered. From the box below, Conor heard a distinct “Are you fucking kidding me?”. He laughed loud, getting into character. He was going to enjoy this and he hoped Pauline would eventually enjoy it. No adventure’s perfectly according to plan start to finish anyways.

“Now,” Conor hopped down, holding a cup in hand, “let me introduce myself: the name’s Farmer Clements n I’ve gotta problem I pray y’all can assist me wit.”

Conor pat Pauline’s super swollen chest, “This’s mah biggest gal, Polly. I’ve been a dairy farmer fer years n never have I seen a cow so backed up, y’see? She’s been awfully naughty, not milkin erself, n I need sum help drainin er poor, swollen udders.”

Pauline took a deep breath. “Oh fuck, you’re really gonna do this huh?” she whispered inside her box. Conor heard and his smile widened.

“Now I’m still a bus-i-ness type, n I can’t jus give cow titty juice away for free. So I gotta ask for some com-pen-sation kadıköy escort o sorts.”

He took out a black marker, and wrote on Pauline’s breasts. One side he wrote out “$10”, and on the other he wrote “$20”. Afterwards he brought the cups onto the $10 side of the box.

“Y’wanna cup, ten bucks. Y’wanna suck’m, it’s twenty. Lemme see two lines!”

The crowd organized themselves into a line to each teat. Some of the crowd left, but many more were filtering in to extend the lines. The self suck line seemed much shorter at the moment, but Pauline had a full venue to nurture.

Before anybody could give Conor cash, he showed them all some technique.

“This ‘er tiddy got pressure points y’wanna squeeze.”

Conor gripped Pauline’s left breast with all his might and pulled down. Pauline let out a lustful cry of joy. Out of her fat nipple squirt a solid stream of creamy milk into his cup, filling it in record time. He took a few long, hardy gulps, swallowing the cup in one go. He then moved onto her right breast.

“With this’er jug y’just gotta show ‘er yer hungry!”

Conor’s tongue traced a few circles around Pauline’s areola. His tongue teased the tip of her nipple, begging for some relief.

“Please Conor, they’re so full just take a sip…” Pauline whispered to the side of her box.

“Ol’ Polly ‘l feed ya nice n gud you tease her raight.” Conor spoke out to the crowd.

His lips closed on Pauline’s nipple. He knew not to suck yet – her nipple was already so leaky from just being in his mouth, he had to swallow the mouthfuls. She let out a gentle panting, pleading with Conor to suck her milk out. He unlatched, leaving her baited and leaking. The crowd enjoyed the sight of both full nipples dripping into the grassy floor beneath.

“N you hear ‘re makin noise, ol’ Polly’s likin what yer doin. Now cash up ladies n gents.”

Conor began taking money from the hungry patrons. Each came up to her chest partially aroused, motivated to get their money’s worth milking Pauline. The crowd was inexperienced, but their collective lack of knowledge would be made up for by their quantity and motivation.

Every tugging hand found the pressure points Conor pointed out and went to town putting out fast, harsh tugs. Most of the hands we kind and efficient, but what made Pauline squeal were the hands that tugged down and held her nipple there. When her milk was gushing in a stream and the hand didn’t let her nipple retract it hit a sensitive tension in her chest. Many hands also bought multiple cups – filling each to bring her milk around.

What got the most noise out of Pauline were the suckling mouths on her other breast. It was true – as long as a mouth was around her nipple, milk would pour out the pores in her nipple. Sucking on her tit proved to create very powerful sprays, and those who didn’t have the power to swallow her output suckled the sides of her nipples. Those side sucklings shot ounces of hot milk out her sensitive nipple, straight into the ground between their feet. Regardless of the style her nipples were mercilessly sucked, hands free of milking dug into her breast. Pauline found the massaging one of her favorite parts – after her mammary glands were manually loosened up, milk began to flow in even larger splurts of creamy titshots.

Conor noticed how much better the massaging was for Pauline’s chest. He got to work massaging her other breast between taking money, and encouraged the milk tugging line to assist him. The massaging proved effective: now both nipples were gushing hard, spraying the green grass below white.

This endurance test of Pauline’s teats lasted half an hour, with rare and fleeting breaks dictated by the hunger of the festival attendees. Pauline’s milk supply was actually on the low end by this point, having had her defenseless chest constantly drained. Conor could foresee this happening and had thought ahead.

“Aaaaaalraight friends, get yer last gulps and glasses in, Polly’s runnin on fumes.”

Inside the box, Pauline was sweaty and horny as all hell. Her handcuffed hands had been reaching to scratch the itch between her legs without luck. A particularly small, toothy mouth was currently nursing her fat tit and it sent some especially teasy tit tingles through the entire sack of fat. It seemed after that mouth, however, her shift as local dairy cow had ended.

“Naow ontu tha GRAND FINALE-“

Conor flipped the switch of some machine further back in the truck bed. He returned to the back of the bed with two empty milk jugs in hand.

“Polly prolly won’t fill either a these this point, buuut she got jus enough to try. These final bits a ‘er udder juice ‘er up for auction, so lemme hear them offers fly!”

Pauline herself was surprised by this – what did he mean, was he about to to squeeze the rest of her milk into the jugs? That question was answered when two familiar cups sucked themselves onto her nipples. Conor had brought some semblance of the industrial cow maltepe escort bayan milker Rory had left in her barn, at least it felt that way. He’d set the suction to near max, going for the kill on her milk supply.

The audience began calling out numbers. Conor kept track, using two fingers to point to the highest two offers. The numbers rose at a steady pace, a few dollars each call out. With his knee, Conor pushed the pressure up to the highest setting.

“Conor!” Pauline yelled, “that’s really high! Could you turn it down? Oh!”

Conor ignored Pauline’s request, certain she could take it. Milk was now being excavated from her fleshy gourds at a consistent pace. Despite the weakened pressure and strength of her breast ligaments, milk was being pumped out at rates similar to when she was full earlier. This rapid drain made the audience raise their numbers at a similarly quick pace.




“I’d pay $100 each!”


The numbers kept rising. As the voices shouted louder and the milking machine hummed harder, Pauline’s yips and moans were only heard by Conor. He kept counting, getting a hard on from his lovely, busty business partner’s cute little noises.

In all this stress, nobody was paying as much attention to where the milk was going so much as watching the milk be extracted. All of a sudden the machine stopped pumping; it turned out Pauline had a bit more milk than Conor had guessed and she’d filled both gallons. He looked at the gallons, then back to the people he’d been pointing at.

“…last call for bids!” he’d lost part of his persona’s deep Southern accent, focused on getting this over with. He had plans for an actual grand finale after selling the gallons.

After a shouting match within the crowd, Conor stepped in to call out two lucky winners. They were actually a weed smoking couple, one that planned to bring both gallons of Polly juice back to a caravan of their friends’ tents. With pride Conor presented them as the winners of the gallon jugs. He moved on to thank everyone for coming.

“Thanks all, hope you had a truly unique experience at today’s Blissful Nights Festival. Right now, Polly needs a break from feed y’all, but expect to see her again tonight!”

The crowd dispersed, satisfied by Pauline’s breasts. Inside her box, Pauline laid still. She’d been pretty drained in a few ways this morning, and didn’t even process what Conor had said at the end. She did however process the truck moving back into the short series of woods. Finally, a new sound came from right in front of her. She couldn’t understand what it was in her state of distracted bliss.

Without warning the front of her box flew off. Conor had pried it open and was now looking inside. He smiled at Pauline’s slumped body, enjoying the view of her trapped in her wooden wall.

“How’s my favorite little milk cow doing?” he asked through a cheeky grin.

“…good…” she breathed out.

“Good. I think I can make you feel better though.”

Conor proceeded to crawl a ways inside. Pauline watched him pull her cow print bikini bottom off, still trapped in the box.

“This…” she began. Conor paused to listen, “…is way better than I thought you’d do. My tiddies hurt good, you really milked’m.”

“I’m glad,” he chuckled, “it was really convenient that you let yourself get so full.”

“Yeah I was thinking about that last night. I didn’t think you’d actually put me through this kinda ‘surprise’ the morning after we talked about it.”

“Well there’s still more to the surprise, starting with this.”

Conor dove head first between Pauline’s legs. She let out a silent gasp, weak from her earlier treatment. Low moans escaped her lips as Conor’s tongue dug into her body, hitting all the right buttons. She’d been warn before and now she didn’t have the resolve to last long. Soon after starting to eat her out, Pauline let another cry of ecstasy shake the box, accompanied by a muffled squirting sound. Her chest just let out the last of it’s milk, and likewise her body gave the last of its energy in a spasmic orgasm.

She slumped even further down the box’s wall, weak but content. Conor put her bikini bottom back and slithered further in. He kissed her, and she gave her best reciprocation. It was a little sloppy, but Pauline was thoroughly wrung out.

“You need some time to relax?” Conor asked

Pauline gave him a slow nod, controlling her breathing.

Conor reached behind Pauline. Apparently the mechanism to unlatch was just behind her, as with a few quick clicks her breasts were free of their confides. He helped pull her body forward, freeing her of the box’s wall. In addition he undid her fuzzy handcuffs. Finally he brought out the top to her cow print bikini, well fit for her enormous bust.

Free and reclothed, Conor carried Pauline to the front seat of the truck. It turned out he’d just taken Pauline’s old red one for the journey, something she wasn’t surprised by. Then the two just laid there, happy to enjoy each other’s company. Pauline reached her arm up to hold his hand.

“So… what did you mean by ‘expect to see her again tonight’?”

Conor chuckled, “I had an idea for something later tonight if you were interested.”



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