Paula – First job for my bossI received the first assignment from my Boss about two weeks later. His contractor from Istanbul was coming. Ibn Mustafa Halid. I remembered this name because it was also a test for me if I would meet the expectations of my boss. At the beginning I had to get him accommodation in Victoria. I went this morning before noon. The receptionist, who remembered me as a whore in tight sweaters, miniskirts and stilts, looked at me in surprise. This time I was dressed in a light blouse, gray skirt over the knees and elegant pumps.I wanted to order accommodation for a guest of the Polish community from XXXX, I said. Turkish citizen, Mr. Ibn Mustafa Halid. At what time did the receptionist ask, empathizing with the new role. From September 20 to 25. Of course I’ve already booked. On this he finished the official part. Mary, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Have you changed the job as I see it? Not really, I replied with a sigh. I still work for the Boss. It’s a pity the boy said, I often thought that such a cute delicate girl should not be a whore. Sometimes I answered sententially, I smiled and left.On September 20, I was waiting for my first guest at the airport.At 10 am the plane landed. I waited a long time before passengers started appearing in the gates. I was holding a sign with Mr Ibn Mustafa Halid in my hands and waiting for someone to come to me. After a few minutes a 60-year-old man really appeared. He was a fat dark-haired man, weighed 100 kg by the eye with a height not much higher than mine. And that was my Turk. Seeing his name, he waved and came to me introducing himself to Hello Im Mustafa. I replied with a smile that I am Mr. K’s assistant … and we went out to the car. Behind us a boy from the airport took Mustafa’s suitcase.We got into the Mercedes Boss in the rear seats. Mustafa started by putting his hand on my thigh as soon as I sat down next to him.With a smile but I firmly pushed this hand away saying “sorry, it’s mistake” Oh sorry answered. The further road to the hotel was quiet.At the hotel I helped Mustafa check in and then we went to the Boss. The meeting took place in the now defunct motel near Józefów on the Vistula River. Until dinner gentlemen talked and I was sunbathing on the Vistula. The boss was at dinner, Mustafa, some Russian and me. We sat in a separate cabinet, we spoke English. By force of fact, kocaeli escort the conversation began to deviate about me. The Russian asked where the boss found such an assistant. The boss replied that I am the daughter of his friends, scientists from the University, I study foreign trade at SGPiS and I have internships with him. The attitude of both men to me changed immediately. The Russian became gallant, showing off erudition. He recited poems by Lermontov, Pushkin, and Turek was clearly less eloquent. The conversation about nothing at dinner and dessert lasted quite a long time. Around 19 pm, the Turk got up heavily and, saying he was very tired, asked if the boss had any transport to the hotel. Mery will drive you away, Boss suggested. He has a driving license and my driver has to drive Sergey away.For the first time in my life I was sitting in something other than a small Fiat. Fortunately, I watched Wiesiek drive the car. It was very easy thanks to the automatic transmission.The Turk sat in the car in the back seat and didn’t say anything all the way. It wasn’t until we arrived in Victoria that he came to life and asked if I would stop by for a drink.I thought I had to accept the invitation with all the consequences, because the Boss probably sent me.I parked the Mercedes at the side of the hotel and together with Mustafa we went inside.As then with two gays, I now walked through the entire hotel hall alongside the old Turk. This time a lot of people sitting in the lobby were staring at us with a lot of smiles. I knew each of them was thinking, It’s a whore. She’ll give that old man ass. And they were right.In the Mustafa room, he took a whisk from a mini-bar and poured it into the glasses. I drank with him and he immediately added another portion. Looking at him, I preferred to get drunk before touching my breasts, touching my thighs and pussy. That’s why I didn’t shirk myself from drinking. With alcohol Mustafa asked me if I know what Boss does. I pretended to be a friend of the family and I know him as a respected economic activist. I didn’t care about the fact that I know he is the king of whores and whores in Warsaw.Mustafa was clearly pleased. All the time I took care that I had a full glass but did not touch me. Alcohol was already starting to work on me. I have a hard head, but half a bottle of whiskey has done its job. At some point Mustafa kocaeli escort bayan decided that I was ready. He came up to me and grabbed my chest. What are you doing I mumbled. Without answering, the Turk unbuttoned my light blouse, began to look at my small breasts in my bra. I knew they might like it. I was wearing a “balconette” lace bra fastened at the front. I sat limply in a chair and he began to stroke my breasts through the bra first, then reached into the cups looking for my naked breasts inside their cover. I didn’t protest and let him do everythingFor a good few minutes he sat up with my breasts and then unbuttoned my bra, bared my breasts by opening the cup sideways, straightened up for a moment, unbuttoned his pants, slipped them with boxers and took out a rather sticking cock. The first time I saw a circumcised cock. It impressed me but all the time I was in the same inert position. Mustafa came to me and beat me on the face and breasts with that circumcised cock for several minutes.When he got bored, he went to the suitcase and took out the camera and started taking pictures of me. I pretended to be u*********s of alcohol and allowed myself to be arranged in various prominent poses for photography.He shot several photos, put the camera down, moved me to the bed, lifted my bottom, slipped my panties and skirt. I lay drunk with legs spread in thin black stockings in an unbuttoned blouse and bra. He reached for the camera again and again the clicks of the shutter and the flash of the flash made me realize that Mustafa would be able to brag in Istanbul for his colleagues who innocent Polish woman got drunk and used. I wanted to laugh a little, because everyone who pays the one hundred dollars could get the same on which Mustafa poured a bottle of whiskey and a lot of effort, maybe without pictures.When he filmed the whole movie, he put the camera away, took off his shirt, pants and boxer shorts. For the first time I saw a naked body with such dark complexion. Now I know that Mustafa must have had some ancestors from India because that’s where I met people like him. Stripped before the bed, Mustafa did not want to lose sight of the naked innocent drunk, he thought, because he did not lie on me but moved me to the edge of the bed, parted my thighs and pressed his hard dark cock into my pussy standing all the time above me. Leaning over my izmit escort body he was rhythmically pushing me, growling while fuck you fuck you. I was internally ready to allow him such relations with me as he would like, but I lay strangely numb after alcohol, feeling as if sex was taking place somewhere next to me and I watched it from the side.Mustafa apparently liked to dominate innocent girls because I heard “fuck you.” I destroy your Innocent pussy, I destroy yours Innocent breast. ” I saw grimaces running through his dark face, how his hairy dark shoulders slide over my light body. All this worked together as in some phantasmagoric horror movie. Sometimes I had the impression that it is Satan who entertains my body, that I serve the craving for some dark powers.After some particularly strong thrust Mustafa reached the peak of excitement because I felt his sperm flooding my guts. Also he and several times before him the guys did not want to leave me after ejaculation and for some time I felt his dick, this time still in my pussy. I felt like it was falling and its owner was playing with my breasts without previous lust, probably wanting to remember their touch, roundness and smoothness.I fell asleep and do not know what was happening because I woke up in Boss’s apartment. It was already noon, the sun was shining brightly and I could hear voices in the neighboring rooms. When I got up I knocked over a glass of water and then Wiesiek looked into the room. He smiled hi Mary. Did you wake up Yesterday bass was so poisonous that when we took you from Mustafa you didn’t feel anything. Oh no I mumbled, And you felt like I fucked you with my friends? Boss let us play with you. It was like sex with a doll. We fucked you and you didn’t even open your eyes.Now get up. You have to get dressed and you are free today the boss has no time. Mustafa also.The next day at home in the evening again, my mother looked into my room. Paula, some friend to you. I picked up the phone and heard Krzysztof’s voice. Hi Mary, will you find time for me?I understood immediately that Krzysztof knew everything. Yes of course. I said. When? Maybe now? Just warn your parents that you won’t be back tonight.Mom, I have to stop by to help my friend before retake exam. I do not know when I’ll come back. My mother looked at me carefully, Daughter, you are almost grown up. But take care. Decide on sex only when you are sure of your choice. Remember that virginity is worth giving to this only beloved.I blushed slightly, remembering all the guys who had already done things with me that my mother probably hadn’t heard of.



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