Jade’s deep blue eyes sparkled in the dim light as she leant towards her boyfriend.

“Baby, you up for one last dance?” she spoke in his ear, just loud enough to be heard over the music.

Daniel turned to look at her. Jade’s lush long blonde hair framed her cute good girl face. Black mascara and light make-up brought her best features to the fore. Soft cheek bones, lips like small pillows and of course her deep sensual eyes.

Standing and gently tugging on his hand she pulled him up and close to her before continuing, “Come on Dan, just one more dance.”

Now she brought her red lips just an inch from his ear and spoke seductively, “Because you know that afterwards I’ll take you to my room. Then you can unwrap your birthday present…” As she said this she brought his hand down and rested it on her dress, pressing against her soft ass.

Now Daniel could barely think straight as all kinds of erotic thoughts entered his mind. Birthday sex? Although we have sex all the time? Maybe something even more? Why did she rest my hand on her ass?

As he returned to the real world he had already been dragged onto the dance floor. The lights dimmed and surrounded by people on all sides they were obscured from the crowd. As the slow romantic music played her eyes sparkled like sapphires and her body was close to his. Just as he thought it couldn’t get any better he felt a pressure on his groin. Before glancing downwards he got a look from Jade; a look which told him not to break eye contact.

The music continued and slowly but surely his beautiful girlfriend gently stroked his hardening cock through his trousers. Her delicate touch made his breath catch every time she danced over it. The song seemed to go on forever, he could have sworn they played the chorus at least five times more than the original.

But soon enough the gentle rhythm stopped and with it so did Jades hand before she whispered again, “Baby, that cock is all mine tonight.” Daniel didn’t know he could get any harder until she said that and her words ran rings around his brain and as he saw her slip away and pendik escort off of the dance floor.

Rushing after her, trying to hide his awkward erection, he saw her flowing dress disappear into an elevator. Just before the doors closed he managed to slip inside and now only twelve floors stood between him and his present.


Reaching their room and shutting the door, all of a sudden they were alone together.

“Come on my sexy boy, strip for me,” she said biting her lip seductively.

This was all Daniel needed and in only a few seconds he was naked except for his boxers. In the same time Jade had removed her dress and now stood there in a tight, red lacy bra and panties. Her boobs perfectly cupped and her sex tantalisingly hidden beneath the thin rouge fabric. Daniel could hear his heart in his ears as he looked at the most perfect girl his eyes had ever seen.

While he had been admiring her she stepped towards him and left a kiss on him. Not a peck but a kiss short enough that it left the taste of her on his bottom lip, leaving him needing more. Now she slowly crouched down and in a swift movement pulled down his boxers and with his cock exposed for a mere moment, her perfect lips engulfed the head. Warmth and good feelings surged through his body. As she swirled her tongue around the sensitive organ, surges of pleasure erupted through his body over and over again.

“Yes baby. Oh my, your mouth is so hot. Yes please don’t stop,” he moaned over and over. As if spurred on by this she only increased the swirling of her tongue.

Now as she gently stroked to the base of his cock he could feel his balls beginning to tingle. Determined not to end this all ready he managed to calm them down.

This didn’t last long though as she began lowering her lips closer and closer to the base, giving less and less room for her small hand until her hot lips reached his balls. Daniel was lost for words, his whole cock engulfed in the mouth of this beauty. Without a single gag or tear she began to work his cock over. To the head and to the hilt over and over again tuzla escort her lips coating him in a thin shine of her saliva.

Daniel was struggling to make it last but soon their eyes locked and she looked up at him with her innocent blue eyes, still full of joy at the sensations she was bringing him. A crazy juxtaposition with the large cock impaled all the way to her throat. He couldn’t hold back any more.

Grabbing her long blonde hair and holding her lips to his balls he moaned loudly, “Ohhhhhhh, baby I’m cumming!”

With that he released his first spurt into Jade’s amazing mouth, but she didn’t try to pull away and with each load she was unmoved and gulped it down lovingly. Once his mind had returned, he released her head but to his surprise she still didn’t pull away, gently massaging the underside of his deflating cock with her hard working tongue. Only after another minute or so did she finally release it with a loud slurping ‘pop’.

As he went to speak she looked up at him, smiling like she had won the lottery, “Baby that was amazing, thank you for an amazing birthday.”

At this she giggled, “That’s just the start, I think that you’re ready for your present now.”

And with that she turned her back to him and went on all fours on the bed, instantly his spent cock re-hardened at what he saw. Her panties had a ribbon tied in a bow that kept the back of it together and covering her ass. As if reading his mind she spoke, “Yes baby, it’s time for you to take my butt.”


Lost in lust he stepped forward and pulled the bow, as it began to unwind, her ass escaped the tight panties and was now on full view. Reaching forward he held a tight cheek in each hand, both soft and firm like a peach. He stopped for a moment now, was she ready? Did he need to get some lube? Would she be able to handle him?

Again with the insight of a girl who knew her man like a book she answered the question without him asking it, “I’m already lubed up baby. I’ve been preparing for this all week. It’s all ready for you to slide your cock into and enjoy.”

Stepping kartal escort forwards he rested his slippery cock in between her cheeks, pausing for a moment to enjoy the amazing view she spoke up only a few seconds later. Her voice was quiet and sexy, “Please baby, slide your cock into my ass. It’s been waiting for you to fill it all week. I need you now.”

Not waiting a single moment more, she used her hands to gently massage his purple cock head against her ass before guiding it into her forbidden passage. As the head passed her tight entrance he couldn’t believe the sensations. Usually unable to cum twice in one day, his balls stirred already, only minutes after the first deposit they now threatened to unleash another.

As her ass finally closed back around the tip he felt enveloped by her, her ass throbbed around him with every heart beat. He couldn’t imagine a better feeling as she continued to feed his long cock into her heavenly ass. Looking back over her shoulder, her face awash with ecstasy, her mouth wide open. His loins felt as if a firework show was erupting in them and nothing he did could stop it.

Moving one hand from his cock to her pussy she gently massaged her clit as more and more of his throbbing meat disappeared into her tightest hole. This went on for many minutes until finally his balls slapped on her dripping pussy and she let out a guttural moan of complete pleasure.

They stayed like this as they both enjoyed the amazing pleasure erupting in them and she adjusted to his girth. Eventually he began to move in and out again, very slowly. Nothing prepared him for the eye watering, butt clenching feeling that rushed over him as his girlfriend cried out in orgasm and tightened all around him.

His body reached a new peak and nothing could stop him from reaching his own orgasm moments later as his aching balls came hard over and over again deep in her bowels. Just as he finished and looked down at his spent lover she suddenly moaned again and her soaked pussy began to drip onto the bed. Gently pulling out, Jade moaned softly and collapsed face down as he looked on, her tight ass instantly closing back up and locking his seed deep inside her.

Crawling beside her and without saying another word, they fell asleep in each others arms, exhausted but thoroughly fulfilled.



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