I dated this good-looking chick Gina back in the mid-80s. She was a pint-size blonde with small, firm tits never encumbered by a bra and an absolutely perfect ass. Frankly, she was not a great suck or fuck, and didn’t have an exactly effervescent personality, but she thought I set the sun, and she sure loved to fuck at least once a day, so I hung with her for about 6 or 8 months. This is the same girl that is also featured in my story, “Young Gina, Old Grace.”

I casually mentioned I liked to have sex outdoors, and she seemed mildly interested but not especially enthused. She said she’d never done it outside before.

One blustery summer afternoon we were driving by a golf course, and I was pleasantly surprised when she said that might be a good place for love al fresco. A storm was brewing, and the players were running towards the clubhouse for cover.

Well, weather notwithstanding, since Gina was usually anything but sexually adventurous, I decided to seize the moment. I pulled over on a side street, and we made haste toward the middle of the course until we found an immaculate green with no one in sight.

It was one of those Southern summer storms that you really can’t tell if it’s going to rain right where you are or not. We looked up at the sky and decided it was going to blow over, so we quickly stripped off what little clothes we had on and proceeded to get down to business.

A few big drops began to fall as she performed the usual too-much-teeth blow-job while I lick-sucked her pussy in a 69 from beneath. That has always been my favorite oral sex position with any girl, but it was particularly appealing with Gina because it afforded a great view of her spectacular derriere. So young and firm but pliable, it had that perfect heart shape that, in this position, flared out to the sides to grip and pull apart for easy cunnalingual access.

As she got close to cumming, goose bumps would swell up on her buns; in fact, they’d pop up all over her body in a perfectly even distribution. It was the only time her puffy nipples would contract in and up to rigid points. I would keep her on the brink of orgasm for as long as possible, because, for one thing, it makes the climax more intense. For another, I absolutely loved the sensation of smoothing my hands across the thousands of tiny pricks on her perfect butt and feeling those hard nips between my fingertips or skid in my palms. Of all the girls I’ve had sex with, Gina was unique in this, to me extremely appealing, goose pimple reaction.

Anyway, I ate her several times to within a hair of cumming, and it was time for the old dick in the hole, as thunder rumbled and more giant drops of rain began to plop down. So, I chucked the pin out and steered the petite Gina down flat of her back.

I must say, with her long, curly blonde hair splayed back against the green grass, her clear blue eyes peering back at me, and that sharp-toothed ultra-white half smile, she really anadolu yakası escort did look beautiful.

“Poke that big ol’ dick in here and fuck the living shit out of me,” she said, parting her practically lipless gash with both hands to reveal the wet pinkness within.

I scooched her a couple inches back so that her pussy was right over the hole and commenced to bang her. Because she had such a superb butt, I really preferred to fuck her doggie, but I was at that moment hung up on the “hole in one” thing, so I had her in a missionary position, holding her skinny legs up high and wide.

Though she was always vocal, I had never seen her so carried away, as she was biting her lips so hard I thought they would bleed and ripping tufts of bermuda from the green. To prevent further destruction, I bent her legs forward to hold them and her wrist against the ground, sucked her little titties during this brief period the nips were hard, and carefully avoided those gnashing teeth as I fucked her hard, deep, and fast.

“That’s right, you fucker; you fuck that damned pussy of mine GOOD! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me good!”

I always got a kick out of her talking like that during sex, as she never cursed at all any other time. I liked the dirty talk, but what I really wished was that she would simply fuck back, put her hands to good use somewhere on my body, nibble GENTLY on my lip or ears or nipples, anything, really. No matter what position we were in, I did most all the work, and she just lay there cussing like a sailor.

Of course, I’ve never been averse to hard work, especially when there’s an orgasm as compensation.

Anyway, there I am banging the cursing-to-the-top-of-her-lungs, lip-gnashing Gina on the 11th hole (par 3, dogleg right, for you golf aficionados) when there’s an ear-splitting crack of thunder simultaneous with her eyes’ becoming big as plates. I experienced a weird magnetic feeling all over, what little body hair I have stood straight on end, and a “wah-wah-wah-wah-wah” sound pulsed in my ears. And for an agonizing few moments I could not move at all, neither breathe nor swallow.

Fortunately, my dick stayed rock hard inside Gina’s tight pussy.

Then I heard a loud ripping sound from behind me, followed by limbs crashing down around us, though nothing but small branches swatted us. “SonOfABitch!” I was finally able to holler.

Lightning had struck the huge white oak tree off the green in the rough behind us, splitting it in half.

Realizing we narrowly averted being zapped dead, but thankful to be alive and uninjured, our terror quickly turned to giddy joy. And what do you do at such times, when your hard and happy dick is already inside a wet and horny pussy? Resume fucking, of course!

And in minutes, we both simultaneously came tumultuously huge orgasms. Looking me straight in the eyes as she climaxed, Gina veritably screamed, “Oh ataşehir escort God, you’re filling me full of hot screw-spew, you fucker you!”

I laughed out loud. “Screw-spew.” Never heard that before. Gina was not the best fuck, but I gotta say, that particular orgasm was incredibly intense.

Still on the ground, Gina wriggled back into her shorts and tee, wadding up her panties and stuffing them into a pocket, as I put my shorts and polo back on. We’d barely got redressed and stood up above the downed foliage when a couple guys came running up the fairway yelling and hollering if we were OK. I guess it appeared we’d been struck. Why else would people be down on the ground on a golf green after a lightning strike? We told them we were fine and then all went over to the giant, smoldering tree, agreeing it was an awesome act of God and a close call for us.

Being gentlemen, or perhaps because they were attracted to my bra-less blonde cutie with the booty, they offered to carry our clubs. Of course, we had no clubs. With Gina in sandals and I in running shoes, we didn’t look like we belonged on the links at all. Fucking out there was a spontaneous thing, so I had no story. The silence was deafening.

Like perfectly normal heterosexual males, the guys were staring at Gina’s puffy plums quite visible through the damp, tight tee-shirt. She was standing beside me, and since they were facing us only about ten feet away, it was easy to see what they were looking at. I was fumbling to concoct some story about taking a short-cut when I noticed their eyes, at the exact same time, drop down and get bigger. Her ass was pointed 180 degrees away, so what were they gazing at now with such interest?

I followed their sight lines and saw that a big glob of cum had appeared from the wide leg of Gina’s shorts and was migrating down her inner thigh. It lodged on the knob of her knee. Never has a mass of sperm been more obviously a wad of ejaculate than that one. That was a pretty clear explanation of what we were actually doing on the golf course, for they asked no further questions and just stood there silently ogling the extra-cute Gina they knew I had just fucked the shit out of. I would have just loved it if she’d carved the wad off with a finger and licked it clean, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen because she hated cum in her mouth.

Instead, she was embarrassed to the max, and, having a very light complexion, blushed red as a beet before I grabbed her hand, and we sprinted back across the course towards my car. They just stood there I’m sure taking in the view of her perfect, panty-less buns jiggling beneath rain-moistened, semi-transparent white shorts.

Were we out of the woods? Oh, no. Hail– appropriately, golf-ball size–pummeled us mercilessly the whole long way back to my car, but, of course, we did not even think about stopping to take shelter beneath a tree.

For Gina, it was not, ümraniye escort to say the least, a favorable first-time do-it-outside experience, so that was the one and only time we ever had sex outdoors.

For me, that “hole in one” was the best sex I ever had with Gina and among the better orgasms with any girl. Being outside had something to do with it, but I’m sure the electricity from the lighting was the prime factor.

Maybe second best was when we got back to my car. That incident with the cum running down her leg in front of the two strangers had really revved me up. Gina, on the other hand, was turned on again because she was relieved to be back alone with me in the privacy of my big Buick Wildcat. Further, the effects of the deafening noise of the hard rain and hail pounding the car, heavy breathing from the run, and writhing around soaking wet on the vinyl seats had ramped up our horniness even more.

We ripped each other’s clothes off, and I fingered her twat while she gave me a hand job with one hand as she used the other to smoke a cigarette. Yes, you really must be a nicotine addict to smoke in an enclosed car while having sex, but I really didn’t care until the smoke became so thick I couldn’t breathe. So, I rolled down the windows a bit on both sides to get a little circulation, and a big hailstone bounced in.

Like manna from heaven, I immediately slipped it between her pussy lips, then punched it in deep with my cock. Wow! That felt great! A warm cunt with an ice-cold ending. I’d gotten many ice-in-the-mouth blow-jobs from other chicks before, but this was a first, and felt similarly wonderful. The ice melted pretty quick, but there was plenty of hail all over the ground, so every time she was ready for a “refill,” I’d just crack the car door and pick up the biggest stone I could find.

It’s surprising how long it takes hail to melt, even in eighty-plus-degree temperatures, when it’s lying on the grass, which, because of the way the car was parked, was only on her (passenger) side. We really got it down to a science. I had her on her knees doggie in the front seat so that she could simply reach out the passenger-side door, pick up a fresh piece of hail, stick in it her pussy while I pulled out, then I’d ram myself back in on to the end of her vagina, fuck her until the ice was gone, and then repeat the drill.

The cold had the effect of prolonging my ejaculation, and we must have screwed in that same doggie position for at least an hour. She came so many times I didn’t bother to count, each time, as always, her nipples becoming hard and skin plucking up into thousands of goose pimples all over her body, so delightful on that perfect ass.

Foregoing a hailstone reload when it was melted, I gradually worked up to very deep, very fast jackhammer fucking as she cussed so nasty a Marine would blush. Angling my cock against her tiny but rock-hard nubbin’ to make sure she came, too, I finally blasted an intercontinental ballistic load of man juice into that quivering slit, spurting squirt after squirt after squirt of cream into her box until it was filled up like a Twinkie.

“Better put your panties on this time. You wouldn’t want that sperm to reappear unexpectedly.” I advised.

Gina was not amused.



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