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I am a senior executive working for a reputed multinational company. I am in my fifties. I am tall, well built and have a distinguished personality. I am fit, active although you take care to feign indifference, not revealing your true feelings. You’ve been married for several years and have a young kid. The initial excitement of marriage has long since worn off, replaced by the monotony of a humdrum wedded life in a sleepy small town. Your hubby is a nice man, but isn’t exactly one to sweep a girl off her feet. You long for a bit of excitement, to experience the thrill of a chase, to have an attractive man fall for you and perhaps to seduce you. In short, you are ripe for a fling…

Opportunity knocks when your hubby goes off to the US on a six month assignment. Your mother agrees to look after your kid as you move to Mumbai to try for an opening in the TV industry as a scriptwriter; you have always had a flair for writing. You stay with your aunt and her hubby. They are a childless working couple, staying in an apartment right across mine.

Sparks fly between us the moment we set our eyes on each other. You are unable to control yourself as your inhibitions dissolve and you flirt outrageously. Almost inevitably, we drift into an affair. We have our first tryst in your aunt’s apartment and later, we spend a dirty weekend together…


It’s been almost eight weeks since we spent a weekend together. I’ve been busy in the meantime. I’ve just returned from a fortnight long business tour of Europe you lose 3-4 kilos, your skin acquires a healthy glow my wife has gone visiting her parents (again), to attend to some property matters. I call you on your cell phone just as I step out into the lobby.

You too are home alone; your aunt your heart leaps into your mouth, you feel a shiver run up your spine, your pussy tingles and nipples stiffen. Quite unconsciously, your stance changes; you pull your shoulders back, thrust out one hip just a little just brushed your teeth, taken a douche, rubbed yourself down with a moist towel istanbul escort and combed your hair. Nor have you used perfume or cologne. Unlike our previous weekend, you’ve picked clothes suitable for a trek. You wear a snug fitting, light blue knit cotton track suit and a pair of good walking shoes. You’ve tied your hair in a juda (bun) our car will be taking us more than halfway up there. I have carefully chosen this particular trek; I don’t want you to be tired we climb out & stretch our limbs. It is the month of March. The hills are generally parched & dry, dotted with scattered clumps of green vegetation. Children are busy preparing for their annual exams & therefore there are no tourists around. The air is still fresh & cool as we set off on our trek after drinking some water.

The dirt track becomes narrower as we progress, so that we have to walk in single file. I lead. Soon, the climb becomes steeper. I pause and look back. You are fifteen paces behind and making heavy weather of it. When you catch up, you are panting and sweating profusely. There is a fine coat of dust on your face and sweat trickling down it leaves long muddy streaks in its wake. The jacket of your track suit is damp too.

“Tired?” I ask.

“No. But this is really something!” You laugh, breathing heavily. You rest a while and take a couple of swigs of water. The water spills over and runs down your neck into your track suit.

“Here!” I say, wiping your face with a napkin I’ve carried in my backpack. Even with all the dust & smudges on your face, you look pretty & sexy.

“It’s getting hot!” I remark as I unzip your jacket and ease it open. The wonderful aroma of sweat and musk confined within wafts up & caresses my nose. The damp cotton top clings to your sweaty skin.

“Aaahhh…!” I breathe out after having buried my face in your bosom and inhaled a lungful of a most intoxicating odor of the fresh sweat of a healthy young woman, untainted by the synthetic smells of cologne or perfume. You giggle as my nose tickles the sensitive flesh of your décolletage. My nose doesn’t detect any signs of arousal. “It’ll happen in good time!” I think. My dusty, sweaty face leaves smudges on your virginal white top.

I avcılar escort help you to take off your back pack & remove the jacket. You now wear only the cotton top, just reaching your belly button. A couple of inches of skin above the waistband of your pants are bare. Your unbound breasts sway & jiggle deliciously under the thin top as you struggle to put on the back pack. I keep your jacket with me, tying it around my waist after wiping my face with it and inhaling your musk again.

We are back on the trek, but now you are in the lead and I follow. I want you to set the pace so that you don’t get too fagged out. The track hits a really steep patch. Your full, rounded ass is level with my eyes and I can see your thighs and butt muscles ripple under the snug track suit. In spite of the heat and dust, I start getting aroused. The movement of your body pulls down the waist band of the trousers. I can now see glimpses of the tops of your ass cheeks as well as your bare waist…

Although you are tired, you hate to admit it. You keep pushing yourself until at one point, you are forced to halt.

“Give me a hand please!” You beg, looking back at me.

I am ready to oblige, as ever. Soon, we are climbing again, with me slightly behind and to one side. Some times I push you up by your hips or occasionally pull you by your upper arm. We make slow progress, with you setting the pace. Inevitably, we are in close proximity and my hands make frequent contact with the bare skin of your waist, hips & upper arms. Your breasts often brush against my arm, causing me to be in a state of continuous half-arousal. In a while we reach almost level ground, close to the summit. Even then, you continue to lean against me, letting me push you forward.

We stop under a scraggly little tree that offers a bit of shade. You turn towards me and for the first time I look into your eyes. They smolder with your arousal. You rush at me & throw your arms around my neck. I hug you around your waist & straighten up. Your entire body flattens against mine and your feet dangle in the air as we exchange an open mouthed kiss. We both feel the gritty dust against our teeth as we run our tongues against each other’s lips and taste the salty tang of dried şirinevler escort sweat. I set you down as the straps of the back packs chafe against our skins. We embrace once again after divesting the back packs, savoring the touch of your soft breasts flattening against my hard chest.

“Come!” I lead you by your hand for the last few meters as we crest the slope and see the valley stretch out before us. It is a wonderful sight. In the distance we also see the highway, snaking its way up the hillside, with tiny vehicles crawling slowly on it. We see knots of people standing by the roadside, enjoying the view of the valley. They look really small. I pull out my powerful binoculars, focus them on to the highway and hand them to you.

You are taken aback as the people suddenly jump into view, seemingly close enough to touch. You can clearly see their faces. I embrace you from behind while you peer through the binoculars. My hands slip under your top and lazily brush against your stiff nipples.

“You know, they could see us too, if they knew where to look!” I whisper, my lips brushing your ear. You feel a spark fly from your ear & go down to your nipples.

“I’m going to show your breasts to them!” I tell you.

“Don’t!” You whisper. But you continue to hold the binoculars & peer through them. You make no attempt to stop me as I slowly raise the hem of your top & pull it above your unbound breasts.

“Do any of them have binoculars too?” I ask, rolling your nipples between my fingers & nipping your earlobe.

“I… I… don’t… know!” Your voice is barely audible. Suddenly, you let go of the binoculars & slump against me. Your knees buckle & I tighten my grip around your chest to prevent you from falling. Fortunately, the binoculars are saved as you’re wearing its strap around your neck.

You have swooned due to a combined effect of tiredness, dehydration and sexual arousal. I half carry, half drag you to a shady nook a few feet below the summit. There is a flat rocky outcrop just big enough to seat two. I sit down & pull you into my lap. I pull out a can of energy drink from my backpack and offer it to you. I cradle your head against my shoulder & make you sip it slowly. We are in the shade, and a light, cool breeze is blowing. Soon, the sugar & electrolytes in the energy drink hit your bloodstream and the breeze cools you off. You feel wonderfully woozy and comfy in my lap. You wiggle a bit to find the most comfortable position & drift off to sleep, head resting against my chest. I can see your pearly white teeth between your half open lips…



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