The most read story of mine has been the blackmail theme. In keeping with that theme here is a little story of incestuous blackmail. If you don’t like the theme perhaps you should read something else.

Our Little Secret

Matt looked at himself in the wall of mirrors in the weight room. He liked what he saw, after three years of pumping iron he had a great physic for a guy twenty years old. Matt flexed and made his muscles pop out hard.

“Looking good dude!” His buddy Benji said and started doing his own poses.

Benji had been Matts lifting partner for the last few months. He’d helped Matt in more ways than one by giving him a couple of bottles of steroid pills. Matt couldn’t believe the difference they’d made! But they did have a few side effects.

On the warning label it said, “May cause frequent erections and cause irritability.” Matt hadn’t noticed being irritable but he sure noticed being horny all the time. And most recently just the sight of a girl made his dick start getting hard.

Between college and his obsession with lifting weights he really didn’t have time for a girlfriend and had to relieve himself at night with his hand. It wasn’t the same, but he did what he had to keep working out. He’d had plenty of girls before he started lifting, but that wasn’t as important as his obsession with his body.

Matt took one last look at his rock hard 6-foot frame and then headed for the showers.

Meanwhile back at the house his mom and dad were having a discussion about a business trip.

“How long will you have to be gone?” Linda asked her husband Frank. “Probably two months at the least.” “Will you be back in time to see Emily graduate?” “I’ll fly back just for that if I need to. I wouldn’t go… but the pay is just too much to pass up.”

Linda sat down with a cup of coffee, “I’m going to miss you!” “I’ll miss you too, and Matt can take care of things while I’m gone.

And that was that. Frank was about to head to Europe on a consulting job. Linda didn’t like the idea of being alone but she kept quiet about it. They needed the extra cash because Emily was going to start college the next fall.

Linda had no idea that it was going to be more like 4 months by the time her husband came back home.

By May 1st summer had come on quickly. It was unusually hot and Linda found comfort by sunbathing around their swimming pool. Frank had only been gone a week and she missed seeing him, and of course sleeping with him at night.

Fortunately, she had her work to keep her busy. Linda had her own CPA business she ran out of a little rented office on main street. Still Linda felt pretty lonely at times even when the kids were around. Matt was always at the gym, and Emily was enjoying hanging out with her boyfriend as her graduation got closer.

Linda heard the gate open and in walked Matt carrying his ever present gym bag. He had on big baggy shorts and a muscle shirt.

“Hey Mom!” “Hi, how was your work out?” “Good, how’s the water?” “Just right.”

Linda watched as her handsome young son came over and dropped his bag by her chase. He pulled off his sneakers and then his shirt.

“I need to cool off!”

Linda looked on as a proud mom of her boy, as he bounced up and down on the diving board getting ready to jump in. Linda was thinking about how he’d turned his body into a thing of beauty.

“He looks like a Greek God!” She thought as he bounced up and down.

Then she worried about how he never had any girls with him, “I hope he’s not gay!” She thought as he jumped in and make a huge splash, “It would be a shame to deprive some lucky girl of that body.”

Linda got up and decided to join him. She walked down to the diving board as he treaded water off to the side.

“Yeah do a cannon ball mom!” “No, I don’t think so!” Linda laughed, and stood there on the end of the board bouncing it up and down.

Matt found himself looking at his mom with more than just casual thoughts. She was gorgeous for her age. A slender petite woman with shoulder length auburn hair. Green eyes, and beautiful features. His dad had always joked with Matt about how he’d married a trophy wife. But his dad had made sure mom never heard him say that.

Matt watched her bouncing and testing the board. Her nice round boobs in her top jiggling as she did so. The red bikini set off her hair and he felt his penis starting to stir.

Matt was embarrassed by what he was thinking until he realized it was the steroids again!

“Fuck!” He thought and swam away before it was too late. “You better get out of the way!” He heard his mom yell and then a splash as she dove in after him.

Linda caught him easily as she glided up underwater. She sprang up and tried to push him under by his huge shoulders.

“HEY!” Matt laughed, and stood up in the chest deep water. “You’re too strong for me now!” Linda laughed, “I remember when you were little and I could dunk you.”

Matt lifted a huge arm and flexed his large bicep, “Not anymore…Let this be a lesson to you!”

“Ooo bostancı escort bayan you’re scary!”

Linda came over to her son and felt his bicep, “How big are you planning to get?” “As big as the Hulk!” He laughed. Matt watched as she ran her hand down his arm, “You have stubble.” “I know I need to shave again, seems like that’s all I do.”

Matt shaved his whole body like most of the serious body builders did. When oiled up it made their muscles pop out when they were posing.

“Now you know what us girls put up with.” Linda laughed.

Matt sunk in the water because his mom’s warm soft hands on his arm had awoken his cock again!

He couldn’t help looking at the water lapping against his mom’s breast. The little bumps of her nipples showing in her top.

“You’re worse than Em,” His mom laughed, “Always worried about shaving her legs!” “I know she keeps stealing my razor blades!”

Matt backed away and tore his eyes from her cleavage. His dick was now on a mission to get hard no matter what he did.

“Damn Steroids!” He thought and swam away for the deeper water.

When he got to the end of the pool his mom was getting out. When she bent over showing her nice round firm butt his cock got hard as a rock and pushed its way out of the top of his shorts.

Then his mom started to dry off and he couldn’t help but watch. By the time she’d wrapped the towel around her lower half his cock was so hard it hurt.

“I’m going to change; can you start up the grill?” She called. “Sure mom!”

She waved and headed for the house leaving Matt with a problem. He knew he only had fifteen or twenty minutes before she came back with the food for him to grill. His cock didn’t feel like it was about to behave. Matt knew there was only one cure.

He went down to where he could stand by the edge facing the house. He pulled his shorts down enough to let his dick free underwater. Grabbing it he began to stroke it up and down as he closed his eyes and brought back the image of his mom bent over in the little bikini.

The steroids were working overtime as Matt kept fantasying about how good it would feel to slid his big hard dick into his mom’s pussy! Holding her tiny waste doggy style as while he gave it to her.

“OH FUCK!” He groaned and shot a huge load underwater.

It just kept going and at least half a dozen spurts came out as he kept stroking his dick.

“Damn!” Matt thought, “Those fucking steroids even make me cum more!”

Matt had hated to cum in the pool, but it had done the trick and his cock slowly shrank back to normal. He hoped the pool filter would clean up his mess as he waded for the shallow end and walked up the stairs.

Jacking off had helped, and he made it through super without another incident. With his mom and sister sitting at the picnic table in their bikinis. That was no small feat because Emily or Em as they called her was becoming pretty hot herself. Matt tried not to get caught looking at her.

Gone was her little girl look and braces. She was a bit shorter than Linda but had the same kind of petite body and looks. Maybe a hundred pounds with the same Auburn hair and slender little well shaped legs. Her breasts were not huge but looked just about right for her size.

He got up and excused himself before he had another erection incident.

But later that night when Matt was working on a paper for school in his room, Em knocked and came in.

“Hi what’s going on?” “Hey, just working on this paper.” “Could you come look at my printer?”

Matt got up and stretched, “Sure what’s wrong with it?” “It ate a piece of paper and I can’t get it unstuck.” “Sure.”

Matt followed her to her room and stood next to her as she bent over and fiddled with the printer. Em had on a loose top and Matt got a glimpse of one nice bare boob as he looked down. She had no idea he was looking and kept struggling with the jammed sheet.

“See I can’t get it out!” She said frustrated. “Let me try.”

Matt bent down next to her and could smell her perfume as he ripped the jammed sheet free with ease.

“There!” “Cool!”

The printer started up again and Em leaned over to watch again as it started printing. Matt looked down again and saw the same nice boob adorned with a nice cone shaped nipple.

He knew he shouldn’t have when his cock began to stir.

“Okay, I guess it’s fixed.” Em said with glee. “I need to get back to work.” Matt replied.

Matt started to head for the door as Em ran over and gave him a hug, “Thanks big brother!” “You’re welcome!”

Matt hurried to his room trying to forget the feeling of his little sister’s nice soft boobs pushing against him during the hug. He locked his door and headed for the bathroom to deal with his dick that just kept growing hard no matter what he tried to think about.

When he was done relieving himself by jacking off another huge load into his sink. His fantasy was about his little sister naked in front of him, sucking his dick and ümraniye escort telling him how much she wanted it.

After cleaning out the sink Matt went to his gym bag and dug the pill bottles out of the bottom.

“You have to go!” He told them, and headed to the bathroom to flush them down the John.

Matt almost dumped the first bottle in the stool but at the last minute put the lid back on. He just couldn’t bear to give them up. They made his muscles huge and made him feel so good that he just couldn’t do it!

Matt decided to deal with the problem another way. He would avoid his mom and sister as much as he could. Especially at the pool where their little bikinis made him almost drool.

For the next week Matt’s plan worked out pretty well. He’d only had to jack off twice when his dick wouldn’t take no for an answer. In the meantime, he spent even more time at the gym pumping iron.

On Monday of the next week he got home early from his work out and was planning on taking a swim. It would be the perfect time since no one was around. When he couldn’t find his suit he went to the laundry room to look for it. Matt found it in the laundry basket and was about to turn off the light when he noticed the black box on the shelf had a flashing red light on the front.

“OH Shit!” He mumbled and went over to it.

It was the video recorder for the security camera’s placed all around the outside of their house. Whenever it sensed motion the camera’s kicked on. And when the disc was full the light flashed. Matt’s dad had told him to check the video’s and erase the files to make sure nobody was doing anything suspicious when they were gone from home.

Matt had forgotten all about it! Then he suddenly remembered when he had whacked off in the pool and hurried to pull the small hard drive out of the machine so he could take it to his room and erase the vids.

“Shit!” He thought as he raced to his room, “What if dad saw this…fuck I’m lucky I remembered!”

Matt plugged in the external hard drive and started searching through the video for his part. He found it a while later and erased that section before he did the whole drive. He figured a double erase couldn’t hurt.

Just out of curiosity he put it on fast forward and watched the rest in case he’d missed something else he shouldn’t have been doing.

It was mostly boring stuff of his mom and sister swimming and sunbathing but he went back to normal speed to check them out. It was nothing special even though he hoped to catch one of them topless or something.

Matt was about to turn it off and erase it when there appeared a guy walking around the pool. He watched as the guy not much older than himself started vacuuming the pool and he remembered the pool service came every once in a while to take care of the chemicals and what not.

Matt looked at the screen in the corner time stamp and could see it was from last Sunday. He was about to turn it off again when his mom came walking out in her bikini. She went over to the guy and gave him what looked like a beer.

“That’s odd!” He thought, “We don’t keep beer in the house.”

The tape went on as the pool guy cleaned the pool and his mom laid out watching him the whole time. He’d never seen her drinking beer before but she drank several more. Finally, the guy got done and put the equipment away.

They were both in plain view from the camera up on the edge of the roof. His mom started waving the guy over. The guy in shorts and a white T-shirt came over to her and took another beer. He stood there talking and drinking to her as she sat there in front of him.

In a while he was talking and waving his hands around like he was trying to convince her of something. Matt watched intently as his mom shook her head no a couple of times, and waved her own hands pointing towards the gate. She didn’t look mad, but she kept looking around like someone was watching.

“Yeah, I’m watching mom and you forgot about the cameras!” Matt told his laptop as the video played on.

It looked like the pool guy was leaving but at the last moment Linda stood up and said something to him. He turned and came back standing way too close in front of her. His mom looked around one more time and then she kissed him!”

“What the fuck!” Matt said out loud, “Mom what are you doing?”

Then they were going at it! kissing for quite a while as the guy untied the back of her bikini top and it came off. His mom took the guy by the hand and went back to her pool chase and sat down facing him.

The pool guy moved forward and Matt watched as his mom pulled the man’s shorts down to his ankles and started playing with his cock! The man moved closer and was facing the camera. His mom’s bare back and auburn hair was all he could see as she started to suck his dick for him!

“OH MY GOD!” Matt yelled.

It didn’t take all that long before the man wanted more. He gestured and his mom kept looking towards the gate like she was worried someone would come home. But finally she agreed kartal escort and turned facing the camera bent over the chase resting on her forearms as the guy got behind her and pulled her bikini bottoms down.

Matt watched in shock as for the next several minutes as his mom’s bare boobs swung to the rhythm of the pool man fucking her doggy style! Suddenly the man stopped and pulled out. His mom spun around and finished him off with her mouth!

The pool guy left shortly thereafter as Matt watched his mom put her suit back on and scurry around picking up the beer cans and things.

“Wholly shit!” Matt whistled, “The God Damn Pool BOY!”

Matt rewound it to the beginning and made a copy of it to his laptop. He thought about his mom probably being horny while dad was gone…but “The Pool GUY!”

Matt tried to put it out of his mind while he scanned the rest of the video. There wasn’t anything else so he deleted the whole thing and took it back and plugged it in the system.

It took Matt two days before he decided what to do about it. He loved his mom but he just had to ask her why she was cheating on dad.

Matt waited for a day when just him and his mom would be home. When they were done swimming that evening and Em was out with her boyfriend he followed her to his room with the video loaded on his phone.

She came out of her bathroom just as he got to her open bedroom door.

Still in her bikini she saw him, “Hi what’s going on?”

“I wondered if I could talk to you about something?” Matt asked as he walked over. “Sure honey, what do you want to talk about?”

Linda sat down on the edge of her bed all ears as he stood there in just his dry swimming suit.

Matt looked at her sitting there and she looked so good!

“Before dad left he told me to be sure and reset the security cameras each week.” “Oh yeah, I remember him telling you that. Did you do it?” “Yeah a few days ago.”

“Was there something wrong with it?” “No, it worked just fine.” “Oh that’s good.”

It looked like she was going to get up so Matt told her, “Dad told me to do something else.” “What’s that?” “He told me to be sure and look through all video before I delete it in case somebody was fooling around the back yard or in the pool.”

A sudden look of horror swept across Linda’s face when she remembered what she’d done. She tried to hide it quickly but it was too late.

“So it’s all better now?” “I saw what you did mom.” “What exactly was I supposed to have done?” “The Pool guy…I got a copy of the video if you want to look at it.”

Matt held out his phone, “You want to watch it??

Linda sat back down in shock. Busted just like she’d done to him on occasion when he was in high school.

She didn’t say anything but her face was turning bright red. There weren’t any words she could think to say to her son who’d seen what she’d done.

“How long have you been fucking the pool boy?” Matt asked her. “Don’t talk to me that way, I’m still your mom!” “So how long mom?”

Tears started to form in the corner of her pretty green eyes, “It was just a onetime thing…. I drank too much and was so lonely…it was a mistake on my part but I can’t fix it now.”

“You can start by calling the pool service and tell them you found someone else. I don’t ever want to see that guy here again.”

“I’ve already done that Matt. Like I said it was a mistake, I’m not used to drinking that much.” “Where did the beer come from?” “That man brought it with him.” “That figures.”

Linda just looked down at the floor in shame, “So what are you going to do…tell dad?” She asked quietly.

She looked up at her son, “You know if he sees that tape he will divorce me and you kids won’t have a family anymore.”

Then she started to cry more tears, “I was stupid, it wasn’t supposed to happen but it did!”

Matt looked at her cleavage, her nice legs and tight little body. His dick began to stir as he looked and the nice little mound between her legs.

“I guess I could delete this video and keep it just our little secret.”

Linda looked up at him and wiped her eyes, “You’d do that for me?” “I love you!” he replied, “I think I can do that for you if that’s what you really want?”

She stood up and came over to hug his steel hard frame, “I love you too!”

Matt stood there at least a head taller than his mom and rubbed her nice warm bare back, “It would be nice if you’d do something for me in return.” He told her.

Linda looked up at her son, “Anything Matt, I’ve always been willing to do anything for you kids!”

Matt pulled her closer until her bare tummy was touching the growing bulge in his suit.

“It’s been months since I’ve been with a woman…especially one as sexy as you.”

Linda was suddenly aware of something getting hard and pushing against her!

She felt the string tie at the back of her top being pulled slowly.

Linda broke his embrace and stepped back, “What are you saying?”

Matt took a step towards her and she took one backwards, “No…You just stay right where you are!”

Matt smiled at her, “I’ll get rid of this video and you do something nice for me.”

Linda could see the lust in his eyes and the big bulge in the front of his suit. His intentions were pretty clear.



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