News Flash! Mondays Suck!

Especially when Sunday was as intense for the three young engineers. Bud and Lacey reluctantly arose at the sound of their alarm. Their morning rituals of showering etc. were unenthusiastic and sluggish.

They were at work early, trying to get something done before the endless Monday meetings started. They worked on completely different parts of the project so they did not see each other all day. Jinny worked in a different building. They finally staggered home after putting in almost 12 hours, or as the joke went, a half day’s work.

“At least we get paid overtime,” Lacey said acidly, knowing full well they did not. They didn’t even get time off for the extra hours worked.

Bud looked at her with a raised eyebrow, shrugged, and said, “Let’s get changed go for a run.”

They ran their normal Monday route, a little shorter and less strenuous than some because Monday was always a long work day. The last ten minutes of the route was a cool down walk that doubles as a private conversation time.

Lacey started, “So what do think about the weekend?”

Bud smiled. “No doubt the hottest, best sex I’ve ever had. You and I are lovers, but just letting loose and fucking is great every so often. But Jinny was on a whole other plane. Who would have thought she was so good with both of us. I kind of wonder what we are getting into. “

“I totally agree. It is pretty mysterious. Either she just decided to trust us for her own needs or she’s playing us for something. My instinct says trust. I think she was telling the truth about her mother and her options, but we learned she is a really sexual woman, and she knows her way around a bedroom.

“I knew she was used to sex the first time I cupped her breast in the dressing room and she didn’t flinch. And when she kissed me back I knew it was a sure thing. But she blew me away the bakırköy escort way she did you with even more passion.”

Bud grinned and nodded, then his expression turned serious, “What do we do now? Jinny put a lot of trust in us, and I sure don’t want to betray that. But how can we keep her in our little family without everyone figuring it out?”

“I think we have to work out some rules of engagement with her. First rule is no personal communications at work- no calls or emails using company phones or network. We only make dates using home phone or email to personal accounts. We’ll have to be careful about when and where we get together so we don’t draw any attention to her or us.”

“You’re right. I think we can do it. Just play everything low key and don’t try to get together too much. Next time we have an opportunity we’ll talk our plan over with her.”

With that they reached home. The weeknight routine continued until they dropped off to sleep.

The weekend rolled around finally, a three day weekend because they worked a 9/80 schedule that allowed every other Friday off (one week you worked four nine hour days and a one eight hour day, the next week you worked four nine hour days and got Friday off). Friday was chores and errands, laundry, grocery shopping, whatever else had to be done.

Friday afternoon meant a long run for Bud and Lacey on one of the trails that followed the nearby canyon preserve. It was hot and their ten miles took them over two hours and their gallon sized Camelbacks were dry when they made it back home. They immediately headed to the apartment complex spa, kicked off their shoes and socks and let the warm water massage them until they were almost asleep.

Lacey’s head was resting on Bud’s shoulder, and he could tell she was almost asleep. Bud stirred and roused Lacey. “Let’s go back and get beşiktaş escort a shower.” Lacey just moaned, but slowly got out of the spa, gathered her shoes and socks, and they headed to their place. Bud followed, watching the ripple of her leg muscles as she walked and the rhythmic movements of her muscular butt. “My kind of woman,” he thought.

They showered together, and though tired they were on an endorphin high from their run, and thoroughly enjoyed the kissing, caressing, groping and stroking until the shower water started to cool off. The small water heater had run out of hot water.

They almost ran over each other trying to dodge the sudden cold water spraying on them, laughing hysterically. Lacey, who was closest to the shower faucet, tried to run over Bud to get out of cold water, as Bud tried to lunge forward to turn the water off. Their limbs were tangled in ways a Twister game could not create.

Somehow they managed to escape the shower and get the water off, and untangle arms and legs. They hugged each other close, still dripping, enjoying the sensation of clean wet skin in contact. Lacey’s arms went around Bud’s neck, as his encircled her waist. Bud’s cock started to grow at the feeling of Lacey grinding her mound into him. Bud could feel her nipples harden and poke him in the chest.

Bud and Lacey were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Bud’s long arm reached for a towel to wrap around Lacey. He pushed away from her, grabbed another towel and led her to the bedroom. They perfunctorily dried each other off, then Bud flopped back on the bed dragging Lacey on top of him. They kissed deeply, and Lacey maneuvered to catch Bud’s cock in her wet pussy.

Both reveled in the sensation of his cock separating the walls of her tight wet tunnel, the little muscle contractions both felt as he entered her beylikdüzü escort all the way. For a long time they remained just that way, cock fully plumbing her hot depths, no movement except contractions of Lacey’s walls on Bud’s cock, some involuntary, some voluntary.

This was love making, bonding, becoming one with each other, close and intimate, and merging their beings. Lacey whispered to Bud, “When it’s time to have kids, this is how we should conceive- so intimate and loving.”

Bub murmured an agreement.

As if reading each other’s minds, they started to move their hips at the same time, Bud pulling back and Lacey lifting up in unison, starting the slow in and out strokes that were at once loving and sensual. They kept rocking each other slowly, maintaining the slow even motion. Both knew orgasm was coming, but unlike their heated sessions, instead of climbing high to a great crescendo, this was like moving along a flat mesa and suddenly falling over a cliff to float in momentary ecstasy.

Lacey came first, maybe because in each stroke her clit was rubbing against Bud. There was no change in motion, just a sudden squeeze of her pussy walls on Bud’s cock and ripples of lesser contractions. A combined sigh and moan came from Lacey as she maintained the same steady motion.

A few more strokes and Lacey felt Bud’s cock suddenly swell in her tight channel and spurt shot after shot of cum into her. Bud involuntary groaned, “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!” in time with each spurt.

They maintained their rhythm for a few more strokes but post orgasm ennui took over and they slowly came to a halt. They were hyper sensitized to each other’s heart beat and rough breathing as they held each other closely, just enjoying being together.

Bud’s cock softened and slipped from Lacey’s now relaxed channel. Their fluids started to run out of her so she clenched her tunnel shut to prevent getting the bed wet and got up to clean up.

Bud followed her into the bathroom, gave her a quick kiss and embrace, and jumped into the shower to rinse off. When he stepped out to towel himself dry, Lacey replaced him in the shower, and soon they were asleep in bed.



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