Laura went into her drawer and grabbed out her old mobile phone. It no longer was connected, but it did hold the names of many men that had been and gone in her past life. She was going on a short vacation and decided to contact some of her old romances and flings to see if they could catch up whilst she was in town. To be honest Julia hadn’t had toe-curling sex in quite a long time.

She came across a name, which she did not recognise-Jack. She messaged the number, on her new phone, under the name and asked them who they were. After a day or two Laura received a message back stating their name was Jack. She couldn’t remember that name so she continued to message the number back and forth. He told her he was of European origin and had nice tanned skin. He rode a motorbike, which made Laura think of many horny scenarios. How she longed to break out of sex on the bed and get some adventure into her.

Finally Laura called this supposed Jack guy. He had one of the most, sexiest male voices she had ever heard and it made the fantasy of this stranger on the other end even better. They exchanged friends and families names and places they had lived, but still they did not know how Jack’s number had gotten into Laura’s phone.

They decided to go onto the internet, which fuelled the fire even more. They sent raunchy emails back and forth describing what they wanted to do to each other. They sent each other photos and Jack was as sexy as his description had made out. Laura made a video clip and sent it to Jack over the sarıyer escort computer. It had her fingering herself and getting off on a vibrator. This continued for a week until finally they agreed they had to meet and end this intrigue.

On a Friday night Laura went to stay at a friends house and they went to the pub for drinks. Jack finished work and made his way up to the area that Laura resided. He had booked a motel to stay in and arrived at around 11 at night. Laura met him at the train station and was pretty pissed as she had been drinking while waiting for him to arrive. They chatted easily as they approached the motel. Jack led Laura up to the room. They sat on the bed and chatted about nothing in particular.

Laura lent over and kissed Jack hard on the lips. She started to search his mouth with her tongue. She pushed his head down further onto the bed and started to get on top of him. They kissed for quite a while all the time searching each others bodies with their hands. Jack pushed her back on the bed and got on top of her.

He pulled her top up and started to play frantically with her breasts. His mouth would engulf her nipple every now and again sending shivers down Laura’s spine. He kissed her all over her body and when she could she would reach her neck up and kiss any part of his body she could reach. They both started to play with themselves and watching each other. Laura started to lick her pussy juices off of her fingers and esenyurt escort even let Jack share some. Laura was sucking Jack’s cock and was absolutely loving it. Every now and again she would look up at him with her big blue eyes and would see his face with absolute pleasure on it.

She was grabbing his balls in her mouth and sucking them hard. Every now and again she would let her mouth wonder to his arse hole and lick it all up with her tongue. Jack was returning the pleasure and going down on Laura and sticking his tongue in her arse. He knew what to do to turn a girl on. This was all pure ecstasy.

Over the next couple of hours they tried many positions. Laura loved it when Jack let her on top so she could ride his cock. She loved to grind back and forth on it. It was sure to bring her to orgasm every time. It always rubbed right up against her clit. Jack kept stopping right when Laura was close to blowing all over him. It was teasing her and although frustrating she loved it. They did doggy style, which was an awesome position.

She could feel Jack’s cock going so far inside her. Fuck it turned Laura on. When Jack was on top of Laura, going back and forth it was the point of his first cum. It was quick and silent and disappointed Laura as she loved to hear her men reel with pleasure. Jack made up for this when Laura was back on top and riding him hard. She could see he was going to cum and it made her so horny. Laura loved to watch their eyes roll back in their head when avrupa yakası escort they were at that point. It’s good to see someone totally losing control.

The best part of this story and the title to which I have called this tale is what happened next-In between licking her arse, thighs and pussy, Jack was sticking his finger in Laura. Every now and again he would wet his fingers and slap more saliva on her pussy. This felt awesome, but was unnecessary as he was already turning her on enough. Laura did not need his help to lubricate herself.

Jack started to slip two fingers in at a time and it was making Laura so horny. He started to go down on her, whirling his tongue back and forth and every now and again sticking his tongue right up her pussy. Laura was squirming on the bed. This was something she had never felt before. Although many men had had a lick at her pussy so to speak none had made her feel that she was close to orgasming. Laura laid back and let Jack continue on. He seemed to love it. Jack was slurping up her pussy juices and biting her clit slightly. Every now and again she would feel his fingers go into her and she would arch her back and moan.

Finally without warning Laura started to feel the orgasm coming to a head. She grabbed the top of Jack’s head and yelled at him that she was going to cum. He kept on going like he was on a mission. She let out all of her juices into his mouth. As they were coming out he was sucking them up. Laura screamed as loud as she had in as long as she could remember. Soon enough it was all over and she wanted more and more.

Laura and Jack haven’t seen each other since that night. Laura is keen to meet up again as no man has ever made her cum like that and certainly not with their mouth. Jack sure knows what he is doing with his tongue and Laura can’t wait to have it up her pussy again.



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