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My first reunion with the forgotten Flesh.

I remember the familiar heat of summer. The hot weather, the slow warm wind on my bare skin and the stillness of the streets at midday under the blazing sun. I remember staring at every woman in a bikini and their exposed curvy shapes, while the sun’s rays were striking my skin. Everything was laid back: a few cars, less noise, lots of people strolling down the streets and lots of short dresses, too.

The hot weather created an inevitable level of intimacy. Many men were hanging out in their beach shorts and bare torso; some would sport tight briefs, revealing their huge manhoods. Women would bloom like flowers, especially the playful ones who were confident enough to expose the curves of their own bodies.

My neighbor, a woman in her fifties with a large prominent ass, would start wearing a fluffy vaporous skirt with a long slit on the side at the first heat. She didn’t have long legs but she was sexy in it and you could tell she was very happy to wear that skirt. I was happy too. She had beautiful meaty thighs and I was always mesmerized by the movements of her skirt and how randomly the slit would open. Many men would turn their heads to look at her big butt.

I felt excited, yet uncomfortable. After many years since I last saw my aunt Carmela, this year I was going to stay with her again during August. It’s been so long. I do remember the excitement in her eyes every time she would meet me and the warm hugs she’d give me. She was always so happy to see her favorite nephew. I also remember her wonderful cooking and the luxurious dinners we had together, eating all sorts of food until our bellies were stuffed. Then we would watch some TV together, until I’d fall asleep in her arms.

My mom and aunt had grown apart but they were once very close, as Carmela helped her a lot since my mom gave birth to me and my brother. However, my parents didn’t pay her a visit in many years. So, since I’ve been driving around for quite a few years, I thought it would be nice to visit her. My friends told me I was weird: obviously, they didn’t know Carmela.

I found my aunt’s place pretty easy. I walked up the stairs to the main entrance with some anxiety and happiness at the same time. I rang the bell twice and heard a voice from the inside.

“I’m coming!”

It was followed by some heavy stomps, like she was running frantically for the excitement. The stomps were really loud, just as if a giant was running inside the house. They continued for quite a long time, interrupted by some moments of silence here and there. It seemed like she went up and down the stairs for at least two or three times.

“What is she doing?” I thought to myself.

After some endless minutes the stomps finally came closer getting heavier. I could even hear a slapping noise. My heart was pounding in my throat. She reached the door and opened it with a fast, swift movement.

Oh – my – god. She was… a giantess! Instead of her face, right in front of me were two gargantuan bulges, bouncing in (and out) of her dress.

“Are those… boobs!?”

As she opened the door, the big globes dropped low like heavy grocery bags and then bounced up and down for a while, shaking an incredible amount of flesh. They smashed against each other multiple times, overflowing the large yet insufficient containers. I don’t think Carmela escort ataşehir was wearing a bra: her bust was simply “filling” her dress, which really resembled an overloaded bag held by her shoulders. She was so abundant that her tit-flesh was packed and stacked in two huge mountains beginning right above her navel and ending a few inches below her chin. But there was more, a lot more. She was enormous everywhere. Her hips were protruding even more than her breasts! She barely fit the door. I stared at those meaty love handles, enraptured by their impressive opulence.

I felt dizzy for a moment. My god. Carmela stood there for a while, just looking at me, oohing away her joy to see me. I think she was talking but I was on another planet. Her cow-sized tits were still dancing in front of my face. She had a buttoned-down dress with a stretched-out V-neck. Every additional little movement was making the contents shake some more. It was like she was carrying two enormous jars, but since they were filled to the top every once in a while some of that creamy jell-o was jumping up and spilling out. Her inevitable cleavage was making it really difficult for me to raise my eyes and meet my aunt’s happy smile. I managed to do that somehow, but she must have noticed my staring. I was surely ogling those gigantic udders! I even felt some drool forming on the side of my dangling tongue.

Carmela was so excited to see me though! She was so nice. She put her hands on my shoulders, inspecting me. She had to bend over a little bit to do that and man, I had never seen so much flesh shaking at the same time. She was all tits.

“Look how tall you got! You are a young man! and such a handsome one, too!”

I was looking at her mountainous cleavage and when she said that, my mind completely lost it. I managed to keep control of my actions, but not of my thoughts.

“I like you too, auntie, I like you a lot… Let me kiss you, let me put my face between your big udders, they’re so swollen and creamy, they must be full of milk, let me suck your milk, I wanna lick your nipples and I’m gonna be thorough and slow, I wanna lick your flesh, love your fat body, I want to adore you and bury myself in your hips, squeeze me between your thighs, Carmelona, you have such beautiful legs, and such huge enormous tits, belle, belle mammellone, they look so full of milk, like a cow, let me milk you like a cow, bella tettona….”

My obscene thoughts overwhelmed me. Flesh, thighs, fat, curves, tits, hips, milk, cow, meat, carnitas…. it was such pure lust. She didn’t even try to close her ridiculous cleavage, neither did she try to hide her thighs. She had a knee-long skirt with a long slit. Carmela was so sweet. She had the most beautiful silky hair. She grabbed me and hugged me against her beautiful self.

Yes. After a few minutes of seeing my aunt, I was already between her boobs. I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I landed right into that ocean of tits and felt her fat jugs undulating around my face. I guess it was just natural for her to hug people like that, since she was so tall. Or maybe she really wanted to share her curves with me!

I tried to say, “You are so beauti-fullll!” but my mouth and cheeks were soon inundated and my entire head was swallowed away. Maybe she heard my words because she moaned a sweet, “Awwww!” before squeezing me a little more.

I tried to give her a “normal” hug but I couldn’t do it very well. All I could get to were her oversized hips, which comfortably welcomed my kadıköy escort bayan hands. My cock was in a big pain. I opened my palms and grabbed a couple handfuls of what felt like pure fat. My manhood jerked and jumped. Her flesh felt good in my hands, it was so creamy and delicious. Carmela’s hips were so large and thick and her breast so massive that it was hard to reach the back of her body. Her belly too was not helping me: it was like a giant comfy pillow. I left my hands on the sides of her earthy hourglass. I felt the soft caresses of my aunt on top of my head.

What a dream. An extremely sensual feeling spread across my body. It was like reconnecting with the spirit of life, lust, peace and simple hedonistic pleasure. I tried to stop my palms from continuously squeezing the delicious mounds of flesh packed on her hips and inside the gulfs of her waist. Yet it felt natural to squeeze her, she was super-soft there, so I just followed my instinct and indulged myself. She didn’t complain. I was just hugging her, after all. I adjusted my head inside her welcoming breasts, sank into them and relaxed.

For the first time in my life I felt my entire body surrounded by an array of exciting, tingling and uniquely beautiful sparkles, coming from the contact with her extra-large figure. I had never touched a woman so big in my life. My whole self was surrounded by warmth, squeezed into an almighty softness. The inflated shapes of her belly and breasts soothed me and relaxed me. The sheer largeness of her figure reassured me while the vastness of her hips spread a sense of supreme elegance. It was erotic to feel such an abundance, to be able to extend my arms as wide as possible knowing there was still more to feel, beyond my reach. Beyond one’s imagination. Her rolls upon rolls upon rolls of fat were copious, tender, juicy and heavy. My body understood that all my lust could find home between the folds and the ample curves of my bella Carmelona. She was welcoming like a giant Mother Earth.

The rest of my body was pressed against her big belly and legs. The lush beauty of her belly was radiating through me with its soft buttery curves. Her towering, well-padded legs had the elegance of classics and the safeness of a bastion. I wanted to share my love with her, all the love that nature endowed me with. There was absolutely nothing I could do to make my cock go down. It was sticking out and poking Carmela right on her thighs. I almost came when I felt it slowly making its way deeper into her softness.

Carmela finally released me and told me to sit on the couch. My head was dizzy and high and everything was just fine. I tried to start a useless conversation while she went to the kitchen to get me something to drink.

She came back with a glass of milk. Her entire body was jiggling as she walked. Besides her breasts which were bouncing at every step, I was enraptured by the earthy beauty coming out of such a large, creamy body. In a woman, fat equals pleasure. And she had a lot of fat, a lot of copious wobbliness, a lot of tits and a humongous lot of ass. She was a fleshy Epicurean goddess, able to revive a dead man with her large, hourglass figure.

Carmela stopped in front of me and bent over to give me the glass of milk. She revealed a generous view of her gigantic meaty breasts. They were hanging down like overfilled bags of flesh. My eyes got shamelessly stuck between those droopy depths once again. I observed them with the utmost delight during their gentle shaking. Hypnotized, I grabbed escort bostancı the glass and put it close to my mouth. She had warm, giant udders full of milk. The inflated shape of her butt was towering in the background. She was smiling at me, and she couldn’t stop looking at me as well. I smiled back, thinking, “Fuck it, there’s nothing bad in watching something beautiful” and I set back and enjoyed the view. Delicious waves were still moving across the vast surfaces of her bosom, pushing onto the thin layer of her outfit which was stretched out to the max in an effort to hold her breasts together.

Carmela bent over a little bit more, shamelessly, to look at me more closely. She rested her hands on her knees, holding herself that way. Suddenly, the first button of her top popped open under the unbearable weight of her oversized boobs. Another quart of flesh came out of her clothing and overflowed outside of it, in rich, opulent ripples. It seemed never-ending. I sucked some more of my milk and let its creamy flavor permeate my mouth. My cock twitched hard, stretching the jeans fabric in a very abrupt movement. It’s impossible she didn’t see it. The oppressive weight of her bosom was now supported only by some small buttons of her top garment which wasn’t holding it very well. It looked like her dress was going to explode: a whole lot of her tits was already hanging outside of it, but Carmela didn’t seem to bother too much about that. I guess she was used to exposing her abundant bits, since there was no way to contain them.

Then unfortunately, she raised but even when she did that she didn’t care about closing the rebel button: she just stepped away, naturally letting her boobs shake and bounce. I obscenely started to massage my rock-hard cock through my torturing jeans.

I casually followed her upstairs, since I absolutely had to reach the bathroom to take care of myself. Her ass barely fit the steep, narrow staircase. I could have buried my entire body between those wide hips. She hurried upstairs, making the juiciest parts of her body bounce hard with slappy noises. Her 100+ inches butt was wiggling close to me. I imagined what kind of absolute pleasure it would be to have her on top, slowly penetrating her, sinking my fingers into those hips. My slim body surrounded by the rich elegance of Carmela’s curves. I secretly wanted Carmela to notice my hard-on, so evidently sticking out through my pants. I wanted to tell her, “I wouldn’t be so hard if it wasn’t for this – and this”, grabbing two handfuls of belly and tit flesh.

She went into the bedroom while I rushed into the bathroom. Just a few strokes and I was releasing my warm load. It splattered hard on the mirror in front of me while I was moaning her name in a desperate breathe.

“Carmelona, amore mio….”

I whispered my love as I was slowly running my hands all along my cock, caressing every possible area of its skin. I felt the full ridges and veins, pulsating with passion. It was all shiny and painfully stiff. I desired her.

  She reveals my dream
  Reveals herself
  She surrounds me
  Her gigantic maternal hips
  Welcome my love
  And my sex
  Handfuls of flesh
  So much Opulence
  A bosom so full and so copious
  She rides me
  With all of her weight
  Deep onto me
  Deep into her

My whole body was contracted in the spasms of the orgasm. I watched my cum coming out in long, warm spurts. As I came, I wanted to feel the creamy texture of her inflated udders on my lips. I wanted to suck the rich milk from on her enormous breasts. I wanted to squeeze the abundant rolls of fat on her hips.

I sat on the floor, caressing my tingling body.

“What just happened to me?”


Something still had to happen that day.



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