Blue Eyes

( This story is a work of fiction, loosely based on an experience with an ex. When mingling, always play it safe.)

Water was life, and Fiona needed some.

She hadn’t seen her boyfriend in two weeks. He had been away on a business trip. The two had agreed upon an “Open Relationship” about a month prior. Fiona had been reluctant initially, but had agreed as long as they were always “open” with each other. On Edward’s last trip, he had partook in this new endeavor. He kept his promise of being open, but Fiona still couldn’t resist the urge to claw his eyes out when he told her the details of a drunken one night stand with some girl named Ginger at his hotel in Vegas. But after some time she accepted it, and this time in his absence….things had gone a bit different. Fiona looked at Edward as she sipped from her bottle of water. Still, she had trouble speaking at the moment. Much trouble in fact. She almost preferred the awkward silence, opting to maintain a nervous smirk on her face, as opposed to actually saying anything.

“So….?” Edward asked.

Fiona gulped her swig of hydration.

“So…..Jana and I went out and shot some pool.” She said, trying in vein to dance around the inevitable interrogation.

“You don’t shoot pool.” Edward laughed, gaining a scowl from Fiona. “Well…you try.” He backpedaled. “Tell me about him….Cameron, right?”

After a shrug of defeat, Fiona accepted the inevitable. She had to tell him. Such were the rules of a Poly relationship. He had told her of his endeavor after all.

“Jana and I were SHOOTING pool, and he came up and talked to me. Gotta respect that kind of confidence in a guy.” Fiona shrugged in matter of fact fashion and chugged at her water, still a little reluctant to speak.

“Ok…so some confidence, that’s good….I take it you obviously found him attractive.”

Fiona felt a tingle of nervous guilt shift through her body. Edward was prodding indeed, but she had trouble coming up with the words to do an answer to his question justice. She chugged again, looking at her boyfriend nervously. She could tell the anticipation was irritating him — if not downright torturing him. Fiona began to feel kind of bad on some levels, but on some other levels, she was actually taking some pleasure in it. Payback maybe? After her recent excursion, his confessions seemed kind of lame. He finally broke.

“Look babe, in an Open Relationship, we have to be upfront with each other, you know that. I was honest with you about Ginger on my last trip to Vegas.”

“Yeah…” She scorned. “A little too honest.” Fiona sighed. “Ok….so I had just scratched on the 8 Ball. I was pissed! Now I shoulda noticed that Jana’s eyes were lit up, and staring at something behind me, but I was so frustrated I backed up into him. Spilt his beer on him!” Fiona giggled. “Anyways….I turn around and there’s this gorgeous guy.”

“Gorgeous huh?” Edward asked.

“Yes…gorgeous!” She reiterated. “Fucking tall, oh my god. I think he was like 6’4 or 6’5 or something. Fucking swole to shit, but lean too. I thought he was a fitness model at first.”

“Ahh…like you?” Said Edward. Acknowledging his girlfriend’s own hard earned, and alluring physique.

“Ugh…aspiring.” Fiona corrected. “Anyways he’s not, he actually works in Tech like you.”

“Oh yeah, what’s he do?”

“He codes, he told me the name of the company he works for, but I forgot.”

“Too captivated by his looks huh?”

“That and the beer I’d just spilt on him, I felt bad….but…yeah…he’s fucking hot. I’m not gonna sugar coat that for you. Wouldn’t mind sugar coating him again though.” Fiona mumbled her last sentence in front of a long swig which drained her water bottle. But it was heard by Edward.

“I was wondering what happened to the rest of the cherry massage oil.”

Fiona laughed unapologetically, and shrugged. “Well it went to good use, Ill say that much. Literally licked every crack and crevice of each other’s bodies…and I mean EVERY crack and crevice.”

Fiona began to breathe deeply while she recounted the tale. Edward stood. She watched him round the coffee table of the living room, eventually ending up on the opposite side of the kitchen bar, and staring right at her. She felt like she was on a witness stand.

“You know…as much time as you spend in the gym, I’m sure you see plenty of hunky fitness guys. And as a guy myself….I KNOW they see you. But you’ve never seemed to take much interest. This guy must’ve really brought the game.”

Fiona contemplated Edward’s words. He had a point.

“But sounds like you tried some new things the other night.” He said.

Fiona gave a shrug of pure honesty. “He taught me things Edward….he taught me a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so purely sexual.”

Edward pondered this statement for a moment. Even showing a bit of insecurity briefly, before shaking it off. “Well…let’s get to the good stuff in a minute. Tell me how he managed to make it up to the apartment with you first.”

“I don’t know….wasn’t really much to it I guess. eryaman escortlar He introduced himself and we got to talking. I really liked how sweet and charming he was, a great talker. And we had a lot of the same interests too. He’s read a lot of the same books as me. So you know that’s gonna be a big plus.”

Edward rolled his eyes. “Sorry if I couldn’t endure the torture of ’50 Shades of Grey’.”

“I’ve read other books than just that one Edward! And he has too. Anyways, we just….clicked. And….ugh. He was just so hot, and I could tell right away we had chemistry. I felt bad for Jana, cause I basically just ignored her the whole rest of the night, but she didn’t really seem to mind. When we went to the bathroom together she told me to do it.”

“Do what?”

“You know what: take him home with me. So I did.”

“Y’all Ubered it?”

“No he actually drove. Drives a truck, a nice one too. I’ll have to admit it was a little more comfy than you’re Corvette.”

“Did he drive ok after drinking?” Edward was a little nervous.

“Yeah…” Fiona said. “He drove great actually. He’s a responsible drinker. Seems to be anyway.”

Fiona stared off and walked away from the kitchen, drifting towards the balcony. She paused on the circle rug just in front of the sliding back door; wiggling her toes on it’s plush fabric. She analyzed her figure in the glass which now cast a reflection against the setting sun. Fiona had to pause on the current topic of conversation. She didn’t feel altogether guilty on recounting her Poly adventure to her boyfriend, but it was awkward.

“Hmmm….my abs and my booty need a little more work.” She said. Fiona stood on her toes; lifting her shirt, and shifting her body in half assed poses in front of her own reflection.

Edward laughed at the rather ridiculous notion. “Anymore growth or definition on those, and you’ll set the whole complex on fire. I think you’re Onlyfans could attest to that.”

“Probably not for much longer.” Fiona edged forward and opened the back door.

When she stepped out onto the balcony she could feel a warm summer breeze that was welcoming against her deep tanned skin exposed beneath her purple tank top and shorts. She leaned against the rail and watched the wind blow against the tops of the park trees visible from her high rise. She loved her condo, and was grateful that her trust fund and Onlyfans could pay for it. Her mother had taught her to never neglect the fundamental emotion of gratitude. But the notion that Onlyfans would soon be toning down their format troubled her.

“Probably gonna have to get a real job soon.” She sighed, feeling Edward’s arms spoon around her.

“We’ll worry about that when we get to it.” He said.

Fiona gave a light moan of satisfaction and cradled Edward’s hands in her own. He could be a little overbearing at times, but she loved him anyway.

“Suppose you wanna know more don’t you?” She asked.

“Of course.” He said, as he moved her long blonde hair behind her shoulder, and gently kissed her neck.

“Mmm….you’re crazy.” Fiona laughed.

“Maybe a little.” Edward kissed with more vigor.

“You’re actually turned on by all this.”

“Guilty….so what happened once y’all got back?”

“Well….” Fiona began. “We really didn’t say a whole lot coming up in the elevator. But once we got in the apartment….”

Fiona hesitated. She could feel Edward’s hand climb slowly up to her crest, cupping her left augmented breast in his hand and gently massaging. Her pussy began to moisten. “Ugh…when we stepped in and I shut the door, it was all just….primal.” She hummed, while Edward ran his fingernails underneath her shirt and across her sculpted abdomen, clipping her diamond stud naval ring as he did so. It was becoming a bit of a struggle, but she went on. “We were like two animals in heat all of a sudden. I felt bad about spilling his beer on his shirt, but I didn’t feel bad at all about ripping it off him.” Fiona planted her hand against her face.

“No shit?” Edward licked at Fiona’s neck.

“No shit!” She purred. “I had to sweep his buttons off the floor later, when I finally had the strength to clean.”

“Wore each other out that much?”

“It’s kind of a blur, next thing I knew all our clothes were just….off. Oh my god his body…mmmm! He was tall and lean with just hills of muscle. I’m all sucking and licking all over him, he’s fucking strong! Next thing I know, I’ve actually got my legs wrapped around him in mid air, and he’s banging me up against the refrigerator.”

Edward stopped. “Did you use any protection?” He asked.



“I know, I was drunk.” Guilt came over Fiona. “I’m on the pill, and he’s a standup guy. I went and got tested. Seriously, all the STD’s, even Covid. I’m fine.”

“That still wasn’t very smart. You’d just met the guy.”

“I wasn’t kidding when I said it was primal. But yeah, I know….you’re right.”

Edward kissed Fiona long and hard. He reached down between her legs and began to rub. Fiona staggered, holding on tightly ankara escort bayan to the rail, as she contorted her body into Edward’s, with renewed arousal.

“Then what happened?” He asked.

Fiona moaned. “After I creamed all over him and gushed all over the kitchen floor, we eventually made it to the bed. That’s when the oil escapade got started.” Fiona giggled with deviance.

“And you busted it out?”

“Yeah….his body’s just so gorgeous it’s like a work of art. I just wanted to lick it. His cock was fucking huge, but somehow….I got it all in my mouth.” Fiona could feel the bulge of Edward’s own manhood against her ass. She couldn’t believe how much he was actually enjoying her tale. “First time I’ve ever had my ass eaten out.” Fiona groaned, as some of Edward’s trademark gentleness turned into a brief squeeze on her nipple from her last statement. He then kissed her.

“Really….you weren’t lying about every crack and crevice were you?”

“Nope, and I ate his too.”

Edward stared at Fiona for a moment. “Well….his ass tastes pretty good I must say.” He said, acknowledging the kiss they had just shared.

Fiona laughed again. “We did anal.”

Edward kneaded in even harder. Fiona tensed as his hands went down into her shorts; his fingers streaking up and down her vulva.

“Thought you were adverse to that?” He asked.

Fiona’s voice began to heave, and crack. “Always a first time.”

“Did you like it? He used lube I hope.”

“Oh yeah…he lubed me up. But I was already pretty moist from the tongue play. It hurt at first, but then….oh god! It was amazing! Mmm…I fucking squirted. Shot all the way across the room almost!”

Edward was sucking vigorously at Fiona’s neck. He inserted his fingers into her pussy and went to work. Fiona moaned and hyperventilated as she moistened into her panties and through her shorts. Amidst her growing arousal, she could here her upstairs neighbors mumbling amongst themselves, she didn’t know how long they’d been standing there. Long enough she supposed. Fiona actually didn’t mind, and even smiled at the humorous notion of them hearing everything. She arched back into Edward, letting him nurture her for a little longer, moaning even louder to give the neighbors a better audible experience, before finally removing Edwards hands from her, and pushing him back inside. She slid the door shut behind the two of them.

Fiona stood in her living room staring into Edward’s eyes. He was sweating bullets.

“His stamina was fucking unbelievable.” Fiona continued, lifting Edward’s Polo shirt off of him. “We literally fucked until the sun came up.”

The now shirtless Edward stared at Fiona intently while she unhooked his belt. “Was he still here when you woke up, or did he let himself out?” He asked.

Fiona sighed uncomfortably and turned away, walking back towards the bar; leaving Edward’s jeans unbuckled, and forcing him to finish the job himself.

“Why do you keep asking me all this? Fiona’s eyes wandered gazing at the track lighting above the kitchen, in a confused state of both annoyance and arousal.

“Because I obviously want to know.”

A sinister glare came over Fiona, hearing Edward’s deviant tone from behind her.

“He took some paid time off from his job, and stayed for three more days.” She said, finally.

Fiona pulled off her tank top, quickly followed by her shorts, bra, and thong. After piling her garments on the bar, the naked Fiona turned to face her dumbfounded boyfriend. “I’ve never had that much sex in my life Edward. It was like being fucked by the gods. Fucking Zeus or something. I did things… things I didn’t even know were possible. And I savored every minute of it too.” Fiona pierced Edward with her hazel eyes. “Only question now is…..can YOU compete?” With a grin, Fiona turned, treating Edward to the sight of her sculpted bubble butt, as she strutted into the bedroom. She laughed when she heard Edward stumble in his attempt to follow her — trying to hastily remove his pants, no doubt.

Fiona had positioned herself comfortably by the time Edward made it to the bedroom. She lay under her silk sheets with her elbow propped and her head resting on her hand. She giggled at the sight of him standing in the doorway in a hopeless daze, and her pussy tingled at the sight of his rock hard cock. Not as big as Cameron, but certainly beautiful in It’s own way, and Fiona loved it. Edward was also no slouch when it came to maintaining his body. Even if he wasn’t quite the Hulk she had been manhandled by the past week, Fiona had missed her man, and right now she wanted him.

“You gonna just stand there dummy, or you gonna come over here and make love to me?”

Fiona grinned as Edward approached. Lifting the sheets for him, she sighed sensually when their two bodies met, and their faces engulfed each other in almost cannibalistic fashion, their tongues caressing. The arousal of Fiona’s scandalous tale had put them both in the mood. Fiona caressed the sinewy muscle of Edward’s backside, while they continued elvankent escort bayan their passionate kiss. Eventually Fiona’s hands made their way down to Edward’s ass and she ran her fingers deep between his cheeks, which seemed to startle him; even prompting him to detach his face from hers.

“Fuck!” He exclaimed.

Fiona smiled with amusement, before taking on an aura of aggressive seduction. Bringing up one of her conditioned legs she reversed their position in the bed, straddling herself on top of him. Fiona glided her hands over Edward’s pectorals, and down to his abs. Kneading her hands up and down, and digging her long manicured nails into his flesh. “See if you can handle me now.” She said, with almost sadistic delight.

Fiona lowered her head slowly and began licking down Edward’s body to his pelvic region. His dick always reminded her of a lollipop, and she began to tease it as such. Licking up his shaft, and swirling her tongue around the head. Her skills in fellatio had improved dramatically after her recent experiences, and she could see this wasn’t going at all unnoticed by Edward. Fiona couldn’t wait to show him all that she’d learned, and was narcissistically proud when she heard Edward moan to the nether realms, once she inserted him fully into her mouth. She deep throated every inch of her boyfriend, without gagging once. She’d learned much from Cameron, including breathing techniques. Fiona sucked Edward long and hard, sinking and raising her head up and down in a metronomic type rhythm, her motion was perfect, and she was pleased with herself. But she soon felt Edward struggling to maintain, he was about ready to explode. Fiona popped her bee stung lips off of Edward’s cock, releasing him; but it wasn’t soon enough.

Edward erupted onto Fiona’s six-pack and beyond. She sighed, hearkening back briefly, and thinking of Cameron’s unbelievable stamina. She couldn’t even remember how many times he came and still rose back to the occasion. Fiona wondered if she’d perhaps tested Edward’s limits a little too far, too soon. She looked down at him, as he stared back up at her in wonder.

“Goddamn!” Said Edward.

Fiona shrugged her shoulders, and smiled; wiping away some of Edward’s payload that had found her cheek. “Told you I learned a lot.”

“That all you learned?” Edward’s tone resembled that of one lost in the desert longing for water.

“Hmmm….” Fiona hummed. She was in full control of everything now, and she was loving it.

“Perhaps….. all kinda depends on you I guess.” Fiona took Edward’s now limp cock in her hand, that she could already feel swelling again. Her hand, now, had a more than generous amount of Edward’s cum on it. Fiona released Edward from her grasp and brought her hand her face.

“Depends on if you’ve got anything left in you to find out.” Fiona sucked some of the bodily fluid from her fingers, smacking her gums and making what was equivalent to a whisky face. She observed a look of combined disgust, and excitement from Edward; and it had done the trick. He was rock hard once again.

Fiona reversed her body. Sliding her pussy up Edward’s frame till his face was smothered into her lips. As she knelt down and began to lick some more of the excess from his manhood, she grew impatient.

“Eat it stupid!” She said. She was delighted when Edward promptly obeyed, and felt his tongue caressing her clit. “Ahhh….that’s better.” She took Edward into her mouth and went back to work.

They 69’d for almost an entire ten minutes, although neither one of them would’ve known it. They were lost in each other. She felt as though they were two joined souls, sharing themselves; it was unbelievable. Fiona could feel herself getting close to climax from Edward’s tongue work; but he beat her to it…again. But this time she didn’t immediately release him from her lips. Instead she let him come in her mouth a little, before pulling off. She took the rest of it directly in her face, gasping and licking at the shooting fluid as she did so. Fiona was impressed that he continued eating her during his orgasm, but he still stopped short of her’s.

“Well…..that was quite the gusher.” She said. “Bleghhh.” She spat Edward’s cum from her mouth onto the sheets, which would obviously need a washing.

“My god, did you swallow that?” Edward asked in disbelief.

“No, but I definitely got some in my mouth.” Fiona sat up and wiped the sticky fluid from her face. When she looked down at Edward she was amused by the disbelief in his eyes.

“You learn that with him?”

Fiona merely smiled. Wiping her face with the top sheet.

“Most girls I know would be gagging their guts out after that.” He said.

“I’m not most girls Edward — not anymore, anyway. And I hope you’re not done. I haven’t even came yet.”

“I might need a minute, but I think I’m good for one more round.”

“You better be….”

Fiona went back down. But this time she kept her mouth from his dick. She instead licked at his balls, and her tongue eventually found it’s way to his ass. Fiona chirped a giggle amidst the process when Edward contorted, and moaned in shock at Fiona’s action. Still being still in 69 position, Fiona was a little disappointed he didn’t resume eating her — instead she had to use her strength attained in the gym to hold Edward steady while she ate him.



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