OopsOopsThe best thing about a day off is that you have all day and all night to do what you want. You can take your time with it, savour it, enjoy it.I can feel the tension in the room, I have her exposed, bent over the beam, legs spread. The room is cool but I can feel the heat radiating from her bright red buttocks and between her legs. Her vulva is a slippery wet mess. I can smell her sex, it’s driving me wild, my shaft is rock hard, throbbing in unison with my pounding heart.An electric vibration reverberates through the table. “Fuck!” I put the hair brush I was using as a spanking paddle down on the bed and walk over to my phone. It stops ringing just as I’m about to answer it. I go back to the beam and continue with the hair brush, stroking her back with the bristles and spanking her with the back. Her moans like music to my ears.I check on her progress, caressing her between the legs with a single finger to see if she’s ready. I already know what state she’s in, her scent is making my mouth water but I like to physically check. Oh yes! She’s ready to take anything! I lick the sticky nectar off my finger like a bear lapping away at some honey.The phone rings again. I answer it. “Hello.”“Are you in work today?”“No.”“Can you help me…”“I’m not coming into work just now. I never get a day off and when I do someone always calls me asking me to come in to work.”“Oh. Right, sorry to disturb you.”I hang up and throw the phone on the bed. I stand right behind her, lean over so she can feel my body against hers, wrap her hair around my hand and gently pull her head to the side so my lips touch her ear. My face rubs against the blindfold as I growl in her ear. “Do you want me inside you?” She whimpers and tries to nod, her movements restricted by my hand grasping her hair. “Yes.” she whispersI can see a stray lock bakırköy escort of hair, ten strands perhaps. I gently tuck it behind her ear lobe. “But I like to play with my food.” I feel her tense up a little, my voice making the hairs stand up on the back of her neck. I let go of her hair and start to scratch the back of her neck until she relaxes again. “Good kitty.”I work my way down her back, working her like soft dough. She moans as if I’m already inside her. Lower and lower. As I reach her lower back she gets up on her tip toes trying to tempt me. “Please.”“Shhh be patient.” I whisper. I rub her lower back, deeper, much more firmly than the rest of her body. “Please. I want you!”“Shh. Don’t beg.”I kneel down and start to work her buttocks. They are warm to the touch and a can feel the warmth of her hot blood on my face, the smell almost makes me drool, and I can hear her wet lips smacking together as I dig my claws into her buttocks. she’s about to boil over.I grasp her rump, raise her buttocks and part them at the bottom then put my nose between her legs so I can smell her sex as I touch her sweet quim with the tip of my tongue. I inhale her sex. “Mmm du richt so gut.”The phone rings again. “Hello.”“Can you come and unlock the…”“No. I’m not in work today and I’m busy just now.”“Oh. OK I’ll ask someone else then.” This time I place the phone by her hip on the beam. “Why does everyone call me on my day off.”I rub her buttocks again. “Mmm why don’t you just switch it off and have your way with me.”“Shut up or I’ll gag you.” Her petals make a wet kissing sound and I can hear a little air rush inside as her body opens up ready to receive me. The phone rings again. This time I ignore it. After a while it stops ringing. A few seconds later it rings again. It’s taking more beşiktaş escort an more strength to maintain my composure and ignore it but eventually it stops ringing.I strip off and rub my tip up and down her glistening vulva. She tries to push back against it and impale herself on me. I pull back and slap her bottom so hard it echoes around the room. She yelps. “Not yet I’m still playing.” The phone vibrates. It’s a text message. I have a voice mail. I check the messege.“Hello ____” can you call me back please.”I call them back, the line is busy and goes strait to their voice mail. I throw the phone on the bed and get back to work. “I might have to go into work. This always happens, I never get a day off.”“Does this mean you have to stop teasing and ravage me now.”“Yes I’m afraid it does!!”I pull her up strait by her hair, tie her hands together and hang her by her wrists from the top beam. I grab her by the chin and growl in her ear. “Is this what you wanted.”“Yes!”“Dirty bitch!” I slap her bottom so hard it leaves a hand print. “Ahhh!” she barks.I rub it better for a few seconds then remove my belt as loudly as possible so she can hear it. I wrap the leather band around her bottom with a loud crack. She screams out loud but underneath the scream I can hear that sound that I crave, just a faint murmur in harmony with her cry of pain is a sigh of relief and a groan of pure pleasure.I admire the dark red band on her bottom and slap the other cheek so that there is another hand print, the two hand prints together making a symmetrical pattern as if the red band has sprouted angel wings. She whimpers but this time it sounds like it was all pleasure. I rub it better. I pull her up strait by her hair. “Shhh.” It’s alright baby doll. She turns to face me and whispers. “I want you.”I beylikdüzü escort take her blindfold off and look into her pretty eyes.”Well since you asked so nicely.” I let go of her hair and pull her back by her hips so that her back arches back. Still hanging from the top beam by her wrists I rub my tip up and down her slippery wet slit. She starts to push back and wiggle, trying to make me slip inside her.I pull away a little and lean forward, wrapping one hand around her neck, the other reaching around and between her legs so that I can rub tiny circles around her clitoris. She sighs in frustration knowing she will have to wait a little longer before she has me inside her. I ignore her, gently massaging her ruby until she starts to squirm.Finally I take control of my raging cock and gently pop the tip inside her hot snatch and then drive the entire body inside her as deep as it will go. She groans so loud as her wet lips kiss my scrotum. “Oh finally! I can feel every vein inside me!” I dip in and out of her, slowly but firmly to begin with, savouring every slick second. She starts grinding back against me, hard.I soon get carried away, the slow controlled motion turning into a frenzy. I wrap my hand around her neck she chokes as I pump her. Our bodies make a sloppy smacking sound as we interact. It’s not long before I feel her clench and relax around my shaft and she goes limp, letting the lashings around the top beam take her weight as she climaxes. I let go of her neck, giving her a head rush as I pound her hard and within seconds I’ve emptied my entire load inside her. I try to catch my breath and compose myself before untying her. I grab my phone and lay on the bed. She sucks our cum off my cock for a little while.“Come here.” I gesture for her to lay her head on my chest and she crawls up to me and rests on top of me. I comb my fingers through the tangled hair and she closes her eyes. I have a look at the screen on my phone. “Oh shit!”“What?”The next day there was an awkward moment as I sat next to my colleague. “I…I got your voice mail yesterday.”“Yes. I thought I’d hung up after the tone.”



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