One Year SeparationMy ex-wife and I were married for 25 years before our divorce. We met at Clemson university in South Carolina. I was in a fraternity and she was one of our little sisters. After a year of dating, my ex-wife admitted that she had had a one night stand with one of the Clemson football players. They had been studying together that night. my wife is a sexy 5 foot five 110 pound lady with skin as white as snow. The football player was 6’5 star running back with less than 2 ounces of body fat. Just pure muscle. They have been studying together for about a month and he was always complementing her, always touching. it was this night that they kissed for the first time. My ex-wife told me she knew it was wrong but she could not stop. His hands were all over her body. Did not take long to get her clothes off. When his cock came out she could not believe the size. She told him she would just give him a blowjob because there’s no way that would fit inside of her. As she took his cock in her mouth she would ruminate In the future of how it grew even bigger. he reached in the dresser drawer and pulled out some lubricant. She began to protest but he told her he would just put the head in and for her not to worry. She agreed. She told me later it was like lightning going through her body.They stayed in that position for a while until she looked at bakırköy escort him and said push into me a little more. However, he told her if she wanted it she would have to move her hips. And she did. He stood there as she started to fuck her self on his big cock. once half his cock was inside her pussy he began to thrust his legs. My ex-wife told me she quit counting the orgasms she was having before he finally came inside of her. My ex-wife thought the session was over and she began to get up when he told her to lay back into the bed. He told her she was going to spend the night. Because he was not done with her yet. He fucked her four more times at night. He let her leave at 9 AM in the morning and she did the walk of shame across campus. My ex-wife told me it was a one time event. However several of my buddies saw her leaving the dorm multiple times during the next few months. I loved her. And at the end of that semester we got married and lived to gather for the next 25 years and had two beautiful k**s.When we decided to get the divorce in the state of South Carolina you are required to remain separated for year. Money was very tight at that time so we stayed in the same house and even in the same marital bed. However we were both dating other people during this time. We would come home from our dates and share our beşiktaş escort experiences which was a turn on to both of us.We were nearing the end of our one year separation. When we decided to go out together and have a drink. It was Karaoke night and my wife had been drinking too much. Across the Dancehall there was the biggest black biker I have ever seen. He had two white women with barely any clothes on hanging on both of his sides. The black biker got up and began to dance and the two women were all over him. My wife walked over and tried to squeeze between the other women and rub against him. Fight broke out. The two other women we’re going to have none of that. We separated all the ladies to their corners when the black biker walked up to me. He told me he thought my wife needed to come with him tonight. My almost ex-wife told me she wanted to go. She wanted to get me very upset and regret my decision to divorce her. He told me he would bring her back the next day. However, he called me the next morning to make me come and get her. The house was a shit hole. Naked bodies were everywhere. My almost ex-wife was laying new between two black guys that I have never seen before.I could see come dripping out of her pussy. The biker told me she didn’t get much sleep last night. and laughed.When I brought her back the next beylikdüzü escort home my ex-wife told me what she remembered of the night before and it went something like this.The biker let my ex get on the bike with him and he made the two ladies jump in the car with the other couple of friends that were all at the table together. My ex loved the feeling of that Harley between her legs and wrapping her arms around his muscular chest. She told me, she her pussy was leaking by the time they got to his house. He told her to take her clothes off and get in the bed. She obeyed. About that time the other two women from the bar came into the room. The biker told both of them to strip. They also obeyed. The biker looked at one of the women and told her to get my wife’s pussy nice and wet. The woman dropped to her knees started eating my wife out. The other woman began to suck on the bikers cock to get it nice and hard. My wife told me it was so surreal. The biker pushed the woman eating my wife out away and he pushed his cock inside of her. My ex-wife told me it was like déjà vu. It felt so good. The woman who had been eating my wife’s pussy crawled up positioned her pussy over my wife’s face. The woman looked down at her and said eat my pussy you bitch. And my wife did. My ex-wife had never eaten pussy before. But the fucking she was getting just made things seem OK. My ex-wife told me she ate both women’s pussies, fuck the biker, and then his friend started coming in. She think she passed out a couple times because every time she wake up another cock would be in a fucking her. she woke up the next morning so sore she almost couldn’t walk.



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