Jamie moaned at the feel of warm lips trailing from her tingling breasts to her ear, a teasing nip on her earlobe waking her up in the most delightful way imaginable. Opening her eyes to the sight of Clark’s smiling baby blues looking down at her she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his luscious mouth, feeling him smile against her lips. Oh, god, she was in heaven.

Yet it was mind blowing to think they’d only just met, especially considering how connected she already felt to him. His hands cupping her backside, dropping little kisses all over her face, of course he ruined her moment of bliss when he told her, “You know we have to get up. It’s Monday morning and someone’s got a new job to get to.”

Her eyes shot open wide. Oh, god, he was right. And it was her first day, too.

Still, hating for it to end, she let her eyes drift closed again, letting out a little moan. He was just so hard against her thigh, and felt so incredibly good, that she couldn’t believe it was time to get out of bed and join the real world, where people did more than just roll around in bed making crazy hot love, till they dozed off from sheer exhaustion.

And so far, thanks to him, she just loved living Hong Kong. Especially since all she’d done since she’d arrived was enjoy the hell out of one of its sexiest citizens. Saucily sucking his bottom lip between her lips, she murmured against his mouth, “Guess you’ll be gone when I get back, huh?”

Clark nodded, giving her a quick peck on the mouth before he pulled back. “Yeah, unfortunately I’ve also got a meeting this morning I can’t get out of.” Then, with a teasing smack on her backside, he said, “And now you really better get up and get going, or you’ll be late.”

Lifting her eyebrow, before he could move, she grasped his cock and began to stroke him in her hand, coyly asking, “But what if we’re quick?”

Shaking his head, he couldn’t believe how insatiable she was. Tracing a finger around her lips, he asked, her, “But why would we want quick, when tonight we can go nice and slow?”

Happy to hear this wasn’t just a fling for him, if he wanted to see her again, she heaved a sigh, because it sure wasn’t feeling that way for her anymore. “Okay, then do you want to at least get a shower with me before we have to go?”

Rolling his eyes, just the thought of showering with her again was getting him hard enough to pound nails, especially after the way she’d undressed him and ran that pretty mouth of hers over every last inch of him, even sucking him back till he’d nearly lost it. So he already knew once they got in there, the likelihood of them ever getting to work on time, never mind at all, would probably be zilch. And no way did he want to be responsible for her losing her new job before she’d even started it.

Touching his lips to the end of her cute little nose, he said, “Tell you what — how about I put my number in your phone, and you can call me when you’re done, and my driver Tommy can pick you up after work and bring you to my place, and if you want, we can shower together then, and have some dinner after, too.”

Biting her lip, Jamie still stroked him in her hand, because he was just such a nice handful, running her thumb over the slick head, she looked up in his eyes, squeezing and stroking him even harder, she said teasingly, “I guess, if I’ve got to wait, I’ve got to wait.”

Chuckling at how transparent she was, Clark pressed his lips to hers again, mostly because he couldn’t stop kissing her, even if he knew they both should be out of bed, but her working his cock sure as hell wasn’t helping him to get his ass up. Finally, relenting, mostly because she gotten him so damn hard, and so fucking aroused again, he pushed her onto her back and smiling into her eyes, said, “Okay, you asked for fast. You’ve got it.”

And then after fingering her pussy with a quick little finger fuck to be sure she was good and wet, he had her legs spread and he was sliding inside her, taking her mouth in a deep hungry kiss as he pummelled her pussy hard. Taking the time to work her clit, before they even knew it they were both groaning and shaking with a pretty impressive double climax, and he decided that fast had its merits, too.

Wrapping her arms around him she pressed her lips to his, smiling happily against his mouth, her whole body still humming. “Mmm, nicest wake-up ever.”

Still clutching her delectable ass in his hands, trying to clear his head after coming so hard, after barely being awake himself, Clark said, “Glad to hear it. Now unless you want to be late, it really is time to get your pretty ass out of bed.”

Finally, standing naked at the closet, digging in her suit bag for the pale gray suit she planned to wear for her first day of work, looking over her shoulder at him, she asked him again just to be sure, “So, I guess I’ll see you tonight?”

“Definitely,” he said, watching her from across the room as he pulled on his pants, deciding she had to have the most beautiful body he’d ever seen – slender istanbul escort with the perfect set of curves, and with all that beautiful long blonde hair trailing down her back — wow. And her ass was so round and tight, with a waist narrow enough he could almost circle his hands around her. And god, those breasts of hers he’d been feasting on for the past two days were just the perfect handful. Nice and round and high, with the prettiest shade of rosy pink nipples… and damn if he wasn’t starting to get hard again just looking at her, which he sure as hell couldn’t afford to do right now. As it was, he’d barely have time to get home, shower and change, before he had to get to his meeting.

Buttoning his shirt, he wondered if they’d really done almost nothing but make love for two days straight. He shook his head and chuckled. Yeah, damn straight they had. And yet all he wanted was more. She was already turning out to be pretty addictive.

But smiling to himself, he knew that tonight he was going to have her again. And with any luck — hopefully for the foreseeable future, because now that he’d found her, he sure a shell wasn’t going to let her go.

Taking one last look at herself in the bathroom mirror giving her long blonde hair a little tweak and an extra spritz of hair spray, before checking her teeth for lipstick, happily grinning at her reflection, Jamie decided she didn’t look too bad for a girl who’d pretty much done nothing but enjoy hot sexy fun with her new man toy since the plane they’d met on touched down in Hong Kong two days before.

But even as she tried to check out her makeup and make sure her fitted dove gray suit and white silk blouse looked neat and business-like, taking a moment to smooth her hands over herself before checking that her black patent leather pumps weren’t scuffed, her eyes kept darting around the room, back to every spot they’d christened, her heartbeat kicking up a notch just thinking about it. Because, ooh, the kinky stuff she and Clark had gotten up to in the bathroom alone was enough to get her panties dripping all over again, which she definitely didn’t need right now – to start her first day, reeking of arousal and squish-squashing her way through the hallways with her pussy all juicy from having her head filled with kinky thoughts of him.

But just thinking about what they’d done in the shower when he’d taken her from behind, filling her up so completely, never mind what he’d done to her when he had her spread on the vanity, with his face buried between her thighs, making her come so insanely hard, she’d nearly screamed her head off, and lordy, what he’d done to her on the floor, when she’d been down on all fours, and he’d slid into her deep from behind, tugging at her nipples… Her brow starting to bead with perspiration, realizing if she kept it up she’d need to fan herself with a towel, Jamie knew it was time to go, and also time to get her mind off her crazy wild weekend, and firmly into work mode.

Painfully aware that she’d have a lot to get through on the first morning of her new job, imaging Clark long and hard, was not something she should even be thinking about right now. No matter how insanely hot he looked, naked and grinning at her in bed, crooking his finger at her so temptingly to join him again. And oh, god, she’d agreed so many times.

But after almost two days straight of nothing but naughty fun, he’d finally reluctantly left, off to a meeting of his own, and now she had to get moving, or she’d be late for her first day of work — which was not a great way to start a new job.

Almost set to lock up and leave, taking one last look around the room, she noticed he’d forgotten something — his tie — a deep silvery gray, a lot like the color of his eyes when he was fully aroused. Ooh and she had never in her life seen anything more pussy melting than the sight of Clark ready and aroused. And remembering back to when she’d unknotted it and pulled it over his head, and then stripped him bare, sampling every last inch of him with her tongue… And later still when he’d used it to tie her hands, and take her harder than he’d ever taken her… Damn, she knew she’d never experienced anything more erotic than what she’d done with him.

Blinking her eyes to banish the image, she wondered what was wrong with her. Finally she gave her head a firm shake, telling herself, she could not be doing this right now. Unless she had the time to get herself off, which of course she didn’t. Dammit.

When Clark had left earlier that morning, nearly kissing her face off at the door, telling her how much he’d hated to leave, thankfully he’d taken her cell phone and put his number in it, then taken her cell number, putting it in his phone, too. So, hopefully, fingers crossed, there’d be more kinky fun to come. And even if there wasn’t, heaving a little sigh, she still hoped to see him again, even just to be with him, because she decided as hot as he was, avcılar escort she really liked him, too. Amazingly, with his looks, he’d also turned out to be a super nice guy, which was not always the case with guys that hot, which she’d learned firsthand with guys like David.

But as she rode down in the crowded elevator, she started to realize that aside from the explosive chemistry they set off every time they got within ten feet of each other, he was a lot of fun, too. And they laughed a lot when they were together, which she realized she hadn’t done nearly enough of lately. And he wasn’t just good to look at, although she’d yet to see a more gorgeous man in her life. But he seemed so different than a lot of other guys she’d known — a lot more thoughtful and attentive, like he thought of her as more than just a good lay, which was pretty refreshing after the string of losers she’d been through, especially that dickwad David, she’d almost married. Ugh.

But he was in her past, where he belonged, and now she had Clark. At least she hoped.

Once she got downstairs, although everyone had told her that her office was in easy walking distance of her hotel, the instant she stepped outside and felt the hot humid oppressive early September air hit her like a brick wall, she decided that a taxi would be just fine, and at least she wouldn’t arrive at work with her sweaty underwear glued to her butt. Bad enough her pussy was still embarrassingly wet thinking about Clark.

Straightening her spine when she got off on the twentieth floor of the towering office building that housed the bank she’d be working for, Jamie knew she could do the job, or she wouldn’t have been hired, but she still had just the slightest case of the jitters, wondering if she really had what it took to be an investment strategist to some of the bank’s wealthier clientele. And with the kind of money floating around Hong Kong, obviously she wouldn’t be dealing just with millionaires, like she normally did, but billionaires, too, so there’d be a lot of pressure to perform, even more than before.

But then when she looked down the hallway and noticed Danny Chang, her new boss, who’d given the green light to hire her, she started to smile and feel herself relax when, smiling broadly, he strode up to meet her with his hand extended, giving hers a hearty, welcoming shake. “Good to see you, again, Jamie. I trust you had a good trip, and you’re fully recovered and over any jet-lag?”

Now that he mentioned it, since she’d arrived, she and Clark had spent so much time in bed, nodding off between raucous bouts of kinky fun that she hadn’t even thought about jet-lag, much less experienced it. So, maybe she’d discovered the cure — lots and lots of hot steamy sex, followed by occasionally passing out from sheer sexual exhaustion, because she sure felt right as rain now. Not even a little bit tired. Well, maybe her pussy felt a little tender, but that had nothing to do with the trip, and everything to do with the fact that she and Clark had had more sex than your average honeymooners did in an entire week, cramming it all into just the day and a half they’d been together — she grinned — that combined with the fact that he was hung pretty nicely, too. It was no wonder her lady parts were still complaining a little about what she’d put them through. But ooh, had it ever been fun.

Getting with the program, forcing her mind firmly off her wild weekend, once Danny suggested they meet in the boardroom with some of the other staff, Jamie was surprised when no sooner had they gotten in the room, when a tall, gorgeous auburn haired stunner wandered in, stopping dead in her tracks to give Jamie a narrow eyed look that was decidedly hostile, before her face broke into the biggest phoniest smile Jamie had ever seen. Finally extending her hand and firmly shaking Jamie’s, she poured it on thick as molasses , as she gushed, “I’m Roxanne, and you lovely thing, must be Jamie, welcome to Hong Kong, it’s just sooo good to meet you, sweetie.”

Not really sure why, but sensing the other woman had taken an instant dislike to her, Jamie sized up the other woman in a heart-beat, as any woman with an ounce of self-preservation would. Quickly noting she had to have the most amazing hair she’d ever seen, so thick and lush, but such an unusual reddish-gold, Jamie quickly surmised that it had to have come from a bottle with maybe the aid of a few hair extensions. And her smile was just too perfect to be real, so either she had false teeth, or a good set of porcelain veneers. And as for her boobs, no woman’s were that high, big and unnaturally round, so those babies were clearly fake, too. And either she’d recently been stung by a bee, and was suffering a severe allergic reaction, or she got regular Botox injections in her lips, because damn they were full, pouty didn’t even begin to describe them. And forget about her spidery false eyelashes, long enough to almost hit her eyebrows and maybe even her hairline. And şirinevler escort then when her gaze dropped to the other woman’s hands Jamie noticed her long white shockingly bright fingernails were just as phony, although Jamie grudgingly had to admit they did look good, and so did Roxanne.

Convinced the woman had to have spent a small fortune to look the way she did, she still had to give her credit, deciding it was worth every penny, since she looked to be about a nine, even though Jamie wasn’t into chicks, she had to concede she was a knock out. Even if only about fifty percent of her was original parts, when Jamie also noted, once the other woman turned to get a seat, it also looked like she’d had her butt surgically enhanced, judging by the very round, firm, high booty she was rocking.

So it was easy to imagine that Roxanne turned a lot of heads, noticing that even gray-haired, fatherly Danny’s eyes were widening as she shimmied her lush round ass suggestively all the way over to her seat.

Ce la vie, Jamie shrugged, if it rocked a woman’s boat to work that hard on herself, then more power to her. And after the money she’d obviously spent, no one could blame her for trying to keep everyone’s attention focused on her — or her insanely round ass.

Critically looking down at herself, although Jamie’s hair was long and full, she knew it wasn’t quite as thick or lush as Roxanne’s, but at least it was a natural pale blonde. And although her eyes were an unusual violet blue, she imagined that was pretty much all she had going for her, since her body was slender, although curvy, no one would ever be able to bounce a quarter off her ass, like they could with Roxanne’s cushiony bubble butt.

But never the type to be into that much maintenance, Jamie figured either a guy liked her the way she looked, or didn’t. She was just who she was, take her or leave her. Then she grinned again, thinking about Clark, who’d seemed pretty pleased with the way all her bits and pieces worked together, judging by the fact that he’d barely been able to keep his hands off her from the moment they’d met on the plane, and had even changed seats to get with her before they’d even left the ground.

But never one for games, especially in the office, Jamie decided not to see Roxanne as competition but just another woman she’d work with who hopefully hadn’t developed an instant hate-on for her that would affect their working relationship. Fingers and toes crossed.

Thankfully Danny had been kind enough to introduce her one by one to everyone she’d be working with during a quick morning meet and greet, coffee and Chinese sweet and savory pastry breakfast, that she didn’t even have time to taste, before he took a moment to tour her around the office. Taking an extra minute to show which of them would be hers that turned out to be a really nice corner office with a view. Beginning to feel pretty stoked about starting her new job, now she could hardly wait to get to it. And lucky for her the rest of the staff actually seemed pretty nice.

Not too long after, behind her desk, just getting used to the feel of her new high-back leather chair, waiting for the IT guy to show up and set up her computer, so she could get to work, glancing out at the incredible view of bustling Causeway Bay, she looked up when Danny knocked on her door and told her they had their first client meeting. Wow, that was fast. Talk about hitting the ground running. Quickly following him along to the board room again, carrying a note pad, he explained they were meeting a very important new client, they were hoping would entrust all his investments with their bank — providing of course he liked what he heard.

Nodding as they walked in, Jamie looked up and her jaw almost hit the floor when she saw none other than the other half of her weekend sexathon, Clark, already seated by the window, looking hot as ever in a deep blue suit, and tie with a pale blue shirt, that perfectly complimented his baby blues with his uber sexy Clark Kent glasses firmly in place. Of course his eyes widened when he saw her too, but then he started to grin, those sexy blue eyes of his all a twinkle, as he got to his feet to meet her.

More freaked out than thrilled, Jamie actually groaned. Damn, this couldn’t be happening. Not now. Not here. And definitely not with him. What were the odds that he would be this new client the bank was dying for her to land?

Of course they’d have no way of knowing she’d already landed him on his back, between her legs quite a few times actually.

Realizing how bad it was, subtly shaking her head, Jamie begged Clark with her eyes not to say anything. All she’d need would be for her new employer to find out she’d been screwing around with their brand new client all weekend, and they’d show her the door. But seeing as she hadn’t put anything in it yet, at least they couldn’t tell her to clear out her desk.

Unaware of her rioting emotions, Danny smiled at Clark and then back at Jamie as he made the introductions. “Mr. Clark Philips, it is my pleasure to introduce you to our latest acquisition, Miss Jamie Lockhart, who hopefully will be working as your personal financial strategist. Jamie is new to Hong Kong and comes very highly recommended from our Vancouver office, where she accomplished wonderful things for our clients there.”



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