one hot wet nightDriving down a long dusty country road with the tunes blaring, we spend a quiet afternoon. The music is lightening our spirits and I reach over a stroke the inside of your leg. Rubbing it in small circles, up the inside of your thigh and then back down to your knee. I lean over and tell you I love you and am enjoying this time together. Along the way we find a small secluded grove of ancient oaks, beckoning us to pull up and stop… to commune with nature. You can’t fight the force that beckons you and pull into the cool green canopy. We get out of the truck and I walk over and take your hand. It is so peaceful here. I lift up my face and you bend down and kiss me lightly, I open my mouth and the tip of your tongue reaches out and twirls around my tongue. I exhale and your tongue slips deeper into my mouth. I suck it and tease it with my teeth, dancing around it with my tongue. You pull me in tight and we stay locked in this kiss for a few minutes. Feeling our passion mount. I reach up a stroke your chest through your shirt but I want to feel your warm skin beneath my fingers so I run my hands underneath your shirt, our tongues still mating. The feel of your chest hair even against my hands is erotic. It sends a shiver down to the very core of me. I am becoming wet with my desire for you. You break off the kiss and it feels like you pull the very life that sustains me away. You walk to the back of the truck and bring out a blanket, saying “we should go deeper into the woods. That you want to make love to me the way God intended us to do. ” I smile and follow you nipping at your arms and chest as we walk. I am like a playful kitten dancing around you stroking you, wanting you to stroke me back. We find a spot that must have been blessed by the gods, because in the very center of the woods, there is lush, soft grass to make a perfect bed for us. You lay out the blanket, while I rub my hands over your back and stoke your cute butt. The sun filters through the trees casting a fairy- tale glow about us. The smell of the earth intoxicates us, as we come into each others arms. Kissing deeply, we stroke each other, but we need to get out of these clothes. I pull back and slowly remove my shirt, letting the sun touch my tender white breast, the heat of it is cold compared to the look of desire in your eyes, I reach down and run a finger around my nipple, and you watch as it springs to life hard and bahis siteleri waiting for your mouth. But I am not undressed yet, so you watch as I pull my skirt down slowly an inch at a time, I turn around so that my back is to you, and the material falls away from my butt. I wiggle it as my skirt fall to my ankles, and I bend over with my legs just slightly bent to give you a view of my hot spot, you see the little trace of moisture on my lips. And you grow a little harder knowing how wet I am for you. I turn around and lift my arms up and lift my hair off my neck, and when I do this it thrust my tits out, as if to invite you to taste. You take the invitation and reach for me. Taking a nipple in your mouth, you gently nip it then run the tip of your tongue over sending sparks of electricity through me. . All my senses are concentrated on the one spot where your mouth is touching me. You then pay homage to the twin. and I feel my knees grow weak. I want you naked also so I reach up and pull your shirt off over your head. I stop to plant butterfly kisses all over your chest, kisses so light but with just the tip of my tongue touching you. . I want to start a fire in you like you have started in me. I circle around your nipples but never touch them. They stand up reaching for my mouth but not yet. You still have clothes on. I kiss my way to your waist band and I undo your belt with my teeth, then I undo your pants with my mouth also. when I grab your zipper with my teeth I feel your cock pulse under my chin. I rub my chin into it and you draw in your breath. Still using my mouth I pull your pants down to your knees, you kick them off. But you still have on your boxers, should I remove them with my mouth also? I look up at you with my sweetest little girl face and ask you. Your answer is a defininate “yes!”It seems like we are the only two people on the planet, even the birds have stopped singing as if they know that this is a special moment and don’t want to interfere. I run my tongue around the waist band of your boxers, tickling you. Then I grab them with my teeth and pull down on them. As I do your cock breaks free and stands proud and tall. I turn you around a slip your boxers down so that you can kick them off. As you do that I reach out and nip you on your right cheek, then lick the same spot. I let my hands join my mouth as I run them down your legs and back and I lick and kiss your gorgeous bottom. canlı bahis Tracing my tongue along the outer edges of your crack. You turn and tell me “that will get me in trouble. ” And I tell you “I was made for trouble. ” But when you turn my mouth finds a better target. And I reach out and give it a lick and a kiss. You draw in a breath as I take him all the way down, then come back up and just flick the tip of my tongue over the head. I want you to lay back baby, I want to worship your cock with my mouth. You lay back on the blanket feeling mother earth beneath you as one of her daughters treats you to a velvety kiss. The sun helps me carress your skin as my tongue bathes you. I slip further down and spead your legs wide as I look for your most tender spot. I flick my tongue over it and you raise your hips to meet it. I love the salty taste of your skin, and I begin to lick and suck all up and down your ball sack. Drawing it into my mouth and using my tongue to manipulate them inside the skin. I love to suck on your balls. But I want to taste all of you, so I return to your cock. And I come down on it running my tongue all around it sucking it, and I leave just enough moisture for easy movement, as my head starts to move up and down on it. Licking it in my mouth, then out like a icecream cone. But unlike a icecream cone, you don’t melt you become harder. And as he grows I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth, thinking can you feel the sides of my throat constrict against the head. . baby as I swallow him or try to. I want to taste you cum in my mouth but I want to feel you explode inside me, it is hard choice… . what should I do? I decide that I can have the best of both worlds, my mouth works over your cock, bathing it, I feel it grow harder and harder. the tip is growing thicker as you come closer to exploding. I start sucking harder while my fingers stroke your balls, kneading them. I want your juices. . please give it to me. I feel your balls constrictiong as you begin to shoot deep within my throat, I swallow around the head of your dick as you coat my throat… mmmm. . you taste so good. As I raise up, you grab me and pull me to you for a kiss. As we kiss your hands stroke me, your fingers trailing down to find my heat. . you find me soaking wet. You look up and grin at me, telling me you want to taste my sweet juices. You turn me around and lay me back on the blankets. I spread my legs güvenilir bahis as your mouth settles around one of my nipples, sucking on it, nipping. I moan as you suck harder. . you know how I like that. . While your mouth works on my breast, your fingers strum a soft melody over my pussy lips, then dip in to brush lightly against my clit. You stroke me softly as your mouth moves to lick the underside of my breast, nipping the soft tender skin there. Oh yes I love what your mouth does to me. You move ever slowly towards my burning desire, I want your mouth on my hot wet pussy. You follow your fingers in their journey to find my center. Your tongue dips down and flicks across my hard clit. A electric jolt shoots through me. I spread my legs wider to give you better access. You suck my clit into your mouth sucking and nibbling, just the tip of my clit between your teeth, yes I like it. You put two fingers inside me, pushing them in and out of me. You play here kitty, kitty inside me, as you suck on my clit, rubbing the skin that seperates your mouth from your fingers. I want you inside me, I want to feel your cock moving in me, pushing me over the edge. But you are enjoying feeling my spasms as I cum, just when I think I am done you start licking and sucking again, causing me to cum harder and harder. I can’t lay still, my body has a mind of it’s own as I feel a growl growing deep within my throat. Little lights are dancing before my eyes, I feel so out of control. I have lost all grip on reality as my orgasm becomes my center. I want to feel you cum inside me, to ride the storm with me. “I want to ride you. ” You lay back, and I see you are more than ready for me. My orgasms always turn you on. I rise above you, taking your cock in my hand to place you in my hot wet pussy. As I slide down onto you, my body spasms again, it feels so good. I start to ride you slowly, our body’s becoming one. As I ride you a gentle rain starts to fall, bathing our sweat drenched bodies. It should cool us off but it just makes us more steamy. I raise my face and my breast thrust out and your hands find the nipples to pinch and squeeze them. We move together getting faster and faster as we feel our mutual orgasm coming closer and closer. “Oh baby, it feels so good, I feel it welling up inside of me, are you as close as I am. Are you going to cum deep within me. Please, cum with me, yes, I’m going to cum!” As my orgasm begins, I feel your cock explode within me. It causes me to cum harder. Over and over again. I feel light headed, as I collapse on your chest. As I look up I see a rainbow formed over us. We smile and kiss deeply as the birds begin to sing.



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