Morning came quickly, but in my mind, not quick enough. Jess and I packed our bags while you showered and changed your clothes. We left the hotel just before 7:00 AM in order to make our flights. When we arrived at the airport, Jess hugged me goodbye and nodded at you.

“Take care of her.” She said to you. You slipped your arm around my waist and assured Jess you would. She walked towards her gate while we walked towards ours.

My heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, and part of me was scared to get on that plane with you. I knew if I turned around now I could meet up with Jess and go home with her, back to the comfort and familiarity of our hometown. But I put one foot in front of the other and walked down the hall towards the waiting plane. I felt your hand on my back as I stepped over the threshold of the plane. We found our seats at the back of the plane, stowed our carry-ons in the above compartment and sat down.

The plane was not overly crowded and we seemed to have this small area all to ourselves. Except for the occasional passerby headed to the restroom, we wouldn’t be bothered. You grinned at me when you realized this, and my heart began to pound again.

The plane’s engines rumbled as we began our decent down the runway. Your hand on my thigh began moving it’s way upwards as the plane sped down the runway. Your hand reached up and unbuttoned my jeans and swiftly slid inside them.

“Greg.. I…”

“Sssh.” You said. “Just let me.” You leaned in and put your mouth to my ear. “Spread your legs.” I did as you told me and moved my legs as far apart as I could with jeans on. I felt two of your fingers slide through my pubic hair and stop on my clit. A shudder went through me as you moved your fingers in a circle around my clit.

“Try not to make it too obvious.” You whispered as your hand moved closer to my hole. I tried to control my breathing but this fire inside me was burning so hot and I wanted you right then and there. Your hand slipped further down and just as the plane lifted off, your fingers slipped inside my wet pussy. A low moan escaped my lips as you pushed your fingers deeper inside me.

With two fingers inside my pussy, you reached up and placed your thumb on my clit and pressed. The sudden sensation of pressure drove me to the edge. You fucked my pussy with your fingers while rubbing my clit with your thumb.

“Cum.” You whispered your command to me. “Cum for me baby.” My body began to tense as I felt your fingers push farther inside me. My orgasm began to bulid inside me as you slipped your fingers out of my pussy and slid them into my ass, replacing them with your thumb in my pussy. My hips bucked against your hands as you drove your fingers deeper inside my holes. My orgasm took hold and my body began to shake. Still your fingers pushed into me, over and over again as I came against them. When my body had settled down you withdrew your fingers from me and kissed my cheek. “Good girl.” You said as you stood up and headed to the restroom.

The plane landed in Chicago some time later, and I knew we had some sort of layover there.

“Not just a layover.” You said with a smirk. “We’re spending the night. I booked us two flights in the morning. One for you to go back home and one for me to head back to Seattle.” My heart leaped as we headed towards the baggage claim.

I knew that this wasn’t a spur of the moment bakırköy escort thing when I realized you had already booked a rental car. I loved the way you planned these things, knowing I would be up for it. Our hotel was several miles from the airport and we weren’t headed directly there.

“How about a late breakfast?” You asked as we pulled into a small diner. We exited the car and walked into the restaurant. We were seated in a small booth towards the back and the waitress came to take our order.

We ate and spoke little, both of us thinking of what was to come. I had told you my fantasy on the plane, to be pushed to the edge with both pleasure and pain, for you to fuck my ass so hard I cried, while pinching my nipples. I loved pain during sex; it’s the most erotic thing in the world to me. You didn’t exactly say you would do those things, but something inside me told me you were planning the perfect way to fullfill my fantasies. I thought about you inside me and was wet again.

We left the restaurant and headed towards the hotel. We checked in and got our rooms. The first thing I wanted to do was take a shower. It was almost noon. I went into the bathroom and closed the door. A moment later I heard a knock on the door.

“Hurry up, ok? I want to spend the entire day and night fucking the shit out of you.”

My pussy juices began flowing when I heard those words, but I maintained my composure and slipped into the shower, letting the warm water flow down my body, between my breasts, and over the soft mound of my pussy. I washed my hair with some sweet smelling perfumed shampoo and stepped out of the shower, draping the large, white bathtowel around my naked skin. I walked out of the bathroom to find you sitting on the bed with your cock stiff, making a tent out of your shorts.

“Wow.” You said when I walked out of the bathroom. You stood up and reached behind me, pulling the towel apart and letting it fall to my feet. Your hands reached up and brushed my breasts, pinching my nipple gently. I smiled. You reached down and unbuttoned your pants, letting them fall. Your boxers hid my prize and I wanted it. I slid my hands down inside the waistline and pulled your shorts down. Your cock stood stiff, wanting to be touched.

YOu leaned into me; I could feel your hot breath on my ear. “Suck me.” You said as your hands caressed my breasts. Slowly I knelt down in front of you, your manhood just inches from my face. I put my hands on your hips and took your entire cock in my mouth. I wasn’t teasing this time. I let your cock slide into the back of my throat and I swallowed hard. The vibrations from my throat shot through your cock and you let out a moan.

“Yes.. like that.” You begged. I continued to suck and swallow repetitively until I knew you could stand it no longer. I turned my head at such an angle as to allow your cock more room in my throat. When I did I was able to reach down and suck on your balls. I repositioned your balls with my hand and pushed them gently into my mouth. You were panting and moaning so loud I thought you were going to burst right there. But you didn’t. My mouth bobbed up and down on your cock as it began pulsating. I felt your hand on the back of my head, pushing it down.

“Deepthroat and swallow.” You said between gasps for air. I did as I was told and took your whole cock into my mouth, beşiktaş escort swallowing over and over again as your cock pulsated. I felt a warm shot of cum slide down my throat as you let out a loud moan. “Ohhhh…” You moaned as your orgasm subsided.

I brushed my teeth and came back out of the bathroom to find you laying on the bed, nursing your blown cock.

“Was that good for you?” I joked as I lit up a cigarette.

“Do you even need to ask?” You laughed as you sat up and smacked my ass. “Finish that quick. I have something in store for you.”

I glanced at you, took my last puff and put out my cigarette. “What is it?” I asked.

“Come here.” You reached your hand towards me and I took it. You pulled me into you and kissed me passionately. “Your turn.” You said as you sat me down on the bed.

“Scoot back and lie down.” You commanded me. I did so, placing my head on the pillow with my hands across my stomach. You put your hands between my thighs and spread my legs apart. “I want that pussy.” You said as your fingers traced the outline of my mound.

“It’s all yours.” I said. Without even giving me time to adjust, you thrust two fingers into my wet pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes, just taking everything in. You fucked my pussy hard and fast with your fingers. YOu slipped your pinkie finger into my ass as your mouth engulfed my mound. Jesus, I was going crazy. Your probing tongue hit my button and I let out a loud, “Fuck!”

“That’s later, my dear.” You said, and leaned your mouth back down to my waiting clit. You flicked your tongue across my clit so fast, that i was gasping for breath. I felt your mouth sucking on my clit, your fingers fucking my ass and pussy to the same rhythum.

“I’m bout to cum.” I whispered between moans. Your pace sped up as my orgasm took hold, and my pussy and ass clenched down hard on your intruding fingers. Don’t stop.” I commanded you. Wave after wave of pleasure tore through me as the pain and pleasure from your fingers drove me wild. I came down from my high expecting you to stop and clean up, but you did no such thing.

“I’m hard again.” You said. I was so spent from sucking you and cumming that all I wanted to do was sleep. But I knew I wanted this, to spend the whole day fucking you.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Turn over.” You pulled your fingers from my body and leaned up. I turned over and laid on my stomach. “On your hands and knees, with your ass up.” You commanded. I did so as I felt the weight of your body on the edge of the bed. You reached down and stuck two fingers inside my pussy, lubing them and then spreading my natural lube on your cock. You jacked your cock for a minute before thrusting it inside my spent pussy. You fucked my pussy softly for a few moments, just enough to make it slick. You pulled out and repositioned the head of your cock at the entrance to my ass.

“Are you ready?” You asked me.

“Yes.” I said. I had dreamed of this moment. Our last ass fuck wasn’t nearly long enough. I wanted you to fuck my ass so hard and so long. And I was in luck, you had just come from the blow job, so I knew you would be fucking my ass for a long time before you came again.

You pushed forward, the tip of your cock popped into my ass and I shreiked in pain.

“Did that hurt?” You laughed.


“Good.” You began beylikdüzü escort pushing your cock into my ass, inch by inch, as I grabbed the headboard. The pain was intense. Your cock was so massive and it was just tearing me up. I was so close to telling you to stop, but this is what I wanted. Pain. Pain and pleasure.

You had five inches of your cock buried deep in my ass when you stopped moving. “I don’t think I did this right.” You said, and pulled your cock out of my ass. You were teasing me and it was driving me absolutely crazy. You got up off the bed and stood behind me. “Stay just like that.” You said. “I just want to look at your ass waiting to be fucked.”

I stayed just like that for what seemed like forever. It was about 5 minutes. Enough time for my ass to close the opening your cock had made. You got back on the bed and immediately slammed the entire 8 inches of your cock into my tight ass. I screamed in pain as you began fucking my ass.

“Sssh…” You said. “You wanted this, remember?” I stifled my moans of pain and began focusing on other things, hoping the pain would subside enough for me to begin enjoying it. Just as it was coming down, you reached around with both hands and began pinching my nipples – hard. I moaned again, but this time in pleasure. I reached my hand down to my pussy and felt for my clit. I began rubbing it as your cock moved furiously in and out of my ass, pushing me further than I have even been pushed in my life.

My breathing became labored as the pain from your cock in my ass and your fingers pinching my nipples grew more and more intense. It hurt. It hurt so good.

“You like my cock in your ass?” You asked me as your fingers squeezed my tender nipples.

“Yeah…” I managed.

“Tell me what you want.” YOu whispered.

“Fuck. Fuck my ass. Harder.” I stammered.

“Harder? Really?

“Y-Yes…” I moaned. Your hands left my breasts and grabbed my hips. You pushed your cock all of the way into my ass until just your balls slapped against the outside. You pulled out until just the head of your cock was inside my ass then slammed back in, hard enough to move me a few inches up the bed. With my unoccupied hand I reached back and touched your cock as it slid in and out of my ass. You were tearing me up and I was loving every second of it.

“I want you to cum hard.” You said to me as you pumped in and out of my ass. “I want to feel your ass grab my cock as you cum.”

“Soon…” I breathed.

I was starting to feel the pain again as my orgasm built within me. Your hands reached back around and pinched my nipples hard, twisting them as you groaned.

My fingers roamed my clit rubbing it hard and fast in time with your strokes. My breathing was labored and I knew it was almost time.

“Damnit Greg! Fuck me harder. HARDER!” I shouted. “Make me cum!” You sped your pace up just enough to send me over the edge and my ass began contracting as my orgasm took hold.

“Holy fuck…” I shouted.

“Here I come…” You said as your cock pulsated inside my ass. “Ready?” I nodded and moaned as my orgasm subsided. I felt a long stream of hot cum squirt into my ass as you pushed far inside me and stood still. As you came, your fingers pinched my nipples so hard my eyes started watering.

“Oh shit!” You said as your orgasm swept over you. My ass was filled with your cum and your cock was still buried deep within me.

“I want more.” I said as you pulled your half hard cock out of my ass.

“Let me rest and you’ll get it in the ass again, baby.” You sat back in the chair and cleaned yourself up. You lit a cigarette and smiled at me.

“Your ass is mine all day and all night, so be prepared…”



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