On the side.Being in chastity constantly starts to make me extremely horny. After several days of being alone I just couldn’t help myself. A dildo wasn’t going to do it. Due to the kind of parties we have had I knew there was a gay couple down the street. I was dressed as a French maid when I first met them. Chris was the younger one, my age. Mark was a little older, they were slim and in good shape. Chris was a little taller and more blonde. Mark commented on my outfit, heels, stockings, chastity cage, short skirt and bottom of my ass hanging out.Since then, they have always invited me to come ‘dirty up their house.’ So I put on the my Maid outfit, I got on a big coat to cover it and went to their house. When Mark answered the door, I opened my coat and showed him what I was wearing and I was inside. He and Chris didn’t know what to do at first. They offered me a drink but I asked if they wanted to just go straight to the bedroom. As quick as I was in the house Chris had already stripped down. He was slim, slightly tan, tight abs and chest and pretty hairless. His cock wasn’t as thick as masters but he was still long, 9-10 inches uncut and he was sexy. Mark was very fit and he probably 7 inches cut. I knew I already knew I wouldn’t be in this outfit long but they wanted me to take off my chastity cage too. Something about adventure makes me very agreeable. I decided I would do it.I couldn’t help it, I was on my knees. I left the stockings on because I like to think I canlı bahis am a slut like that (I might be). I started sucking Chris’ cock. I was looking at Mark while I was doing it, he couldn’t help but to come over. I had both of their cocks in my mouth; Mark grabbed the back of my head. Chris’ cock was forced down my throat and I made it a good few seconds without gagging. He pulled out and then throat fucked me holding onto my hair until I started gagging.When he let go, I realized I had lost Mark in all of this. He was on the bed and Chris was heading to him. Chris was on the bed lying on his back his cock buried in Marks throat. I crawl across the bed and I put both of his smooth balls in my mouth and I feel a hand on my ass. I started sucking on Chris’ cock; Mark moved around behind me. I was tonguing Chris’ foreskin when I felt Marks hand on my cock. Chris picked up his knees; I knew he wanted me to eat his ass. Mark was sucking on my balls for a few minutes then he moved up and starting licking my ass too. Having my hole eaten and fingered made me enjoy Chris’ cock so much more. Mark stopped and I felt him get up. I knew what was coming. I felt his cock touch my ass. He pushed himself inside me, he wrapped his hands around my hips and started fucking me. I could taste Chris’ precum in my mouth. Mark was fucking me relentlessly. I got a chance to look between my legs I was dripping a little myself, it excites me to see my cock totally flaccid when I am getting fucked, bahis siteleri swinging a little. Mark was breathing hard, he pulled out of me.I crawled on top of Chris’ long cock. It took me a second but I lowered myself until he was balls deep inside of me. It soon became difficult to keep up. I had Marks cock cumming in my mouth while Chris was fucking up into my hole, full stroke. I was sure Mark saw me swallow. He started playing with my cock. He started sucking my cock when I was still completely soft (I am a grower for sure, 7 inches hard but only 1-1.5 sometimes. Chris was pounding me while I was holding myself up until Mark made me hard. At some point, Mark stopped and sort of presented himself doggy style. I was hard, I wanted it. I had never penetrated a man before.He was there in front of me, his rear view was amazing. His ass was his best feature. He was waxed (or whatever), I couldn’t resist the way his arched back, bubble butt and puckered hole called to me. I knew Chris would follow me and I would get to knock something off my bucket list. I dismounted and got onto my knees. I put my cock to his asshole. He pushed back, his hole felt amazing as it wrapped around my cock. Chris was up and slapped my ass as I thrust into Mark a few times then I bent over a little bit to suggest to Chris what I wanted. He came over and he was back inside of me. He was fucking me but he was doing it so hard I didn’t really have to do any work anymore. It was almost overwhelming güvenilir bahis how good it felt.Chris pulled out of me and picked up my ass a little. I didn’t know what he was doing until his cock was beside mine. He pushed me all the way into Mark and then stuffed his cock into his ass too. My balls were sort of caught in his war path. He fucked Mark hard, deep and fast. He came in Marks hole, I could feel his cock pulse beside mine. We pulled out at the same time. After I ate out the cum. I asked if they would do me too. Chris lay on his back. Cock not quite hard because he just came. I remedied that for him.I mounted Chris; he pulled my back down to his chest and pulled my legs up. Mark had already put two more fingers in, trying for a third. Soon he was sliding his cock in; it was tight. I don’t know if it was position or the extra cock it was rubbing my prostate just right. Mark was fucking me hard, my hole felt really stretched and it was starting to hurt a little bit, it had me moaning though (I naturally have an embarrassingly girly moan). I felt so close to coming when he tried to pull out because he was close too. I cried, ‘please don’t stop.’ It didn’t take long of him working that spot. He was coming in my ass as cum started spewing from my limp little sissy clitty, just like I came begging for. He pulled out and Chris held up my ass as I watched Mark eat his own cum out of my hole. I love the feeling of being used. I locked my clitty back up, put my skirt on and took my sissy ass back home. I changed into my favorite panties, I fell asleep a happy sissy, well fucked and the taste of cum still in my mouth. I still punished myself the next day by wearing my plug all day.



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