Ricky had Susan bent over his desk that looked out the window from his dorm room across campus – he was ramrodding her as hard as he could which given the struggling and sounds coming from her was more than she planned but exactly what she needed. Ricky looked down on the view noticing the woman approaching from the other end of the field in an orange and yellow summer dress.

Susan tried to slow him, “Baby, easy. No need to hurry. I want to enjoy that thick cock. But I do not need for you to prove you can bottom me out.” She spit out the words between gasps and grunts. However, Ricky did not break stride. Susan was lean and tall with large breasts she was the type of woman made to be pinned to a desk. “Fuck.” she thought as her legs started to give out and she felt an electric shock start to burn through her. His cock started to swell it her. Susan struggled hoping to calm him down a little – but with his size and strength and from what she could tell was the power of her oncoming orgasm – she lacked the ability and will to. “I just hope Tom does not push me to fuck tonight.”

Ricky spoke to her, “See the woman in the sun dress coming this way?”

Through the slits her eyes had now become and the sweat in them it was still obvious who Ricky was speaking about, “Yes!” She screamed answering and trying to hold reaching her climax. Susan was enjoying this moment far too much to want it to end. “Christ, he was as good as advertised.” She thought.

“That is my Mom.” He said with detachment. “I was not expecting her, however, that means you have until she reaches the dorm’s front door to get yours. Because I am going to drop a load in you before she does.” Ricky reached under and finding her breasts squeezed her nipples roughly. “I wonder why she is here.”

“Fuck, why did she have to show up?” Susan thought. Then aloud she said, “Harder.” The next stroke felt as if it tore through her. By the third, she was in the middle of an “O” so consuming the sweat in her eyes had been washed out by tears while she clawed the desktop Susan begged him not to stop – ever. “So fucking good,” she purred as Rick emptied himself deep inside her.


The elevator down opened and Susan found herself face-to-face with the woman in the yellow and orange sheath. She was taken aback by her age she could not have been much older than her mid-30’s. Caramel skin and full breasts. She was most men’s dream – many women’s. “Holy shit,” she thought, “is the whole family that fuckable?” She fought the instinctive urge to kiss her.

“Hello.” Susan finally spoke up realizing she was blocking the woman’s exit.

“Hello,” Lexi answered. She was used to receiving “too” much attention from any of and every sex. Although, she felt herself stepping back as the slightly older woman with slicked back short cropped hair closed in on her personal space due. She was attractive and her perfume was pleasant enough but fresh and heavy. It seemed out of place given the very professional muted dress attire – she thought.

The women gushed, “Sorry, I am blocking … have to run. Apologies.” The two exchanged positions and the elevator down slid shut.

Lexi stood in the hall ataşehir escort alone.

Susan felt the elevator tug and a slight trickle slid down her leg. She pushed her hand passed her skirt’s hem to wipe it away. Allowing the skirt to drop she looked at her fingers she thrilled at the idea the mix of her and Ricky’s tryst. She pushed her fingers deep into her mouth. “Waste not. I should have started fucking him day one of class.”


Ricky exited the room. He had quickly jumped into the shower to wash the smell of sex off him and his hair was still wet. He had grabbed a bag and a baseball bat to make it look as if he was going to practice.


“Mom?” He turned just in time to meet his mother’s hug. Glaring down the hallway as he wrapped her up as a couple of heads popped out of doorways. Her voice alone was sex and he was used to it. He did not like it but he was used to it. They had always been protective of each other and as Ricky grew into a man he had become doubly so. As quickly as Lexi’s admirers had appeared they vanished after meeting his withering stare. With his athletic build and bat in hand no one decided they needed that much trouble. “What are you doing here?” He said pulling slightly away and feigning surprise at her presence.

“There was a tall blonde…” Lexi started.

“Oh, that was Professor Hassen.”

“Oh… why was she up here?”

“She sometimes stops by to check in with students that are having issues in her class. She is very dedicated.”

“That is good. Are you in her class?”

“Yes. But I am sure everything is fine there.”

“That is nice. Hombrecito, we have to talk.”

Ricky bristled at the diminutive he stood almost 8 inches taller than his mother and had it been anyone else he would not have had any of it. “Is Dad parking the car?”

“We need to talk.” Lexi started to the door of his room. It was still ripe with the smell of sex and Ricky did not wish to have to explain himself.

“We can’t. My roommate is in there.”

“He can let us have the room for…”

Ricky gave her a knowing look and took her hand to keep it from turning the knob. Lexi looked up.

“Oh…Then come on we need to have a discussion somewhere private.” She locked on to his hand and started back toward the elevator. “The car.”

Walking with Lexi through the quad was quite an experience. She was almost dragging him as if he was a misbehaving child being pulled out of a store by his mother. Also, he had forgotten since he had been in college that every man and some women watched her walk by no matter the speed or who was in tow.

They approached a silver Toyota – nice but still a far cry from his Mom’s usual ride. “Where is Dad? And the Benz?”

She looked nervously, “Get in the car.” Almost before he had shut the door she pulled from the parking space.

“Damn!” Ricky exclaimed.

She looked at him accusingly.

“Sorry.” he said.

Wheeling into a parking lot of a nearby strip mall Lexi parked the in a spot far from the entrance.

“What is going on, Mom?”

“Harold is dead.” Lexi broke out into heavy sobs. “Baby boy – there is so much you kadıköy escort need to know. He was involved and had been for since before we met him with some very scary people.”

Ricky was confused. Harry was the only father he had known. He had married his mother when she was twenty-one and saddled with a toddler. Before they were married he had adopted Ricky and they had been a family ever since. He was the all-American Hugh Beaumont style dad. “Dad’s an accountant.” He stopped.

“He was more than that. He did just do the accounts; however, it is so much more. Honey – I am sorry – you are not going back to college now – maybe not ever.”

All the words did not registered in Ricky’s consciousness. “I am scheduled to start this weekend. Coach says there will be scouts there.”

She looked at him for a second then smacked him across the face just hard enough to get his attention, “Do you understand what I am telling you? Your father is dead. More than that they are looking for us?”

“What? Who are they? Why would they give a rat’s ass about us?”

“Language,” she looked at him.

Ricky pulled himself together and willed it himself into the moment, “We are in a parking lot talking about Dad being murdered in a hit and language is your concern? I hate to say it but priorities seem a bit out of line. Why do they want us anyway, what do we know?”

“He shared more than he should with me.” She pulled a bag from the back seat and produced a ledger.

“Do you know what is in it?”

“No, Harry had some sort of system he was using and I cannot make heads or tails of any of it.”

Ricky knew he was not his Dad – where accounting was concerned – even though he took accounting as his major – Dad’s recommendation. Ricked opened the leather bound book and his eyes widen. He immediately recognized the system his father used. It was not convention accounting. It was a number substitution code based on a poem. Before he was “Dad”, Harry had taught Ricky it as a way to get closer to him. Either Harry was very indiscreet and perhaps his employers should have been worried or he had played a much longer game than Ricky could imagine. Flipping the first couple pages he looked up and flatly said, “Christ – they are they are going to kill us.”


They had driven in shifts for over a day since leaving Miami. The Texas heat coming off the asphalt in the parking lot of this motor-lodge was a kiln. On his off shifts Ricky had alternated between sleeping, eating, and trying to decode the ledger. It had been years since Ricky had been taught this code by his father. While he still could decipher most of it he had come to the conclusion that his Dad or whoever created this code was cleverer than he had ever been. And that he should have paid more attention.

Their room was in the back of the hotel. Getting back into the car to head where their room was located Ricky made that observation that the clerk looked at them with an all too knowing glance.

“That is for the better.” Lexi said, “Better a couple which Harry’s “friends” are not looking for than a mother and her son who they are definitely looking for. And what is that tone? You don’t bostancı escort think a young man would find me attractive?”

Ricky glared at her, “We are joking now?” Twenty-eight hours in this goddamn car almost completely silent and now jokes?” They pulled in around the back of the hotel it was nearly abandon.

Lexi kissed him on the cheek. “You could do worse.” She said in all too flirty a manner that he knew was just her standard operating procedure around men – especially when she wanted to get her way. “Get the bags.” She stepped out of the car. Ricky grabbed the bags from the trunk and headed inside.

“Yeah. Perfect.”

The room was cool when compared to the parking lot, perfect as far as Ricky was concerned. However, the lack of a second bed pushed his buttons. He seldom let a women he was fucking stay the night – having a sleep over with Mom was not was he had hoped for.

Lexi could tell something wasn’t right. “Don’t pout Hombrecito. When you were little you used to crawl into my bed all the time to cuddle. Besides, given that it is a king and we have been in the car for a day I doubt we will even notice we are sharing.” She kicked off her shoes and collapsed on the bed and patted the mattress.

“I am taking a shower.” Ricky said.

By the time Ricky finished his shower Lexi was asleep. He pulled on some shorts and lay down beside her. The room was cool and motionless – a delightful change – soon he was dead to the world.


The barest light of the morning crept around the shades of their room. It was that time of the morning where there world was in grey scale. There was too much light to call it dark, however, the colors of day were yet to define themselves. The effect rendered the interior of the room almost completely in a blues.

His cock had been up well before him and was rock hard.

The room had gone from pleasantly cool to icy. Lexi while sleeping had spooned up against him for warmth, and he had wrapped around her. She had ground her firm ass deep into his crotch. Waking up completely and fully realizing whose breast his hand rested on Ricky tried to untangle himself from his mother. This job was made more complicated as she, still asleep, continued to push up against him in search of warmth making small whimpering sounds which caused his blood to catch fire. By the time he was standing at the edge of the bed he found himself wanting to crawl back in and bury himself deep into her. For a brief moment, the image of his mother straddling him cupping her plump tits flashed through his head. Recovering his senses he felt a trickle of precum on this leg. “I got to get out of here,” he thought.

Seeing his sports bag and bat he slid into some jeans and a t-shirt and grabbed bat and the ledger stuffing it in the duffle. He noticed a couple of balls in the bag. He could go hit a few balls and try to figure this out – all of it. He attempted to leave the room without completely awaking Lexi.

It was not until the sun was fully up, over an hour and half later, Lexi reached behind her before she caught herself, “Ricky?” She remembered the feel of a taut body against hers. She was embarrassed by her own wetness, but her hand still found the spot and her engorge clit begging to be touched a pang of longing, a loud heated moan, and instant guilt. Immediately she was completely awake – “I need a cold shower,” she thought pulling herself up and out of the bed.



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