My wife’s continuing story of lust and sex with her son and his friend and me, of course. Hope you are enjoying the stories. Let us know.

When I finally got home from the market, I knew there was something going on in the house. Sam wasn’t in his office and his desk was a mess, papers strewn all over it carelessly and his glasses were sitting on top of some of the papers. I noticed his message light blinking on the phone so I knew there was something up, no pun intended.

I spent a few minutes in the kitchen, putting things away and then wandered towards our bedroom. I could hear muffled noises coming from inside it so I stopped at the door and listened for a minute. I heard Jeff.

“Oh fuck, Dad. I’m coming in your ass.”

“Yes son, come in my ass. I want you to come in my ass and fill it with your hot come,” I heard Sam almost scream at him.

So they were at it again. I didn’t know there was a fourth until I opened the door and saw the four naked men on the bed. There was frenzied action taking place as cocks thrust in and out of asses and mouths and groans and moans of satisfaction were filling the room. I stood and waited, watching the four of them finish working over each other. After they had all parted, I spoke.

“You’re at it again and I wasn’t invited,’ I said as I watched their faces.

“Geez, Mom, we would have but we wanted to fuck Dad first,” Jeff said, smiling at me.

“Well, now you have and its my turn,” I said as I walked towards the bed, shedding my clothes as quickly as I could.

As I got on the bed between the men, Sam moved out of the way. On my back, I felt my legs being spread and my dripping wet cunt was covered by a hot mouth, its tongue licking and sucking up and down my crack. I didn’t have time to think about it as a hard cock appeared above me and I opened my mouth, accepting it as it was thrust into me. I then ataşehir escort felt a weight on my chest, my breasts being squeezed around another hard cock which started to tit fuck me at the same time I had a cock in my cunt and mouth. What a feeling, having three hard, young men exploring my holes at the same time. It was overwhelming as I lay on the bed, the three of them taking care of my body.

My legs were lifted up and I felt the cool air surround my wet cunt, then a hard cock was being pushed up into me, its head rubbing the walls of my vagina as it hit the end of it. I groaned into the cock in my mouth and braced for the assault I knew was coming. I felt balls slapping against my thighs as I was fucked hard. It didn’t take long for the three of them to start to come. I felt my chest being sprayed with hot come as the cock in my mouth, drained itself down my throat, making me swallow quickly. Then my cunt was alive as the cock in it, spewed its hot load up into me, I groaned as I felt it twitch over and over again as it continued spraying the insides of my vagina with it hot mass.

The cock in my mouth suddenly started spurting hot come down my throat. I wasn’t expecting it and I started to gag on it as it kept filling the back of my throat. Then I heard a grunt above me and I felt strings of come being sprayed all over my chest, across my face and into my hair. As I tried to catch up and swallow the hot come drowning me, the come on my chest felt hot and sultry. I felt a hand rub it into my skin, across my sensitive nipples and around the bottom, underneath them.

A tongue all at once was thrust into my cunt, making me groan again and again as it licked and sucked on my clit, sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. I came again as the softening cock in my mouth slipped out and I licked off the remaining come from its slit. I heard the groan kadıköy escort of pleasure, from above me and then the tongue was replaced with another hard cock. My legs were sprayed up in the air and spread until I thought they would break. I felt two hands holding my ankles as the thrusting of the cock made my body move up and down the bed with it, as it pounded in and out of my cunt harder and harder.

Fuck, it felt good having my cunt used again and again. I wanted all of them to fuck me over and over again. I wanted all their hard cocks in all my holes at the same time. I had never been ass fucked but I didn’t care because all I could think about was those young men’s cocks and I wanted them now, more than ever. I felt the cock inside me start to spew its hot load up into me and I groaned as it spurted over and over again until I felt it slip out of me. My legs were lowered and that’s when I got to look around.

I had a circle of four young men looking at me, big smiles on their faces, their semi hard cocks, starting to rise again. I looked towards the doorway and saw Sam leaving the room. After he closed the door, I looked back at the four young men. As if that was a signal to them, they all got up and started to arrange themselves around me, hard cocks pointing at me from every direction. I let them do whatever they wanted.

I was lifted up and pushed down on Steve’s hardness as Dee stood in front of me, his cock pointing at my face. Then I felt hands pushing me forward and a cock was pressing against my ass hole. I tried to open my legs a little further but couldn’t do it very well. Then a sudden pain came shooting through me and I screamed out just as Steve shoved his cock into my mouth, muffling my screams. I felt my ass hole being split wide open as the cock in my ass, slid slowly up its whole length into me. I felt a pair of balls resting against my ass bostancı escort then the head of the cock was sliding back down my ass canal before thrusting fully back up into me. I tried to cry out but Steve’s cock was holding my cries inside me as he started to fuck my mouth, hitting the back of my throat every time he thrust into me. I felt the two cocks in my holes sliding in and out together and then they both exploded inside me, sending rivers of hot come, spraying into me, warming my ass and cunt and sliding out, bringing with them, come that ran down my legs and onto the bed. Steve started filling my throat with his come and I swallowed it quickly, wanting to get his cock out of my mouth so I could scream out from the pain I had felt.

I didn’t get the chance as Steve held my head against his groin as another cock thrust up into my ass, filling me again with a hot, twitching member ready to fill my ass hole with it load. It didn’t take long for me to feel it twitch and start to spurt inside me, mixing its load with what was already there. Whoever it was fucking my ass, came over and over again. He came so much, I could feel his come running down my legs even before he pulled himself out of me. Steve finally let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. By this time, I didn’t feel any pain so I just rolled over and looked at the four young men who were still circled around me. I could smell the sex in the air and I could feel the gummy mess across my heaving breasts as I lay still, watching the four young men.

Surely, they had had enough. I was wrong. For the next two hours, my cunt and ass were constantly filled with hard cock and I swallowed a load so many times, I lost count. Finally, my ass was too sore to take another assault and I called an end to the proceedings. The four young men knew it was time to stop and I don’t think they minded either because they looked tired for the ordeal.

After they had left, I just lay in the bed thinking about what I had just been through and wondering when I would have the courage to do it all over again. A few days later, I had my chance but that’s another story.



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