He stood tall, rifle slung over his shoulder. The alley was empty, had been for days. A Soldier followed orders. His assignment was to keep it that way. Days were long and hot, repetitious, so he now knew every corner and crevice on his watch. Not his duty to question, only to guard and protect. The scratchy threads of his uniform stuck to his body, holding the heat in.

Behind the building across the way, close enough to follow his movements yet still remain hidden, I watched. His steady pacing, from end to end of the alley, all senses fully alert to danger. This was my seventh day here, and soon I would make my move. I could see it in my mind, follow the scene frame by frame. Excitement ran through my body!

The walk to the alley would be easy, and I knew the exact time to leave my hiding place. On his patrol of the back fence area, I slipped away from the tiny area that was my home for so many hours. My feet carried me closer, as his took him further away. Perfect!! My timing was impeccable….he turned just as I approached the entrance in front of the alley. A slight misstep was the only indication he saw me, but I felt bakırköy escort his eyes on me. The way they followed the swaying of my hips, the length of my tanned legs, my long blonde hair.

Stopping just short of his assigned patrol area, I waited. It was obvious I had no weapons on me…my skirt, short and snug…the skimpy blouse showing more than it was hiding.

“Excuse me ma’am, this is a restricted area. I am afraid you will have to leave now.” His voice was rich and deep, leaving chills on my arms. The sound left my nipples peaked and aching.

“Don’t you like having me here?” Almost pouting, and to add effect, I slid one red-tipped finger over my lips. My arm brushed against my chest, bringing his attention to the buttons straining across my big breasts. I could see the beginning of a bulge in his uniform, the outline leaving no doubt his cock was huge.

“Yes ma’am, I would certainly enjoy having you here, but this area is closed off to civilians.”

All attempt at continuing his patrolling had been abandoned, as his full attention was on me. Standing directly in front beşiktaş escort of him, I laid one hand on his chest. The pounding of his heart let me know he was as excited as I was. My other hand reached up, lightly grazing his cheek. And in that second the tiger was unleashed.

Gripping my arms tight, his lips ground into mine. Hot deep kisses, tongues fighting for control. Backing me up to the wall, he pinned me there with his body. My nipples grew harder from rubbing against him. His hot mouth left a wet path across my neck. My back arched towards him, my body begging to be touched. Ripping my buttons open with one strong hand, his tongue found a hard tip and sucked…….not letting up. The sensations drove me crazy!!

Out of control now, my hands went to his hair. Down his broad shoulders. Cupping his tight ass, drawing his cock closer to me. Soft fingers found the belt, the zipper, and inside to the heat I craved. Thrusting his pelvis into my hand, his cock swelling under my touch, I could feel the weight of his balls.

My skirt was bunched up to my waist, his fingers already beylikdüzü escort near my wet pussy. My knees weak, I let his body hold my weight. Lifting me easily, my legs on their own wrapped around his body. His lips were hot and wet and driving me wild! All thought was gone—-instinct taking over. One fast plunge and his massive cock was buried inside me! The power of it took my breath away!

In and out—-pounding into me—-like an animal. His cock so big, my pussy stretched so far! The sensations were overwhelming!! Never before had I been so filled!!

Throbbing and tense, his cock was nearly ready to explode. And that was enough to set me off—a powerful, mind-blowing orgasm like I never experienced before! Screaming, I tightened my pussy muscles, holding his cock tight inside me. Just the thing he needed to push him over the edge—cum blasting deep into the far corners of my pussy. Not stopping, shoving that cock in further and further. Finally pulling out, cum dripping down my thighs, he let my legs slide down his body. Unsteady, I held on to him, hoping I didn’t fall.

His arms on either side of me, hands flat on the wall behind me, he tried to calm his breathing down. Pants still open, I could see his cock, shiny with cum. My clothes were torn, and askew. Trying to dress myself as best as I could, I looked up.

“Guess that area wasn’t restricted was it??” I asked with a cheeky grin as I sauntered away.



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