Oma amd OpaEver since I can remember, I would visit Oma and Opa and spend the night with them. We would all sleep in the same bed. Oma on the right, Opa on the left, and me in the middle. We would all sleep naked.Some times Oma and Opa would get on one side of the bed. They would kiss. Oma would be on the bottom and make the bed bounce. Other times Oma would be on her hands and knees, Opa would be behind her. She would make moaning noises and Opa would be grunting, it sounded like Opa was smacking Oma and the bed would really be shaking and hitting against the wall. I noticed things about them. They would only get together when Opa’s PP was sticking straight out, most of the time it hung down. Their getting together on one side of the bed happened less and less. Both Oma and Opa were covered with hair down there, I didn’t have any.Oma had bigger breasts than my mom. They had really big nipples, bigger than my mom’s or aunt’s. One night as I lay there I looked at them. Her one breast was out to the side, her nipple was pointing straight it me. I reached over and touched it, Oma didn’t move. I touched it some more and it got bigger. The more I touched it the bigger it got, and Oma began to breathe heavier. Oma moved, I thought I had awakened her. She put her hand around the back of my head and gently pulled me to her, rubbing her nipple against my lips. I kissed it, and then licked it. She pulled me closer and whispered “Suck it.” I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently sucked it. It got harder and bigger than ever before. When I sucked it in I would lick the tip with my tongue. Oma would moan. I noticed her hips where moving, pushing into the bed. Her hand was between her legs. She did this for a few minutes, gasped and moaned and sighed. Her nipple went soft in my mouth. I would not learn until later she had an orgasm.I seen Opa many times but most of the time he was hanging down. It was long and thin, and hung down farther than his sack. At home I would try to see my father and brother. They did not know I was comparing them to Opa as I’m sure they thought I was too young to notice. My father was smaller than Opa in length but wasn’t as thin and didn’t hang down past his sack. My brother was thick like my farther but did hang down past his sack, the same as, if not further than Opa. But he as only a couple of years older than me.Oma would sometimes put her hand on my privates and just hold it. Other times she would squeeze it gently and run her fingers up and down it. It was these times she would pull me to her breasts and let me suck her nipples. I would get wet from her fingers and it would feel good. Oma and Opa would get on one side of the bed less and less as I grow older. Oma would stick her finger in me and wiggle it around. It would make me wetter and make my button get stuff. She would roll my button between her thumb and index finger until my hips began to bounce, I could not control them. I’d be breathing heavy and then feel tenseness and a relief, I would get really wet. I knew I had an orgasm like Oma. One night Oma moved my hand to her privates. She had lots of hair down there; it was hard getting my finger through it all. She took casino firmalari my finger and put it on her button. She moved her hips and I would wiggle my finger. She then took my finger and put it inside of her. I knew to wiggle it. She started breathing heavy and then sighed; my hand got every wet from her. At times Oma would tickle me and I’d tickle her and we’d both orgasms together. One night I was laying there Oma had her hand on my privates and Opa tried to put his hand there and she pushed him away. He would do this every once in a while. She would always push him away.I would lay there and watch OPA. His private part would get hard and stand straight up. I knew he wanted to put it in Oma, but when he reached over to touch her she would push away. He would get up and go the bath room. In a few minutes he’d come back all hanging down and would fall asleep.One night, Opa woke me up moving around in the bed. He had his hand on his thing and was moving it up and down. It was hard and standing straight up, pushing the sheet up. He was doing it really fast, he keep doing it the whole length. Next thing he grunted said “Oh Yeah” and sighed the sheets got all wet where they had been sticking up. His thing went soft and he fell asleep. In the morning Oma yelled at him for ‘cumming ‘in the sheets. Opa didn’t do it in bed for a while, when it got straight up he would go into the bath room and come back to bed hanging down. I think Opa use to here Oma and me having our orgasms as he use to get straight while we were doing it.One night when Oma and I were tickling, he took my other hand and put it on himself. With his hand covering mine, he moved my hand along it, all the way along to the top and back down. It was growing in my hand, soon he let go. I stopped; he put his hand on mine again and moved it up and down. I got the hint I should keep doing it. I was having a hard time tickling Oma and moving my hand up and down Opa. I ran my hand over the top of Opa and it was wet. He started whispering that I was doing good. He whispered, “A little faster” I was going as fast as I could without disturbing Oma. He whispered, “Squeeze tighter”. I did and he started saying “Oh, Oh…” I could feel it contact, it felt like a hose, I could feel it pumping. Next thing I know, hot creamy stuff is running down over my hand. He grabbed my arm so I couldn’t let go. When he finished, he had a towel and whipped my hand off. He then brought my fingers to his mouth and licked them. When he finished I put them in my mouth and tasted the salty stuff he left on them. Right after that Oma and I had our orgasms. We played like this often, with neither Oma or Opa knowing what we were doing to each other. One night I sucking Oma’s breast and she was sticking her finger in me. She pulled down and took my nipple in her mouth and sucked it. It felt unusual, but I enjoyed it. She moved down, kissing as she was going. She moved pass my belly button to my privates. Oma pushed my legs apart, being careful not kick Opa.She licked my private parts, it felt so good. She ran her tongue up down my slit, sticking her tongue inside me. She went back up to the top and sucked on my güvenilir casino button. My hips were bucking against her mouth. It wasn’t long and I orgasmed, flooding the bed; she stayed between my legs licking my wetness. After while she moved back up and fell asleep. Opa put his hand on my privates. He started to run his fingers up and down my slit. He fingers were rough but it still felt good. He stuck his finger in me. I winched, it was bigger that Oma’s, thicker and longer, but it felt better. I reached over and grabbed him. He was starting to get hard. I pumped him, as he plunged his finger in and out of me. My hips were moving to meet his finger. He was as hard as I ever felt him. He rolled me on my side away from him, removing his finger, forcing me to let go of him, laying with my back to him. I felt his private at my butt, he reached over and picked my leg up, his thing, slide by my ass, and between my legs, sliding along my slit, until it poked at my button. He let my leg go and reached around me, holding his hardness against my privates. He started to move his hips, force himself to slide up and down my slit. He let go and I replaced his hand with mine, hold him tight against me. I held the head of it tight against my button. I could feel his wetness. He was moving faster and faster, he was really breathing heavy, whisper words in my ear never heard before. Than it happen, it poured out all over my belly and hand, hot sticky and creamy. It was a mess. He handed me a towel and I whipped up. I licked my fingers; it was the same I had tasted before.I woke up on night Oma was laying on her back, her legs spread. Opa had his face between her legs. Oma was moaning. Opa was on all 4s, his cock was as big as I ever seen it. He had his fingers in her and moving his them in and out. She than “Fuck Me!” Opa picked her legs up and moved forward, his cock pointed at her slip. He pushed it right in and pumped it in and out. Oma said, “Fuck Yes!” In few minutes Opa yelled, “I’m Cumming!” Oma replied, “Me too!” They stayed that way a few seconds and Opa slipped from Oma. Oma grabbed her pussy and got up and went to the bath room. Opa fell asleep. I tickled my pussy until I cam as well.I woke up to Oma moaning, like I never heard before. She was saying things like, “Oh God Yes”, “Make me cum”, “You’re so Big”. Looked over her hips were humping like crazy; in her hand between her legs she had a black dick. It was thick like my father’s but long like Opa’s. She cam all over it. It was shiny with her juices. She pulled it out, brought it to her mouth and licked it off. She saw me looking and brought it to my lips. It tasted of her pussy. She ran it down my chin, my neck, my chest my stomach to my pussy. She slide it up and down my slit, it was getting wet from my juices. Oma pushed it into my little pussy. It wouldn’t go; she brought to her mouth and spit on it. With one hand she spread my lips and placed the head on it my entrance and push the head in. She pulled it out and put it back in a while further, she did this each and each time I winched with pain and pleasure. Before long the 8” black dick was fucking my pussy, Oma was banging it in internet casino and out of me; I had a pillow over my mouth to keep from yelling. I was cumming like never before, soaking the sheets. Oma finally pulled it out of my pussy with a pop. We would use that big black dick on each other many more times in the future. It would be one of the biggest things to entire my pussy.One night, Oma ended up on Opa’s side of the laying on top of him the opposite way. I would learn later it was call 69ing. He was eating her pussy while she was sucking his cock. Her head was up near mine, she was running her mouth up and down Opa’s cock, stopping to lick its head and then taking as much as she could in her mouth. The dick she couldn’t get in her mouth she had her hand wrapped around. When she came up for air she would slap his cock on her face. She would stop when Opa made her pussy feel good and to moan for a little. She stopped one time, I could see by the look on her face Opa was about to make her cum. She had his dick in her hand. She pointed it to me, telling me, “Suck it.” I opened my mouth and moved my head to take his cock between my lips, and started to suck it. Opa knew it as he said, “Suck it Girl”, which I did.Oma must have enjoyed watching me suck his cock as she cam. When she finished cumming, we would take turns licking and sucking his cock, sometimes both licking it at the same time, our tongues battling for control of his cock, fighting over the head. It wasn’t long and Opa was cumming. Spewing sprits of his cream, one shot landed on my cheek, another upmost went up Oma’s nose. We fought with our tongues to get the erupting massive of cream, each taking turns to suck his balls dry. When he finished we licked each other’s faces to get the final last bits of his salty delight.Opa would move me to my back and pull one of my legs over his. Would lay on his side, his cock resting on my pussy. I would get wet knowing he was going to tickle my button with the head of his cock. He would rut his hips and the tip of his cock would massage my clit. I would hold his cock to me, so it would ride up and down my slit. Normally he would continue to do this until we both cam. He would usually cum first. Him spewing his hot cream all over my pussy, clit and fingers would send me over the edge with a big orgasm. This time he took over holding his cock against my pussy. It gave my hand a rest and he could hold it much tighter then I can. I was wet very wet, my pussy was wet, his fingers were wet and his cock was wet. He had pre-cumed which made it more slippery. He pulled back, pushed the head of his cock down and pushed forward. He just entered my cunt with almost his entire cock. I was shock at first, but it felt so good, his was the first cock to be in me. He kept whispering in my ear how good it felt, all I could do was nod my head in agreement. It wasn’t long and his whole cock was in me. He pumped my pussy each time pulling his cock out about half way and ramming it back in again, all the time rubbing my clit. He fucking and rubbing my clit made me cum. I creamed all over his cock and balls. All I keep saying was, “Fuck” and “OMG.” This sent Opa over the edge, he push his cock deep into me. I could feel his cum pump through his cock and splash inside me. I could feel his hot seed deep inside me. We fell asleep. I don’t’ know when his cock slipped from me. These events took place over a period of 5 years.



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