Old Guys Rule Part 4This is a story about adult men intended for adult men. It is a fantasy, soI again remind you that I have done away with the requirements of safe sex,and have included no gestures toward common sense either. If you have anysuggestion or comments, please e-mail me.Breakfast was good and Ari set about getting the turkey ready for theThanksgiving dinner. He was always well organized and he got it in theoven. It was four hours of roasting before the bird would be ready so heand Gil went out bird watching and Billy and I kept watch on the roastingbird. I was in charge of basting.”That was good last night.” Billy said. “I didn’t know how much you likedthe bottom.””Well I didn’t either.” I said. “It was my first.””You’re shitting me!” Billy exclaimed. “I don’t believe it!” I laughed.”You don’t have to believe me, but it’s true.” I said. “You are thepossessor of the first cock to enter my ass.” It was Billy’s time to laugh.”I am truly honored to be the first! You took it awfully easily for a firsttime.” He said. “Was it ok?””I was surprised my self. I was expecting some thing a lot more dramatic.”I said. “It was good, and kept on getting better the longer I was skeweredon your cock, but it wasn’t painful. I had never thought about having acock in my ass, not to mention a retired NFL quarterback’s cock. You likedit?””Damn yes!” Billy said. “I like the top and am good at it. I love thebottom, and it’s a challenge. Ain’t life a bitch!””You fight it so hard.” I said. “Can you relax? Just let the cock enter?””I want to intellectually, but every time the head is at my ass I tenseup.” Billy said. “It must be a natural reaction.” He paused. “I wouldn’tmind trying it again, if you’re game?” The Viagra from the night beforemust still have been working, because I was more than game.”I need to watch the turkey.” I said.”Let’s screw here, I don’t think Gil and Ari would mind.” Billy said. Westripped and Billy oiled my cock. I admit I was turned on. Billy huggedme. This turned into a passionate embrace and soon we were on the floorwith Billy’s legs on my shoulders and my cock at his ass.He fought me, but my cock head is bigger than the shaft and once it was inthere was no stopping me. I could feel Billy relaxing. After a few minutes,I was pumping at a pace that was comfortable for me and him.”I could do this for hours.” I said.”Be my guest!” Billy replied. “I’m really comfortable now. Mellow andrelaxed.” I was stoking his oiled cock and that one part of him wasn’trelaxed. I felt the tension drain from his hard body as I continued tothrust my cock then stroke his meat. Every once and a while he would tellme to stop and let him cool off. I needed a few rest stops my self. Formost of the time we were in a state of sexual equilibrium, highly excited,but not teetering on the edge of a climax.”Did it bother you to have my cock up your ass?” Billy asked. “Did youthink you were passive, being used?””I thought it might, but it didn’t.” I said. “Oddly, I felt more masculine,rather than feminine or passive. All that active, passive shit may be justthat.””It seems to me like it’s more of a partnership with a man than a woman.”Billy said. “Like you are working together to get each other off. I almostnever felt that way with a woman.””I have the same feeling.” I said. “But without your experience. My wifewasn’t too interested, or at least that’s what she wanted me to believe.It’s so easy to know what men are feeling. They either have an erection ornot.” I gave his cock three quick strokes. “They are oozing pre cum, ornot. Or there’s cum splattered all over the place, or not.””You’re a philosopher!” Billy said laughing. “You’d better lay off my cockfor a few minutes, anadolu yakası escort or the cum will become a reality!” I let go and slowedmy pace. “That’s it! That’s perfect.” The timer went off in the kitchen soI went to baste the turkey. When I returned, Billy was still ready formore. This time my cock slid into the tunnel with less resistance.”Actually, Billy.” I said once I got the rhythm back. “I felt kind of asurge of masculinity with your dick in my ass. I hadn’t expected that.””I feel that way, sometimes, too.” Billy said. “I wonder if the cock ramssome gland and squeezes out a jolt of male hormones. It’s quite a rushsome times.” He paused. “It does get me feeling real. . . affectionate.”Billy and I got very affectionate in the next few minutes. A timer went offin the kitchen, and I went to see what was done. Ari had set it assuming Iwould forget to baste. I took care of the turkey and returned to Billy.This time there was no resistance from his cast iron sphincter at all. Mycock slid effortlessly into his rectum and he moaned in pleasure. Somehowwe had stopped fucking and were making love. We rolled over and he enteredmy ass. This time there was no slow build up for pleasure. His cock feltgreat for the moment his head touched my hole until his bush tickled myass.He filled my ass with new sensations. I had never thought of my ass as asex organ before, but it was suddenly transformed. I felt like I had justdiscovered a second penis that went as deep in my body as my cock stuckout. It was wonderful. Then I climaxed, hands free, purely from Billy’scock in my ass. I had never had an orgasm starting in my ass before. I feltBilly jerking as he shot load after load into my ass. We were winded, anddid nothing until the feelings subsided and reached a bearable level.”Holy shit!” Billy said.”Phrase maker!” I said. “Damn, what happened?””I think you know why I like the bottom?” He said. “It’s so different.” Hepaused. “You see. Even if it hurts, getting the cock in my ass is worthit. I’m afraid I’m a size queen. Every inch of cock is another inch ofpleasure.””Thus your interest in Ari?””Thus my interest in Ari.” Billy said. “I don’t know if this monster wouldbe that much better, but I’ve got to find out. If it hadn’t been for . . .”He stopped talking.”For what?” I asked.”Never mind. It’s nothing.” He said.”Billy, we’ve just finished fucking our eyeballs out.” I said. “It seems tobe that you don’t need to hold something back.””When I was 12, one of the boys in my neighborhood fucked me.” Billysaid. “He was 16 and big. He told me I would like it. Well, I didn’t. Inever felt so much pain in my life. But he hit something. It was a halfcentury ago, but I still remember the pain, and I still want for someone tofind the spot he hit.””I tried!” I said. “And no pain.” Billy laughed. It was a cheerful, notrueful or cynical, laugh. I have no interest in pain, but I knew that somepeople associate pain with sexual pleasure. Billy must have made thatassociation in his mind.”I know all the pop psychological explanations of my obsessions.” Hesaid. “But I’ve been looking for something for years. And this may be it.””Can you believe we are a group of almost elderly men, who are acting liketeenagers in heat?” I asked.”Ain’t it wonderful!” Billy said with a hearty laugh. “I thought that as Ireached the “Golden Years” I would become a monk. I feel like an old dogwho has discovered new tricks. Everything is in working order andeverything is getting a workout!” We went up stairs and took a shower. Icontinued basting the turkey.Ari and Gil returned and proceeded to fill out dinner. We ate early. Therewas enough food ataşehir escort for a dozen, but I will admit that we dented the fooddeeper than I had expected. Ari was a great cook and we were all in afestive mood. We cleaned up dinner and took a long walk on the beach. Ithad been cool the day before, today it was still near 80 and there was asoft breeze. The snow birds had not arrived from the north and the beachwas all but deserted.We wandered back to the house and Ari served wine. I’m an old Gallo fan,but Ari wasn’t and the wine was superb. It was dark now and we were soonnaked. I was sucking Gil enjoying the constant flow of pre cum. From theamount he oozed, I would have guessed that he had a hair trigger, but theooze must have been a substitute for the heavy cream. Ari and Billy wereenjoying each other.It was wonderful to have responsive partners. You got immediateappreciation for the work you did. I would lick and Gil would ooze a beadof cock honey. He would deep throat men and I would moan. I was surprisedthat as we got hotter, I began to feel an emptiness in my ass. A void Iwanted to have filled. I was trying to figure out how to do this when Arispoke.”Billy said you had a good time. Would you mind loosening him up?””I was hoping to get some loosening up of my own.” I said. “I’ve got thisitch deep in my butt.””Shit, John!” Billy said. “We’ve got a room filled with cock. There’s noreason that we all can’t be happy.” Ari oiled me and billy got on his handsand knees. My cock slipped in with only a little resistance. I hadn’t doneit doggy style before and it was a different experience.Then I felt pressure at my hole. Ari lubricated it, and then there was ablunt headed object poking as the opening. Gil’s small cock head eased ineasily. If he had been Billy the hard part would have been over, but as Gilworked it in the thickening cock began to stretch me open.”Jon is taking Gil’s meat, Billy.” Ari explained. “Just hold still so hedoesn’t break apart from you.”Billy couldn’t see what was going on behindhim, so Ari explained. Billy clamped his sphincter closed like a vice andmy cock was trapped in his ass.Ari sat on the floor in front of Billy and fed him his cock. Billy’s asswas high in the air. Gil was in all the way by now and was pumping. I feltas if he were trying to fuck Billy through me. My cock was deep in Billy’shot rectum, my ass alternated between being relaxed and stretched to thelimit by Gil’s tree trunk cock.I popped first filling Billy. I felt drained and broke apart from thegroup. I’m not exactly sure what happened next, but I saw Ari on his handsand knees with Billy to the rear. I remember thinking that was nice andthen must have fallen asleep. I woke at 11:00 that night and went home tosleep. The sex was great, but I realized that I needed to sleep sometime.I got up at nine feeling refreshed. Ari waved to me from the deck of hishouse. “Feeling ok?”””Great, are you guys ok, too?” I asked. He laughed.”We sure are, but we did need some beauty sleep. Will you be over forlunch?” He asked.”Sure, but I need to get some things from the store, do you need anything?”I asked.Ari needed a few things so I went off. I had forgotten that the day afterThanksgiving is a big shopping event, and it was a zoo anywhere near astore. I had hoped to pick up some materials for a repair job at thehardware store. The clerks were frazzled. Apparently half the house wivesin town had decided to get a tool set for their husbands, and they weretaxing the staff’s ability to answer stupid questions.Mike, the hardware guy, said he couldn’t find what I wanted, but if he hadtime later in the day he would locate it and he’d drop it off ümraniye escort at myhouse. I got back at 1:00 and Ari had lunch ready. Ari and Gil were havingsome birdwatching friends over for a meeting. Billy wanted to watchfootball games for the day so he came to my house. Billy watched footballwith riveted attention. He didn’t scream, or cheer, he looked for mistakesand opportunities. He was not good company. I went swimming in theunusually warm water then sat on the beach, leaving Billy to his games.When I returned Mike, the hardware guy, was watching the game withBilly. Mike was 35-40 years old, dark haired, tall, thin with a full beardand brilliant blue grey eyes. He also looked like a man who had died andgone to heaven. The house was warm and the air-conditioning was off soBilly was shirtless and Mike was having trouble watching the game withouttaking his eyes off Billy’s hair-covered torso.Mike rose and apologized for staying after he made his delivery. I told himit was fine, and to make himself at home. Billy seemed oblivious to Mike’sadmiration. I guessed he was accustomed to it. I offered everyone abeer. Ari called and said his friends were staying for dinner and I toldhim I would fix something for Billy and me. He protested but without muchsincerity. He was relieved that he had two fewer mouths to feed.Billy seemed relieved too. Ari wasn’t that interested in football, and hehad no interest in birds at all, so it was a good arrangement. Mike was theprefect companion. He knew a lot about the sport, but didn’t need to tellBilly the things Billy already knew. Mike was content to watch the game,and the hairy quarterback. The first game ended. Mike wanted to stay, butcouldn’t figure out how to do it without forcing himself on me.”Mike, would you like to stay for dinner?” I asked, putting him out of hismisery. “Nothing fancy, but you are welcome to stay if you wish.””I’d love too, but I’m all dirty from a day of fetching and hauling.” Hesaid. “I’m not fit for company.” Billy looked up.”We’re all guys here, don’t worry! We’re an informal group.” Mike acceptedthe invitation and called his mother to tell her he was having dinner withthe guys. I had been buying things from Mike since I came to Florida, and Irecalled he lived with his widowed mother.I was cover with sand from the beach so I took a shower. My house was arancher, and I left the door to my bedroom partially open and Mike couldsee me getting undressed. He now was watching the game, Billy andme. People say there is gaydar, a sure fire way to tell a guy in gay. Idon’t have that skill, but Mike’s interest was clear. The second gameended. It had been at halftime, when the first game ended. Billy got up andstretched.”I’m stiff as a board.” He said. “I can’t sit still for this long any more.Do you have a hot tub?””Nope, the best I can offer you is to stand under the shower.” Isaid. Billy grumbled that he guessed that would have to do. He vanishedinto the bedroom and tried to use up all my hot water. He emerged back inthe living room naked and drying himself off.”Mike. You might as well take a shower too.” I said. He went in thebedroom. When I heard the water running, I talked to Billy.”That guy is hot for your bod. Do you want to give him the thrill of hislifetime?””Are you sure? I hadn’t noticed.” Billy replied.”He sure is. He’s a nice guy.” I said. “Stay naked and take him a towel.That is, unless you object to casual sex with strangers.” Billy laughed.”It’s never been a problem in the past!” He said. “Are you sure?” the waterstopped in the shower. Billy went in. They emerged a minute later bothnaked and both at half staff. Mike was a classic otter, hairy, wiry. Hiscock was thin, but long, with not much of a mushroom. He also had big, lowhangers. It would be perfect in Billy’s ass. Mike was staring at Billy’scock, transfixed, like a deer in headlights.”You know.” Billy said. “It tastes better than it looks.” Mike dropped tohis knees and swallowed the entire thing. We had found a new playmate.



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