Of course he had noticed her…

The students had taken to finding a seat on the stairs of the lecture hall for the popular writing course. Although the lights were now dimming to accentuate a slide presentation, Aaron could see her. She was slumped back but listening intently. After seeing her walk in, he had been immediately smitten.

She wasn’t the kind that received attention from everyone. She seemed shy and her classic glasses and Talbot’s cut white blouse gave her something of a scholarly look. She was a slender brunette with long hair hitting halfway down her back. Voluptuous she was not, but Aaron could almost feel her soft skin as he imagined tracing the curves of her small breasts and cupping the weight of her tight ass.

He positioned himself directly across from her and was so captured that he spent the entire class period dreaming of what her voice sounded like, what her hair smelled like and of course what fantasies she might possess. Near the end of the class she must have felt his gaze and she began to scan the crowd. Although a bit shy himself, Aaron eagerly anticipated being caught. Staring directly at her, he rested his chin on his fist in a studious thinking pose with just a slight, but confident smile.

In what seemed a thunderous flash, Cynthia discovered her admirer. Without recoil she stared strongly back into his eyes, trying to determine sarıyer escort his intentions. Soon it was completely clear to her. He wanted what she wanted: touch and passion, to be wanted and desired. In a simple and deep word, she wanted sex. She was suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of connection to the millions of years of her animal forerunners. The feeling surged inside her sending a warm and anxious sensation throughout her lower abdomen that rested in her upper thighs.

When the class let out Aaron and Cynthia continued to stare wantonly, oblivious to the noisy shuffle of exits around them. She was in heat. Her period over for a week, she could feel the discharge signaling her ovulation, as it again began oozing into her black cotton panties, under her short, crimson skirt.

As if he could smell the puddling of her encouraging fluids, Aaron rose, striding toward her as the final students left the lecture hall. Cynthia’s reaction surprised her. Instinct taking over, she stood, grasped the back of a nearby seat, and while leaning forward, raised and presented her ass into the aisle. She then hung her head to await Aaron’s arrival.

His eminent approach made her gasp with a sudden awareness of her uncharacteristic invitation. Panic instantly yielded when Aaron cupped his hands under the esenyurt escort lower curve of her ass and held her firmly. He neatly lifted her skirt and was overcome with the escaping aroma. Falling to his knees, he was as if on strings controlled from a catwalk above. His face shot forward and his nose plunged into her humid heat. His tongue darting, he began to taste the source of her call as it hung to the warm cotton. The finding of even this mild roadblock to her source, triggered in him a rapid reaction, and he slid the trim fabric down her legs, and then rushed again to her magnetic ambrosia. Both intoxicating and invigorating, the cocktail dribbled into his frantic mouth as he sucked and lapped. After minutes of furious attention, Cynthia felt her thighs frantically quivering, and she began irregular and breathe-taking jolts as her arousal was ratcheted higher. She now had to have him in her. She was at that deeply rich height when she needed to be filled and entered.

Turning her head she managed to moan, “Fuck Me!” Hearing the guttural command, Aaron was torn away, acutely aware that he too needed to feel the grind of sex. As he struggled with his pants, Cynthia fully stepped out of her panties, spreading her shaking legs. Her sleek quarters were itching with anticipation. In a seamless movement Aaron drew his penis across her avrupa yakası escort dripping labia and then slid his entire length inside. After a slight pause providing a luscious envelopment in her warmth, Aaron held Cynthia’s hips firmly and began an intense and rhythmic internal massage. Each thrust ratcheted the intensity of her pleasure. She pushed back into his incoming penetrations, backing him up. She then placed one hand in front for balance and skillfully slid her free hand to her swollen clitoris. She circled it quickly, and then picking her favorite side began a dedicated titillation, tuning her strokes to twice the pace of Aaron’s thrusts.

With her head bobbing, her orgasm mounted, hovering near escape. Catching her off-guard, Aaron grabbed a fistful of her long hair and held tightly as if holding the reins of a wild mare. She at once bucked and a sea of warmth flushed through her, catching her up and pushing her to flight. Her flight so powerful, her release so drawn-out, she could only whimper irregular breathes as orgasm crashed around her. Aaron, as if grabbed by her wet center and jerked suddenly upward leaned back and grunted slowly as his blast shot through, sending his head arching skyward. Suddenly subdued Aaron placed his lips to the small of Cynthia’s back. Wrapped his arms lovingly around her and helped her to her feet. Cynthia turned to face him and only then did they disconnect, causing the gush of their union to trickle down her leg. Wiping it away a bit she announced she looked forward to this new class. Without further verbal exchange and just before her exit, Cynthia reached down, picked up her wet panties and placed them in Aaron’s hands.

Of course she had noticed him…



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