Please note: I could post this as a “Fetish” story but I honestly don’t think I should. I feel like that would be too narrow a category. This story belongs in “Erotic Couplings” but, just so you know there is some peeing although not for sexual stimulation and there is body hair shaving. Please rate the story and comment if you have something constructive to contribute. Thanks!

I’m Bishop. I’m fifty-three years old and in relatively good shape. I’m tall, mostly bald and, what hair I still have, is completely gray. I’m not fat but I’m not really fit either. I’m active; I do own a newer model car but I ride my bicycle and walk to shopping and most errands in town. I live in town and close to my office so I don’t drive a lot. I own a cottage on the water that’s about a hundred-mile drive so that accounts for most of the mileage on my car.

Nikki is an odd girl. At twenty-two years old she seems very naïve but is also very blunt and unemotional. She’s not cold, per se, she just doesn’t seem to react normally to people or situations. She led a very pampered and sheltered life in her parent’s home but she’d left there a year ago and had been living off the kindness of her friends when I met her. When she’d finally run out of friends to use, our mutual friend, Toni, had pawned her off on me. Toni was moving out of state and convinced me, by using her body in a most pleasant way, that I should take Nikki in and help her get ‘on her feet.’

There’s a small efficiency apartment over my garage and Nikki has been living there for about a month now. I’d taken her in and let her stay there rent free on the condition that she find a job and begin to pay her own way.

After the first week or ten days I realized that I may have made a mistake taking her in. Nikki seemed incapable of caring for herself. Seeing me as a surrogate father figure, she expected me to also provide her food, clothing, and all of life’s other necessities. I refused to play along with that scenario but then the girl started to lose weight. Her clothes were filthy and became loose on her. She, herself, started looking dirty and actually smelled bad because, while there was a shower in the apartment, I hadn’t provided her with soap or shampoo.

What was I supposed to do with her? I gave in a bit and bought her some basic grooming supplies, some soap, shampoo, some inexpensive clothes and I’d fed her at my table about three times per week. I told her she’d have to get a job in order to pay me back and she finally took a step in that direction. She hasn’t ever paid me back one dime but she did find a job stocking shelves at the local drugstore in the evenings.

When I found out that she’d been letting the snot-nosed clerk at the drug store feel her up in exchange for candy I lost my patience. I told her that if she continued to expect me to provide a place to live and food to eat, she would have to give me something in exchange too. She balked at the idea of sex with me but decided in the end that it was better than being hungry and homeless. We agreed that I would feed her at least three times per week and not charge her rent; in exchange she would ‘give herself to me completely, with a smile and a willing attitude at least twice per week.’

Dirty old man, you say? Perhaps, but who could blame me? When she’s cleaned up, Nikki is actually very pretty and adorably cute. She’s tall, almost six feet. She’s naturally very slim but because she’d been eating so little, she’d become positively skinny. She has tiny, teacup sized tits with long, dark nipples that always seem to be hard and on the verge of poking their way through whatever she’s wearing. I finally convinced her to wear a sports bra outside the house but she always took it off at the first opportunity when she got home. Nikki has the narrow hips of a young boy; they’re only slightly wider than her tiny waist. Her butt is not particularly meaty but there’s just enough padding to say that it’s round and firm. There’s a wide gap between her thin thighs and she has long, toned legs and elegant feet.

Nikki is probably of Greek or Italian descent as she tans very easily and has very dark, almost black hair. All her body hair is thick and black. She hasn’t shaved more than her armpits and her legs since arriving at my place and she’s beginning to develop a bit of a unibrow. Her pubes are thick and completely out of control. I’ll admit that I sometimes find this a bit attractive but not always.

I was working from home yesterday afternoon when I heard my back door open and slam shut. I looked up and saw Nikki walk past the door to my home office toward the laundry room. She had a bundle of clothes in her arms and was completely nude.

No sense trying to concentrate now. I put my work away, got up and ventured into the laundry room. Nikki was bent over the washer arranging her laundry inside. I quietly walked up behind her and pinched her tight little bum. She didn’t react. She just finished adding soap to the washer, turned illegal bahis around to face me and said, “I thought you were at work.”

“I was, but I’m working from home today. Why are you home at this hour? Shouldn’t you be at work?”

“No, I got fired.” She turned her back to me again and started the wash cycle.

“You got fired? When? Why?”

“Last night. The manager caught Bobby and me in the stockroom and fired us.”

“Bobby is the clerk who was giving you candy?”


“What were you doing in the stockroom?”

“Bobby brought me some beef jerky and said I could have it if I would let him fuck my mouth.”

“The manager caught you giving Bobby a blowjob?”

“Yeah. He fired us and took the beef jerky too.”

“Well, I’m sorry to hear that.”

“Is there anything to eat?”

“There is, but what did you bring me?”

Nikki turned around to face me. She reached for my belt buckle and said, “I have my period now but I’ll give you a blowie, OK?”

“That’ll have to do then.”

With no hesitation at all, Nikki was kneeling at my feet and had my pants open and around my ankles in seconds. She pulled my jockeys to about mid-thigh and took my semi-erect cock between her thumb and index finger.

“You’re not very hard.”

“No, not yet. Remember how I taught you to hold my cock?”

“Yeah.” She took me in her fist and squeezing ever so gently and began to tug on me.

“That’s nice. Don’t wait for me to get hard, Nikki. Put it in your mouth now and suck me until I get hard; then give me a proper blowjob and I’ll cum in your mouth.”

She did. She nonchalantly leaned in and took my entire cock into her mouth. I grew rapidly and she was soon sliding my cock in and out of her throat. The girl has no gag reflex at all.

She knew what I liked. With my cock buried in her face, she looked up at me with her doe-like eyes and began to hum. She wasn’t trying to make a tune or anything, she was setting up a vibration in her throat that I could feel all the way to the base of my cock and into my balls.

Nikki kept working me hard. She took hold of my balls and squeezed a bit. She removed me from her mouth and started to lick my balls so I spread my legs a bit to accommodate her. This was something new for Nikki. She surprised me when she stuck her tongue all the way out and licked me from my perineum, that sensitive spot behind my ball sack, all the way over my balls and back to the tip of my cock. She did this several times ending with my cock deeper in her mouth each time until her nose was pressed into my pubic hair.

I bucked my hips against her face and abruptly started to cum. Nikki drew my cock out of her throat and held just the tip in her mouth. She sucked hard until I’d emptied every milliliter of myself into her mouth. She leaned back a bit, opened her mouth in a wide smile, tilted her head back to look up at me and showed me my cum on her tongue before swallowing it as if savouring every drop. That was new for her too.

“Nikki, that was really great. Where did you learn to use your tongue like that?”

“The guy at the park taught me.”

“The guy in the park? You met a guy in the park and gave him a blowjob.”

“Yeah. He said I was pretty so I let him put his peni… uh… cock in my mouth like you do.”

“Just because he said you were pretty?”

“No, he bought me a Big Mac and fries too.” It’s always about food with her.

“I see, and he taught you to use your tongue like that?”

“Yeah. He said I should lick him from his butt hole all the way around. When he squirted in my mouth he made me show it to him before I spit it out. He said he really liked that. Did you like it?”

“Yes, Nikki, I really did. I suppose that most men would like it but you can’t just go around town sucking guys off for a meal at McDonalds. OK?”


“From now on I only want you to have sex with me. No fucking other guys or giving blowjobs to anyone else, OK?”

She paused. Pursed her lips and lowered her eyebrows and said, “You don’t feed me enough. I have to have more.”

“OK. I can feed you more often in exchange but you’ll have to give me more too, OK?”

“Not twice a week?”

“No. More often. Maybe four or five times per week.”

“I really don’t want to; you’re my dad.”

“Nikki! I’m not your dad! I may be older than you and you may be living at my place but I am definitely NOT your dad. Got it?”

“Well, you’re like my dad.”

Her dad is actually exactly my age, mostly bald and graying.

“That may be so but I’m not your dad. Your dad wouldn’t let you suck his cock, would he?”

“I don’t know. He never told me to. He would probably let me but I don’t want to.” Her casual attitude about sucking anyone’s cock was maddening.

“Well I’m not your dad and I’m telling you that you have to let me have your body completely if you want to stay here and have more food. No more fucking or sucking anyone else.”

She shrugged, “OK. What’s for dinner?”

Nikki illegal bahis siteleri sat completely nude on my living room couch in front of the TV eating a dinner of hotdogs and macaroni and cheese until her laundry was done.

When the dryer buzzed, she got up and left her plate on the coffee table. She gathered her clothes from the dryer but didn’t stop to fold them or, for that matter, put any of them on. She just started for the backdoor but then stopped. “I have to poop. I need more toilet paper.”

I went to the linen closet and grabbed two rolls off the top shelf and handed them to her. “These will cost you,” I joked.

“I don’t have any money.”

“I was kidding, Nikki. You can make it up to me another time.”

“OK.” She turned and left through the back door, turned right and walked naked to the garage and up the back stairs to her apartment.

* * * * *

A couple of days later, I was just finishing work when Nikki came through the backdoor and sat down in a kitchen chair. She was barefoot but her feet were clean and she looked freshly showered. She was wearing her favourite pair of skin-tight jeans and a too small, too tight t-shirt. The shirt was still tight but the jeans were looking a bit looser than they used to.

“Hi, Nikki. Are you OK? You look like you’re losing more weight.”

She looked at me blankly. “I’m hungry.”

“OK. I haven’t really prepared anything yet. What would you like to eat?”

“A Big Mac.”

“How about a homemade hamburger?”

“Yes please. No pickles.”

I cringed when I heard myself ask, “Would you like fries with that?”

“Yes please. With mayonnaise.”

“OK, coming right up.” I set about making hamburgers and fries. I made two for the girl and one for me as she waited patiently at the kitchen table.

“Would you like a beer while you wait?”

“Oh, yes please!”

I opened two bottles of beer and put a pint glass in front of her. As usual, she’d finished half her beer before I’d taken my third sip. As thin as she was, she was no lightweight.

I sat down at the table and passed her a hamburger and fries and another beer. “Thank you.”

She ate her first burger quickly and was working on her fries when I asked, “Do you want another hamburger?”

“Really? May I?”

“Sure, Nikki.” I got up and served the second burger to her. She beamed at me and ate greedily. I passed her the rest of my fries and she ate those as well.

We leaned back in our chairs. I finished my first beer and Nikki started on her third. “Was that good?”

“Oh yes! Thank you very much!”

“Did you get enough? Are you full?”

“Yes, I’m stuffed.”

“Did you leave room for dessert?”

“Really? Dessert? Yes!”

“If you’re really nice to me tonight I’ll give you ice-cream for dessert.” I cringed again. Now I really was sounding like some perverted old man.

“I’ll be nice.”

I went to the freezer and served Nikki a heaping dish of chocolate ice-cream. She looked across the table at me with what looked like love in her eyes as she spooned it into her luscious mouth. She took her time, swirling each teaspoon of the ice-cream in her mouth and savouring each bite. “Is chocolate your favourite flavour of ice-cream?”

“Yeah. I haven’t had ice-cream in a long time. I love chocolate.”

“I won’t promise that you’ll get it very often but I can give you ice-cream once in a while.”

“Thank you, very much.”

After Nikki had finished her ice-cream, she pushed away from the table and, patted her now bulging stomach and let out a little belch.

“Excuse me.” At least she did usually have good manners.

“I’m glad you liked your dinner. Why don’t we go into the living room?”

“OK. Do you want me to take my pants off?”

“No. Unless, of course, you really want to.”

Nikki got up and followed me into the living room where she sat on the couch without removing her jeans.

“Would you like another beer?”

“Yes please.”

I went and got a couple more bottles and served them in pint glasses. She took a big gulp and set hers on the coffee table.

“That’s your fourth beer. Don’t you get a buzz from that much beer?”

“Yeah. I like it though. It makes me feel happy and warm.” She finished her beer in two long swallows.

We sat on the couch together and watched a movie while we digested our dinner. Nikki eventually lay down with her head in my lap while I stroked her hair and her back. About half-way through the movie Nikki was asleep.

I sat through the rest of the movie but then had to get up to use the bathroom. My movement disturbed Nikki and she woke up. She sat up and was very alert for someone who’d just woken up.

“Sorry. I would’ve let you sleep but I have to use the bathroom.”

“Me too.”

“OK. C’mon.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. “You first.” I said.

Nikki undid her jeans and dropped her pants and thong panties in one motion. She sat on the toilet canlı bahis siteleri and released a powerful stream. “That’s what happens when you drink so much beer so quickly.” I chided.

I was standing in front of her and undoing the fly on my jeans. “You’re not going to pee on me, are you?”

“I really have to go. Spread your legs and I’ll pee between them.”

Nikki spread her legs really wide and scooted back a little bit to give me access and I pointed my dick between her legs. “Here, hold this.”

She took hold of me and aimed my stream between her legs as I let go. She got a little on her bushy pubic hair but got the hang of it pretty quickly. She reached for the toilet paper and pulling a few squares off; she dabbed at her pussy and then at the head of my dick.

“All clean.” She said.

“Good. Thank you.” I said, tucking my cock back into my jockeys and refastening my fly. “We should clean you up a little more though. Are you still on your period?” I asked.

“No, it stopped.”

She started to get more toilet paper but I stopped her. “That’s not what I meant. I think it’s time to trim your pubic hair, don’t you? It’s getting really long and bushy.”

“I tried to shave it but I kept cutting myself.”

“We just need to have the right tools. I’ll help you.”

I took her by the shoulders and lifted her off the toilet. I reached behind her to flush and closed the lid. “Let’s get you out of your clothes first,” and I pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her jeans were already around her ankles so she just kicked them away.

“Have a seat there,” indicating the toilet.

Nikki sat and watched me closely as I rummaged through the cabinet and came up with my electric hair clippers, a new disposable razor and a can of men’s shaving gel. I set them all out on the edge of the tub and pulled a low stool in front of the toilet and sat down in front of her.

Plugging in the electric clippers I said, “I’m going to trim your hair really short with these and then I’ll shave you. OK?”

She just looked at me blankly.

I put a towel on the floor between her legs to catch the hair and said, “OK, now. I’m going to have to touch you all over so just relax.”

She watched intently as I turned on the clippers and started to thin out the unruly bush between her skinny thighs. I worked slowly and deliberately from the edges inward, cutting only the hair on her pubic mound. Once I’d gotten most of it mowed down to stubble I started to focus more on the fleshy vulva around her pussy. “That tickles.”

“It may tickle quite a bit. Tell me if I hurt you though. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She continued to watch with rapt attention as I got nearer and nearer to the outer lips of her vagina. The hairs weren’t as thick or course here. Using my fingers to pull her flesh this way and that, I used the clippers to cut all the hair close and then started on the hairs in her perineum. “Scoot forward a bit and put your feet on my knees and spread your knees really wide.”

Nikki did as she was told. Now she was completely exposed to me. In spite of the amount of hair this was going to be a fairly easy job because she was so damned skinny and so very cooperative.

I used the clippers to remove as much hair as possible between her vagina and her anus and then between her butt cheeks. There was a lot of black stubble visible so I got ready to switch to the razor. I got a washrag and soaked it with hot water, added a little body wash and began to clean her from her pubic mound to her asshole. She squirmed a bit but didn’t complain. She didn’t, as a matter of fact, say anything.

I got a small basin of hot water and set it on the floor between my feet and then put some shaving gel on my fingers. I spread the gel onto her pubic mound and began to gently apply the razor. I shaved her thoroughly, rinsing the razor often. I continued shaving her until I’d removed every hair I could find, including the ones that’d been between her butt cheeks and around her pretty little asshole.

I took up the washcloth and, soaking it with hot water again, wiped up the excess shaving gel. I sat back to survey my work and smiled as Nikki looked down in amazement at her now bald pussy. “You’ve still got a bit of a ‘happy trail’ there though.” I ran my finger from her belly button down to her pussy. She giggled.

I applied warm water and shaving gel then shaved Nikki from her belly button down to her pussy. “That’s better. Clean as a whistle now. Did I hurt you at all?”

“No. Not at all.”

I leaned in and kissed her bald pubic mound and let my tongue wander down to her clit and gave it a little nudge with the tip of my tongue. Nikki jumped, gave a short squeal and stared at me in wide-eyed surprise.

“C’mon. Don’t tell me that nobody has ever kissed your pussy before.”

She just stared at me, unblinking. “Isn’t that gross?”

“No, it’s quite nice, don’t you think?”

“Nobody ever kissed my vagi… Uh… Pussy before.”

“That’s too bad. I think you’ll like it. Come with me.” I got up and led her by the hand into my bedroom.

Nikki sat on the edge of my king-size bed and, looking down at herself, ran her hand across her newly shaved crotch. “It feels nice.”



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