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It was mid afternoon and Nora was home from work early. She and Norm had a hot date tonight and she wanted to get some things ready before he got home. It was their first wedding anniversary and she wanted it to be special for him. She could not surprise him with everything but that made it even more special that they could share. She stopped in their “office” to check her e-mail. It was an extra bedroom that they had their computers in. Nora slipped her shoes off, and using her toes on the keyboard, which was on the floor, brought up the computer and accessed her e-mail program. They flew over the keys and she soon was reading a note from her sister who was in London right now. She would answer her later. Nora went to the bedroom to undress.

She sat on the bed and brought her foot up to the bottom of the purple polo shirt she had on. She hooked her toes in the bottom hem and pullet it over her head. Next she stood and using her toes again, undid the Velcro patch that held her skirt together at the waist. It slipped to her feet and she put both garments in the wash basket. Nora had been born with no arms at all, and even most of the bone that should have been the shoulder joint was gone. Both sides just tapered off smoothly. She had grown up using her feet and toes for hands and arms her whole life so it was quite normal for her. She had very strong leg and trunk muscles and was very flexible also. She looked in the mirror at her funnel shaped, barley B cup breasts. Her large areolas covered the ends and very large nipples protruded from there.

She never wore a bra and in fact did not own any. Nora heard the garage door in to the kitchen open and Norm called her name. She told him she was in the bedroom and he came in. She noticed he was limping a little and asked him what was wrong. Norm undid his trousers and examined the area where his very short right stump went into his suction stump socket. He sat on the bed and pulled the rubber stopper out releasing the suction and pulled his stump out. There was a red mark on the end of the stump where it had rubbed for some reason. Nora squatted down and looked at it and then in the stump socket trying to see what might be the problem.

Nothing was obvious at this time. Norm reached down and pulled the rubber plug on the left leg stump, this one just below his knee. He pulled the stump from the prosthesis and rubbed it. It was ok. Norm had been born with very distorted legs and his doctors had recommended the amputations so he was able to walk much better. His parents had agreed and he also grew up without knowing any different. The two of them had met in college and soon moved in together. A few years after graduation, and good jobs started, they got married. They had moved to a new city and built a comfortable, fully accessible home.

Norm looked at Nora and asked if she would be disappointed if he used his wheelchair tonight and she said absolutely not, you know I like to see you in it without your legs. She leaned up and they kissed with Norm using his hands on her armless shoulders to steady her. She loved for him to touch her there. He asked if she was ready to get in the shower and she said yes. He finished undressing and transferred to his wheelchair that was right by the bed where he had left it in the morning. They both went to the john and then into the roll in shower. The bench seat attached to the wall was big enough for both of them. Norm pushed his wheelchair out and closed the glass door.

As he reached for the water controls, Nora said wait, I want to do something for you. Norm looked questioning at her and she said she wanted him to shave her pubic area. He had asked her to do it several times over the years and all she would do is let him keep it trimmed short. He was surprised and asked if she was sure and she said yes, she had read lots of stories on LITEROTICA and wanted to try it. She then asked if he would do himself also. Norm said you bet. Nora said she had scissors by her and for him to cut her and his hair short so it would shave easier. It did not take much for her but some doing to get his istanbul escort shorter. While he was shaving her she said sorry I could not do it myself and surprise you more.

Norm said no problem and it was probably more fun for him to do it anyway. After he was done with her and had her rinsed good, he tried it out and even Nora said what a huge difference it made as he ate her good. Norm got back on the bench and put a belt around his chest that was attached to the wall and shaved himself. He asked her if she wanted all of it gone and she said yes. When he was done and rinsed, she got down and took him in her mouth all the way to his balls and when she let him out again said how good it felt with no hair in the way. Guess she should have done it sooner. Norm got another new razor and shaved her legs. No hair had ever formed in the area of her shoulders.

He washed both of them then and dried them off and got back in his chair. Nora ran a comb through her short hair and put a little lipstick on using her toes. She had her stuff out on the bed in the bedroom and Norm helped her get dressed. She had a very short black, tight skirt and a royal blue silk blouse that he had to button up for her. He would do one button and then put his hands inside and fondle her breasts, do a button and fondle until he had all of them done. He then helped her into the skirt, noticing she had not put panties out, and fastened the Velcro tab. She slipped on very high heels and he whistled at her and leaned back in his chair letting her see his very long, hard prick.

She slipped back out of her shoes and helped him get dressed when she could. She had almost perfect balance on either one of her legs. They laughed when the tight skirt prevented her from doing much. He got dressed in a suit and tie and the trousers he put on had the legs cut off to just slightly longer than his below knee stump. The suit coat covered the very short right leg stump so it looked like he only had one partial leg. Nora’s blouse had very short sleeves which hung empty and her nipples were all that were poking out the front of her blouse. Norm asked her if she was going to stay that way all night and she said she hoped so. She slipped her foot out of her shoe and put it in his crotch and felt his hard on and said are you going to do the same and he said I hope so, seeing you will sure make me be hard all evening.

Norm picked up a sweater for Nora in case the restaurant was cold and they went out to his van. He opened the passenger door and after she was seated leaned in and fastened her seat belt kissing her as he got done. He lowered the lift ramp and got up into the van and transferred to the driver’s seat. He drove it when he had his prosthetic legs on so the seat was always there. Using the hand control to work the brake and gas he backed out of the garage and headed to the restaurant. There was a handicap parking space close to the door. He reversed the process and soon they were on their way into the restaurant and to their table. Their server greeted them by name as they ate there a lot. She recited the specials and took their drink order.

They were seated side by side and went over the menu even though they both knew it by heart. Usually they each ordered something different and then shared. Their drinks came and they ordered. Norm told Nora how much he loved her and had she noticed all the looks and smiles she got on her way in. She said yes and appreciated them. They did not indulge in gifts for each other, rather in doing things for one another. They did go shopping for clothes together enjoying what each looked like to the other. Neither one ever covered up their missing limbs in any way and more often than not accentuated them in their dress. Nora said she also noticed lots of women looking at him and licking their lips. Norm just grinned saying yes but your are the one that gets to use them and kissed her.

Her skirt slid up as she sat and she made no attempt to get it back down. No one but Norm could see it anyway and he put his hand on her bare avcılar escort leg and slid it up. They laughed again as he was prevented from going much higher because the skirt was so tight. Looking into her eyes he asked what was the first thing she wanted him to do to/for her when they got to bed later. Without hesitation she said eat my freshly shaved pussy and make me cum over and over. He said back good, I was hoping you would not make me wait long to get to it. By the way, when is your period due? She grinned and said another gift for you, any time! Norm’s eyes lit up and he said what a weekend this is going to be!

Their salad came and Norm fed her, something he loved to do even though she managed very well feeding herself with her foot and toes. The tight skirt prevented that tonight but he loved to watch her do it. They ended up with surf and turf as she ordered shrimp and lobster and he ordered a steak. Their server knew to put everything on one plate knowing Norm would feed her. They shared one large baked potato, loaded. They each had a glass of wine with dinner and after shared a Grasshopper. During dinner Nora’s blouse was loose enough he could see down the front as he fed her. Of course Nora knew this and leaned forward more to help his view.

After dinner they drove up to Lookout Mountain for a view over the city. They kissed and he unbuttoned her blouse and rubbed her very distended and sensitive nipples bringing an orgasm for her. They pulled her skirt way up and she was able to cross her leg over her other thigh and push her foot into his hard cock. She did not want to make him cum right now though, saving it for her mouth, throat and another place later. She told him her period must be getting close as she was very Horney tonight. Norm pulled her close and pushed her blouse off one “shoulder”, kissing the whole area thoroughly. Nora shivered at this, almost Cumming again. She absolutely loved it when he made any kind of contact with her there.

After several minutes Norm pulled her blouse up and fastened one button holding it in place and they headed for home, neither wanting to put off any longer making love together. After they got home and Norm had undressed them, they decided one more rinse off in the shower was called for. It also gave them a chance to see if Nora was bleeding yet and she was not. He douched and it was clear so far. They were both glad for now as they really enjoyed oral sex together but they also enjoyed sex during her period very much. They got out and dried off and headed for bed. They always kept several towels by the bedside.

They got in bed and kissed for some time with Norm playing with Nora’s breasts and big nipples. She brought her leg up and was able to gently use her knee to stimulate Norm’s balls and cock. He gradually worked his way down her body to her sodden pussy. He told her he was looking forward to desert and dove in licking the whole freshly shaved area. Nora remarked how good it felt with no hair and was moaning and thrusting herself against his mouth. She was very easy to make cum and they both enjoyed her being multiorgasmic. Nora finally said uncle and that she was getting too sensitive to continue for now. Norm moved up and she took him in her mouth. She was very careful to not make him cum yet.

After a while she asked him to get his cock ring and put it on, she wanted him to stay hard for a long time tonight. He got it out of the night table and pushed it on down to his balls. Nora asked him to get on his back as she wanted to ride him. They both love this position as Nora could control her orgasms and Norm liked to watch his prick slide in and out of her cunt. He also love to put his hands up on her chest and play with her breasts as she was moving up and down on him using her powerful leg muscles to do so.

Nora had something in mind tonight and saw that she had been able to get him nice and long with the cock ring doing its job. After screwing him for a while, she carefully moved herself into position to guide his cock head into her cervix. When she felt it there she pushed down şirinevler escort harder and further and it slid into her uterus. Norm immediately realized what she had done and the wonderful feeling of it happening. They both were amazed at the feelings it generated. Norm flexed his Kegels and Nora could feel it send great tingles through her. She responded back with hers and she added very short in and out movements with the tight ring stimulating his cock tremendously. They had been staring into each other’s eyes during this very intimate time.

Norm finally told her he did not think he would be able to hold back much longer and did she want him to cum in her where he was. She nodded her head rapidly and they pushed themselves together as deep as they could and he erupted, ejaculating strong squirts of warm cum into her uterus. They were not worried about pregnancy as Nora had her tubes tied and Norm had a vasectomy some time ago. Norm was holding her up with his hands on her empty shoulders. She joined him in orgasm after his second shot into her and they kept at it for some time. Norm finally let her down on to his chest with his prick still buried deep in her, again the cock ring holding him hard.

After several minutes she sat back up on him and slowly lifted herself up pulling his swollen head from her uterus. It closed holding his spew in her for now. She pulled all the way off of him and they both noticed the blood on the end of his still hard prick. Norm wiped himself off good and Nora took him in her mouth to clean him the rest of the way. Using her teeth she gently pulled the ring up just a bit to release the pressure for now. She moved up and they tenderly kissed sharing their love for each other and their enjoyment of each other’s body. Norm soon rolled her on to her back and took the whole end of a breast into his mouth sucking and tonguing the areola and nipple. Nora arched her back pushing as much as she could into his mouth and when he moved to the other breast, she came again.

As Norm was working on her breasts he slid his hand down to her pussy enjoying the feel of it now being shaved. He worked a finger into her vagina then added a couple more. He could tell by the different feeling that she had started her period. He found her G-spot and just spent time bringing different feeling to Nora as he made love to her. His cock was hard again and he moved between her legs, put a towel under her butt and traded his fingers for his cock. It slid in all the way to his balls in one swift movement, and the cock ring banged her clit at the end. Nora’s eyes got real big and she drew her strong legs all the way back and as wide as she could so he got nice and deep again. She met each of his thrusts with her own and since he had just cum big time it took a while for him to pump more cum into her.

She came with him and they had both lost count of how many that was for her. Nora just knew she was in heaven tonight with her lover bring her so much joy. Norm was getting tired supporting himself on one knee and his arms and had to withdraw. He wiped and noticed a lot more blood this time. He moved up along side of her and drew her into his arms holding her tightly against him. They fell asleep for 20 minutes for a power nap. When they were awake they headed to the shower before a bigger mess was made. Norm washed her good and douched her again. After washing himself he dried them off and got back in his chair. In the bathroom he put a tampon in for her and helped her into panties with a pad liner.

They got back in bed and snuggled together for a while. Norm then pulled the sheet up over them and they fell asleep for the night. Saturday morning they awoke and Norm had a big pee hard going. He got up to relieve himself and then back in bed. Nora was propped up on the pillows at the head of the bed and asked him to lie below her near the foot. Using her feet she played with his stumps for some time and then moved up to his hard again prick. Putting it between the bottoms of her feet she rubbed him good making him groan with pleasure. When it seemed he was going to cum she stopped and using her big toe toyed with his balls. Then she started again with him between her feet and finally brought him off getting cum all over him and her feet.

He wiped each of them off good and they got up and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. Norm sat and watched Nora fix things with her feet and they enjoyed a good meal and weekend together.



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