NO SUCH THING AS A STRAIGHT MANPT2Oh sure, many men think they are straight and many men will never once in their life ever do anything sexual with another man, yet I strongly believe any man can be seduced. The reality is you just have to open up their minds to the idea by planting the seed and once it’s there it will often flourish.I have seduced guys in under an hour, I have also seduced guys that took me three months, but they almost always submit eventually…curiosity is a big part of our human psyche and once an idea is imbedded…curiosity slowly takes over. (I have failed, by the way, there are always exceptions to every rule, but my success rate is about 98%)Once I get a straight guy on their knees, and they take a cock between their lips they are forever changed. The line between straight and gay blurs and the straight guy will usually crave that secret submission…even though they feel confused about why they did it, why they enjoyed it, and why they crave it.Once they suck a big, stiff cock and feel the thrill of cum sliding down their throat there is no going back. No forgetting the fulfilling sensation of submission. They will feel guilty, they will question their own sexuality and often tell themselves they will never do it again…but they always do…once Pandora’s Box is open the world they once knew, the world they thought they understood is completely shattered as is their own understanding of themselves.Having a cock in your mouth is the most natural thing in the world. From breast feeding, to sucking on a bottle, to having a soother in your mouth, to sucking on lollipops kurtköy escort and Popsicles, we are trained from birth, literally brainwashed to suck. Which is why it seems so ironic that gay sex, a man sucking another man, is so taboo. Oddly, girls eating pussy, the hole they once came from is considered natural and sexy (but to each their own).They say every girl at some point wonders about another girl … ponders what it would feel like to taste another woman. Society encourages this from the plethora of porn scenes (how many porn movies do not have at least one lesbian scene?), to celebrities making out live to tease (Madonna and Britney for example), to Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” (could you imagine if some singer sang “I Kissed a Boy”?).So I have made it my mission to turn as many straight boys into cocksuckers as I can. I do this for a few reasons:1. As already mentioned, I believe most guys are curious, just like girls, yet society still generally forbids a guy to suck another cock, while a girl eating pussy is in.2. I get a sexual thrill at turning straight guys into cocksuckers. It is a great rush to see a straight guy with a mouth full of cock.3. I love the validation of being right, of course, and the fact that almost always the first time cocksucker becomes a lifer…sometimes completely crossing to my side…and sometimes deciding, often on their own or with only a little bit of persuading, to try taking a cock in their ass.4. I hate following society’s rules, and breaking them is my own validation after years of being ostracized, bullied and being forced maltepe escort to stay in the closet and be ashamed of my sexuality as if I was deformed because I didn’t lust after the opposite sex (Let’s be honest, a cock is a lot prettier than a pussy, and anyone who says otherwise is a fucking liar).5. And, of course, I liked getting my cock sucked, and growing my harem of once straight cocksuckers (who often text me begging to come over and serve me).Here are just a few of the texts I have received the past month; to clarify if a cocksucker texts me something generic I insist they specify exactly what they want (I want them to understand craving cock is natural and not something to be ashamed of)AustinAre you going to be at the lab tonight? I really need a load of your cum in my mouth.DarrylI also insist they sign their name to make sure they are not ashamed of their desire, hunger and need.Daryl is a classmate who is engaged to be married to a cheerleader…who is completely oblivious that her fiancé loves sucking cock.Austin,Please respond ASAP. I need your cockkkkk so bad!!BenMany cocksuckers try to get my attention by pleading. Ben is a former high school teacher of mine who I turned at school. He was easily, actually still is, one of the most cock hungry cocksuckers I turned. He blew me at school in his classroom every prep he had the last two months of my senior year (I conveniently having a spare when he had a prep). I recall him being paged to the office one day while he was bobbing on my cock and I wouldn’t let him leave until I deposited my load down kartal escort his throat.AustinI can’t stop thinking about your cock. I can’t believe I did that. Your father was my best friend. I feel guilty, I feel ashamed, yet every day I jerk myself off thinking of sucking you off again.Please reply soon as I need to do this again before I go crazy.WilliamWilliam was a great turn. I hated my father, who disowned me when he learned I was, in his words, “a cocksucking faggot and no son of his.” My dream was to turn him one day, my dream conversion, but he died of a heart attack at 48. At the funeral, I decided to do the next best thing, and turn his best friend. One day, I do hope to turn my grandfather who is also a homophobic prick. (Okay, I do have some issues)DudeI need your cock now. My mouth or ass are available for you to choose. I must have you tonight. My wife has her weekly bridge night tonight so the house is free from 6:30-9:00. Come use your cum slut on the bed he shares with his wife.DamonDamon was a mid-forties black bank executive who I turned and fucked in his office. He screamed so loud that his secretary asked on the intercom if he was all right. I can only imagine if she knew that her six figure boss was bent over his desk getting nailed by a college boy. He blew me the first time at the adult theatre in town and instantly became a cock hungry cum slut. I had rejected his last few pleas, but this was too delicious to refuse. Because we had time, I shot two loads in him that night. The first down his throat and the second in his ass and then made him put on his underwear and stay in them all night with my cum leaking out.AustinWhen are u in town next? You opened up a side of me I didn’t know existed. I stare at cocks at the gym now: my mouth waters; I imagine dropping to my knees and sucking; my dreams at night are of cock. Come for a visit!!



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