[The Nikki series takes a single scene and swaps in a different partner for Nikki each time. This is the second scene. All characters are adults.]

“What happened yesterday was a mistake,” Nikki said to her neighbor Bob, as he stared at her lustfully. “It can’t happen again.”

“But Nikki,” he replied. “It was perfect – you were perfect. You are perfect.” He put his hands on her hips.

“It was wrong,” she said, haltingly.

“You are so beautiful,” he said, staring in to her eyes. His hands slid around and cupped her ass. She sighed involuntarily and he leaned in, kissing her. She went stiff for a few moments, then relented and kissed him back.

“We… we shouldn’t.” she stammered.

“Nikki, I want you so bad,” Bob said as he moved her to his bed and laid her down. He grabbed the bottom of her shirt, and she wordlessly lifted her arms and let him pull it off. Then he reached behind and unhooked her bra, taking a moment to kiss each of her tits as he lifted it off her chest. Her skirt slid off next. Her panties were last; as he tossed the to the side he noticed they were already wet.

He crawled into the bed and up between her legs, pushing on her thighs to spread her legs further. He leaned down and ran his tongue up and down her clit, then pushed it in to her cunt.

“Unggh! Bob! Ooooh! Unngh!”

Bob sucked on her clit, then swirled his tongue around ataşehir escort inside her pussy. He lightly bit down on her clit, and flicked his tongue back and forth across it.

Nikki grabbed his head with both hands, and started bucking upward off the bed, pushing her soaked cunt into his face.

“Oh, Bob,” she moaned. “Unnnngh! Suck me! I need it so bad! Uuhhh! Lick my clit! Fuck! Suck me! Make me cum!”

Bob kept sucking, licking, and biting her. He pushed a finger deep into her cunt, swirling around and getting it wet. Then he moved back and rubbed it in a circle around her asshole, pushing inside and slowly burying it completely. He pushed his face forward in to her, licking as fast as he could as he wiggled his finger in her ass.

Nikki felt her orgasm wash over her entire body, and then she was cumming uncontrollably, her thighs wrapped around Bob’s head.

“Bob! Eat me! Lick me! Cumming! Cummmmmiinnngg!”

Nikki bucked up and down. Bob kept licking and sucking for another minute, until her body finally stopped shaking.

“You can fuck me now,” Nikki said. “I know you want to. Please?”

“Put your legs up on my shoulders,” he ordered, crawling up her body between her legs.

Nikki did as he ordered. She raised her legs up high, hooking them over his shoulders, completely exposing herself to him. ümraniye escort She reached down and spread herself open as Bob lined his cock up with her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh, god, I can’t wait to cum inside you again,” Bob muttered.

Nikki was busy looking down and watching as his cock slid deeply in to her. She squeezed her pussy around it, trying to lock him in to place.

Ever since he first came inside her yesterday, she’d been thinking about this. About his cock back in her pussy. About him cumming deep in her womb. About him knocking her up, making himself a father and her a mommy again.

“Uh, Bob, that feels wonderful. Fuck me again! Fuck my wet cunt!”

He braced himself against the bed and fucked her madly, spearing in and out of her cunt, her tits flopping around and each of them gasping each time he bottomed out inside her.

“Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” Nikki cried. She bucked upward to meet him, her whole body bouncing now. “Oh, fuck! Bob! Fuck me hard! Fuck me so hard you break me in half!”

Bob still couldn’t believe he was fucking his neighbor. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. Her cunt squeezed tightly on his cock and he pistoned in and out.

He buried himself in her up to his balls, then writhed around, feeling the head of his cock rubbing all over her cervix.

“Do kadıköy escort you like this, Nikki?” he teased. “Do you like how I fuck you! Do you want me to cum deep in your slutty cunt!”

“God, Bob, yes!” Nikki cried. She started bucking upward even harder. “Fuck me! I’m so wet for you! God, I need to cum so bad!”

Bob started fucking her as fast as he could, ramming in and out, trying to make it in to her womb. Nikki shuddered beneath him, writhing from side to side, getting closer and closer to a huge orgasm.

“I’m going to cum now!” she shouted. “Don’t stop! Bob! Fuck me! I’m cumming! I’m cummmming!”

She spasmed roughly underneath him, her legs shaking uncontrollably as he continued hammering in and out of her, pushing as deeply in to her as he could.

She came for over a minute. As she came back down, she realized Bob hadn’t cum yet.

“Cum in me, Bob! Cum in me! Knock me up! Make me your bitch!”

Bob found a way to fuck her even yet harder. She continued to yell dirty things at him as his breath grew more and more ragged.

“Nikki! I’m cumming! I’m cumming in you again! Nikki!”

Nikki could feel his cum blasting deep inside her, bouncing off the inside of her womb, coating it completely.

“That’s it! Bob!” she yelled. “Keep cumming in me! Fill me all the way up! Put a baby in me!”

Nikki squeezed with her cunt, trying to drain him completely. Trying to make sure he put their baby inside her.

As his orgasm finally ended, Bob lowered himself down on to her body, his cock still lodged inside her. Where it belonged. Where, she thought, it would be a lot more often from now on.

Bob leaned in and kissed her softly, and Nikki kissed him back.



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