Dark thoughts flooded through Athena’s mind, flinching as the monster from inside her head roared to life in front of her.

Gasping she shot up into bed, sweating and panting heavily. Whimpering as the memories from the nightmare replayed themselves.

Slowly scooting the heavy blanket off, Athena pulled down her nightdress and made her way to the one person who could help her.

Her Daddy, Zack.

Long blonde hair waved to her waist in messy banana curls, mixing with darker pools of hazelnut.

Silently she tiptoed to the master bedroom weaving away from creeks in the boards under the thick fluffy carpet.

She reached her destination. The door was slightly open, Athena could hear the hum of the fan as she timidly walked into the room. Her father’s snores were an indication he was heavily asleep.

Slowly she moved to stand by her father, shaking his broad shoulder to wake him.

Her father had deep obsidian locks that fell just above his azure orbs. She looked nothing like him.

Now Athena was an attractive freshly 18 year old girl, following her mothers and grandmothers attributes.

Athena height fell just under 5’6, making for a very petite frame. Her waist dipped inwards leaving for beautifully formed hips and thighs. Her breasts easily filled a D-cup, unlike her mother whom only had B’s.

One of the most striking things about Athena was her çatalca escort lips. Plump and pink. Giving her an innocent pout that was definitely something to fantasize about. Her eyes complemented this nicely, bright green with blue centers. ‘Ain’t nobody gots nothin on yer eyes lil’ Darlin’, them are brides eyes.” Her grandfather used to say.

Zack moaned awaking at his baby girls presences. Humming as his eyes snapped open to see her, tear caked cheeks that puffed out. Immediate concern flared up in him.

“What’s wrong baby girl?” He slurred exhausted.

Athena’s soft voice shook as she answered.

“I had a bad dream Daddy can I sleep with you?”

Zack nodded and his daughter climbed into bed with him, cuddling up into his side.

“Thank you.” Her breath wafed into his face, mint and vanilla mmm.

“No problem Kitten.”

As his little girl fell asleep his thoughts wandered to the dream he was having. It started off like any normal day, him and his daughter in the kitchen eating breakfast. His wife had left him when Athena was about 10 so he’s taken care of her since.


Mid-way through breakfast his daughter knocked her knife on the hardwood floor. It skidding to deeper parts of the table. She slowly got down and went to grab it. Surprisingly a few minutes after he felt a tugging at his button.

Dream esenyurt escort him hadn’t reacted only smiled and nodded. She unzipped his pants and rubbed his length through his boxers. Hissing at the pleasure and chaffing.

“Mmm c’mon baby girl don’t tease daddy.” His voice slipped out like honey, and Athena ravished in the chills that washed over her. Silently she popped his member out of its confinements. Moving her hand up and down agonizingly slow until she stuck her tiny, bubble gum coloured tongue out and licked up his entire length.

Zack moaned grabbing her hair slightly. That was until she slipped the tip into her mouth and suckled gingerly. His fingers tightened at the golden roots.

“Oh fuck kitten…” He gasped. Zack felt her smirk around his manhood. Then suddenly she moved her mouth up and down. Letting the slick insides of her mouth wrapped around him.

“Mmmmhm Baby! So good to Daddy you are so good to me.” He breathed.

Athena picked up her pace as her father moved her head down on him. She grabbed the part that couldn’t fit in her mouth and massaged it, pushing her Daddy to his edge faster and faster.

“Baby girl keep going, oh I’m not gonna last long.” Athena hollowed her cheeks and pushed herself more. Letting her Daddy hit the back of her throat. Gasping for air as she eased up, then doing it again.

Zack tensed etiler escort he felt the oncoming of his orgasm. His member pulsed with want.

“Yes Kitten just a little more and daddy will give you some of his cream, yeah c’mon!” He release in her mouth. His seed filling it entirely as she gulped every last bit down. Some drizzling from the corners of her mouth.

Zack sighed contently petting her head.

***Dream End***

As Zack went through this his Manhood hardened. Creating a tent in the blanket. His daughter, the core of his fantasies layed next to him. Sleeping.

Zack inched his hand to her breast. Moving her nightie so he could peak at them.

Large cream mounds greeted his view.

Biting his lip he unbuttoned the top few. Leaving them utterly exposed. Pink nipple hardening with the air. Gasping he reached his hand over and squeezed testing each of their weights. Before paying attention to the nipple. He moved his duvet and climbed so he straddled his sleeping kitten. Humming he bent his neck down and lapped at the left pink peak. Sucking as he heard a tiny moan emit from his baby. He raised his free hand and pinched the next one rolling it between his thumb and forefinger. Smirking at the arching of Athena’s back.

Although his joy was short lived, Athena’s eyes fluttered open , looking at her Daddy in confusion.

“Mhm Daddy what are you doin?” She murmured sleepily.

“Daddy’s making you feel good baby.” His hand raised her lower part of her gown.

“Do you wanna feel good?”

Athena bit her lip. “Can I make you feel good too?”

Zack smiled.

“Of course my Kitten.”

“Then yes Daddy please make me feel good.”



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