Night time drive and stop off is such funBeen to see Joan and Barry in Nottingham, stopped off at a cottage on the edge of Sherwood to get changed into something nice/ Got my undies on in the cottage, white basque, white panties, tan stockings and then went out and into the trees to slip into my pink silk dress and wig. Couldn’t walk out of the Gents dressed up as a femme’. Had a lovely drive, warm night, and with the window open in the car it was lovely. Got to pick Alice and Don up at Bristol airport, coming back from Tenerife. Plenty of time to kill as they didn’t arrive until 6am.Took a chance at motorway services at Gordeno and stopped off and went in. Walked straight in, bought a coffee and sandwich ‘to go’ and sat and ate it in the car. Lovely experience being in the full light with all those hunky lorry drivers in there. Wouldn’t have minded if one have them had propositioned me, but they just looked at me, almost admiring. Quite thrilling. Had to get changed before I got to Airport so stopped off at forestry area just behind the Gordeno services and got out of the dress but didn’t want to take the basque off. So, put a track suit on to cover it up, always feels nice driving in it. Took a wrong turn and ended up going all the way into Bristol and had to go back out to airport. Needed a pee desperately and saw small public loo in a layby. Only a small red brick one, noticed car at end of lay by but didn’t mind, time about 4am, plenty of time. Now to the editing: I went in, it was only a tiny place, one cubicle and a couple of urinals. No lights but there were street lights outside. Stood at the urinal and so that I could pee properly I had to push the track suit trousers down to about my knees. Finished and wiped it clean with a tissue and was just bending down to reach for the trousers to pull them up when something touched the back of my thigh. I nearly died of fright and spun my head round, there was a middle aged guy standing there and when he saw how frightened I was he said reassuringly ‘It’s alright’ and then his hand ran up the back of my thigh onto my bottom and stroked my panties saying how nice I looked. It felt great such a gentle touch I couldn’t move. His warm hand slid over my panties and underneath me and touched that nerve that sends shots of excitement thru you. I must have made an appreciative noise because he said, “Like that? Open your legs more”. I reached down, pushed the trousers down over my feet and spread my legs like the tart I am when aroused. He slid his hand over my bottom and then his other hand went round me and felt how hard I was getting thru the panties which was getting even harder as he stroked me. Then he slipped it out for me and was stroking me. After a couple f minutes he said, ‘Do you like istanbul escort fucking. Can I fuck you? I’ll let you fuck me with that afterwards”. Well, I was almost begging him for it and he must have known from the way I say, “Yes please” and started to pull my panties down. As soon as they were down below my um I felt him press against me he felt so nice and warm although not very big and I had to bend right over for him to get it in me. But, when it went in, he was so wet that it went in quite easily. I had my legs spread as wide as I could get them and my hands on the wall and he was holding my hips ‘humping me’. It was nice but the trouble was that he shot his load in me too quick. As soon as he finished he said, “Will you fuck me now”. By the time I’d turned round he’d taken off the coat that he was wearing and put it down on the floor and was pulling his trousers down. He got down on his hands and knees and I got down behind him. I’d seeped so much pre-cum juice that there was plenty to lubricate him. I rubbed the head up and down his crack and then pressed hard. I heard him grunt as it slipped in him but the juice lubricated him nicely and I was soon starting to move in and out slowly and he was moaning and saying it was nice. Then we suddenly heard a car pull up and a short wave radio…..’Police”!!! We both jumped up, got dressed and I left first. Huh! It was an AA van and the driver was talking on the radio and had the window open. But, I couldn’t really go back in the toilet could I? So, I got in my car and the guy came out, got in his car and quickly drove away. Damn ! I was feeling so horny, I almost felt like going back and getting the AA man and bending him over his van to make him pay for interrupting us. But, I drove off. About a mile up the road I passed another toilet, on the right hand side on a corner. So, because I’d just got to cum, I turned round up the road and went back. Nice and clean in there, totally different to the other one, and well lit. I settled down in one of the cubicles, slipped out of my shell suit sat down on the seat with my legs wide open, slipped my still hard and aching cock out and started to stroke myself. I’d only been ‘at it’ for a few minutes and was really getting to enjoy it (I do love to take my time) when a hand suddenly came under the wall of the cubicle and stroked my foot, which of course had stockings on it. It sent such a thrill thru me to think that there was someone in the cubicle next door, which I hadn’t’ realised, I pushed my foot closer to the hand and wriggled my toes. The hand stroked my foot gently and tried to rise higher but couldn’t reach. I slipped off the seat and got down on my knees and looked under avcılar escort the wall. There was a face peering at me, then the hand reached back under the wall and wriggling his fingers. So, I got up and moved myself closer to the wall and eased my cock down towards the fingers. They closed round it and started to stroke it, then they suddenly stopped and I heard the guys voice. So, I got down again and he whispered, “Open the door”. No problem, I was up and had the door open like a shot. He was in his late thirties I guess . He saw me standing there in my basque and stockings and said, “Wow, that’s nice” and said, “I’d love you to fuck me dressed like that”. I said that I’d love to and he pulled his trousers down, didn’t seem to mind taking them off under the full light. Then he really surprised me and whipped his tee shirt off as well and he was standing there naked except for his socks. Then he turned round with his back to me. I thought he’d want to come into the cubicle but he stepped out and stood infront of the mirror that was over the wash basins. He said, “Do it out here, I want to watch myself while you do it”. I thought, h what the hell and stepped out and up behind him. He opened his legs and bent his knees slightly and I moved right up behind him. He’d got a lovely arse, nice deep cleft and it felt nice when I pushed my cock between his cheeks. I rubbed it up and down his crack and then pressed against him. He said, “Ooooh! Yes” when it slipped inside him and I wasn’t about to let him get away either after the last guy. So, I got hold of him tightly at the hips and pushed slowly forward until I’d got him, ‘impaled’ on me. After a couple of thrusts I could see that he wasn’t about to move though because I could see that he was watching himself in the mirror and from the way that he was moving that he was wanking while I was in him. So, I really got into it, or rather into him. And I was going at him so strongly that my thighs were slapping against his bottom and he was groaning. I kept going for a while and then felt myself starting to cum. I really increased the pace and when it started to cum I held him tightly, because I could tell how he wanted it and then I rammed it up him and let my spunk pump into him. He responded nicely and I felt his muscles clenching me and sucking my cum out of my cock until I’d finished. I pulled back out and stepped back and he said that was nice and then he started to cum in thick jets that spattered on the tiled floor. When he’d finished he picked his clothes up and got dressed and left. I got dressed again feeling a bit better and left for the airport. When I got there there was still a bit of time to wait so I went and got a coffee. I’d just sat down when one şirinevler escort of the airport security guards came in, he got a cup of tea and stepped into the cafeteria. It was the guy from the first cottage that I hadn’t managed to fuck. He saw me and came over and sat down. There weren’t many people in the cafeteria so we could talk and he said quietly, “Sorry we were disturbed. Such a shame that you didn’t cum”. I said that it was alright, not telling him of course that I’d managed to cum anyway. Then he said, “You’ve got a nice cock. I’d love to have felt it cumming in me. I’d even have liked to have sucked you”. I just said, “I’d have liked that” not really knowing what else to say and he suddenly said, “If you go out of here and down the corridor to the right there’s a Gents. If you go in there and wait for me, I’ll come in and suck you off”. !!!Well, what could I say? Oh yes, I know that I’d just had a good one not long before, but I’ve never been one to turn down a good sucking. So, I said, ‘OK’ and quickly finished my coffee and went out. I found the toilets, empty, pretty much like the rest of the airport at that time of the morning and went into one of the cubicles. I got my shell suit off, thinking he’d like that and sat down waiting. I didn’t have to wait long either, I heard the outer door open then the inner door and his voice saying, “Where are you”. I pulled the door open a little and he stepped in. When he saw me his eyes popped open and he said ‘Lovely’ then he locked the door, got down on his knees and eased me out round the edge of my panties. His hand felt nice stroking up and down my cock and then he was licking the head. Then it came he licked his lips and slowly took me in his mouth. Wow! I’d love to have got him somewhere in private and let him do it, I could tell that he was a master at it. He went down and down and then pulled back slowly sucking as he did so then he went down and down again. I felt myself lifting up off the seat in time with him and I’d got my hands on his head urging him on. I was so wet that it was making quite a lot of noise in there and when I heard the outer door open had to hold his head still when I heard a guy come in and go for a pee at the urinal then go and wash his hands. While that was happening the guy sucking me kept his head still but kept up a sucking motion with the inside of his mouth until just after the man outside left I felt myself cumming. I had my feet pressing down on the floor and was lifting right up and he was sucking me with such intensity that I felt if I didn’t cum he’d suck my cock right off my body. When I did cum it was so good that I had to bite on my hand to stop myself moaning out loud and when he let me go I just flopped back down on the seat gasping for air. He stood up with my cum dribbling down his chin and looked down at me and asked me if I’d sit there for a few minutes. When I did he undid his trousers and got his cock out and started to rub himself. He came everso quick but it looked nice. When he’d finished we both left separately and I went down to arrivals.



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