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The year is starting to drag and its only October. That is not a good sign. Something about this year is especially tedious. Maybe because all I hear about is who’s dating who, who cheated on who, or what the next episode of The Hills is about. And for the love of god if I never heard the words High School Musical again I could die a happy man.

Maybe the fact that Halloween is coming up will break me from the doldrums. Something about everyone getting all dressed up having fun can break you out of a rut. The only drawback being that I am in high school instead of in Madison. That means no naughty nurse, cop, maid, schoolgirl, all so skimpy they would have to put something on to be in a strip show. But instead I get real schoolgirls and innocence instead of trashy whoriness.

This week has been business as usual for the most part. I gave them their exam early in the week so it wouldn’t interfere with the craziness that is Halloween. When I began going through the exam it was the usual results, half the class didn’t bother to read the chapter, or even the study guide I gave them the week before. Somehow it didn’t surprise me with this class, though at least I didn’t get any talk of any teeny-bopper TV shows on this test. When I came to Nicky’s exam I was truly shocked, she failed miserably. This is not like her at all; she’s normally the one to break the curve. With all the technology in the school the students’ grades are posted to their accounts by the end of the day. And to think, I used to have to wait at least a few days for a grade. Now by the time they get home from school it is there.

Today is Halloween and as usual the school is buzzing with excitement about costumes. The entire social studies department decided to dress up in costumes relating to America, with me being Uncle Sam (corny I know, but that’s the way it is with us history people). Everyone was in good spirits, except for Nicky. She usually is someone who is somewhat reserved. Today is no exception, though she did dress up as a dark angel, kinda Goth. As she was leaving the class she asked if I would be in my office bakırköy escort after school for her to stop by. I usually stick around for a while after school for the students if they need help, so of course I said yes.

At the end of the day I headed back to the office to gather my things and wait for Nicky to show up. The rest of the staff grabs their stuff and leaves, as they all have sports to coach and places to be. I get to relax until spring when baseball starts. When Nicky comes in I notice immediately that she has changed her costume a bit. The top is pulled a bit lower down, clearly showing her cleavage, and the dress is pulled up over the knees now.

“Mr. B, I’m worried about my grades, especially after that last exam that I tanked.”

“Don’t worry Nicky; you’re doing fine in the class. You’ll probably get a low A or a B.”

“But I need to get an A or A+ in this class to be able to get into college.”

“Well you’ve already gotten all the extra credit that is offered in the class. And we are just about done with grades. I’m sorry but the best you can get would be an A-. If I gave you more opportunities for extra credit it wouldn’t be fair to everyone else.”

I could see she was working through something in her mind based on the look in her eyes. I took a seat at my desk while she was thinking. Slowly I could see her become more focused before she finally spoke, “Mr. B, do you remember my birthday last month, well I turned 18 and since I am legal now I will do anything to raise my grade, I need this class.” With that she walked over and stood directly in front of me. She leaned down close to me, giving me a free view down her top and whispered in my ear “Anything.”

I was stunned. You see on the news talk of teachers that are coercing their students into sex, but here I was being propositioned. I can’t do it, it just wouldn’t be right. But then again she is attractive; she’s got some meat on her bones, but in all the right places. And her breasts fit her perfectly; I would guess a 36 or 38 D. It’s like I have the angel and devil on my shoulders trying to sway me telling me to go through with it or get out of there. As I think about what to say to her I feel my zipper being fumbled with. As I had stared off into space Nicky went beşiktaş escort about showing me that anything means anything.

When she reached her fingers in the zipper and made her way through my boxers to feel my hardening cock my mind was made up. I looked down at this fallen angel on her knees at my feet and could only give her a nod. She knew I had given in and returned to her quest of freeing my cock from my pants. When Nicky got my fly open all the way she tugged down on my pants. I lifted my ass off the seat enough for her to pull them to the floor. With the pants out of the way she kneeled between my legs and takes hold of my dick. By now I was rock hard. When it comes to my size, I am about average, 6 inches long, and somewhat thick. I haven’t had any complaints. It’s been a little while for me and any attention is enough to get me up and ready to go.

Nicky starts to stroke my dick in slow deliberate movements. She certainly has a touch that could make a man melt. She starts to rub the head of my cock, hitting a spot that makes me twitch. A smile comes across Nicky’s face when she feels my legs twitch under her.

Nicky leaned her head down and kissed the tip of my dick. She no doubt tasted the precum that had collected on the tip. She began to lick up and down the sides of my shaft, tracing the veins as she went. I was beside myself, this felt incredible. After she worked my entire shaft over with her tongue she moved back up to the head. She wrapped her luscious lips around the head and started to suck. Her lips are the definition of DSL (dick suckin lips).

I look down at her and moved the hair from her face so I can look into her eyes. On her face is a look that I have rarely seen, one of contentment. She is starting to work her lips further down the shaft, taking about half of it at once. She is really starting to get into it now, as she starts to work what is outside her mouth with one of her hands. Nicky is starting to let this blowjob get much wetter, using her saliva as lube for her hands. The feelings she is generating are amazing. I haven’t had head like this in years.

I know that she wants to take all of me, and she is certainly trying hard to deepthroat my dick. Slowly but surely more of my cock slides between those beylikdüzü escort juicy lips. Nicky takes her free hand and starts to caress my balls. She first takes the right one in her hand and starts to roll it in her fingers. I can feel my cum starting to rise as she plays with both balls. I know that I wont be lasting much longer with this kind of treatment.

I needed to warn her, “Nicky, I’m starting to get close.”

The only response I got was a moan and she started to move her head faster. Inside her mouth her tongue is dancing over my pole as it slides back and forth. When my dick almost slips from her lips she swirls her tongue around the head, the sensations make my balls start to tingle.

She makes one last push on my cock, and the head finally pops into her throat. Clearly she has no gag reflex as I feel the head push out of her mouth and into her throat. That is about all I can take, but I can’t believe what she does next. She slips her hand underneath me and starts to rub gently around my asshole. This is what finally pushes me over the edge.

“I’m coming” I moaned and she just kept sucking. Since it was clear she didn’t care about me coming in her mouth I held the back of her head so that when I came it filled her mouth. She sucks hard on the head of my cock and is rewarded with the first shot of cum. She jumped a bit as my hot cum hits the back of her throat. I started to shake as I kept pumping cum into her mouth. She had to swallow at least twice to get it all, but not a drop was wasted.

My cock started to deflate in her mouth as she attentively licked and sucked the head clean. Finally she lets it out of her mouth with a pop. I leaned my head back, closed my eyes, and just sighed. When I looked back she was standing up and straightening up her costume. The smile on her face said it all. Not only was she trying to get a better grade, but she really enjoyed this.

As I pulled my pants up Nicky broke our silence, “I hope that my arguments were persuasive enough to raise my grade Mr. B.”

I smiled at her “Nicky, based on your oral performance I think you have earned your A.”

With that she came up to me and gave me a quick kiss. I could still taste a hint of my salty cum on her lips. She left the office with a little something extra in her step.

I leaned back in my chair taking in what just happened when I hear a noise that made me jump out of my skin. The door to the department chair’s office opened with a creak. I turned to look at her and the expression on her face was clear….

To be continued…



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