Max had been Gloria’s husband for thirty-two years. He had been her only love and lover, but now he had been dead for nearly a year. They had raised two wonderful children. Kevin was the oldest, born the first year of her marriage, Gwen a few years later. It wasn’t the first time she had thought about her son in ways she should not, but all those other times she had able to resist. Her rules were now different.

Damp from the morning shower, Gloria stood in front of the mirror and examined her body from all angles as she twisted back and forth and talked to herself aloud as was her habit when she was alone. “Not so bad.” Her hands cupped her breasts from the bottom and juggled them softly. “Yeah-h.” A finger ruffed the nipple and it responded nicely. “Ah-h, nice tits.” She enjoyed the play and leaned against the wall, watching herself in the mirror. “Still love my body.” A hand slid along her slim front, along her still firm stomach, and back towards her breasts. “Damn,” she drawled. “Just can’t get enough.” She twisted and tossed a hip towards the mirror and then slapped it. The whack lingered in the air.

The towel lay on the bed while she sat beside it. “I mustn’t.” She stared between her legs where she had played before the shower and numerous times during the night. She often enjoyed herself. A fingertip pulled at her clit. “I mustn’t think about….” Quickly her orgasm began. “I mus….” She fell onto her back, a knee in the air. “Fuck me Kevin.”

She was glad he had offered to visit for the weekend. Gwen had been once since Max’s funeral. Kevin had not been even though he lived closer. She did not know if Gwen had left the book on the bedside table on purpose, she only knew it had given her a new perspective.

Gloria sat on the top porch step. Her bare feet and knees rested apart with the short blue skirt lazily lying across her thighs and the breeze blowing against the warm bare skin between them. The dust of the long rutted drive off Highway 124 rose behind the car and she could hear the gravel bouncing off the bottom. Farms like hers never had paved drives.

The car door slammed hard. She stood and looked at Kevin standing beside by the car. He was just as handsome as he had been in her mind last night and the nights before. “Hi son!” Her hand waved high in the air as she almost floated down the steps and across the small patch of grass towards him. Her bare breasts bounced and swung inside her blouse with each long step. The nipples became even more erect from pressing against the soft cotton.

Kevin left his small duffel bag on the passenger seat and walked towards her. “Lookin’ good … as always.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the cheek. She had pictured something different, something quite different. He pulled back. She pulled on his waist and kissed him on the lips. He could feel her tongue against them and jerked slightly away. “Mom….” He stared at her in partial disbelief.

She struggled to ignore his reaction. “It is good to see you again. How’s work?”

“Same ole, same ole. Dorothy left me … again.” Kevin walked to the other side of the car and jerked the bag off the seat, and slammed the door. “Fuck her,” he whispered under his breath.

She had followed him and was closer than he expected. “What?”

“Ah, I’m just a little pissed off. How are you? I like that outfit.” He stood with the bag hanging from a few fingers and looked at his mother’s short skirt that ended several inches above the knee. Her bare legs and feet had always been his favorite part and he still enjoyed the view. “You look damn sexy.”

She ran a hand under her long gray ponytail and leaned back in a stylish pose. “Not so bad for an old dame. I’ll try to resist your advances.” She laughed and walked towards the porch listening to his steps behind her.

The screen door bounced closed behind him and he whacked her hard on the hip with his hand. She spun around. “Fresh.” A warm sensation smoldered inside her as she savored the sting of his hand. She wished it hadn’t only been over her skirt, that it had been on bare flesh as hers had been not so long ago. She now knew she would not succeed at resisting him. “Can I get you something to eat?”

“Nah. Had breakfast down the road. Do ya got anything to drink?”

“I’ve got some beer. I could whip up some rum punch and we could sit topkapı escort out back. Still no neighbors back there. Still just woods.”

“That sounds damn great.”

Her bare feet scuffed across the linoleum floor of the kitchen. “Grab some glasses.” She twisted the top off the rum bottle. The rest of the brown liquid rushed into a pitcher and the remains of an open can of Coke splashed on top of it and the ice.

“Hope you’re not trying to get me drunk.” Kevin laughed and rested his hand over the same cheek he had hit. He massaged the fabric. “Nice ass.”

She thought she could feel his fingers slip into the crevice. “Maybe I only want your body.” She laughed and stirred the liquid. The banging of the spoon against the glass barely masked the sound of her heart pounding in her chest.

He stood at the backdoor and looked at the yard. “I must have mowed that a million times. Who’s doing it for you, some Latin lover with a bare chiseled stomach?”

“Yeah, right! If I had a pool, he could clean that too.” She held the pitcher as the ice cubes clanked against the sides. She slapped his hip. “Open the door for your old mother!”

“You ain’t old, just beautiful.”

They sat on the grass under the large oak tree.

“Dorothy left you….”

“Hush. I don’t want to talk about the bitch. I just want to look at you.”

“You’re being silly.”

They finished the first glass quickly and she reclined on one hand. Her skirt inched upwards and there was no effort to stop it. She poured another glass full and offered him more. “Such a nice day. Glad you could come.” She could sense the tension in the conversation. She wanted something and was afraid he would not.

He leaned against the coarse bark of the tree. The pitcher rested on its side next to the empty glasses. She lay asleep on her back, one leg slightly bent at the knee. A breeze caught her skirt and flipped it up towards her hip. She lay unaware as he looked at the top of her thigh with no sign of underwear. She rolled to one side exposing the short light brown hair between her thighs. He started to stand, but she mumbled, “Fuck me-e.” He assumed she was dreaming of his father. Then she said it again, only this time she added Kevin’s name.

“Shit-t-t,” he blew under his breath. As he settled back down, his hand rested over his crotch and he felt himself become aroused. “Nah,” he thought, almost tempted to reach inside his pants. Half asleep, she watched though the slit of closed eyes and thought about him as he rubbed the denim flap over the zipper. His fingers fiddled with the bronze tab a few times before slowly pulling it down. The black cotton of his briefs bulged though the opening and he unsnapped the button at the waistband of the jeans. The head of his cock peeked past the elastic band. She gasped and his eyes flashed at hers. “Sorry! Sorry Mom.” His hands fumbled to hide what he had been doing.

She sat up and moved closer. “Don’t put it away.” Her hand now rested over his briefs. A finger pulled the elastic down. “We need….” Her hand covered the bare shaft.

“I’ve dreamed about you. I couldn’t help look….”

She tugged at his pants and he lifted his hips. She slipped his clothes off. “I couldn’t believe how much I wanted you last night. I was glad to hear Dorothy left.”

“You … wanted me?”

“Oh God, yes son. It is all I’ve thought about for days, ever since you called and said you’d be here this weekend. All my thoughts about when you….” Her hand slowly slipped along the velvet smooth skin. Her thumb roamed around the rim of the head. “Hmmm, we shouldn’t do this here.” She softly giggled before leaning down and kissing the head. Still holding his cock, she glanced up at him. “I guess the big question … is do you want me?”

His hand cupped her crotch and his palm rubbed over the wet skin. “You’re damp.”

“My pussy needs you.” Her voice was soft. “Feel inside my cunt.” His fingertip stroked her clit and she emitted a low gasp. “I hope we can eat each other though the night.”

His fingertip continued to twirl her clit. “I didn’t know you had such thoughts.”

“Keep that up and I’ll show you just how nasty I can get.” She stood, her blouse fell open exposing one nipple, and she pulled him up. Not letting go of his hand, she led him to the bedroom.

She dropped tuzla escort first the blouse then the skirt as she watched him undress. “There doesn’t seem to be much resistance.” She giggled and bounced on the bed. “Good boy.”

“Nope. I remember how I used to wonder what you looked like naked.” He fell backwards onto the quilt. His cock stood up and he interlaced his fingers behind his head.

“Did you jack off?”

“Do you mean while thinking about you? Oh hell yeah. More than I did thinking about Gwen. You were my goddess.”

“Your sister? Kevin, you bad boy. You must tell me more … later.” Her fingers curled around his cock and she felt the warmth. “Damn, I wish I’d had some of this years ago. I couldn’t … just couldn’t.”

He pushed hard against her shoulder and knocked her onto her back. He pulled at her knees. His tongue ripped though the slit.

She gasped, hard. “Kevin….”

His lips wrapped around her clit and pulled it between them.

“Son….” Her hips bucked against his face and several of his fingers vanished inside. “Ah-h….” Her gasp filled the room and her legs spread wider.

His tongue made longer, deeper laps. His fingers pried at her ass and pulled her tighter against his face.

“Yeah-h….” She gasped loudly and grabbed at her chest. “Just … ah … minute.”

His tongue rested against her clit, occasionally dabbing at it as he looked across her stomach.

She inhaled deeply. “I’m not twenty anymore.”

“Guess I got a little carried away with the delicious feast you prepared for me.”

She laughed. “Really, there is no rush. Please take your time.”

They dozed with their faces close to the others crotch, his cock holding her lips apart. It began to press more firmly and she suckled it like a large pacifier. A groan flowed from his mouth and he glanced down to enjoy the sight of his mother sucking that part of him.

Her hand replaced her lips. “Can’t get enough….” Her lips again wrapped around the swollen head and hid it inside. She tasted his last release and then the next as she listened to him groan in pleasure. Her hand rolled his balls and squeezed. Her head continued to bob in long slow strokes, often consuming the full length. He could smell her wetness and he nibbled. She released him and watched, her thighs parting more, giving him his pleasure.

The morning light filtered around the curtains as they continued their attention to the other.

He released his lips from her bud. “Why did we have to wait?”

“Does it matter? At last we are together.” Her mouth pulled his cock inside a single time. “We don’t have to part.” She took him a second time and he began to swell. “Do we?” Again, she took him and did not speak until he filled her with his release.

“Did you do that to dad?”

“Some. I don’t know why, but with you it is giving me something I never found before.”

“I’m glad. You are better than Dorothy was. She never liked doing that. Did you and Gwen….”

“Uh. I’m starving and I’ve got to piss.” She walked across the room. He heard the toilet flush and her steps on the stairs.

Gloria stood in front of the stove and turned the pancakes. A tan colored apron dangled around her neck over her naked body. Kevin stomped down the stairs and sat in front of the large cup of coffee, the steam still rising above it. He gazed at the crevice between the pale cheeks and sipped the coffee.

“Such a nice sight. I like your ass.”

“Do you now?” She dumped two pancakes on a plate and poured more batter into the hot skillet. “What you want on these?” She laid the plate in front of him and kissed him on the lips. In the process, the apron slid to one side revealing her stomach and the sweet place below it.

“Goddamn, I could sure get used to sights like that every morning.”

“That could be arranged.”

“Tempt me.” He reached between her thighs and stroked a fingertip through her pussy leaving it coated in her juices. There was a pop as he pulled the same finger from his mouth. “Ah-h. Now that is sure tasty. Wish I could pour some on these cakes.”

“Silly boy.” The spatula scrapped over the skillet as she turned the next batch of pancakes.

“Did you wear that for Gwen? I remember her tasting almost as nice as you; don’t you agree?”

“Don’t pendik escort be nasty.”

“You did make it sound like you and she had….”

“Hey!” She spun around and stared, the spatula raised above her head. She turned back and gently placed the pancakes on a plate, and then carried it to the table. She sat across from him. He could feel her foot rub against his lower leg and she smiled.

“I thought you might want to talk.” He took a bite and chewed as he continued to talk. “If you don’t, I understand. I visited her one weekend.” He took several more bites as she put butter on her pancakes. “Guess we got naked and screwed most of the weekend.”

“Yeah, she can be a real pleaser.” Gloria laughed and then dropped the apron on the floor. She lifted a breast and rolled the flesh in her hand as she continued to eat.

“Is it that we are your children? Is that what’s wrong?”

“Since your dad died, I’ve had a lot of time to think. She left a book beside the bed that week of the funeral. The book excited me in ways I’ve never known – ‘Momma’s Kids, Momma’s Girlfriend’.”

Gloria carried both plates to the sink. She stood looking down at the plates.

“Her next visit, Gwen sat where you are. I was dressed, so was she. I heard the chair scrape and then her steps behind me. The sound of her voice carried my name as her lips rested so close to mine. It became irresistible. They touched in a way it was impossible to know whose touched first. It didn’t matter. Our tongues touched in a way my tongue had never known. We lay on the floor and enjoyed each other. Soon we were naked, our fingers covered in the other’s wetness, our sounds filling the room. She suckled my nipple and kissed towards my navel. ‘I must,’ she blew the words against me and kissed downwards. My thighs rested over her shoulders and she sucked me though a wonderful orgasm. It didn’t matter that she was so much my daughter … or another woman. Goddamn, that felt so heavenly.”

He stared as he listened.

She turned. “It was so strange. After that, I found myself looking at my friends, Pauline and Janet, and wanting to experience them.”

“Were they willing?”

“One day I actually asked Pauline if she’d ever thought about other women. It was innocent and she didn’t know what I was thinking, at least she didn’t seem to know. She is about ten years younger than I am … guess I would have. We have coffee once a week. After that, it was hard to not wonder, hard to not want….”

“What kept you from doing something?”

She pulled a chair closer to him. “Oh there were times she would brush up against me. The natural fragrance of her skin would fill me. Her cheek would linger near and her warm breath would coat my lips.”

“Mom, you are holding back. Tell me more.” He held his cock as he tempted her to tell him the whole story.

“We resisted poorly.” Gloria laughed and kissed his lips. “Like I am doing with you right now. “

“Are there others? You mentioned Janet. Have you been with her … have you been with Gwen again?”

“I guess since your father died, I’ve gone a little crazy. He was the only lover I’d had. You are the only guy I’ve been with since him. Pauline comes over a few times a week for the evening, for the night. I enjoy the company … and the passion. It is so different than with a man.”

“Is she as beautiful as you?”

“Damn, you say the sweetest things.” She leaned close and sucked his tongue into her mouth. “I was never that pretty. No, I never did anything with Janet. She’s my age and never gave any hint she was interested. Gwen pleasured me, but she lives so far away. Mostly just Pauline, she’s enough.” Gloria replaced his hand with hers. “Let’s go upstairs.”

Gloria sat again on the porch and watched the cloud of dust moving towards Highway 124. He had promised to visit again soon. He had said he enjoyed her. An hour later, she still sat in the same place as the phone rang for the second time. The first she had managed to ignore the call. This time she answered.

“Yes Gwen, he just left.” Her free hand held a breast. “Yes, yes, next weekend would be good. I want you again.” Her fingers unbuttoned the dress as she spoke. Now it dangled open the full length. “Yes I’m touching myself, are you?”

As she rested the phone on the base, a knock on the door took her attention.

Pauline spoke though the screen door. “I just had to hear about the weekend.” The door closed gently behind her. “It looks like you might still be enjoying it.” She laughed and pulled her close enough to kiss.

“I just spoke to Gwen.”

“Maybe I can take your mind away for a while.”



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