New neighbours lustHaving just changed jobs, I am new to town. I am single, mid forties male whose main concern is his career. This new job has given me the financial independence that I have been working for and the prestige to make the inconvenience of moving to a new place worthwhile.Texas is a very different place than what I am used to with my Midwestern roots. The people seem to be much friendlier and the area is just so vast. Since I am comfortable in the typical suburban American setting, I bought a house in one of the more upscale neighborhoods outside of the Dallas-Ft. worth metro area. Surprisingly in such a big state with all this open land, the houses are rather close together. I guess it just saves on the yard work in the hot summer.I just recently met my neighbors at a barbeque in my honor. Everyone seemed quite friendly and easy to get along with. The atmosphere was relaxed and filled with plenty of friendly banter and some innocent flirting among the adults. My new next door neighbor, Carole, let everyone know that since I was the only unattached person in the group, they would all have to do something about it.I didn’t mind the jokes and the occasional flirt, in fact I welcomed them but I value my privacy and my independence quite a lot. I don’t have any intentions of settling down.Carole seemed to think that because I am a bachelor that I led a very Spartan existence and needed the occasional family contact to keep me going. I was willing to go along. They have a very fun and lively family and Carole is quite the good cook. Not that I can’t cook for my self, I do very well in that department thank you, but it is occasionally nice to be catered to and I had yet to make the acquaintance of any lady friends who might help in that area.I got along with Tom, Carole’s husband, famously and was always willing to join him and his teenage boys on expeditions or in yard games of basketball when I could. The one thing that bothered me was that Carole seemed just a bit too friendly and when momentarily alone with her a bit too flirty. I dismissed this as my overactive imagination since Carole was a very typical suburban housewife. With a round face, full lips and short curly red hair she is quite pretty if a bit chubby, adoringly devoted to her husband and her boys. She cooks, cleans and dotes on them. Nothing in her demeanor showed a wild or lustful side. She simply kept asking about my love life and why a good looking and prosperous man like me wasn’t tied down yet.Last Friday night Carole came over and asked if she could talk with me about something important. I told her sure. She came into my living room carrying a bag and told me that she was having a bit of trouble with her oldest boy, sixteen years old. I asked her why she hasn’t just worked this out with Tom but she said that sometimes he was just too straight laced and it would be embarrassing for her to tell him the problem.As Carole stood in front of me, I couldn’t help but notice her healthy figure. She may have been about 30 lbs overweight but it was all in the right places. She was dressed in thin, stretchy sweatpants which clung to her hips and ass, showing her womanly curves, invitingly. Her top was a simple lightweight tee shirt which emphasized her full bust. I dismissed those thoughts, she was my married neighbor. She was dressed similarly to me at the moment. It was not intended to titillate just to be relaxed and comfortable.She opened the bag and dumped out its contents, telling me that she found these things in her son’s room, stashed in various places. Smiling shyly, she noted, “A teenage boy really can’t hide too many things from the prying eyes of his mother. Especially when she does all the cleaning.”On my coffee table was a pile of porn magazines and maybe half a dozen XXX-rated DVDs. Not too unusual for a teenage boy and I told her so, “Carole, at some point all boys get interested in this type of stuff. Some of it may be a bit strong in content but it just shows a healthy interest is sex.”“Well, I keep telling myself that but lately, I had to see what this nasty material was all about so I started leafing through the magazines and watching the DVDs. Would you mind looking to see what I mean?”I was feeling a bit uncomfortable discussing this subject with my motherly neighbor but I really did want to help her out and she seemed to be stressed by the situation.“Sure Carole, let’s have a look at the stuff.”“Great, thanks. I’ll put this DVD in your player and I can show you some of the smut in these magazines. It should give you an idea.”She sat next to me on the sofa and opened a magazine as the DVD started. It opened with a very busty young woman on her knees begging a well endowed man to let her suck his big cock and fill her mouth with his cum. Perhaps it was a bit strong for a teenager but definitely something of a wet dream for any man or developing man. Carole leaned close to me and showed me a picture from one of the magazines. It showed a woman taking two men on at once. Her clothes were tattered and she was on her hands and knees with a long, thin cock in her mouth and a ticker one buried deep in her pussy. Between the DVD and the pictures Carole was showing me, I was beginning to get excited. I didn’t want to offend Carole and push her away and I surely didn’t want her to notice my hardening cock. That wouldn’t help her in this situation much, would it? So I remained close to her warm, soft body and tried to avoid any accidental contact.Carole turned to me and looking carefully at me, she asked, “Do you see what I mean? How could he want to watch such slutty women let men do those nasty things to them?”“Carole, it is natural for a boy that age to watch this type of stuff. It is just fodder for his wet bursa escort dreams. Every man goes through that.”“Ross, that is the biggest part of the problem. Tom doesn’t seem to have any interest in this type of thing and since I have watched theses discs and read the magazines, I can’t stop thinking about it.”She looked into my eyes as her hand came to rest on the hard bulge in my pants. Her hand began to trace my hard cock as she whispered to me, “Heaven help me but it excites me so much to think of myself being such a slut. I get so hot and wet every time I think of doing such dirty, nasty things with a man.”I was frozen with this confession from Carole. I didn’t know what to do but my cock sure did. It was standing out in my sweat pants, straight and proud, now wrapped in both of Carole’s caressing hands. Carole is my neighbor and my friend, her husband and her son’s are my friends. I realized now that I have wanted this woman since I first met her. She seems like the neighborly next door type housewife but underneath there is a smoldering sexuality, a deep need and lust.I tried for some self control, to talk her out of it.“Carole, this isn’t what you want. It isn’t what I want. You’re just horny right now from the pornography. Talk to Tom and he’ll give you what you need.”Still caressing my hard cock, she answered, “Ross, Tom and I have had sex maybe six times a year for the past twenty years. Always with the lights out and never for more than 20 minutes. I need some lust and some passion. I want a man who can make my pussy so wet that I can’t possibly stand it if he doesn’t fuck me immediately and repeatedly. I want you to talk nasty and dirty to me, to treat me like your little slut, your personal whore. This big, thick cock of yours sure wants me.”“Carole, I don’t know what to say, but…”Carole abruptly stood up in front of me and peeled off her tee shirt. Smiling at my surprised reaction she jiggled her big tits and bent down close to show me the red and black lace peek-a-boo bra she was wearing. It couldn’t contain nearly all the soft flesh and it let her tits wobble and bounce seductively. It also let her big brown nipples poke through the wide slits in the center of the fabric. Her nipples were fully erect and as thick as my finger, standing out about an inch long and begging to be sucked.She pulled my head into her tit and had me suck on the big thick nipple. Any resolve that I pretended to have was completely lost. I wanted this chubby, pretty, sexy, slutty housewife more than I ever wanted any other woman. I sucked hungrily on her nipples while squeezing and kneading the warm soft flesh of her tits. She was whimpering and cooing as she moved up into my lap and ground her pussy against the throbbing bulge in my pants.I pushed her over on the sofa and began kissing her neck and nibbling at her ear lobes as I kept up my assault on those sexy orbs. She continued to whimper and then began to plead with me.“Yes, baby. Yes. Use me, fuck me. Make me your slutty, little whore.”I locked my lips on hers and kissed her deeply, swapping spit as our tongues wrestled and thrashed around with one another. My hand slid down into her loose sweat pants and I got my next big surprise of the night. She was wearing lacy panties but I had free access to her molten hot, gushing puss. She was wearing crotchless panties! I found this so bawdy, so lewdly slutty that I almost came when her hands found my drooling cock inside my sweatpants.“You are a little slut, aren’t you Carole? You really do want me to make you my little whore and use you like the slut you are.”“Yes, Ross, yes! I am such a slut. I want to be your whore. I want to worship your big, thick cock and I want to be fucked with it over and over and over.”“All right then, get up and get undressed, slut.”Carole stood up immediately and pulled down her sweatpants. I could see her thick, dripping pussy lips protruding through the open crotch of the red and black lace panties. Her hands moved to her bra to unclasp it but I reached out and stopped her. She looked at me puzzled.“Only a slut would wear a peek-a-boo bra and crotchless panties like that. Leave them on. They make you look so slutty. It will remind both of us just what you are. Show yourself to me. Show me what you have to offer.”Carole was hesitant at first. Possibly she wasn’t sure just what to do and she may have been a bit nervous. She got into it pretty quick, though. She cupped her big tits and squeezed them for me, forcing her long, erect nipples through the slits in the bra. She began swaying and making her tits jiggle and bounce provocatively for my viewing pleasure. Next she moved a hand down to her pussy and began slipping it in and out of the slippery hole, making wet, sloshing noises.“Do you like what you see, Ross? Do I look dirty and slutty enough for you?”“Ummmm! Carole that looks so nasty, so slutty.”With my answer, she smiled at me, then promptly turned around and bent over, reached between her soft, smooth thighs and began finger fucking herself again while wiggling that big, round ass in my face.“How about this, baby? Does this make you want to fuck me with your big cock? Do you want me to be your personal whore?”I listened to the sloppy, wet slurping sounds of her fingers moving in and out of her inviting hole and then answered, “Yes. I am going to make you my personal whore. I am going to use you as a nasty, dirty little slut.”With these words her hips began to buck and her body started to shake as her fingers plunged into her pussy deeper and faster. I quickly reached over and pilled her hand from her puss, telling her, “You only cum when I tell you that you can slut. You are my whore now.”“Turn around slut and undress me. Worship my body and then my cock.”Carole did bursa escort bayan as she was told. Her hands were trembling as she pulled the tee shirt over my head and then caresses her way down my shoulders, chest and stomach. She happily pulled down my sweatpants and undershorts, letting my cock spring free and bob in the air. She knelt down to pull my pants and shorts off my legs and toss them aside. Kneeling as she did in front of me, my cock was only inches from her face. She reached out and grasped it in her warm, soft hand and moved it around to inspect it. She seemed fascinated, as if she hadn’t ever seen a real live cock before. I remembered what she told my about having the lights out when she and Tom had sex. The idea that my cock was the first that she had ever seen in the light made it twitch and drool.Carole reacted to this by gasping, “Oh wow! That was great Ross.” She began slowly stroking its length and tickling my balls. Her index finger touched and smeared a drop of my precum across the head of my cock and she moved her finger to her mouth and sucked it clean.“Ummm! That was good. I want more. I want to taste your cum.”“If you want to taste my cum, then get over here and start sucking on my cock, you little slut.”“I’ve never sucked a man’s cock before. What do I do?”“You have watched all those dirty DVDs and read all those nasty magazines. You know what to do. Suck my cock just like the women in those pictures and movies.”Holding my cock gingerly at the base, Carole began by tentatively licking up the length of my hardness. As her tongue came in contact with the slippery, sticky precum oozing from the peehole, she made savoring noises, “Ummm.” “Yummmmm!” and became more insistent in her approach. Her mouth slid over the head of my cock and she sucked her way down half my length before coming back up and popping my cock from her mouth with a wet slurp. She looked up at me and smiled brightly as she saw that I was watching her lick and suck my manhood with such gusto. Her head quickly moved back down to my cock but her eyes never left my as her lips descended once again along the hard length.“Ummmm!! Yummmmmm!!”She noticed how I squirmed at the vibratory feeling caused by these sounds. She pulled my cock from her mouth with another wet slurp and looked very carefully at me and asked, “Do you like how I suck your cock, Ross? Are you enjoying my worship of your manhood? I am. I love the way you taste and how you watch me as I suck your cock like a dirty, nasty slut.”“God, yes Carole. Only a slutty whore could suck cock like that and enjoy it so much.”Her mouth returned to my hard cock. She alternated licking, sucking, slurping and humming me to a frenzy of pleasure. All the while she was watching me carefully; enjoy my responses to her slutty show. As my hips began to buck and my cock throbbed while my balls churned, she stopped for a moment. Watching my reaction once again, she told me, “I want to taste your cum. Do you want to fill my slutty cocksucking mouth with your cum?”“Yes, Carole. I want to watch you suck the cum from my balls. I want to cum all over your tongue. I want you to make a dirty, nasty mess of my cum with your slutty cocksucking mouth.”Her eyes grew wide and bright. A brilliant smile parted her lips as she set to the task of making me cum. Her mouth bobbed up and down on my cock, sucking hard, intent on getting all of my cum. I was expecting to cum in her talented mouth and watch her swallow it but she surprised me and fulfilled one of my most vivid fantasy images.“Oh, Carole! I’mmm going to cummm! I’mmm going to cummmm in your slutty, cocksucking mouth! I’mmmmmm cummmmmminnnggggg!!! I’mmmmm cummmminnngggg!!!!”Just as the first pulse started, Carole withdrew her mouth from my cock and began licking the underside of my cockhead. Her tongue danced with dizzying effectiveness as I fountained my cum up into the air and watched it rain down all over her lips, tongue, cheeks and wobbling tits. What a nasty sight! It made me cum even more, even harder than I thought possible. I watched as Carole, with a big smile on her face, continued to lick and spread my cum with her tongue all over my cock in a big, sticky, gooey mess.I had never had a woman make such a slutty spectacle of herself for me before. Carole sensed this and milked the situation and my cock for all she could. She stopped licking my cock and began licking my cum off her lips. She watched me watch her clean my cum with her tongue.“Do you like that, baby? Did you enjoy watching me make such a nasty, slutty mess? Do you think that I’m good at being your whore?”Carole, returned her tongue to my cock and began licking it clean as I replied, “Ohhhhh God, yes! You are great at being my little whore. I enjoyed seeing you play with my sticky cum and making such a gooey mess of yourself and my cock.”My cock was still hard from watching her suck me so sluttily. I simply had to fuck this woman. There was no longer an attempt or pretense at control. My neighbor, my slutty whore of a neighbor was without a doubt going to be the hottest, wildest fuck of my life.“Carole, I am going to fuck you silly. I am going to fuck you until you scream. How do you like to be fucked?”“Ross, Tom is the only man I have ever fucked and that is always missionary with the lights off. I don’t know how I like to be fucked but I want you to fuck me so bad. Do it anyway you want, baby.”I took Carole by the hand and led her to my bedroom. She gleefully jumped on my king size bed. I took a bit longer, getting the room set just right. I moved a rolling, full length mirror next to the bed and then joined her. As I lay on my back, I told Carole, “Mount me slut. Get up here and ride my hard cock for all your worth. Watch yourself in the mirror while escort bursa you fuck me. See how slutty you look riding my big, thick cock with your tits wobbling and dripping my cum.”Carole wasted no time in straddling my hard cock and impaling herself on it. Her eyes remained glued to the mirror as she watched my cock disappear into her fuckhole as she moaned in pleasure, “Oooohhhh, your big cock feels soooo good inside me!”She began bouncing up and down on me. She would move all the way up so that just the tip of my cock head was touching her pussy lips and then all the way down until her ass bounced off my hips. Her hips had a mind of their own, rotating and bucking continuously during each up and down stroke. All the time her eyes were glued to the mirror, watching herself with rapt fascination as she fucked me.“Ooooohhhh! I look like such a slut. I love fucking your big cock, Ross. I love being your slutty whore, baby.”As she was whimpering, moaning and fucking, she was using her hands to squeeze her big tits and play with the sticky cum still spread all over them. I coaxed her on, talking dirty to her, telling her what a nasty slut and goo whore she truly was.“Fuck me slut. Only a slutty whore like you would love to fuck my big cock so much. Only a dirty, nasty, little slut would love to play with sticky cum on her wobbling tits while she watched herself fuck.”With that, Carole began to cum. Her body trembled and then stiffened. Her pussy squeezed me so tightly that it almost tore off my hard cock. She then began twitching and bucking as if she were being electrocuted. Her hips went into over drive as she wailed out her pleasure.“Ooooohhhhh God! I’mmmmm cummmmingggg!! I’mmmmmm cummmmminggggg!! Oh Ross shoot your cum deep into my cummmmminngggg pussy!”As her sweet hole was spasming on my cock it felt as if it were hungrily trying to suck the cum form my balls. I responded by thrusting up into her and shooting bolt after bolt of my cum deep into her clutching womb. Our sweating, heaving bodies were twisted together in a knot as we rode out the waves of orgasmic bliss together.With my cock still buried deep inside her, Carole asked me, “Ross, was that good for you? Did you enjoy our little tumble as much as I did?”“Carole, I have never had a better fuck. You are the best.”“Good. I want to play more. I don’t want this to be a one time thing. I want to be your regular, slutty whore. If Tom doesn’t want me this way then you can have me whenever you desire. How about that?”“Carole, anytime and anyplace. You are a fabulous lover. We shouldn’t do this but that only makes it so much more exciting. Doesn’t it?”“I am not a fabulous lover, I am a fabulous fuck, a fabulous dirty, nasty, slutty fuck. I can get love at home. I need more from you. I need you to teach me everything you can about being a slut and a whore and yes, it does make it so much more exciting to be fucking you instead of Tom. I am yours for the weekend. The boys are staying in Dallas both tonight and tomorrow night so that they can watch the Mavericks and the Stars.”“Good the night is far from over and I have just started using you.”“Ummmmm!!!!”I rolled Carole off me. We could hear the wet slurp as our organs separated. I grabbed her by the hips and moved her around so that we were lying on the bed facing each other’s sloppy, sticky sex. “Suck our cum off my cock, slut!”“Ooohhhh, yessss!!!”Carole’s mouth and tongue got busy licking and sucking my semi-hard cock. I could feel the blood returning to the only head I wanted to think with tonight. I turned to her messy pussy and began by licking our combined cum dripping from the gooey lips. Her hips bucked and her sucking of my now hardening cock became even more vigorous. The wet slurping noises she was making and her moans around my cock as she sucked spurred me on and I plunged my tongue deep into her sloppy hole and wiggled it around. We continued teasing each other like this for quite some time as we slowly became more and more responsive and aroused. The wild sex we had earlier only served to allow us to spend time enjoying the new sensations. Carole stepped up the intensity as she concentrated on licking under the head of my cock as she sucked on it. I lashed my tongue directly on her swollen and sensitive clit. As I felt my balls tighten and her legs begin to tremble, I shouted, “Stop!” and pushed her away from me. She gave me a puzzled look until I told her to get over by the mirror on her hands and knees. She then smiled with acknowledgement and scrambled across the bed. She pushed her ass up to face me and wiggled her messy pussy at me. There was no way that I could resist that sexy invitation even for a second. I knelt behind her full, soft ass and plunged into her.We fucked ourselves into a frenzy. My hips pounded her soft ass. We could both watch my long, hard length disappear into her needy hole and the ripples my thrusts caused to roll up her ass.“Watch yourself get fucked, slut. Watch how your big tits wobble and sway with my thrusts. See how bad you want it. You love getting fucked so much. You love getting fucked by me so much. Can you see what a nasty, slutty fucking whore you are?”“I love getting fucked by you, baby! I love it so much more than getting fucked by my husband! I love watching you fuck your nasty, slutty whore!”Mating like the wild b**sts that we had become, my hard cock pounded into her and her hips thrusting back to engulf me completely. Over and over. Until she wailed, “I’mmmm cummminnggg! I’mmm cummminngggg all over your big cock, baby. Don’t stop! Fuck my slutty pussy good!”I grasped her hips, leaving red finger prints in her warm, soft flesh and pumped even harder as I pumped jet after jet of sticky cum so deep into her that she had to be able to taste it. This time as we collapsed on the bed in a sweaty, sticky mess, we both fell into a light sleep. The weekend was far from over. We spent it fucking, eating and sleeping, simply fulfilling our a****listic urges…



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