New Cleaner Samantha Part 2I reluctantly agreed that it would be ok for Sam to do the trial in her undies so she stood up by the sofa and undid the rest of the buttons on her shirt pulling it out of her skirt and opening it up showing her little white bra before pulling it off and placing it on the sofa, Wow she did look good standing there in a loose fitting bra. She fumbled for the buttons on her skirt and as it was a wrapround it fell off quite easily and her little white cotton panties came into full view, she looked down, ”Shall I take my socks off?” she asked quite confidently.I nodded my head and she quickly slipped them off and as I sat there watching I could feel the blood rushing south but needed to keep my arousal under control. Sam stood up waiting for my instructions and I have to say she looked hot in her little bra which was probably a size too big because as she bent down to remove her socks I got a good glimpse at her little globes and nipples. Her panties were well fitting and showed a little mound at the front.“How do you feel Frank?” she asked looking down and seeing my cock start to thicken slightly, I told her I was ok, “Shall I show you around?” I asked her as I stood up and walked out to the hallway with Sam following behind and we entered the kitchen where I looked up at the cupboards thinking that the tops could probably do with a clean.I handed her a cloth and a duster and pulled a chair up to the counter, “Can you get up there and clean the tops of the cupboards?” I asked her and she stood there surveying the situation.I could see the drink still had an affect as she was a little unsteady so I offered her a solution, “Don’t worry Samantha” I said softly, “I will support you support you so you don’t fall” I continued reassuringly and she seemed happy as she stepped up on the chair with me standing right behind her.I grabbed her hips as she wobbled slightly and as she arched her back to reach the tops her arse stuck out just inches from my face.Her arse was nicely rounded and the soft cotton fabric was slightly wedged up her crack and as I held her hips my hands wandered to the soft cheeks and as the chair wobbled again my thumbs sneaked inside her panties and as I held her steady.I could see the tightness of the cotton between her legs and was so close I could smell the sweet aroma in front of my face. She reached further with the cloth and in doing so pushed her arse out further and my face was now touching her and my nose pushed into her crack, “Have you got me Frank?” she asked slightly nervous but I assured her that I had a good hold as I held her hips tight pulling her onto my face, I just couldn’t resist poking my tongue out and felt her body squirm as it made contact between her legs, as my tongue touched the thin fabric of her panties I could feel the warmth being omitted from her sex.“All done” she said proudly as she turned and looked down at me allowing me to help her down off the chair, “Good job Samantha” I said smiling, “But I need to go up and check” I said as I stepped on to the chair while Sam stepped back looking at my now semi erect cock, “Let me help you Frank” she said as she got right behind me holding on to my hips as I looked at the top of the cupboards.I had to arch my back to see and was conscious that my arse was now pushing back against her face and I definitely felt contact as my balls hung down but she was doing a great job in keeping me steady.The chair wobbled again pendik escort and her grip tightened and I could feel her face pushed hard against my bare arse, “Have you got me?” I asked and she muffled some kind of reply that was totally ineligible as her face was so tight, her hands were now pulling at my hips and I felt her tongue deep into my crack prodding at my hole, I had to let out a sigh as I felt her warm tongue and knew that my cock was now hard as the chair steadied and her hands rubbed around my cheeks pulling them apart exposing my hairy hole to her. “Don’t worry Frank, I have you” she said in a muffled voice as I felt her tongue touch my balls, “How does it look up there, did I do a good job?” she asked as I tried to manoeuvre myself to get down, “Oh yes, a great job Samantha” I said as I turned on the chair nearly hitting her across the face with my cock.She helped me down from the chair and looked down at my stiff cock, “Oh dear Frank” she said in a concerned voice as I sat on the chair sprouting a full-blown erection. “Are you ok?” she asked taking a step back and looking at it’s stiffness. I smiled softly at her, “Yes, I think so” I said thinking about what I could give her next, “Why don’t we take a quick break” I said allowing me time to recover, Sam smiled over at me, “That’s a good idea Frank considering your condition there, Can I have some more squash please?” she asked and I was happy to pour another glass for her and we retired back into the lounge where she sat back down on the sofa and took a big gulp. I sat in my chair with my erection fully exposed and Sam was opposite looking at it between sips of her drink, “Why does that keep happening?” she asked and I told her that I had no idea really but then she informed me that her father says it is nothing serious and can be manageable. I was pleased to hear that and looked across at her sitting with her knees slightly parted giving me a nice view of her tight cotton panties.I could see her eyes rolling as she got halfway down the glass so I didn’t want to push her into anything too strenuous so suggested she just polish my desk but to be carful with it so I handed her a tin of polish and a cloth and she walked over to the desk, I decided to keep a close eye on proceedings and came up behind her to ensure she did it correctly.As she bent over the desk to slowly apply the polish she gave me a great view of her rounded arse with her panties still wedged up the crack, this didn’t help my erection problems and when she asked if she was doing it correctly it gave me the opportunity to get behind her to look over her shoulder and in doing so my cock pressed into her arse, “Good girl Samantha” I said softly as she wiped the desk slowly with the cloth, she didn’t move and I am certain I felt her push back softly onto my bulge.I gyrated slowly against her and could hear a soft moan come out but still she didn’t try to push me away so I continued to watch over her.She must have found a tough spot as she started to rub quite hard which moved her arse hard against me and I could feel my cock trying to get between her cheeks, good job she had panties on or who knows what could have happened. She turned her head back, “Sorry” she said softly as she pressed her arse hard against me, “It’s ok” I said, “better to get the marks out and you are doing a great job” I said, “Oh thank you so much” she replied and just by chance I felt her kartal escort legs open a little and with a few gentle moves I found my cock had slipped between her legs and I could now feel the warmth of her pussy against the shaft, OMG how I didn’t cum there and then is a mystery but I could hear her soft moans as I thrust a little rubbing myself between her legs.I managed to get my hand down between her legs and gently pulled her panties to one side and straight away felt her wet labia lips, her sighed again and kept on rubbing so I guided the head up between her protruding lips and with a slight push felt the warmth of her tight hole as I pushed slowly in, “OMG!” she cried as she felt me enter her, “What are you… OH! YESS!” she cried as I pushed in further and felt her cunt muscles tighten, she carried on rubbing the desk although I doubt if she was concentrating as I was now up to my balls and started to thrust hard, with every forward jerk came a gasp from Sam as I started to pound away at her from behind.“OMG I’m dizzy” she cried as I got into a hard rhythm and she pushed back hard against me and I knew I was not going to last long, she moaned out loud as her body shook with orgasm which was just what I needed and my hot cum mixed with hers shot deep inside her belly, OMG I was shaking as the second spurt hit with her pushing hard against me, I was so deep as I filled her up.I stepped back as Sam regained her breath, “OMG!, what happened?” she asked as she started rubbing the desk again, “I went all dizzy and I think I passed out” she said apologising for stopping work.She paused and looked back at me and noticed my cock was soft and hanging and smiled at me, “I am so glad you are ok now Frank” she said still cleaning the desk, she then nudged the PC mouse and the screen came to life, OMG it showed the porn site I was looking at earlier and Sam was now staring at the screen.“OMG, what’s that?” she said seeing the picture displayed on screen, “Is that one of those pop-up things? Father gets them too” she said giving me the perfect get out, I looked across and said, “Oh yes, I guess it must be” looking at the disgusted look on her face as I got up closer to her to get a closer look, my soft cock resting against her arse cheek.“So your father has the same problem?” I asked trying to dig a bit deeper, she told me that she had often seen things like that on his PC, she even admitted having a sneaky peek without him knowing which was a surprising admission and I felt my cock twitch against her arse cheek which with her panties bunched up her crack was soft skin against soft skin although as Sam clicked a few links I think my soft skin was getting harder.From the angle I was at with Sam bending over the desk looking at the screen I could see down her loose bra and could clearly see her erect nipples on her small bee sting titties, this in itself was getting me stiffer and she could definitely feel it pressing against her.She seemed quite interested in the movie that was playing which was a daddy/daughter scenario and I could feel her wiggle slightly against my cock, she was engrossed like she had never seen it before or maybe something closer to home.My cock was now fully erect and pressing against her cheek and I could feel her moving to get me more central and then felt it press hard against her arse crack, she gave out a little moan as she wiggled her arse moving my cock up and down maltepe escort her crack, she was pressing hard and my cock slipped between her legs but this time she squeezed them closed trapping me, Mmm“Wow” she sighed as she saw the daddy in the movie bend the girl down and start to lick her arse, I didn’t know if her reaction was an invitation or not but I slipped down onto my knees behind her and rubbed the cheeks of her arse and slowly put my fingers into the waistband but got no reaction so gently slid her panties down exposing her sweet rounded naked arse.I pulled her cheeks wide exposing her shaded starfish and could smell the musky aroma as I leant forward and flicked my tongue around her back door. She jolted as I made contact but then settled down allowing me the freedom to please.With her legs slightly parted I was able to run my tongue around and between her legs sucking on her wet labia lips as I opened her up with my tongue and then back up to her sweet arsehole licking and sucking and making her weep with wetness. I slowly rose up from my kneeling and held the head of my cock to her back hole and felt her pushing back onto me, she cried out something like “Oh shit YESS!” as I pushed the head into her sweet arse and she went flat on the desk as I slowly pushed in further. Once I got past the entrance my cock seemed to slide in nicely and Sam’s groans became more moans as I started to slowly fuck her arse.We seemed to be following the scene from the movie as I built up some pace and within a minute or so I was banging away with Sam crying louder and louder with every thrust. Her body started to shake as she climaxed and I was soon to follow. Her breathing was heavy as I felt my balls tighten and she cried out “YES!, YESS!, YESSS!” as she felt my hot cum shoot deep inside her.I slowed the pace right down as I spurted again and allowed Sam to regain her breath before pulling out and stepping back to watch her little hole closing up trapping all the goodness inside, I pulled up her panties as she lay flat on the desk still looking at the screen.She stood up as if nothing had happened and looked down at my soft cock, “Ah, good to see you still doing ok Frank” she said as she handed me back the cloth and polish, “How did I do?” she asked and she would get no complaints from me. I smiled a warm smile at her, “You did great Samantha” I said looking at the top of the desk which was quite clean.She finished off the glass of squash licking her lips, “OMG Frank, this drink makes me all dizzy and tingly and is so nice” she said standing upright handing me back the glass, I smiled again and told her, “I am so glad you like it, it’s my own recipe” I told her with a giggle but not wanting to let on exactly what was in it.“Did I get a bonus?” she asked excited by my praise and I had no qualms about her work so happily agreed that she did well enough, “Wow, thank you so much” she said as she started to put on her shirt, “I will bring my shorts next time and I am so glad your thingy is ok” she said looking down at my hanging cock. As she slipped her skirt back on I took out three twenties from the envelope that Benji gave me and handed it to her, she looked at it like she had never seen money before, “What is this?” she asked in disbelief.I smiled at her and said she did great and fully deserved it but she still said it was too much, “I didn’t do anything special” she said still excited that I had rewarded her so well. She came over and flung her arms around me giving me a big hug. Thank you so much, when do you want me to come again?” she asked and I told her I would let her know but was welcome to drop by anytime she wanted a drink. Excellent to think that my squash was getting popular, interesting times ahead.



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