New Adventures with Mistress M – Part 2 &ndaNew Adventures with Mistress M – Part 2 – the airport playThis part is following up on part 1 – read it if you havn´t.While part 1 was describing the fantasy part 2 just happened a week ago.All the writing, the asking for forgivness has worked.. I had to go on a businesstrip to the city where the goddess Mistress M. lives and works. We arrange that she comes and picks me up after the meetings. In the messages up to that event Mistress demands that I wear my lateximitated thong with a zipper in the front. It is well used and small pices of the imitated latex fall off but the form accentuates my cock very well. Furthermore I am demanded to wear a penisring. Waiting in the light rain mistresses car pulls up. canlı bahis I enter the car and we kiss intensely. The way to the airport we talk and I rest my hand on her naked thigh looking out of her short skirt. I look into her eyes and ask if I may touch her pussy. As I may, I run my hands over her inner thighs towards her shaved wet pussy. My finger running between under her thong and along her wet pussy lips. I take the finger towards my mouth and taste Mistress for the first time since a long time.The car finally pulls towards the local airport. It is not big and provides free parking. Mistress drives the car onto the long term parking lot and we drive all the way to the end where there is hardly any cars and way of the track. Mistress parks bahis siteleri her car next to a big red van. Sitting there we embrace in a big kiss. The excitement that we theoretically been seen excites us both. Then mistress breaks the kiss and tells me to loose my pants exposing my latex thong.. then she moves and opens her legs.. “lick me boytoy” she tells me. I am bowing down towards her carseat and start licking her pussy right away pulling her thong to the side and digging my tounge between her red wet well tasting pussylips. Her hands grab my head and press me against her pussy ordering me to lick her and make her cum. My tounge working her pussylips my finger working on her clitoris and I hear mistress moaning hard and violently… I feel her güvenilir bahis hands on my hand pressing me even deeper until she cums hard. She moans loudly and pulls my head up , frees her breast and makes me sucking and biting her nipple.When she calms down i am ordered to sit back.. she takes my big hard cock out of my thong and bends down to take it in her mouth. Mistress M is by far the best woman that has sucked my cock. She is an expert and her demanding mouth makes my cock growing even harder. Not having cum for a while my juices are building up fast and with a huge moan I shoot the first load of warm sperm into mistress mouth., this all while I look over a parking spot seeing a guy walking some 60-80 meteres away unaware whats happening so close by him… I release several big spurts of sperm into mistress´s mouth and she swallows every sweet drop of it..Mistress M and myself kiss hard again tasting the mixture of her warm fluids and my sperm.The End for now



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