This was the third in the series of Rick & Diane, and was possibly my favorite. As you’ll have seen from my previous stories, this series was inspired by true events, and although the characters’ names have been changed, the stories (unfortunately!) took place only in my mind rather than in real life.

Over the course of sending these stories (and other emails) to “Rick,” I learned a lot about him, not least of which was that not only had he already had an affair with a married woman in the neighborhood, but that of all the attractive women in the neighborhood where we all lived, he was particularly infatuated with “Diane.”

I learned this by daring him to do something that would indicate which woman in the neighborhood he most wanted to sleep with, and he selected her. While initially I was disappointed (I’d hoped he’d choose me!), I subsequently made it my mission to assist him in taking his relationship with Diane to the next level.

After I started sending him these stories, he admitted to me that he tried to text her a bit, but it seems to have been a half-hearted attempt at best, as it went nowhere and earned him nothing. He’d originally told me he had “game,” but even after having been given tremendous signals and open doors from her (like the incident which inspired this story, in which he visited her house one evening to help her out of what I heard from another neighbor was some type of “emergency”), he couldn’t convert.

It was such a shame for both of them, although without her being aware of my involvement, I was able to help her “connect” with another single neighbor, and they were able to make it work in large part because Diane’s husband was traveling on business for weeks at a time. So at least something good came out of it for her. And even if Rick ultimately didn’t get what he desired, he did get some great stories to jerk off to!

I hope you enjoy “Stuck,” which takes place after “Dugout” and “Backseat.” Remember that I wrote these for Rick’s enjoyment, so the person depicted as “you” in the story is him.


One warm summer Friday night, you’re at home, sitting on the deck watching the evening sky get darker. It was a long week, so you’re relaxing with a beer, in shorts and a t-shirt. It’s a beautiful and peaceful night, the neighborhood is quiet. The silence is interrupted by a text coming in, and when you look at your phone you’re surprised to see it’s from Diane, saying simply, “Are you home?”

Intrigued, you respond immediately, “Yes – what’s up?”

Her reply comes seconds later, “Need your help. Can you come over? Will explain when you get here.”

You respond, “On my way,” and consider changing your clothes but it sounded urgent, so you just check in the mirror on your way out to make sure you look okay, run your fingers through your hair and pop a stick of gum in your mouth just in case, then head over.

You pull up to her completely dark house. Curious, you get out of the car, not quite sure what to do or where to go, when you hear her voice call to you from the courtyard where her front door is. “Rick? Is that you? I’m in here.”

Stepping inside the front gate, it’s very dark but you can barely make her out standing by the front door. You quickly walk up, saying “What’s up, are you okay?”

“I’m stuck,” she says, laughing somewhat embarrassedly, “As I was walking out the door to meet some girlfriends for drinks, my dress caught in the door and then it locked behind me. I tried calling the neighbors next to me and across the street, but no one’s home.” “And your family?” you ask hesitatntly.

“All gone for the night,” she replies, “Sorry, there was no one else I could think of to call.”

“No illegal bahis problem,” you respond, “Okay if I take a look here?”

“Of course,” she says. As you approach, you’re struck again by how beautiful she is (even in the dark), by how good she looks dressed up (a very short sleeveless white dress, which seems to glow in the dark against her dark skin), and by how good she smells (starts to turn you on).

You slide next to her, the quarters are rather tight so you can’t help but touch her body as you do, and that familiar electricity jolts through you again. A light tug on the dress and an attempt to turn the doorknob confirm she’s right – she’s definitely stuck, and the door is definitely locked.

“Hmmm,” you say, standing right behind her now, “No key?”

“Nope – automatically locked behind me. When I got home later I was just going to go in through the back way.”

At which she starts laughing, gently pushing back against your body to the point where you’re not totally sure if it’s deliberate or not, but then she says, “So to speak, of course,” and you could swear that she was giving an extra push of her ass back into your now bulging shorts. You smile in the dark, and begin to realize that this situation could work to your advantage…

“Well, I see two potential ways out of this situation,” you say, now putting your hands on her hips from behind her, “One of which is quick and painless, the other might take a little longer but be a bit more fun.”

“And they are…?” she inquires, clearly with a curious but sexy smile in her voice.

“First, I could go around the house and go in the back way – so to speak – and release you from the inside so you can be on your merry way.” You say it with a smile, especially the “so to speak” part.

“And the other way?” she says, still pushing herself back into you, as your hands gently pull her towards you.

“Well, it looks like this dress unzips from the back,” you say, as you find the top of the zipper, “so we could get you out of it,” and with that you begin slowly sliding the zipper down.

You’re waiting for her to say, “No, I can’t, I have to meet my friends,” but instead, you hear her whisper, “You’re so bad, I suppose I can be a little late…”

You slide the zipper down until it stops at her waistline, and you reach up to her shoulders to slowly ease it down over her shoulders, sliding it gently over her arms, and then down over her hips and you crouch down behind her to let her step out of the dress, which then hangs limply from where it’s stuck in the door.

As you stand back up, you’re in awe of the body in front of you. Although it’s still quite dark, she’s practically luminescent, and the white lace bra and panties stand out against her dark skin and are mesmerizing. You’ve watched that delicious ass on several occasions, whether walking away from you while you stare (and she knows you’re staring, believe me), or on the two occasions you’ve now had in which you’ve been intimate with her – but this is the first time you really have a chance to stand back and see how truly beautiful and firm and shapely it is.

“Wow,” you’re barely able to get the words out your mouth is dry and your heart is pounding, “you are unbelievably sexy and beautiful,” and you lean back against the front door and reach your arms around her body to pull her close to you, totally aware that this moment is entirely surreal, it’s a pitch black night and you’re standing on her front steps, she’s almost naked and you know what’s about to happen. You want someone to pinch you because you must be dreaming, but you know you don’t want to wake up from this.

You begin kissing her neck and shoulders from illegal bahis siteleri the back, with your hands on her stomach climbing up to cup her perky sweet breasts, she reaches up to put her hand behind your head, and turns her head to kiss you with her open and wanting lips. “Mmmmm…” you hear her moan in enjoyment, and she pushes that delicious ass further back into you, grinding slowly against you, feeling you grow harder by the second.

“I love how that feels,” she says between kisses, “I can’t believe how hard you are, I was told guys your age weren’t supposed to be able do that anymore…”

“Never been a problem for me, glad you like it,” you respond, thrusting your hips gently forward to prove your point.

Your fingers are tweaking and lightly pinching her nipples through her bra, and then you feel her reach her hands to her back and unsnap it, letting it fall to the step next to her dress, giving you full access to those sweet mounds and firm nipples, and the two of you continue kissing, your front pressed tightly against her back, your hardness firmly wedged between the cheeks of her ass, as she continues to rock her hips up and down, stroking you and you just can’t believe how good it feels.

With one quick movement, she turns around to face you, and putting her hands around your back, she leans her face up to yours to kiss you full on. Your hands waste no time, quickly sliding down her back to feel that amazing ass, and to pull it towards you.

“There’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time…hope you don’t mind” she whispers, and as she eases her body away from you slightly, her hands move from your back to your front, and down inside the front of your shorts. You gasp at the electricity of her touch when she wraps both her hands around you, and just as your breathing quickens, hers seems to deepen, and into your ear she whispers, “Not only are you not supposed to be this hard, but I just can’t believe how big he is…I’ve never seen one so big before…I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do this…but I’m going to try…” And with that, she begins to crouch down, simultaneously kissing her way down your chest and stomach while also easing your shorts down over your ass, your thighs, your knees, your shins, until finally you step out of them and realize she’s now eye level with your hardness, with her two hands wrapped around your shaft.

She slowly begins stroking you again, and the feeling is intense, but nowhere near as intense as it’s about to feel. Before you feel her tongue on you, you feel her warm breath, and it’s almost like she’s breathing you in, sizing you up, and assessing whether she really can fit you in her mouth. Her hands feel so good, but then you feel a different feeling – she’s kissing the tip, so lightly you can barely feel it, but it feels so good. And then it intensifies further when you feel her tongue slides from the tip down to the base on one side, then come back up and do the same thing on the other side, stopping quickly at the top for a longer kiss, as she tries to figure out how to engulf you, or if she’s going to be able to.

She continues to lick you up and down while also stroking you, and the combination is intense, her wet lips and tongue have made it feel almost as if you’re inside her, and the feeling is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. And just when you think it can’t get any better, all of a sudden you feel her warm wet lips at the end of your shaft, and slowly she starts to slide her mouth down your hardness while still stroking you with her hands. She goes down as far as she can, which is farther than either of you expected her to be able to go, and she stops there, then slowly canlı bahis siteleri eases back, slips off you to catch her breath quickly, and then engulfs him again, this time more comfortable, and she begins sliding up and down up and down as your back arches and it takes everything you have not to grab the back of her head and pull her deeper onto you, but with each movement she’s able to go farther and you’ve never in your life been happier to have been home doing nothing on a Friday night.

After a few minutes of this, she senses you’re ready to come, but she has something else in mind, so she eases off you, stands again in front of you with both hands still around you, leans up to kiss you deeply and warmly, and huskily says, “I just realized it’s really rude of me to still have these on,” and she slips her fingers into the sides of her white lace panties and wiggles her hips out of them, “Plus, there’s one more thing I need your help with,” and with that she switches positions with you, places her hands against the door and pushes that incredible ass out to you, and over her shoulder with an ultra-sexy smile in her voice she says “I mean, before this night is over, someone needs to go in the back way, so to speak, and it might as well be you…”

With no hesitation or need for further invitation, you quickly step into place behind her, grasp her hips with your hands and position your now-aching hardness between her legs as she reaches underneath to guide you in, and you give her what she wants, sliding in so quickly that both of you instantly emit a moan. She is dripping wet with her desire for you, and she steps up on her tiptoes arching her back to make sure that she gets every inch of you. You want that, too, and your hands pull her hips back to you, and after a moment for both of you to catch your breath, you begin a slow steady motion, which she meets by using her arms against the door to push back against you.

“My god…so big…keep forgetting…so incredible…don’t stop…” she says through shallow breaths. You know instinctively that the faster you go the quicker you’ll come, and you want it to last forever, but the fire is burning, her breath is quickening and her moans are intensifying, and after several minutes, you hear her whisper, “Can’t hold off…gonna come…oh my god…you feel so good inside me…why did I wait so long…gonna come gonna come gonna come…” and on the last one just as you feel her body stiffen, you feel the familiar jolt of energy pulsing through every part of your body and then all arriving at your waist at the same time and you explode inside her as you hear her whisper, “more…more…more…” and you pull her hips back farther onto you than ever as the intensity gradually subsides and both of your breathing begins to get back to normal, even though your hearts are still pounding.

When things have calmed down and you’ve both had a chance to listen to the neighborhood to see if anyone could have heard you, you’re glad to hear nothing is stirring, and you ease out of her. As you slide your shorts back on, you say, “I’ll be right back,” and you stealthily make your way to the back of the house, entering through the deck door, and find your way through the dark house to the front door and unlock it, releasing her dress. She quickly gets into her clothes, and you watch the entire time, amazed at both her body and your incredible good fortune.

When she’s fully dressed, she looks up at you, puts her arm around your neck and pulls your lips to hers with a deep long kiss, and whispers, “Thank you for coming so quickly, umm, I mean thank you for coming OVER so quickly. You certainly didn’t come quickly, unlike someone else I could mention…”

And she walks across the courtyard to go meet her friends, knowing that you’ll guess what she means by that comment, and also knowing that you’re watching her amazing ass as she goes, and wondering when and where the next time will be.



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