NeighborAgain, this is true and not a fantasy:We use to have a neighbor by the name of Don and his wife Mabel. One day I was sitting in my downstairs rec room and there was a large glass sliding door on the left. I was sitting on the couch watchng tv in my underwear when I looked out the glass door and saw the bushes between Don’s house and us moving. Then I looked at the bottom of the fence and I noticed a pair of work boots. My neigbor canlı bahis Don was looking at me!! However, I couldn’t see his body, just his boots. So, I very slowly started to take my underwear off and noticed that he was still watching. Finally my shorts fell off and I was completely naked with a hard-on. By this time I was breathing really hard and excited that I was being watched. I took my sweet time and about 1/2 an hour bahis siteleri later I came big time. Well, this turned out to be a regular event. At least once a week I would go down to the rec room, when my wife was out, and sit on the couch in my underwear. A short time later I would see Don’s feet behind the bushes. Again I would strip naked and jerk-off for him. This went on for about six months, but then Mabel found out. I don’t güvenilir bahis know how, but she knew. Maybe Don confessed or she caught him looking at me. Well, the shit hit the fan! They didn’t have a car so she always took the bus when she went shopping and I found out that she was telling people what a pervert I was. Me!!! What about her husband!!? At least she didn’t tell my wife, but all of a sudden they put their house up for sale. She was very religious, but she made sure that everybody knew about me. She even planted bamboo on our property line and it took me years to get that stuff out. Being an ehbibitionist I kind of miss jerking off for Don.



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