In the dead of night, the two are alone and awake. They toss and turn in anger. Only sleep can dispel their loneliness and it refuse to come. Frustration pays them a visit to invoke thoughts of the emptiness of their lives. They mount their defenses against the threat of despair and summon the one.

SHE: I throw off the bedcovers and reach over to click the switch of my bedside lamp. In the dim light, I shed my nightclothes. I lie back down, shifting several times before finding the proper blend of light and shadow on my naked body. Closing my eyes, I bring his image into focus. He is my perfect lover, the one that excites me with just a look. He is all that I’ve ever wanted, the one that makes my body tingle with his touch alone. He is all that I’ve ever desired, the one that can play my body and make it soar to the very peak of passion. He answers my call and stands over me.

HE: She senses my presence in the room. Her eyes remain shut, obedient to my wishes. Lying naked on the bed, she silently awaits my command. I am the Master of her body, her heart and her very soul. Her smooth skin aches for my touch, the press of my body against hers. She is the one willing to give all to me and me alone. Every inch of her perfect body prone before me to touch, to ply, to fondle, and to do with as I please. She cannot hide her excitement at my being near. Her supple breasts shudder unevenly with each breath.

SHE: His first touch is the back of his hand lightly against my cheekbone and down to the bottom of my jaw. He switches to his fingertips in stroking down my opposite cheek. He grazes over my chin, brushing my lips. Down he glides stroking the length of my neck, out across the front edges of my shoulders before he sets his palm on my upper chest. Warmth from his gentle hand penetrates my skin, awakening my deepest wants and stirring my deepest desires. His hand continues it’s downward journey and is joined by his other to circle and cup the bottom edges of my breasts.

HE: canlı bahis I love her flawless breasts. They’re so firm and soft. Her large aureoles join seamlessly with the surrounding skin. I cup their bottom edges and lift to feel their weight. Releasing, I skim their creamy smoothness. Around and around I brush my fingers, drawing ever closer to the two pointed peaks. She halts, in mid-exhale, as I graze the very tips of her nipples. Her body quivers when I bend and tweak the hardening tips. Her breathing resumes and she exhales emitting subtle soft rasps. Her extended red caps beg for my lips and I bend over her to grant their plea.

SHE: I grab the sheet when he flattens his warm wet tongue over my right breast. That wonderful tingling streams out over me as he laps. It’s so marvelous how he can suck and flick his tongue on my nipple. He knows so well what I want. Opening wide, he covers the top of my crest and lashes with his tongue. Shock waves streak thru me as he closes in to suck hard. He switches to my left and masterfully makes my left nipple swell to match the right. I’m wet already, unable to hold back. He’s sitting with one leg drawn up, resting on the bed. Our hips are touching and his upper leg is against my arm. I run my hand from his knee, across his thigh and down.

HE: She knows her soft woman’s hand feels so good on my skin. Yes, bring it down and swipe it over my hardening cock. She knows how I like her to play with rising shaft as if it were her newly discovered treasure. Her hand delves lower and cups my sack to ply my balls and then moves on to rub and knead the small swath of smoothness behind with her fingertips. With her feathery touch I grow larger. Her hand rises and strokes my stiffening shaft. After a few light strokes, she lifts her hand above my erection. She curls her fingers and thumb and the tips circle the fleshy edge to swirl and twist. Several forays are made to swipe over my rounded domed head.

SHE: His hands drift over my bahis siteleri stomach, passing the sides of my navel as they descend. Halting beneath my waist, the pause to swirl across my rise and brush through my soft patch of hair. Two of his fingertips find the beginning of my slit and part my puffy folds, carefully avoiding my buried nub beneath. They glide down through the slippery layer of my seeping juices. Reaching my opening, the two find my entryway and slip in explore my inner channel. They swirl and probe, garnering the wetness inside. Making a sudden exit, I feel them on my lips. I open and take them into my mouth to suck and taste my own arousal. Pulling them out, he returns them to my center and again inserts them into me adding a third finger. I feel the fingers of his other hand high on my slit. He searches, finds and starts the massage of my buried clit.

HE: She knows what I want next and loves doing it. Opening her eyes and rising up, she moves over and I lie back on the bed. I spread my legs and she kneels between them. Her hand grasps my erection and she leans over to take me into her mouth. Half of my rigid cock disappears between her lips. Her tongue twirls around mushroom dome, the tip teasing my tiny slit. In her hunger, saliva washes over and soothes my stretched skin. She grasps me firmly and pumps my skin casing. Her cheeks collapse when she sucks. Her eyes look up to my face and her nostrils flare, heightened by her fervent efforts. I yield control of my body to her.

SHE: He holds his hands in place as I spread my legs to let him climb between. I feel his warm breath rush out on my damp grove as he resumes his fingertip recital. His gaze is now exceedingly intent upon my pleasure center. He plays my body, prodding and pressuring with exact precision. My body soars in response to his artistry. I dance for him and him alone, wanting to give him the performance he demands. His slave, my hips leap up as I spew forth in abeyance to his wishes. I drench bahis şirketleri his fingers with hot fluid and know he is pleased. I stretch my legs wider beckoning him to enter me. I want to feel his body against mine. I want his hard cock buried in my sopping cunt.

HE: Slowly, my strong will returns. My cock is so hard it aches. She wants me to fuck her hard, to bury my steely prick in her wet, warm pussy. She pulls her mouth away and scrambles back on the bed. She lifts her legs and pulls them back. Her pussy is puffy and swollen. Her juice has flowed out and the tops of her thighs glisten. Sliding her arms inside her legs, she pulls open her entryway. I plunge into her, burrowing into her very center. She gasps in pleasure. My body becomes a powerful engine, my cock an unrelenting piston that pounds her. So tight is our fit, the skin of my cock is stretched with my lunges and gripped on my withdrawals. My burning seed rushes up my length and erupts to flood her hot hole. Over and over, I spout into her. She clutches and pumps me dry.

SHE: He grasps his cock, moves forward and rubs it’s seeping wet head up my swollen groove. I gasp when it pauses to rub my hardened clit. It reverses, finds my doorway and drives into my burning pussy. My walls give way as his huge prick enters and glides into my slippery hole, awash with my desire. I take every inch of his engorged pleasure tool and clutch the sides of his shaft. He pauses and lets me embrace his manhood before retreating to begin slow thrusts. Sensing my want, he increases both the force and speed of his plunges. Prickling waves rake my body only to recede back to the center of my womanhood. My release is strong and lifts my hips off the bed. I bounce up and down with my jolting spurts and moan loudly in my pleasure. Our mingled cum wells up and spills out, flowing down over my puckered ass hole. The sweet pungent aroma of sex fills my room.

Slowly, they drift back to the solitude of their bedrooms. The one is gone, after giving them all the comfort that was possible. Weariness now finds them and sleep soon follows. Tomorrow, they will rise and resume their search for each other.

Author asks readers, “Does my story work for you?”



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