Naughty nite out with the girlsHey everyone, thanks for reading my first of many true stories. Every stories I will write is true and has happened to me not a 3rd party. Wish that being said let the fun beginIt was this past Xmas and we were about to leave my fiances company party. It was a fun event with an open bar but its time to leave. But I want to keep the night going as she was looking foxy and may I add she went without panites. So I was very turned on and wanted to ravage her body in the car. As we made our way out her coworker Dannielle asked if we were going else where. We invited her back for drinks which i was surprised to hear her say yes. Here I am in my home with my long legged busty sexy woman and her friend whom is in her late 40’s and she is curvy in the right way and my mind starts to.go kinky. After a few drinks the girls wanted to go to the strip club by our place. I was happy to drive so they can drink up. Once in the club I open a tab and sat us in the back. First round is done let the dances begin. I paid for them to pick whoever they wanted. At first it was just my lady getting a dance from a big titty dancer. Danielle’s attention was on this curvy ass of a dancer. I sensed what kurtköy escort she wanted so I walked over and pulled the dancer her. Now my view of all this is watching my lady suck and play with a huge rack and her friend rubbing a big ass. I am so turned on I don’t know what to do. But by now it was lateand both girls were tipsy. We left the club but both girls kept talking and sharing about the dancers. Next thing I know they both have their tops down and showing each other. A few mins pass and were home. But her friend is too wasted. She ends up passing out on the couch. My lady has other plans.She comes.out from the bedroom in her pink rob….. and nothing else. She says she wants to suck my dick in the kitchen with her friend asleep. How can I say no?! We walk passed her friend and my lady’s eyes linger for just a bit. I lean up against the wall and.pull my cock out for her. She drops to her knees and swallows it down trying to suck it all. I notice she hasn’t stopped staring at her drunk friend. Her lips work and slide up and down my shaft. Again she tries to swallow my cock all the way down and gags a bit. With watery eyes she looks up and says “fuck me on the counter. I want you cock!” I pick aydıntepe escort her up and push her to the counter. She spins before I can start. She looks at her friend and says to me “fuck me so she can watch me take your dick. I want to watch her as you fuck me!!” I am rock hard just by hearing her talk this way. I grab my cock and impale her deep. She let’s out a lustful moan. I push til I’m buried in her sweet wet pussy. Pulling out I.leave only the tip in. She whispers “do it.” Thats my cue to start. I pound her soft pussy hard making her moans turn louder. I slap her ass a few times sending a sting across her flesh. “Yes, fuck me baby!” Is all she can say. Faster and faster I slam in her. Then all of a sudden she tells me to stop. She wants to try something. She slides off my now wet dick and walks over to the couch. She puts her face close to hers and stops. She looks back and me and waves me over. I walk up to her but she positions me by her passed out friends face. “I want to suck you and then lick her lips” I smile Nd say yes ma’am. Again she takes me in her mouth sucking hard. Then she turns with my pre um on her lips and spit and kisses her friend. My lady licks her friends face smearing tuzla içmeler escort her tongue. Back to my cock and onemore time kissing her friend. Now I want to fuck! I pull my cock out and lift my lady’s backside. I deliver a smack to her ass and ram my cock back in her. The in her filling her tight pussy and the sight of her friend beneath her sends her into orgasm. She cums so hard that she gushes down my legs. “Oh god oh god” she cumming still. I feel her pussy clamp on me.”I want to cum in your mouth and have you share with her” I say to her. “Oh yes!” Is all she says as she cums again. I flip her around her’s. Fffuucckk!!! I’m cumming!!! I shoot so hard the first few burst shoot past my lady and.lands on her friend cheek. With that I aim my cum at the waiting open mouth. She doesn’t swallow as she knows better. With a mouthful she before kissing her friend letting it run from her lips down over her friend. The sight is enough to make my dick twitch. She cleans my cock and then.licks clean her friends face. We dress and go to our room. In the morning Danielle is dressed about to leave. She says thx for the club and the show. Before she walks out the door she looks at my lady and says “he taste sweet, maybe next time.can join!” I was floored!!! She was awake but didn’t move. So fucking hot. We haven’t done anything yet with her other then repeating the strip clubs. But I have a feeling soon..



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