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It was well past midnight and Nathan was walking through a neighborhood that was only vaguely familiar. Not that he was paying attention though. His brain wouldn’t stop replaying the image in Amy’s room. How he wished he had a stop button for that, or a brick to throw through the screen.

His emotions ran all over the place. He was scared that he might caused his family to break apart. Confused about his feelings for his sister. And most of all, angry at seeing what his brother was doing to HIS Amy.

“Damn,” he thought. ” I have to stop thinking like that. She obviously doesn’t want me as more than a fuck buddy.” He sighed heavily and looked at his watch. Six hours wasn’t a lot of time for sleep when he had school and football practice the next day. And he sure as he’ll wasn’t ready to go home. Nate found himself going the last place he ever would’ve thought.

“Hey Cindy,” he whispered outside her window as she wiped the sleep from her eyes. When she was alert enough to see who it was she looked at him forlornly.

“Nate, it’s after one. I know our breakup is hard but we can talk about it some other time.”

“The audacity of this bitch,” Nate thought. Her eyes got big and Nate realized he might have said that out loud. Oh well, he didn’t need her pity, he was only looking for a place to crash. “I’m having issues at home, I was looking for a place to stay tonight and I thought we were still friends enough that I could still come to you for help.” Nate turned and walked away.

“Nate, wait.”

“Fuck you Cindy. I don’t need your help or your pity. I can’t believe you thought this was about you.” He decided he’d go home and try to get any sleep possible.

The house was quiet when he crept in. He tried being as quiet as possible because the last thing he needed was to add more grief on top of everything else. Then he saw Amy. She was curled up on the stairs snoring softly.

Nate turned his head toward the ceiling, “God, can you explain this whole karma thing to me? Cause I’m really feeling like I’m getting screwed here.” Nate just stared at her and wondered why he found her so perfect. She wasn’t the hottest woman he’d ever seen, but she was flawless. Her quick wit and cheerful personality made her a joy to be around. He compared her to Cindy and found Cindy lacking in many areas. His Amy was perfect!

He gently shook her awake. Unlike Cindy, she was awake immediately. She stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck almost as if she let go he might disappear.

“I’m so sorry.” She cried with her face buried in his shoulder. “I can’t say that had nothing to do with you, because it did. Alot. But it wasn’t what you think.”

“Ames,” he said stroking the back of her hair. “I have to get some sleep. I have school and practice tomorrow.”

“Can I sleep with you tonight?” She saw the hurt on his face as she said this. She vowed to make it up to him somehow.

“I don’t know…”

“I just need to be near you.”. Nate’s heart started to beat faster. Those seven words confused him even more than before. He had never felt this way about anyone before, and he had never been hurt this bad before. He felt like his brain was going to overload.

“Okay.” He said it so quietly he wasn’t sure she heard him. She pulled away and led him by the hand to his bed. “I don’t want to talk about it right now though. We’ll talk when I’m ready.” They got into bed and instantly molded to each other. It wasn’t sexual or even sensual, but comfortable, almost like it happened a hundred times before. As soon as she put her head on his shoulder and her arm across his chest, his mind quieted for the first time since that afternoon and promptly fell asleep.

Amy heard his deep, even breaths and traced circles on his chest as she stared at him. She was just as confused as Nate was. How was he so accepting about his feelings for her? It was wrong, them being together. But she could see it in his eyes. He felt the same thing she did. She had fucked Bobby to try and recreate the feeling, and then she could dismiss it as just getting caught up in the naughtiness. Bobby had done nothing for her though. Sure it felt good as far as sex goes, but it was no where near the best she ever had. That title went to Nate. Only two times, with a combined total of less than thirty minutes and it was hands down the best.

Moreover, she was scared. He was so angry, hurt, and generally just broken. She had done that to him just so she could feel better about herself. She laid her head on his chest and drifted off in the comfort of their pendik escort closeness. “I will fix this,” was Amy’s last thought before sleep overtook her.

They both woke up and stared into each others eyes. Nate would laugh when he saw other couples doing this because he never understood what the big deal was. Now, he was unable to look away. A smile formed at the corners of Amy’s mouth and it brought his own smile out. He was fairly sure it would be impossible to not smile when she was happy.

“Let’s get breakfast before I go to school,” he suggested. She bounced happily off his bed and made sure he was following before swaying her hips as she walked down stairs. Nate felt at fault for the tension between him and his siblings. He was determined to grit his teeth and put things right in the family.

Bobby was downstairs cooking, which is unusual to say the least when he heard footsteps on the stairs. He stared at the pans in front of him refusing to meet their gaze. He felt arms come around and hug him from behind. “Sorry,” said Amy softly.

“Me too,” he replied turning around and returning the hug. He looked up and saw Nate smiling but there was a hint of anger in his eyes. “Same to you too Nate, sorry.” He was going to continue but Nate cut him off.

“It’s over with. Besides, your always telling me not to be a pussy. So man up, dog fucker.”

Bobby laughed, genuinely relieved that the worst was over. “Alright cunt tease.”

“Seriously, out of all the things to tell him, you decided on that?” He asked Amy jokingly.

She also got caught up in the sibling banter that always kept close. “I could have told him about the time in the backyard when I saw you…” Nate rushed over and put his hand over her mouth causing Bobby and Amy both to laugh.

“I’ve got to get to school. See you guys tonight.”

“Need a ride?” Bobby asked. Damn their trying hard.

“No, I’m gonna walk. Want to clear my head.” He felt alot more rested than he thought he would with as little sleep he got. He about lost it when Bobby hugged His Amy.

Morning classes were normal as far as Nate could tell. Listening to the lectures actually helped get his mind off of his problems. It wasn’t until lunch that Nate lost it completely.

“Tell me you didn’t go over to Cindy’s last night and beg her to give you another chance,” Amanda demanded surprising both Nate and Marcus.


“That’s what she’s telling everybody. She said her boyfriend is going to come here today to talk to you.” Nate didn’t even hear the rest of what she said. He was already moving to her table in the cafeteria.

“Are you fucking serious?” he yelled standing behind her. Silence fell on the cafeteria. “You little arrogant bitch. You know damn well I’m done with you.” Someone grabbed his shoulder and he expected to see a teacher there to lead him away. A guy no older looking than him stood there. He had a goatee and a shaved head, but was otherwise unremarkable.

“Leave my girl alone. You have a problem, take it up with me.” Nate struggled to get his anger under control. His problem wasn’t with this douchebag, as much as he might’ve enjoyed it.

“Fine, why is your GIRL,” he stressed the last word, “telling everyone I begged to get back with her last night?”

Douchebag shrugged his shoulders and turned to look at Cindy as if to ask her, then quickly turned back swinging at Nate. Nate couldn’t react quick enough to avoid the punch but turned just enough so it glanced off his cheek. It connected enough to turn Nathan to the side, but not much more. Ooh’s and gasps rang out in the cafeteria with the occasional “fight” being sounded. Nate restrained from lashing out and continued to explain. Some teachers strolled into the cafeteria and paused at the silence. They looked at each other and continued on.

“I was having some problems at home and didn’t want to do something I’d regret. Cindy and I were friends before we dated so I thought I could turn to her.” He was surprised at how calm he was.

“Fuck your daddy issues!” Nate just reacted. His fist snapped out in a jab and landed square on douchebag’s throat. Douchebag grabbed at his throat and coughed, struggling to grasp hold of a breath.

“Fuck it,” Nate said noncommittally, and connected a wide, sweeping hook on his temple. Douchbag dropped and Cindy rushed to him, half protecting him from further attacks and half trying to rouse him.

He walked out of the cafeteria followed by the stares of everyone there. Kat and Marcus caught up with him in the hall.

“Dude, freakin awesome!” Kat excitedly nodded her agreement Marcus’s exclamation. “Where you headed?”

“Principal’s office.” Nate replied curtly.

Marcus and Kat shared a quick look. Kat took Nate’s arm which he didn’t shrug off. “Okay. We all saw him hit you first and he doesn’t even go to school here. We’ll just back you up.”

Nate stepped up to the secretary’s desk outside the principal’s sefaköy escort office. “I need to see the principal.”

“He’s on a phone call at the moment. What is this about?”

“The fight in the cafeteria.” A look of understanding crossed her face.

She picked up the phone and whispered something in it. She returned the phone to the cradle. “You can go in.”

Nathan walked to the door and motioned for Kat and Marcus not to follow. The inside of the office was brightly lit and very comfortable looking. Nate jumped right in. “Mr. Sculls, I just got in a fight in the cafeteria.”

“That’s not the way I heard it. There was a girl there that claims you viciously attacked him.” He held up a hand to silence any protests. “There was then almost a riot when all the other students said he hit you first.” Mr. Sculls reached out and gently touched his cheek which had swollen slightly. Nate jerked back and winced. “Sorry,” he apologized. “I just got off with our lawyer and this is a pretty big mess. He’s still being looked at by paramedics. The nurse thinks he has a concussion. Then when he’s cleared by the physicians, the police will take him to question him. He’ll probably have to go to court for attacking a student on school grounds. The police will probably want to get a statement from you as well. Then theres the possibility of you suing the school for ‘not providing a safe learning environment’ as the lawyer put it. If he was a student here, then none of this would be necessary.”

“All that happened in the last ten minutes?”

Mr. Sculls shrugged. “Alot gets done when there’s a threat of a law suit.”

For the first time in what seemed like forever, Nate genuinely laughed. It felt so good he didn’t want to stop. Mr. Sculls looked at him strangely. “I’m not going to sue the school Mr. Sculls. I don’t even want to press charges on Douchebag.”

Mr. Sculls let that one go. “What do you want then?” Mr. Sculls was a little nervous after asking that question. The school’s lawyer expressly told him not to discuss the situation until he was advised to do so. Now he was effectively giving Nathan anything he wanted.

“Just a suspension.” Mr. Sculls looked at him strangely for the second time since he walked in. “I have alot going on right now at home and need to clear my head.” Nate figured he’d better head off a potential problem. “And before you get any ideas, I’m not being abused or neglected. My life has gotten kinda crazy lately.” Mr. Sculls smiled and nodded his head. “And one more favor, can you explain this to coach Parell? I’m supposed to go to practice today and tomorrow then a game on Saturday.”

Mr. Sculls breathed a sigh if relief. “Just so you know, this will still go in your permanent record.” Nate nodded. “Okay then. That won’t be a problem. We will see you on Tuesday then Mr. Reins.” Nate stood up and shook his hand and walked out. Mr. Sculls couldn’t help but be impressed. Students didn’t often shake his hand, and add to the fact that he came here willingly to tell him about the fight.

He walked out of the office to be bombarded with questions. He cut them both off, “I got suspended for three days counting today, no I’m not pressing charges or suing, and I did ask to be suspended. I felt like I needed a vacation, that’s why I asked for the suspension. Yes, I know coach will be pissed off, but you guys won’t be any worse off than you were last week. Any other questions you have that I might not have answered?” Kat raised her hand.

“Do you have any idea how turned on I am right now?” The secretary let out a loud laugh at that while Nate smiled and shook his head. “Come on and I’ll show you.”

The secretary sat there with her mouth open and felt she should say something, but she honestly couldn’t blame the girl. Besides, it wasn’t like she never got with a faculty member in the teachers bathroom before.

Kat led Nate to a janitors closet and told Marcus to stand lookout. Marcus nodded dumbly and continued to stare until they closed the door. She hurriedly shed only the necessary clothes while they frantically kissed each other. “I don’t need any of that foreplay shit. Just get it in me.”

“Good,” Nate said simply and forcefully turned her around bending her enough so she had to grab on a shelf for support. He grabbed his exposed dick and swiped it along her slit a couple times.

“I never imagined you being this rough,” she said panting heavily. He responded by shoving his length into her. She wasn’t lying when she said she was turned on. Nathan could feel her juices running down his prick. She tried to keep quiet, but he was relentless.

Nate didn’t have many experiences up to this point, but Kat felt pretty damn good. She wasn’t too tight but he felt snug inside of her. He also liked the fact that she was very vocal, even while trying to be quiet. She was nowhere near in Amy’s league though. Just the thought of Amy caused him to speed up which only made Kat louder.

Kat silivri escort was in heaven. She loved having dick inside of her and Nate was filling her perfectly. He wasn’t the best she’d ever been with but he definitely made the top five. It was then that he turned her around and picked her up cupping her ass and setting her on his dick. She wrapped her legs around him and he dropped her on his full length, bottoming out. She bit his neck to muffle her scream. Definitely top three.

He pulled out and set her down. “I’m gonna cum. Where do you want it?”

She turned around again and almost shouted, “back in my pussy! I’m on the pill, so hurry up.” As fucked up as the rest of the day had been he figured why not. He plunged back in to her sloppy depths and stroked a couple more times before he grunted and she muffled another scream. They quickly got their clothes on and walked out before they pushed their luck to far.

Marcus was leaning against the wall with a huge grin on his face as were a couple other students. When the small crowd dispersed Marcus leaned over to Nate, “Guess we can’t say you’re a virgin anymore.”

Kat’s eyes got big. “There’s no way.”

“What do ya mean?” Marcus asked.

“Top three.” Nate felt pretty good despite the past couple days. He dropped Cindy’s new boyfriend in front of half of the school, got a four and a half day weekend, and made Kat’s top three fucks out god knows how many. He realized he should probably get himself checked out. If he did have an STD though, he’d be sure not to let his brother and sister know. They’d only feel at fault and it would cause more tension at home.

“I’m going home and taking a nap. Bye guys.” Kat grabbed him before he could leave.

“Call me?”

“Sure. Just don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not ready to have another girlfriend yet. I don’t mind getting together, but it won’t go anywhere for a while. Deal?”

“That’s totally fine with me,” she said with way more enthusiasm than necessary. She lifted on her toes and gave him a brief kiss on the lips. She skipped away leaving Marcus and Nate staring after her.

“I have a feeling your last few months of high school are going to be interesting.”

“If I start getting a big head, make sure you bring me back down to earth.”

“From how Kat was screaming, I think you already have a big head.” Marcus got punched hard in the chest before he could say ‘no homo’. “Dammit.” he said rubbing his chest. “You do have some quick hands.”

“Yeah, baseball does that to you.” Nate left and walked home. He paused at the door not looking forward to the conversation coming.

Amy sat on the couch in the living room, tears staining her cheeks. Nate’s heart leapt in his throat. How could he have gone and caused her so much pain? He sat down on the couch next to her and put his arm around her shoulder in as a brotherly way as possible.

“I’m sorry.” He said simply. She looked into his eyes horrified.

“This is in no way your fault. The truth is,” she hesitated, scared how her feelings now might be received. “The truth is I love you.” Nate couldn’t breathe. She meant it as a sister. Yeah, that must be it. No reason to let his imagination run off.

“I love you too sis.” Again, as brotherly as possible. No need to scare her off.

“No. I love you. Like I shouldn’t love you. But I do. Sappy romance movie love, happily ever after love. Mrs. Nathan Reins love.” She couldn’t believe the stuff she was saying but she meant every word. He looked shocked. She didn’t take that as a good sign.

“Amy,” her heart started breaking with the way he said that one word. “If you hurt me again, it’ll kill me.” Amy’s head snapped up and her heart swelled. She was having trouble breathing now. “Seriously, you have no idea how far off the deep end I went.”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” She grabbed his hand determined to lead him to her room but he stopped her.

“We can’t. Not yet.” He continued before she could ask, “I got in a fight at school today with Cindy’s new boyfriend. That’s why I’m home so early.” Amy then noticed the bruise on his cheek and gently touched causing him to wince. Why did everyone feel the need to touch that damn bruise? “Then I had sex in a supply closet.” He watched her face fall. A part of him liked the fact the now she knew what he went through, but he pushed that out of his mind.

“With Cindy?”

“No, that girl I took out the other night. Her name is Kat.”

“So you’re dating her now?” She asked coldly.

“No, but it was unprotected and I don’t want to give you anything if I have an STD.” Her scowl lightened a little and directed him to the front door. “You’re kicking me out?”

“No, I’m taking you to the free clinic. You’re going to get tested.” He thought it best not to argue. He was sure it was even smarter not to suggest that she get tested as well.

They were both quiet on the trip there and in the waiting room. After the testing was done he was informed that it would be at least two days before they’d get results. The ride back was tense.

“Fuck!” Amy said and turned the wheel sharply. She pulled into a parking lot and got out. “I’ll be right back.” She came back a couple minutes later with two boxes of condoms. “There is no way I’m waiting two days.”



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