After Greg and his Mon arrived home things progressed.

When he had explained to his Mom what had happened between himself and Nana, he then took her to her Mom’s bed and proceeded to seduce her.

They knew that they belonged together. They both had work, Mon at the Agency and Greg with his studies at University.

This went on very calmly until about 6 months into the year when Greg met a young lady at Uni. He gradually slept with his Mom less and less and she was feeling very horny. Mon asked him if he wished to cease their relationship altogether; Greg denied this. He still wanted to sleep with Mom but not as often. He was very busy with both his studies and his girlfriend.

Mom told him that it was not satisfactory for her, he had to make up his mind one way or the other; her or the girl.

Greg realised that this was an ultimatum. He really did not want to give up his time with his Mom, he had waited too long. He thought he could always get another girlfriend.

So he decided to drop the girl. He explained to her that he was just getting too far back in his studies and would have to stay home more. He told her to find someone who would be better for her.

Mom was ecstatic, she had her boy back. She decided to celebrate that night. When Greg came home she was in the kitchen and had the table set with candles and a couple of bottles of red wine. He kissed her fiercely and held her to him. She could feel his hardness as he hugged him. She dragged her body across his and felt it harden even more.

Greg looked down and commented, “Do you want dinner first or what?”

Mom laughed, “I think we had better have dinner, don’t you. Wouldn’t want it to get cold, after all it is all your favourite foods. Go and sit down darling.”

Greg sat at the table and waited for his Mom to carry out the meal. It was a Steak Diane with a Potato Duchesse, Ratatouille and also a Salad. That was followed by Zabaglione and Raspberries. Along with the wine the dishes made up a wonderful meal. Greg sat next to his mother and every now and then he would feed her with a forkful of food then kiss her. This went on throughout the meal. If he had been able küçükçekmece escort to do the same with the wine he would have, not that he didn’t try, but made a bit of a mess.

After dinner Mom told him to go and sit in the Lounge room, which he did.

She packed the dished into the dishwasher and then went upstairs.

“I won’t be a moment darling,” she called out.

She left the kitchen and disappeared upstairs. Greg was not in any mood to wait for anything. He was getting more impatient by the minute. He set up a DVD on the TV and walked around the room, all the while wondering what his Mom was doing upstairs.

At last he decided to go on up and see. He started up the stairs and met his Mom starting to come down. She was dressed in a clingy red negligee with a slinky red nightgown underneath. She had on stockings and 4″ stilettos which made her look so very sexy.

“Oh Mom, is that all for my benefit.”

“Well I don’t see anyone else around here, do you?”

He knelt at the bottom of the stairs and ran his hands up her legs and her calves and upper thighs. He just wanted to worship her. He knew now what he had been missing out on such a wonderful love while he was concentrating on his girlfriend. He didn’t want anyone else except the vision that was standing in front of him.

“Mom, you look so beautiful, and I will never look at any other woman again, that I can promise you,” he breathed softly.

He led her down the stairs and sat her on the Lounge and sat beside her. He picked up the remote and turned on the video he had set up previously.

“What are we going to watch, darling?”

“Just you wait and see, but I know you will like it,” he replied.

They made themselves comfortable and Greg put his arms around his Mom’s shoulders, reaching down to fondle her breast. The video started and she gasped. It was one of her and Greg making love the first time.

“Oh Greg, I didn’t know that you made this.”

“Mon, when Nan and I used to make love she wanted to record it so that I could always remember it. The equipment was all still in the room so I thought I would kurtköy escort take advantage of it when I made love to you. Do you like it?”

“My darling, that was so sweet of you, and yes, I love it. Don’t ever get rid of it.”

They began watching the movie; all the while things were getting hotter on the home front. Greg began to rub and stroke his Mom’s breast and kiss her down the side of the neck. He bought up his other hand and released the ties of her negligee and grasped both her bounteous breasts and kneaded them.

He bent his head and started to kiss and lave them, then gently biting the nipples until they stood out like bullets. He nibbled these delicious treats with his Mother’s hand behind his head pushing him into the hollow between her boobs.

In the meantime, her hands was doing its own exploring. She ran her hands around his body and down his stomach, ending when her fingers touched the tip of his hot rod. He was standing to attention by then and she gently rubbed and stroked it until he thought he was going to explode.

He lay her down on the Lounge and pulled up her nightgown.

“Actually Mom, as much as I love this, I think it can come right off.” He sat her up again and dragged it over her head.

“That’s much better.”

He continued to concentrate on her breasts but with his spare hand he felt her body down to the pubic area. His middle finger lightly touched the top of her clit and she jumped. “Ohhhh,” she sighed.

“Just lie back and enjoy Mom, I really want to love you tonight and make up for all we have missed.”

His fingers roamed around the outer frame of her labia, teasing her to a rapid retaliation so that she rubbed and touched him more vehemently, Greg eventually inserted a finger inside and worked it back and forth, adding another finger every few moments until her had all four fingers inside her hot, wet pussy.

All this time Greg was growing more randy and need to insert his prick inside her pussy.

“Mom, can we go upstairs please. I want to fuck you in the bed.”

“Oh yes, Greg, let’s go.”

He picked hr up in his arms and carried her maltepe escort up to the bedroom. He lay her down and after taking off his own clothes, dropped on the bed beside her. He was so ready to begin all over again, but Mom wasn’t ready to wait.

Ron was going to give her all the loving that she deserved so he held her down by her wrists with one hand. He tongued her all over from the ti of her nose, across her cheeks, her lips, down her neck and laved both her breasts, suckling and gently biting on her nipples. He continued down to her navel and ran his tongue around it, and slipped on down to her mound of Venus. After licking and sipping at the outer labia for a few moments, he dipped the tip of his tongue into the opening of her wet lips. As his tongue touched the clit she screamed, “Ronnie…… Ronnniiieee, Ronnniiieeeeeeee……give me more.”

He continued to tickle her clit and work his lips around her labial lips for so long

that she thought she would go out of her mind. “Cum for me Mom, I want to swallow your cum.” She felt a ripple and then a great rush of something, she wasn’t sure what it was, but it felt so good. Ron kept on eating her pussy until she released a great amount of cum. His face was awash with his Mother’s cum. He raised himself to look at her and leant down and kissed her full on the mouth. She tasted herself on his lips.

He immediately dragged himself over her body so that his hard man meat lay on her belly. All this time his erection had been pressing on her, and creating spasms of feeling running down to her groin.

“Mom, I am now going to give you the fuck of your life. I promise you.”

With that he inserted the bulbous head of his cock into the fiery opening of her cunt and slipped it right into her, inch by inch, until he was completely inside her and touching her womb. She was guiding him into her all the time and they both felt the final touch. Greg was lost. He didn’t want his Mom to have to wait any longer, so he started to work his cock in and out of that hot hole. With the combined friction from both of their sexes, culmination couldn’t be far away.

“Mommy Mommy, I’mmmmmm cummmmmming,” Greg roared. At the same time, Mom screamed out her fulfilment.

As they lay and got their breath back, Greg turned to her and said :-

“Mom, I will always have Nan to thank for you. I am sure that she is watching from wherever she is and is approving of all we have done and will do in the future. I love you.”



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