As the cab pulled up outside the Cat and Tail I felt the urge to tell the driver to take me back home, the place perspired seediness. The blacked out windows and dimly lit doorway made this place somewhat uninviting.

Here I was 30 years old on my first date since my messy divorce, every single butterfly had been let loose inside my stomach. Not only was this my first date in five years, it was organised by a girlfriend of mine through one of those single agencies. Oh sure, I had seen his picture, and was aware of his likes and dislikes, and though he wasn’t that good looking, my friend, had convinced me that I should learn to crawl before I walked again.

I gathered my thoughts paid the cab driver, and took a deep breath before heading into the bar.

My hesitation was not only resting on this being my first date in a long time, it was also unnerving having to travel half way across the other side of town, to a destination that had now become apparent, to be a hang out for desperate wharfies.

As I pushed the door open, my fear became my reality. I knew straight away that the little black cocktail dress, with the plunging neckline I was wearing was not the usual attire seen in this bar. I looked around trying to recognise my date amongst the dim lights and cigarette smoke, to my disappointment, I could not see him.

I looked for a discreet place to sit and with every table and chair occupied, I had to settle for a seat at the bar, I slipped onto the bar stool and ordered a drink from the only other female in the place, a woman dressed in a tight fitting green trabzon escort leather mini skirt, and skimpy vest which struggled to hold the largest breasts I had ever seen.

My heart rate kept quickening, my eyes staring straight, and not daring look around, avoiding to grab anyone’s attention. Every time the door opened, I looked for my date to appear.

Five Gin and Tonics later, I was slightly more relaxed. I felt the locals had become used to me. My date was now not only late, but also in a whole lot of trouble if he showed up now, and the girlfriend that talked me into this mess had some explaining to do.

I was just about to leave when I felt a hot breath against my shoulder, and before I could turn he was sitting beside me. A well built man, approximately 6 foot 4, his chest and biceps protruding from his sleeveless denim shirt. He stared into my eyes, transfixing me with his. He ordered me a drink without asking and slowly placed his overcoat around me. Was this guy good? Not only did hr what I was drinking; he knew I was damn cold.

He just kept starring into my eyes. I was scared yet excited all at the same time, and it seemed my lips were sealed with an invisible zip, making it impossible to begin conversation. He placed one of his large hands on my knee and before I could say anything he placed a finger to my lips, gesturing for me not to be alarmed.

His hand caressed my knee and the top of my thigh. He then placed his other hand on my other knee and in unison his hands caressed my knees and the tops of my legs, his eyes not moving from trabzon escort bayan mine. I was now appreciative of his large overcoat protecting all this from the locals view, however, I was also feeling some regret for wearing the suspender belt in which I had proudly paraded in front of the mirror, before leaving my apartment. I felt a sense of excitement, a touch of the naughty girl in me.

His hands kept moving higher with each caress, until they reached the top of my stockings. When he touched my bare skin, I felt all hell break loose, my juices started to flow, I was so wet and could feel my nipples harden.

His hands moved to my panties and he placed his thumbs on my pussy. He ran his thumbs along my lips, gently at first and then with ever-increasing pressure, ever so carefully avoiding my clit. My eyes closed with anticipation, each time his thumbs circled the outer edges of my pearl.

I wanted to explode and my legs started to shake, all this time his eyes were doing nothing else but looking into mine. He removed his hands from under my dress and my body lurched forward. He closed my legs and squeezed them together. I was so horny and wet, I started squeezing my inner thighs together and slowly sliding my legs in a up and down motion, trying anything to stimulate my swollen clit to orgasm.

He produced a knife from his pocket, his wide, bright, blue eyes staring into mine, made me fear nothing. I just wanted my aching pussy relieved. He slipped the knife under my dress and ran the point of his knife along my inner thighs, slowly edging his escort trabzon way to my pussy. He ran the point of the blade along my clit, my hands clenched the barstool and the ache in my breasts was almost unbearable, as they seemed to grow larger. My nipples were now being stimulated by my silky dress.

I felt I could not hold on much longer. He cut the sides of my panties with the knife and peeled the front away from my pussy, the cold air rushing to meet my hot, wet cunt, which made me squirm on the stool. The anxiety kept building I wanted it to end, and it took all of my control to stop fingering myself.

Once again he ran his hands along my inner thighs and placed his thumbs on my lips, my back started to arch. He looked at me and shook his head, motioning for me to wait. I could see his cock growing, I started to stroke it, I could feel how large it was, feeling his large veins through his jeans. I just wanted to suck it and taste him.

My stroking of his cock stopped momentarily when I felt his thumbs on my naked cunt, slipping up and down with ease, their pace quickening with every stroke. Then all of a sudden he stopped, and with no warning plunged a thumb all the way into my aching hole and then started rubbing my clit with the other.

I was so close my hips involuntary swaying. I bit on the collar of his overcoat and with a rush of blood from head; I erupted into an explosive orgasm. I felt my juices flowing, my cunt was dripping wet, and my tits felt like bursting out of my dress. I swayed back and forth on the barstool, my orgasm felt like it would never end. Slowly, ever so slowly, my body started to calm down and my mind was regrouping its thoughts. When I opened my eyes the stranger was gone, even his overcoat had been removed. I quickly gathered my bag and hurriedly walked out of the bar never to see him again.



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