My Wife the Love of My Life CheatedLiz was the love of my life, hell she was my life. We dated in High School and married several months after she graduated, I had graduated a year earlier. We were inseparable I always though our hearts beat as one. We have been happily married eighteen years and have two girls Sara fifteen and Deb s*******n. When we got married Liz was eighteen, 5’4” 98 lbs long natural red hair, green eyes, 34B boobs, she was like a pixie a beatiful pixie actually she was hot. I was twenty, 6’, and 135 lbs, brown hair and eyes. Today she is all grown up she is thirty six, 122 lbs her butt has filled out nicely and her boobs are 36C’s, she would rock a momo she is damn hot. I, Gill I’m like 180 lbs and everything is much the same. Liz has never flaunted her damn sexy body, never teased, dresses conservatively. When it came to sex Liz was very vanilla, she only liked missionary, I could not touch her butt, no oral for me but she loved it and insisted on it. That’s as wild as she would get. To understand her a bit she was raised a strict Catholic, and taught sex was for having c***dern and to keep your husband happy or to manipulate him. Liz even stated when with a grope of friends at a party if she never had sex again it would fine with her, she was 22 at the time. We had a normal life ups and downs, the loss of all our pairents appeared to only make our love stronger. Early on we both worked but when Liz got pregnet with Deb she retired and stayed home to raise the k**s. At first I worked two sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. Even today though I’m down to one job I have to travel a lot and when I’m not traveling my normal work day is at least twelve hours, but the family had a very nice house, in ground pool, all the latest fashions, Liz and Deb both have new cars, I worked my butt off to give them everything they wanted. We appeared to be the perfect family and as far as I knew we were. We lived in the country on a waterfront property, there are only a few houses on our dead end street that’s only a quarter of a mile long. Then there were several break-ins on the street, so I hired my best friends company to install a first class state of the art alarm system complete with audio and video that could all be monitored and controlled thru my smart phone/home computer, I was lucky my best friend owned the security company, that also offered security services and PI services. There were cameras with mikes in every room and all around outside especially around the pool. I got a call from my best friend and asks if I could stop by his office on the way home I say sure. When I get to Sam’s he tells me the system is complete a week early and shows me how to use it. When I get home I get the family together teach them the alarm code and how to turn the system on and off. I say how about I get a shower and I take you all out to dinner! Sara says sorry Dad I got a sleep over, Deb say I’m going to the movies with Pat and Susie, Liz says it’s Friday night I’m out with the girls, looks like your fending for yourself, oh and it gets too late I’m staying over at Carol’s. I go up to take a shower I’m in the master bath and Liz comes in and says why are you in my bathroom I have to get ready you will have to use the one in the spare bed room. I walk up behind her wrap my arms around her cup her big boobs, roll her nipples and kiss the side of her neck. Liz shakes me off pushes me away and says what the hell do you think you’re doing, I say showing my affection for my wife, Liz says that’s a laugh, I say what’s that susposed to mean. Liz says just get out so I can get ready hell I might even get lucky again tonight. I say you relize you just admitted your cheating on me, Liz says prove it. I say you’re staying home we need to talk, Liz puts her hand on my face and says baby it’s ok we have a good thing going here you go out and earn the money and I go out and party and spend it, that’s how it is now the time for talking was years ago. I say this is far from over there is no way I’m going to live like this, and just walk out and go to my office and close the door. I bring up the security system and click on the history and I see there are a lot of data on the interior cameras. I bring up the file and hit play. It starts out the gardener Jarome walks in the back door. Jarome is black maybe 26, 6’4” about 250 lbs of pure mussel. He is wearing a black sweat soaked tee shirt, shorts and work boots. The system follows him from the back door thru the laundry room, thru the kitchen then thru the hall, up the steps and into the master bed room, Liz is standing there nude she wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a long hot french kiss as one hand cups her ass cheek and the other hand goes between her legs as he fingers her pussy. He breaks the kiss and says when is Gill due home Liz says not for hours and the girls about 3 hours, then he says I’m sure the little one saw us last week. I pause the recording and just bust out crying trying to figure how my marriage went down the tubes. I hear Liz yell night girls I’ll see you tomorrow or Sunday it depends. The girls come to tell me they are leaving and find me crying, they run in and hug me and crying they say whats wrong Dad, Sara says its Mom isn’t it. I tell them it’s ok go on to see their friends, Deb pulls Sara out of the room and tells her to go call Uncle Sam and tell him that something is wrong with Dad.No less than ten minutes later Sam is at the door Sara lets him in and he says what wrong with your Dad honey? She says I’m perty sure he has found out Mom is cheating on him with black men. Sam asks do you know where your Mom is now, Sara says she herd her Mom talking the other day when she was having sex with Jayson that they were going to the Black Spot tonight. Sam gets on the phone and calls one of his black investigators, sends him a picture of Liz and tells him to go to the Black Spot and see if she is there and to watch her and follow her. He tells Sam he is already there and she is in a booth straddling and fucking a big black guy and he has lots of video already. Sam says stay on her. Sam calls Dave Paul, my attorney and tells him to get right over to my house and tells him about Liz cheating. Then he calls Bruce my brother a Doctor, and suggest he come over and pick up the k**s and keep them for a few days and lets him know whats going on. Bruce and my Sister in law Wendy live just down the street and are there in two minutes Sam and Bruce come in to my office I am crying my eyes out Bruce tells Deb to go out and see Aunt Windy and she leaves the room. Out in the hall Windy tells the girls to pack some clothes that they are going to spend a few days at her house.Sam asks me whats going on buddy I say sobbing trying to pull myself together Liz is cheating on me and bust out crying again. Bruce my brother says I’m prepared for this and gives me an injection that’s a mild sedative, and I started to get myself together, Bruce says are you sure she’s cheating on you I hit play Jerome is fingering Liz and sucking a hicky on her right tit. Bruce says shut it off this is bad really bad. I ask whats wrong, Bruce says when was the last time you and Liz had sex or mixed any body fluids, I say well over a year. Sam asks why do you ask, Bruce says I do a free clinic once a week, that guy with Liz has full blown AIDS! Dave says so what do you want to do Gill, we all look up to see Dave my attorney standing in the room with Nancy his para legal and a guy we don’t know, Dave says this my friend, Judge Adam Davis, then he repeats his question what do you want to do, I say bursa escort she hurt me, she has hurt the girls and exposed both of them to her blatant sex acts, plus all of us to AIDS I want sourced earth maximum pain for her, after what she has done to our family. Dave says Nancy cancel all her credit cards, kill her phone, transfer all their funds give me applications for restraining orders for Gill and both girls and devorce papers, Judge Davis says as soon as you get them filled out I’ll sign them. Judge Davis calls Sheriff and tells him to come to Gills and pick up a warrant to arrest Jayson for attempted murder. We all look at him and Dave asks is that a bit of a stretch the judge says nope it has already been ligated and there is law on this. Sam calls his investigator Ned and tells him to get two more investigators one with him at the club and one to come here to get papers to serve her. Then he tells him to get her cash and keys out of her purse when she is dancing, Ned says already got you covered Boss, actually Lea, JJ, and Drake are here with me. JJ came in his own car so I’ll send him to you to get the papers, you would not believe she is on the dance floor right now sandwiched between two black guys one is fucking her in the ass the other is fucking her cunt right there on the dance floor, then Ned says ok we have the keys and cash, JJ is on his way to you. Sam says ok have Drake bring her car here and he can go back to you with JJ. Make sure Lea follows her into the bathroom and get what she can, oh and send me what you got so far bring. Nancy says ok her credit cards are canceled, her name is off of all accounts, her phone is dead, and here are the three restraining orders a copy of their pre-nuptial where anyone caught cheating leaves with the clothes on their back only. I also have the devorce paperwork ready. Sam says I have a portable DVD player with all the proof of her infidelity including her admission to Gill in their bathroom and her sandwiched between two black guys fucking her in public on the dance floor. Gill says please include this letter to her from me. The judge signs everything and all is put in a large brown envelope.The Sheriff, JJ and Drake all arrive they are given the papers to serve and sent off to the Black Spot. Sam calls Ned and tells him it’s all about to go down make sure you get it all on film. They agree Liz is to be served first. Liz is in a booth Jayson is making out with her and is groping her exposed left tit. JJ walks up to the table and says Elizabeth Warner and Liz looks up and says you will have to wait till he’s done, then JJ says Elizabeth Warner you are served and hands her the envelope. She says what the fuck is this first she sees the Devorce papers based on Adultery, and says this will never stick he has no proof a sticky note says play DVD, she pushes play she first sees a clip of her Jayson this afternoon, then a clip of her admitting to Gill that she is cheating in the bathroom and finally a clip of her fucking two guys on the dance floor. She gets a serious look on her face, then she sees the pre-nuptial agreement and realizes she is truly fucked! Then she sees the restraining orders that are based on her adultery and her having unprotected sex in view of minor c***dern and having unprotected sex with a man with AIDS. Her face is white. Then she sees my letter to her.LizYou were the love of my life hell you were and are my life. I relize I have neglected you but you kept on wanting more and more which ment I had to work harder and longer to give you the new cars, big house, with swimming pool. Had you once come to me telling me you needed more attention or tried to seduce me by dressing for me like you were tonight going out for other men ….. well you didn’t. Our last chance was tonight when I begged you stay home and talk with me, so I could tell you I was retiring and cashing in that we would be worth millions, but you just blew me off along with our marriage. Please believe me you are and always will be the love of my life but you have hurt the girls and I so deeply I don’t know we will ever recover. You have chosen your path now live with it, you have no family, money, car, home, phone or clothes other that what you are wearing.GillLiz wads up my letter and throws it on the table. The Sheriff comes over to the table and says Jayson Johnson please step out of the booth, as he does he is handcuffed and informed that he was under arrest for attempted murder for having full blown AIDS and having unprotected sex. Liz now turns completely white as she realizes how badly she had totally fucked up, as the sheriff hauls Jayson out to jail. The owner of the club comes over to the both and says I don’t this kind of trouble in my club you need to pay up and get out and don’t come back. He gives her a bill for three hundred and forty two dollars, Liz reaches into her purse gets out a credit card and hands it to him he gives it to a waitress and says go run this. He looks at Liz and says this is such a shame I wanted to get a piece of that sweet ass of yours but no one is going to mess with you now that everyone knows that you been fucking an AIDS guy unprotected. The waitress comes back and says the card is rejected, Liz goes to get another card and the owner sees the devorce papers on the table and says your being divorced she says yes, he says honey I can guarantee all your cards are cancelled got any cash she checks her wallet there was a penny in it, she thinks fuck you Gill how can you do this to me. The club owner says stay put I’m going to send over a friend of mine Mr. Milo who I think can help you. Al the other black guy in the booth with Liz upon hearing the name Mr. Milo excuses himself and beat a hasty retreat. A big Black man in a white suit and furry hat with a slutty white woman on his arm (an obvious whore), two big black men flanked them (body guards). He stands in front of her and says Mrs. Warner I’m Mr. Milo may we sit down. Liz says yes of course. He says I hear you have a bit of a situation, mind if I review your papers here, Liz says no go right ahead. He reads the devorce papers first, then looks at the DVD, then the pre-nuptial, then the restraining orders, finally he straightens out my letter and reads it. Then he looks Liz in the eye and says Liz there is no easy way to say this but your totally fucked. You have lost everything, home, family, money, car, and clothes except what you are wearing. Mr. Milo says I can help you pay your bill here, give you a roof over your head, feed you for now, of course you will have to pay me back out of your earnings. He says I’m not one to sugar coat something, I’m a pimp and you would be one of my whores. I get 75% and you get 25% of what you earn. There is not much I can do with you until I get your health certification, so for the time being you will be limited to blow and hand jobs, at about fifty bucks a pop. So what do you say you can take my empty arm, and walk out of here or Mr. Perkins over there can call the Police and have you locked up for trying to skip out on your bill. Liz asks what should I call you, he says Milo will work fine Liz says I’m ready whenever you are, Milo says one last thing call it an audition suck my cock bitch and he grabs the back of her head forces her face into his lap and pulls out his cock and says swallow it to my balls make me cum in five minutes and swallow every drop of my cum! Liz swallows his cock down to his balls, slides her finger up his ass and has him cuming in three minutes. Liz put his cock back into his paints and zipped him up, then sits up gets her merrow bursa escort bayan out of her purse and puts on ne lipstick. As Milo recovers from the best blow job he has ever, he says your hired let’s get out of here and get you to work.Back at my house Sam is reviewing the video of Liz being served and can’t believe her reaction, there was no sign of remorse more so anger, he knows he can’t let Gill see this you would think a woman that just lost her family would show some sign of remorse. Sam says well it’s done she has been served. I say I need a drink Nancy says you deserve one what can I fix you, I say rum and coke thank you. My brother asks so where do you go from here. I say well as Dave knows I have worked my ass off to the point at the end of the month at 38 I am retiring, my plans have now changed I actually have reservations for four, to spend two weeks at the theme parks around Orlando, than a one month cruse of the Caribbean. Bruce says well Bro you need to get busy you got a month to find a woman to use that fourth ticket, I say well unfortunately I am still married, the Judge says well first thing Monday you and Liz have a hearing before me if she signs off, if she does not show I will immediately declare your devorce final so time for you to get busy. I say well first I have to get Liz completely out of my life and my home, before the girls come back Sunday evening. Sam says I’ll send a crew over tomorrow with boxes and we can get her cleaned out in no time flat. Nancy says I’ll help, Bruce says me too, I say thanks but I need to do this on my own, Bruce says as your Doctor I’m telling you, you can’t do this by yourself we both know Liz has not been a wife to you or a mother to the girls for years, so let the people that truly love you help you, that includes the girls. I say I don’t know it’s a lot to process, I’m really beat, let me sleep on it but I will need the boxes in the morning. I say thank you all for your help tonight, I need to get this place cleaned up and get some sleep, and Nancy says ok every out I’ll help you clean up before I leave. Bruce whisper to Dave I’m not sure he should be left alone tonight, Dave chuckles and says what makes you think he will be alone tonight, Bruce says you mean Nancy! Dave says she has been hot for Gill for years, I’ll bet I will need to find a new paralegal next week. Bruce says I know Nancy has basicly raised the girls the past few years, taking them to buy clothes, take them to events when Gill was out of town and providing them with female advice and direction when needed, haven knows Liz never gave them any time. The funny thing is Gill doesn’t know the girls know Nancy. Nancy hustles all the guys out and we collect all the glasses and booze bottles. I put all the glasses in the kitchen sink and Nancy takes the booze bottles to the bar in the den she is trying to put the last bottle on the top shelf she is on her tip toes I come up behind her the front of my body squarely against the back of hers my right arm reaches up hers and I take the bottle from her and place it on the top shelf, she turns to face me puts her arms around my neck and kisses me a long hot passionate tongue kiss. We break our kiss and Nancy says I’m so sorry and starts to leave I pull her back to me take her in my arms and return her kiss then I look into her eyes and tell her I have wanted her in my arms for years but being married it would never be proper to tell her. I look down at her she has tears running down her cheeks, I say I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hurt you, she makes a fist and hits me on my chest and says these are tears of joy you big dummy I have loved you sence the first time I saw you! I pick her up cradle her in my arms and take her into my bedroom she looks down at my bed gives me an evil grin gives me a hot kiss and says oh god yes! Put me down and take my clothes off, Nancy is a small framed 5’6” tall big boobs probably 36D’s, nice ass and perfect long legs, gorgeous blond hair, blue eyes and a beatiful face. I sit on the edge of the bed, so we are face to face I stare unbuttoning her blouse, as she unbuttons my shirt, I have just unbuttoned the last button but I am afraid to go father actually it’s been so long I’m not sure what to do next, Nancy senses my dilemma and reaches around and takes off her blouse off and I do the same with my shirt. I’m not wearing a tee-shirt, Nancy has on a sexy white up lifting mesh bra that is absolutely transparent, her areolas are huge as are her nipples, I look into her eyes and say you are so beatiful, she runs her hands over my chest looks into my eyes and says I have dreamed of being with you for years please don’t fuck me be gentle and make love to me. I pull her into my arms gently kiss each of her eye lids and the tip of her nose and tell her I will never hurt or disrespect her. Then I look into her eyes with tears in mine and tell her I know this may sound crazy but I love you and I never want to let you go I just hope the girls will accept you, Nancy smiles and says I have a way with young girls we will be fine, we kiss a long loving kiss, I sit up undo the button on her slacks and unzip her zipper and slowly lower her slacks, once I have them all the way to the floor she steps out of them and takes a step back. I can’t believe the sexy woman in front of me. Nancy is wearing white thigh highs and a G-string and garter belt that match her bra she blushes a bit and says I always ware sexy underware when I know I’m going to be with you. I say we are going to need to go to Vickie’s next week! Nancy reaches behind her and releases her bra and pushes down her G-string and says get your paints off, I drop my paints Nancy laughs and says commando holey shit Gill honey you are going to have to go very slow with that, how long has it been sence you had sex last, weeks I say longer, months I again say longer, Nancy says Gill we may want to rethink this I’m not on birth control and I’m ovulating and I say so and she says do you want a girlfriend with a fat belly I say no, but I’d love a wife with one, come make love with me. We craw onto the bed and into each other’s arms we kiss a long passionate kiss, I run my fingertips slowly down her back and across her firm sexy butt, I kiss my way down her neck and between her boobs then up across her boob and I suck her nipple into my mouth, I feel her body stiffen and she moans a deep hot moan her breathing becomes very rapid as her body twists into an unexpected orgasum. I pull her into my arms and hold her tight to me, she completely wraps her arms and legs around me shyly snuggles her head into my chest. Nancy looks up at me and says that was wonderful, did I mention my nipples are very sensitive, do you think I’m pregnet I say not even close that was only light foreplay, it’s a bit more complicated than that, she asks whats heavy foreplay, I unwind from her lay her on her back spread her legs climb between them her legs and start kissing her below her breast and kiss my way down and french kiss her belly button, she moans again runs her hand thru my hair as I kiss my way down across her flat belly as I kiss lower Nancy spreads her legs wider and rotates her hips up, I kiss my way down her V and down her slit that’s completely shaved except for the blond landing strip above her bare pussy lips, when I get to the bottom of her pussy I insert my tongue into her tight love tunnel she grabs my head with both hands and arches her back and says OH MY GOD GILL YES, her pussy is flowing her sweet juice like a river I know she is close, and I run my tongue up her slit and suck in her clit and reach escort bursa up and pinch her nipples and she takes off into a massive orgasum back arched head twisting and turning, as her orgasum continues I climb up pull her into my arms slide my cock up to the entrance of her sweet pussy Nancy pushes down slightly my cock head enters her pussy she says oh Gill that feels wonderful, I push in a bit Nancy moans yes Gill yes and she pushes down hard and completely buries my cock into her pussy. I moan Nancy oh my god you feel so wonderful I start to slowly move my hips in and out holding Nancy tightly to my body, we kiss and make love for hours I just never seem to go soft and cum in her over and over, we have no idea how many orgasms Nancy has had. We wake up at in each other’s arms at four am, the bed is soaked and we laugh hug and kiss and I say we can’t sleep in this so at four am we change the bedding and jump into the shower, I stand behind her kiss her neck she presses her butt back against my cock and says does that thing ever go soft I say not with a woman as beatiful as you rubbing against him especially one in heat like you, she say what if I bend over in front of him like this and she bends over in front of me puts ass in the air and says come on big boy I’m in heattttttt I slide my cock into her all the way with no hesitation she says baby damn you fill me sooo damn good we go at for ten minutes and she says hurry baby I’m almost there I grab her hips and pump her faster and harder Nancy screams oh god yes baby as I fill her with yet another load of cum. Somehow we find the energy to actually wash each other and dry each other and climb into bed and fall asleep spooning together. Seven Thirty Saturday morning Nancy has turned in my arms facing me we are sound asleep, when I hear the front door open and I hear the girls yell DAD, Nancy and I jerk awake I say hide under the covers, the girls bust thru the bedroom door and freeze, they see Nancy’s underware all over the floor and say Dad who’s in bed with you, Nancy pulls her head out from under the covers, the girls get a huge smile on their face and yell OH MY GOD ITS NANCY and they jump into the bed kissing both of us, I say you know each other Sara says yes of course Nancy takes us to buy our clothes and Deb says helped us when we first became women, I’m about to say something when Wendy walks thru the door and says what all the co OH MY GOD Sara says look Aunt Windy it’s Nancy she says laughing I see it’s about time! Then she says you two need to get moving a whole crew of people will be here at eight thirty to clean Liz out of the house once and for all. I say are you girls ok with this, Deb say yes Dad more than ok. I say ok now everyone out so Nancy and I can get dressed Nancy whispers into Deb’s ear and asks her to barrow a pair of pantys and jeans she says no problem. Everyone leaves and closes the door. Nancy tells me to get dressed in the bathroom. There is a knock on the door Nancy says come in Deb brings in the jeans and pantys and says Nancy is this going to be permeate she say I think so I pray so, They are hugging and crying and I come in dressed and say it is permeate and I hope to make her my wife if she will have me. Deb looks at Nancy and she says of course I want you forever, especially sence he put a baby in my belly last night, Deb says really Dad I say odds are I did but keep it to yourself till we are sure. Nancy gets out of bed completely nude Deb hands her the pantys, then the jeans, I ask Nancy should you be nude in front of Deb they both bust out laughing and Deb says we have been trying on clothes in front of each other for years, Nancy says do you have a button down shirt I can ware, I say sure take your choice in the closet. I say we have a lot to do today, Nancy walks out of the closet wearing an unbuttoned shirt I say you are so hot Deb says damn hot, Nancy and I both say hey girl and everybody laughs, I say we need to buy new furniture and bedding for the master bedroom, and we need to move all your things here Nancy, I say first we need to buy a wedding ring set and Nancy says we are going to do it all as a family. Wendy comes in and says breakfast is almost ready, we go eat breakfast and just as we finish there is a small army walks in the house, Bruce, Dave and Sam come in the kitchen, Bruce says you ok Bro I can give you another shot, Wendy says the only thing he needs is Viagra, Nancy says believe me that’s the last thing he needs and Deb yells out and their going to have a baby, Nancy and I yell DEB! Nancy says to Dave, boss we need to talk, Dave says to Bruce I told you so last night. I say well we got a lot to do, in an hour with the aid of the guys Sam had brought, everything was packed in boxes neatly marked, organized and loaded into a box truck and headed to a storage locker. Nancy and I watch as the door is closed on the box truck, Sam goes to hand me the keys and info for the storage locker, with Nancy beside me I tell him to take them put them in an envelope along with 50K and offer it to Liz for the signed devorce papers. Two hours later Sam’s man Ned walks into Milo’s whore house, he is greeted by a very friendly Madam, and he asks for Liz by name the Madam says she is our most popular whore she is 1k for an hour and condom use is recommended for intercourse or anal. She says room four down the hall have fun. Ned walks in the room Liz looks a mess, her lips are red and swollen, and her makeup is all smeared, she spreads her legs her pussy and ass is red and raw, and she says come on I’m all yours baby. Ned says I’m here to make you an offer, sign your devorce papers and you can have this envelope with 50K in it and a key to a storage locker with all your belongings in it. Liz says if my bastard husband wants me to sign that it’s going to cost a lot more than that, I laying here fucking whatever walks thru that door for fifty dollars a pop because of him. Ned says fifty I had to pay a thousand to get in here. Liz looks livid and pushes a button two big black guys with guns drawn and Milo come running in the room Ned looks at them and says I work for Sam Parker, Milo tells the two guards to get out. Liz says you bastard Milo you charging a grand a pop for me not 50 bucks, Ned says you’re a whore what do you expect people take advantage of whores. Milo says whats going on here Ned says her husband has made her a very generous offer 50K and all her belongings for her signature on the devorce papers, Milo says you dumb slut sign the papers, with what he has on you, you will get nothing in a year all he has to do is wait. Liz signs the devorce papers, Ned goes to hand Liz the envelope but Milo grabs it Liz, says that’s mine Milo says you signed a contract 25% is yours whore your ass belongs to me. Milo says to Ned you got forty five minutes left with her enjoy Ned says I’ll pass, Liz says whats wrong I’m not good enough for you, Ned says as a matter of fact no you’re not, and walks out. Ned calls Sam and says I have the signed papers now I need to go take a shower. Sam calls me, Nancy the k**s and I are in the master bedroom with an interior designer making plans to redo the room. Nancy hears me say thank you Sam for everything, I look at Nancy and the girls and say we need to plan a wedding girls, they scream, the Designer says actually my best friend is a wedding planner, Nancy asks can she put together a wedding in a week because I’m not waiting one second longer than that to be his wife. Well we pull off a full blown wedding in a week, Nancy is the fourth ticket on our planned trip that turns into a honeymoon for four and one ninth, yep Nancy was indeed pregnet, and now one year later the girls are spoiling their little brother. The last I heard Liz never got Aids and was stripping in Milo’s clubs and pulling tricks between sets.



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