I walked through the front door of our small trailer after a hard days work at the mill.

“LeAnne, I’m home!” I yelled in my best Fred Flintstone impersonation.

“I’m……..the…..back…….” came the response. I knew what that meant.

I kicked off my muddy steel toe boots and put them in the bathroom closet. I shed my dirty work clothes in there as well but couldn’t take a shower again today since the water company had turned the water off last week because we couldn’t pay the bill. Needless to say I smelled like shit and probably looked like it too. I got out of my 3 day old underwear and headed back to the back room where LeAnne was at. I wondered on my way back there who would be with her. When I entered the room, I saw LeAnne there, naked of course, on her hands and knees. On one end of her was her brother, John, with his cock in her mouth. At the other end was Ronnie, her dad.

“Hey John. Hey Ronnie. How you guys doin’?” I asked.

“Been pretty good lately. How bout yourself?” inquired Ronnie.

“Alright I guess. Damn water’s been off a week now. But at least the satellite is still on so we can watch some porn.”

“You gotta get that water on, man,” said John. “LeAnne fucking stinks. Her pussy smells like it done died and rotted out. And her ass, it’s so filthy, Daddy could hardly lick it earlier.”

“I know, but we gotta have our priorities. It must not be bothering you too much, you still got your cock in yer sister’s pretty little mouth,” I said.

“Of course I do. bostancı escort Mom’s on the rag again and up at the hospital working. She’s gotta go make some extra money from those docs up there.”

I asked, “How is that going? Those doctors paying her good for her pussy? I’m surprised a 52 year old woman like Charlotte can still sell it to those rich docs who can get any woman they want.”

“Hell, you know Charlotte, hottest little fuck around now. Most people want her more for the fact that every time the doors open up at the church, she’s there, playin’ the piano. I think they get a thrill from fucking the married, religious piano player,” explained her husband.

“You gonna join in or not?” asked John.

“Guess I will.”

I got down on the floor beside LeAnne as she sucked her brother’s cock and fucked her dad. I stroked her greasy, dirty hair and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. I could smell her nasty pussy from not having a bath in the last week. Her family was right, she smelled like a rotten piece of meat. But I still loved the girl. I pulled on her 36B titties while kissin her neck. LeAnne was a fine looking woman when she was able to fix up. She was small and skinny and had a crooked smile that I just loved. Her ass was firm and tight, though not the asshole itself (stretched out by so much cock). She had even won some beauty pageants while in high school and college, but they wouldn’t know by looking at her today.

I reached up to her face and pulled büyükçekmece escort her brother’s cock out of her mouth. I gave her a big kiss and then I sucked John’s cock into my own mouth. Thankfully John had gone over to his folks house to shower recently, so it wasn’t too bad. (John lives with me and LeAnne while finishing college.) I began to suck on his cock while his sister sucked on his balls some. Then John grabbed my head and really started to fuck my mouth. In the meantime, Ronnie pulled out of his daughter’s pussy and slammed his cock into my ass. It hurt like hell, but I got used to it once he spit on his cock a little to lube it up. They continued to fuck me on both ends until I got a little tired and they went back to LeAnne, but switched ends. Her brother was fucking her pussy and her dad was fucking her mouth, so I took the opportunity to fuck her ass. DAMN! That ass stank.

While we were going at it, Charlotte walked into the room.

“Hi honey,” she said to Ronnie.

“Hey sweety, how did it go today?”

“Pretty good. I screwed four docs and two nurses. At $10 a piece, that’s $60 for the day. Not bad for an old lady.”

“Hell, you oughta charge more than $10 a fuck! I charge my fellow teachers $25 a fuck and students $30. I make a good bit of money every day,” said LeAnne, who taught at the middle school in a neighboring county.

“Yeah, but you are young and hot little girl. I’m older and a little pudgy. I don’t charge much so I can make çapa escort sure they come back.”

“Well get your damn clothes off and come join in.”

Charlotte took of her scrubs and kissed her husband. Her tits were sagging quite a bit now and she had a pretty good pounch in the mid-section, but still not a bad fuck. She never trimmed her pussy in her life and had a huge batch of hair down there that I just loved rubbing my nose in. So that’s just what I did. I pulled out of her daughter’s ass and pushed her down on her back and dove in. There was a lot of cum in her pussy from all those damn doctors and nurses, but I cleaned it out good for her. She and her daughter both like that special touch I give them.

LeAnne came over and sat her pussy down on her mother’s face as I licked away. John and Ronnie got into a 69 since they’d lost their sister/daughter. I stuck my cock into my mother-in-law and kissed my wife on the mouth.

“I love you very much LeAnne,” I said as I came in her mother’s pussy.

“I love you too honey,” she said as she came from her mother’s mouth on her pussy.

John and Ronnie emptied their balls into each other’s mouth and spit it all into my wife’s pretty mouth. She then kissed her mother and they shared the mixed cum. I lowered myself down to clean up the mess I made in Charlottes pussy while the others got dressed.

“Well, I’ve got two students lined up for tonight. I gotta go hon,” said LeAnne.

“We best get back to the farm. Got to get the cattle up.” John and Ronnie left.

“Well, you got anywhere to go?” I asked Charlotte.

“Just down on your cock” she replied.

Char and I went at it a while longer then she went home. LeAnne came home later and had me eat five loads out of her pussy. We are going to take the money she made tonight to pay the water bill.



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