My wife fucked my best friend Last month. (By My HThe whole thing started about a year before, when we went on vacation with my best friend and his wife, to Maui. We had all rented a suite with three large rooms and around the second or third night DeeAnna and I went to sleep early and Chris and his wife Maria stayed up for drinks on the patio. About an hour after we went to sleep, I work up and saw DeeAnna by the window, looking out. I asked her if everything was okay, and she shook her head as she looked out the window and said, “Look at the size of his dick!” I was a little confused but got up and went over to peek out the window. They must have thought we were asleep, or forgotten that our room looked out onto the terrace. They were both naked in the hot tub and kissing. Christ had his hands all over Maria’s tight Latina body and was playing with her hair, teasing her nipples, caressing her ass and working his fingers into her. Chris’ dick was very erect and looked to be something over ten inches, waving in the air as he played with his sexy wife! My wife was licking her lips with her eyes glued to his muscular body and hard cock. “Why won’t she touch it?” She asked, as she stared. I asked her what she meant. “I’ve been watching them for about 15 minutes, and he has touched her all over her body, massaged her, kissed her, played with her pussy, held her body and his dick has been like that the whole time and she hasn’t even touched it – I wouldn’t be able to keep my hands off of it!” I know a good opportunity when I see one, so I started playing with DeeAnna’s pussy (Which was soaking wet!) and rubbing her nipples and kissing her neck and back, and rubbing her legs. All things she likes. I knew she had always liked Chris. He is a martial artist, very muscular, handsome, strong features, strong hands – which are all a turn on for her. With my suggestions and hands and kissed and caresses, I teased her until her body was on fire and then asked her if she wanted to go out there. “Maybe if you go out like you didn’t know they are out there, and then apologize they may ask you to join them and it might lead to you getting to fuck my best friend!” We both knew his wife wasn’t the type to share like that or even be open to anything sexual outside of her marriage, but I also knew my wife had been thinking about it for a long time! The suggestion sent her over the edge and she came HARD! When she recovered, we went back to bed. For the rest of our vacation I caught DeeAnna staring at him so many times I can’t even count them. I also noticed him looking at her. Not just looking, but taking her in – and I saw him getting hard while he was doing it! I tried to create opportunities, but nothing ever happened. I thought maybe Maria would relax her prudish ways a little, but no luck. Sometime after our vacation, DeeAnna told me that Maria had confided in her that Chris had admitted being in an affair with a woman he used to work with, but she had “just given him blowjobs” so Chris didn’t think it was so bad since they didn’t have sex… LOL! Anyway, she said they were just working through it and she was feeling a little repulsed by him and was having a hard time enjoying sex with him. Suddenly I felt kind of bad because I had been encouraging DeeAnna to make some moves on him. Fast forward a year and Maria had grown frustrated with their marriage and had gone home to stay with her parents, while they were dealing with some health issues. One Friday night, illegal bahis we invited Chris over for a barbeque. He accepted and we ate, enjoyed some time and laughs together, drank, smoked and were feeling pretty loose when DeeAnna suggested we all get into the hot tub. DeeAnna said she would get us some towels and robes and headed for the house. I turned to Chris and told him that we don’t usually wear clothes in the hot tub, but I have a suit he can borrow if he wants it. I also told him that DeeAnna would love to see him naked and he should feel free to flow with whatever happens when she comes back. I winked at him as she came back out… She had her robe on and two more in her hands along with five or so towels. She dropped the towels on the table and walked to the edge of the hot tub. She let her hair down and shook it out, then looked back over her shoulder, winked and smiled at Chris – then let her robe drop to the pool deck and slowly..ever so slowly so Chris could get a good look, stepped into the hot turn and worked her way into the water. Without looking at me, Chris whispered, “I don’t need a suit” and pulled off his tee shirt, kicked off his shoes and socks, unbuttoned his pants and pushed his jeans and boxers down his legs and stepped out of them. He was transfixed on my wife. I was telling him that I was headed inside and I would be back out in awhile, but I don’t think he even heard me. Electricity shot through my body as I realized my best friend was about to have sex with my wife! There was also a fear that ran through me – of who would find out, how it would affect our friendship and would I lose my wife to him?!! I ran into the house and upstairs because I knew I would be able to see everything from the balcony – because I have a telescope up there! LOL! By the time I had it focused, they were locked in an intimate embrace, kissing and running their hands all over each other. DeeAnna quickly found his dick and began stroking it while she kissed him, just has she said she would do, back in our room in Maui. After a few minutes he sat on the edge of the hot tub and she stroked his long dick with both hands as she kissed him. The instant they broke their kiss, she leaned down and kissed the head of his dick. If I didn’t know better, I would have said that his dick grew another inch in the year since I last saw it! I couldn’t believe how long it is! He put his hands on her head and held it there as she began to suck on the thick head of his dick. I knew my sexy wife must be just gushing with lust at that moment, because I know how long she has been fantasizing about Chris, and she loves to be submissive! As hard as it was to peel my eyes away from the scene in the hot tub, I decided I wanted to be close to the action – So I turned and headed into the house so I could go downstairs and out the deck. I hurried through our room and stopped in the bathroom in the hall, then ran down the stairs and met DeeAnna and Chris coming through the patio door. Chris was carrying my wife and kissing her, with his big, long dick waving back and forth. When he saw me he smiled and said, “I’m taking this beautiful woman up to her room. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and I’m not going to do it in a hot tub the first time, I’m going to take her to her bed and make love to her in the same place that she has been dreaming about making love to me, when she wasn’t getting enough dick from you. I’ve seen you looking at me all these years, illegal bahis siteleri Dee, and I saw you watching me and Maria in Maui. I know you’ve been dreaming about this dick and I’m about to give you all you can handle! I had to step aside so they wouldn’t knock me down and Dee was kissing him all over his face and neck as he cradled her and she had her arms wrapped around his neck. He nearly ran up the stairs with her in his arms, sprinted across the hall and they disappeared into our room. The door closed behind them. Not wanting to miss anything, I bounded up the stairs and opened the door and saw Chris facing me with my wife behind him. She was all but wrapped around him – her well-manicured hand wrapped around his long dick, stroking it, while she kissed the back of his neck with her eyes closed. My heart was racing and I felt a rush run through me, again, with all the feelings of danger and excitement. Chris looked at me, and he didn’t have to say a word. I knew it was time for me to leave. I knew I needed to leave him alone with my wife, and I knew they both wanted it. I backed out of the door, closed it, and sat down in the hall with my back against the wall of our bedroom. They continued to talk to each other. I could hear them kissing, and could hear DeeAnna moan and whimper, and every once in awhile I would hear a squeal and a laugh from both of them. I rubbed my dick as I listened. I heard Chris gasp and knew DeeAnna was taking his dick in her mouth. “That’s it, your love that long dick, don’t you baby? Open your mouth and take it deeper…” I heard him moan as she did. “Suck it, Dee…” I was hearing bits and pieces, and it was teasing me to no end. I had already cum twice, stroking my little dick and thinking about my wife enjoying his big, long, thick cock and his athletic body. I knew she was on fire right now! “This feels even better than I thought it would” I heard my wife say and I pressed my ear close to the wall to hear them. I thought they were fucking, but the next thing I heard was, “Stroke it, baby, I love the feel of your hands stroking my dick. I have looked at your hands a hundred times or more and imagined what it would feel like to have you wrap them around my dick and long stroke me. Oh, yes, baby!” he said and then moaned deeply. The next thing I heard was my wife begging for him to fuck her! I couldn’t make out all of the words, but I could see in my minds eye exactly what was happening! Her stroking his dick and kissing him. Running her hands over his chest and arms and shoulders. Him pushing her back on the bed and her spreading her legs as he lowered himself on top of her. Them kissing passionately like lovers, her hands all over his back. His muscular back, ass and legs as she runs her hands over them. Her moan as he penetrates her for the first time! Both of them moaning and panting in those first few moments of him starting to slide his long thick cock into my DeeAnna “Oh my god that feels good!” I hear my wife pant, and I stroke my sore dick harder! She cries out as he goes deeper and I hear her scream as she cums on my best friend’s dick! My imagination becomes more vivid as I imagine how they look right now. I can see her face contorted with the release of her orgasm as she clings to him! I can see her pussy stretched around his dick – and only part of it is in her! I stroke harder! I can see him holding it in her. No longer going deeper but holding it there as he watches her pant and canlı bahis siteleri moan. She looks into his eyes and he into hers. They are sharing a deeply intimate moment of release. I hear her pant his name, then hear them kissing. I hear the rustle of the sheets and then hear her whisper to him. I know she is telling him she wants to be his naughty girl. I have seen her at this point of full submission to her lover many times. I know that once they cross this threshold she is going to fully submit herself to him. It’s what many call being “owned”. It’s that point where I know my wife becomes a slave of sorts to the pleasure she is getting from her lover, and she lets her lover know that she is available for him anytime, anywhere. “GIVE IT TO ME CHRIS, MAKE ME YOUR SLUT, BABY TAKE MY PUSSY AND MAKE IT YOURS!” That wasn’t exactly what she said, I couldn’t really make out her words, because she was moaning, screaming and pleading with him, and knew she was giving in to him. Not giving in – inviting him in to her most intimate place, and begging him to conquer places I have never been. Not only places I can’t physically reach, but stimulating her sexually in ways that I can’t because she loves the feeling of being stretched by a by cock and she loves that feeling of a man probing deep inside of her – and I can do neither one of those things! I heard her cum again and I’m stroking my soft dick now, because it won’t get hard anymore but I’m so turned on I can’t stop! “You love this dick, don’t you, Dee? Tell me how much you love it!” She does – loudly – and begs him to keep going! I can tell by the sounds both of them are making that they are both lost in their passion for each other and I wonder what my wife looks like with all that dick buried inside of her. I want to peek in and see two of the people I love most in the world, enjoying a deeply intimate moment with each other, but I know better. I listen to them for another five minutes or so and hear my wife giggling and laughing with him and telling him how great it felt to make love to him and ask him to stay the weekend. When he says “convince me” I hear her kissing him and soon I hear him tell her how good it feels to have his dick in her mouth. Then I hear him say, “Deal” I hear him giving her some instructions about every time he says “knees” but I don’t hear what he says. I’m pretty sure I know! I go downstairs and take a shower and get into clean shorts and a t shirt. When I come out of the bathroom, they are in the kitchen, feeding each other g****s and laughing as they lounge in their bathrobes – her sitting on the counter and him standing, feeding her g****s and kissing her. They both look over at me. “Hey, bro, your wife is incredible! I think she likes me! I know I love her, and I think you’re hot giving her enough sex – she seems to have an appetite that’s not being quenched!” He pulled the sash on her robe and it fell open. He pushed it aside and said, “Spread your legs, baby” DeeAnna spread her legs and he began petting her pussy. He leaned over her and kissed her on the mouth. A long, passionate french kiss as he fingered her pussy. I have known Chris for 30+ years but I felt really uncomfortable right now. We have done a lot of things together, but I have never sat and watched him play with any woman’s pussy – let alone my own wife’s pussy! “Knees!” he barked, and suddenly DeeAnna slid off the counter, let her robe drop to the floor and got on her knees in front of him, naked, and I watched as my wife took his cock in her hands and opened her mouth to stretch it over the head of his dick… Chris looked at me and smiled. “I had no idea, until today, that your wife is a submissive slut, and the prettiest one I have ever seen!”



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