My wife does a marathon fuck sessionSome times things just happen. There was no planning this it just worked out. Saturday afternoon my wife and I where relaxing by our pool. After a few adult beverages she had decided that she wanted to work on her tan so she went inside to change into a bikini. I was laid back with my eyes closed when she asjed if I needed another drink? Without opening my eyes I said sure. Then I felt her tap my shoulder with a cold Budweiser. I sat up straight and when I opened my eyes I saw my wife standing there wearing her smallest bikini bottom without its top. Wow I said. She said I need sun on my tits she said. I’m OK with that I said. She laid on her back and pulled her sunglasses down , will you oil me she asked? I said sure. I squirted the oil all over her chest and begain to rub it in. Paying extra attention to her hard nipples. I ask if she was cold ? She said no, just horny. I was laying there beside her almost asleep when I heard the gate from the side driveway open. I turned my head to see Mike and Josh coming in carrying a small cooler. They didn’t see my wife’s naked tits at first. She apparently was fast a s l e e p because she just laid there. When I stood up to greet them they both saw my wife’s tanned oily tits complete with hard nipples. Mike pointed bursa escort and jokingly asked if she was dead. I laughed and said no just relaxed. The three of us guys had been setting around shooting the shit for half an hour when my wife woke up. She propped up on one elbow and asked how long she had been a s l e e p? Just before I answered her she noticed she was topless. She yelled at me saying how could you let me lay here in front of your friends topless? I said we where enjoying the view. Mike said yep you have beautiful tits. She glared at Josh, he kind of bashful and he just sat there with his mouth open. She then surprised me by saying if you guys don’t mind I’ll just stay topless. All three if us at the same time said we don’t mind. Over the next several hours we drank and talked. The sun was going down and I asked my wife if she was getting cold? She said no I’m fine. The subject of sex came up. I asked Mike what was the kinkiest thing he had ever done? He said he had sex with a married woman several times. I noticed my wife had butted in trying to change the subject. Wait a minute honey I told her I want to hear this. I said who is she , any one I know? Mike smiled at me and said oh yes you know her he then looked toward my wife. I pointed at my mersin escort wife and said her? You fucked her? He laughed and said yes about twelve times. I slapped him on the shoulder and called him a whore. He said she had some good pussy. I said I know and sge takes it in the ass too. He said I’ve never had her ass. I said well why don’t you try it. My wife spoke up he your jerks I’m setting right here. I said well are you up for some sex? She said yes but not out here let’s go in the house.As soon as we where inside she hooked the bikini bottom with her thumbs and pulled it down. She raised up on tip toes and said who’s first? I took her hand and led her to the bed room. As soon as all four of us where in there she took Mike in an embrace and gave him a very messy French kiss. They moved to the bed and she pulled his shorts off. His cock sprang out , it was at least eight inches and rather thick. After a quick blow job she climbed on him and lowered herself down onto his cock. As soon as she had him totally in her she started rocking her hips. I patted Josh on the back and told him to join them. In a flashed he was feeding his own cock to my wife’s hungry mouth. She took Josh’s cock out of her mouth long enough to tell me to put my cock in her ass. I grabbed sakarya escort the lub and after oiling up her little brown hole I pushed my cock into her sexy ass. I could feel Mike’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy through the thin membrane between our cocks. I blew my nuts into her and pulled out , Josh took my place in her ass. We took turns fucking her all night. I had fallen a s l e e p and when I woke up Josh was fucking my wife, when he finished I took over. We tag teamed her all night.My wife actually fell asleep a couple of times while the three of us used her body. As the sun was coming up Mike shook me and said buddy we are out of here. I opened my eyes and saw Josh zipping his pants. They told me they had a nice time. After seeing them out I went back to our bed. There in a big wet spot was my wife. She was sound asleep with her legs wide open. Her pussy was pink and raw looking. Her pussy hole was open and she had white foam all around her crotch. I kissed her on the forehead and went to the couch to sleep. I was woke up by my naked wife at close to four that afternoon. She said you bastard. I asked what did I do? She said you let your friends have sex with me all night. I asked how she felt? She said her pussy and ass both where throbbing. I told her to go soak in the hot tub. I went back to sleep while she relaxed in the tub. It was after six that afternoon when we finally got dressed. As we watched the TV I asked her if she had a nice time? She said she wanted to do a gang bang with at least ten guys. I told her I’d like that see her take on that many.



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